Exploring Student Life at Carrington College – Sacramento

Which is the Best Carrington College to Study at?

Arizona’s Carrington College offers top-notch instruction to students who want to enter the workforce quickly. To determine which campus and programs are the greatest fits for you, submit a request for more information.

Programs leading to certificates and associate degrees are available at Carrington College, and they can help you prepare for a wide variety of professional vocations.

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The Carrington College Franchise

Carrington College has accreditation from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACCJC/WASC), an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the United States Department of Education. 

What You Need to Know About Carrington College in Sacramento


Carrington College has locations in seven different states. We also offer online learning for some of our programs.


To effectively serve the requirements of our students, Carrington College has four sites throughout Arizona. The Carrington locations will provide practical assistance as you study Arizona’s medical, dental, nursing, criminal justice, and veterinary programs. 

Whether you’re looking for convenient career training in the greater Phoenix area or want to pursue an education in Southern Arizona, Carrington College has the solution.

Locations of Carrington College offer a cozy college atmosphere where you can get the individual attention you need. Your instructor will be able to get to know you as a person at any of the facilities, in addition to knowing you by name. 

Since many instructors bring real-world professional expertise to the classroom, you will know what to anticipate from your career in the real world.


California offers seven Carrington College sites to serve the students’ requirements best. 


Carrington College is in Boise, Idaho, to best serve the requirements of the students. The Idaho campus of Carrington College has a wide range of programs available. Many students find Carrington’s Idaho location a fantastic fit, whether they want to start a new job in dental hygiene, nursing, or medical offices or advance their nursing career.

Carrington College in Idaho offers a top-notch education for students wishing to enter the workforce quickly. To determine the best fit, find out more information or look through the campus and program pages.

New Mexico

Numerous programs in various subjects are available at Carrington College’s Albuquerque site. Many students find Carrington’s New Mexico campus a fantastic fit, whether considering a career in nursing, starting a new profession in dental or medical assisting, or seeking other opportunities in medical offices.


Carrington College has two convenient campuses in Nevada to benefit the students. The campuses of Carrington College in Nevada provide a wide range of programs. Carrington’s Nevada campuses are an excellent fit for many students pursuing a career in nursing, starting a new job in dental or medical assisting, or seeking other opportunities in medical offices.


Learn more about Carrington College’s excellent educational possibilities in Portland, Oregon campus. The Portland campus of Carrington College provides numerous programs in various subjects. 

The Oregon campus of Carrington is a fantastic fit for many students, whether starting a new career in dental or medical assisting or searching for alternative options in veterinary or medical offices.


Discover more about Carrington College’s Washington campus in Spokane’s excellent educational possibilities. The Spokane campus of Carrington College has a wide range of programs available. 

Many students find that Carrington’s Washington location is a good fit as they start a new career in dental or medical assisting or any other alternative opportunities in medical or veterinary clinics. If you don’t have a campus location that’s convenient for you, explore the online Carrington College programs.

How Many Students Enroll Per Year

The college accepts a minimum of 500,000 every year.

Admission Criteria for US Students 

Requirements for an Online Study

Students must complete online Carrington College coursework using the technical requirements mentioned in the following section and have internet access.

The computer used for a college education should grant students with online courses administrative access. It’s possible that those without administrative rights to the computer (such as those at a library or place of business) used for online learning won’t be able to install plug-ins or other necessary components. 

Students should verify with their workplace IT departments to make sure they can access course materials from their company’s network because, in these situations, they will have minimal support options owing to access restrictions on these networks.

Regardless of technical difficulties, students are still responsible for completing all homework and classwork tasks. They should access the Carrington Student Portal For all academic work. Those with technological issues should speak with their teacher and technical support immediately.

Technology Requirements

Students should be aware that their PCs to do assignments may need updating throughout their program because technology is changing quickly in some sectors. Before registering for classes, students are responsible for reviewing the hardware and software requirements.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

The admission criteria for international students depend on your qualifications. Consulting the college is necessary to confirm further Carrington College requirements.

Educational Opportunities (Which Programs They Offer)

Programs leading to certificates and associate degrees are available at Carrington College, and they can help you prepare for a wide variety of professional vocations. You can also access the learning through the Carrington Online College.

It is not always easy to determine which option is best for you. Going in and having a conversation with an Enrollment Services Department representative is the best way to obtain this information. They will assist you in matching your abilities and interests with the curriculum most appealing to you. 

You can also chat to them about the prospects open to you when you acquire your certificate or associate degree and find out what opportunities there are. Here are some of the programs:

  • Medical and Dental
  • Assistance in Medical Care
  • Assistance in Dentistry
  • Pharmacy Technician 
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Online Health Studies 
  • Massage Therapy
  • Medical Affairs Administrator Assistant
  • Online Medical Secretary And Administrative Assistant
  • Coding and Billing for Medical Services
  • Online Coding and Billing of Medical Procedures 
  • Radiography in the Medical Field (X-Ray)
  • The Nursing Bridge/Lvn to Adn Program
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Physical Therapy
  • Practical Nursing and Vocational Nursing
  • Associate of Science in Nursing Degree.
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Surgery Technology
  • Veterinary Program
  • Veterinary Technician 
  • The Practice of Veterinary Technology
  • Commerce and Industry
  •  Electricity Technology
  • Technician in Charge of Maintenance
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Other Educational Opportunities

Every student at Carrington College Sacramento, CA, receives one-on-one assistance from a member of the Career Services staff at one of the college’s four campuses in the areas of job-search tactics, job-market orientation, résumé preparation, and interviewing methods. 

All currently enrolled students and graduates are welcome to use the services. Carrington College will assist you in achieving your professional objectives from the first day of class, which is why they have a link with local employers to help you obtain entry-level work when you complete your education.

The college will assist you regardless of whether you have just finished high school or are in the middle of a successful profession. After you gain the essential skills for the position you are targeting, you will get an interview. This is true regardless of the field in which you want.

Externships are available via several programs, allowing students to gain practical experience with the equipment they will encounter on the job. Check out Carrington College reviews for more information on externship experience.

Credit Transfer Procedures

It is possible if a student earned a grade of “C” or above during a specific timeframe. In that case, they might have their credit from another eligible postsecondary institution examined for transfer to a Carrington program. The acceptance of transfer credit toward Carrington program requirements updates hour by hour. 

Credits earned through achievement tests and challenge examinations are not acceptable at Carrington College. Courses requiring an externship or senior project are not transferable for credit. For studies finished with a grade of “C” or higher and the subsequent time requirements are satiable with the following:

Suppose finished within three years of enrolment at Carrington College, technical coursework (core courses). Prospective students may meet with the program director for a skills evaluation if technical coursework is older than six months. To guarantee mastery, prospective students must audit coursework that they have already gotten credit for but is older than six months.

Some general education courses with a science focus are not transferable. For details about the course, see the section below.

Students must finish at least twenty-five percent of the program requirements at Carrington College (Texas residents must complete at least twenty credits there).

Before beginning the program, students must provide official transcripts proving their academic progress. Students must finish the required course if official transcripts from all universities attended are not available before the start of the program. 

Carrington College might need more information, such as course descriptions and program outlines, to complete the transfer credit review.  These transcripts become Carrington College property and are not copied or sent to other educational institutions. Science-based courses are not transferable for credit.

Prerequisite Classes 

Do you have to finish all prerequisite classes before starting a degree program at Carrington College or anywhere else? Then the FastTrack Pathway at Carrington College is the right choice for you. 

The FastTrack Pathway is a collection of general education classes and training that assists students in meeting the prerequisite requirements for other programs and skipping the waitlists for general education classes typically presented at other educational institutions. 

The educational industry experts are standing by with a straightforward plan that meets your needs. The instructor-led courses are available regularly, roughly once every two months. They encourage students to connect and take part in discussions. You won’t have trouble getting admitted, passing the exam, and advancing your studies.

Completing particular prerequisite courses, sometimes known as “prereqs,” is a prerequisite for enrolling in certain programs offered by Carrington College or other educational institutions. There are prerequisites for some Carrington College programs, but not all of them, and the must-have courses can vary depending on the agenda. 

There is a possibility that you can complete some of your general education (GE) requirements online. At Carrington College, finishing the general education requirements for one of the degrees does not ensure acceptance into any other programs. 

If you plan to transfer courses from Carrington College to another university, you need to contact the receiving institution to determine whether or not the units will transfer. It is always and solely up to the receiving institution to decide whether or not to accept transfer credits. As a Carrington student, you will always have a favorable option to study.

Departments / Centers / Institutes

These are the central departments at Carrington College:

  • Medical and dental
  • Veterinary
  • Trade and industrial

Accommodations for Students With Disabilities Objectives

Carrington College California fosters an atmosphere free from harassment, discrimination, and retaliation based on a person’s disability. In this environment, it is advisable for students with disabilities to engage in an open dialogue with the college about the various options available for appropriate accommodations. 

Students with disabilities are welcome to participate in Carrington’s programs, activities, and facilities. 

Following the Americans with Disabilities Act and any other applicable federal, state, or local laws that provide for non-discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities, Carrington College will provide appropriate reasonable accommodations to talented individuals with documented disabilities. 

They will do this in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Carrington College does not make any assumptions about the abilities or impairments of any individual. It will perform an individual assessment in response to each request to establish whether the student’s needs are satiable in the program that the student selects. 

People who have disabilities can request to get auxiliary aids and services whenever they need them.


When a student or candidate discloses a handicap and requests accommodation, the process of providing accommodation can begin. The Office of Student Disability Services should be the primary point of contact for any student looking for accommodations. You can send an email to the office at the address: ADA@carrington.edu.

 If a student or applicant discloses a handicap to an instructor, campus administrator, admissions advisor, accommodation liaison (dean), or student services consultant and then requests an accommodation for their impairment, they will forward them to the Student College Affairs Department.

The Accommodation Coordinator will direct the student to fill out an accommodation request form, in which they must define their impairment and the accommodation they request. 

The student must provide certification and documentation from a qualified medical or educational professional that (a) provides a specific diagnosis and (b) recommends specific accommodations that might be helpful to the student in an academic setting based on the diagnosis. 

This certification and documentation must be recent (generally no more than five years old) for consideration.

To decide whether or not to grant the student’s request, the Coordinator of Accommodations will evaluate the student’s request and any supporting documentation provided by the student. The Coordinator will also request or obtain additional input, including other supporting documentation, as appropriate. 

If the student’s request is successful, the Accommodation Coordinator will work with the student and school personnel (such as teachers or test administrators). They will help implement the approved accommodation. 

 If the student’s request is unsuccessful, the accommodation Coordinator will have a conversation with the student to discuss other reasonable accommodation possibilities, if applicable. They will do this if the request is unsuccessful.

The student should continue to work with the Accommodation Coordinator and the Office of Student DisabilityServices on any accommodation-related requirements even after the accommodations are in place.

 Suppose the student has trouble putting approved accommodations into practice or obtaining them. In that case, the student must tell the Accommodation Coordinator so that they can receive support in appropriately correcting the problem. 

The provision of accommodations depends on a campus-by-campus basis because the location of a school may result in the availability of a distinct set of resources. Even though they might offer the same accommodations, some changes may occur to account for the new location or mode of transportation.

Suppose a student who currently receives accommodations moves to a different campus location or starts taking classes online. In that case, they must submit a request for those accommodations to the Office of Student Disability Services utilizing the procedure above. 

The Accommodation Coordinator and the Office of Student Disability Services must receive written requests for additional or modified accommodations to consider the procedure above. 

Any student who has reason to believe that they have unfair treatment because of a disability should immediately report the incident to the Office of Student Disability Services so that they can take appropriate action.

Suppose the Accommodation Coordinator cannot solve the student’s problem. Therefore, the student can file a complaint or grievance per the procedures specified in the Carrington College Student Handbook.

What is There to Do in Sacramento?

Cocktails, Mocktails, and Bites in Midtown Sacramento

Spend the afternoon sampling creative cocktails made from farm-to-glass ingredients or non-alcoholic mocktails complemented by delectable snacks. During this 2.5-hour event, you will stroll down the tree-lined streets of Sacramento’s Midtown while enjoying three to four handcrafted drinks and small appetizers specifically for you. 

Along the route, you will stop and look at some of the famous murals and street art that Sacramento is renowned for. The scenery is breathtaking and memorable.

Kneeboard Private Half-Day Adventure

Wakeboard, Wakesurf, or Kneeboard with a crew that won’t make a fuss over you. Both drivers excel in exams given by the USCG and the MMC, and each has years of expertise working in all aspects of boarding. 

Whether you are new to these water activities or want to focus on improving your skills without worrying about your boat, hiring a boat, or having your crew is possible. You will have all of the necessary equipment, and you will get to enjoy the Sacramento River just like a local.

Midtown Sacramento Arts and Food Tour

When you go on a walking tour of Midtown centered around food and culture, you will learn about one of the most lovely and historically significant areas in all of Sacramento. You will meet your guide in the vicinity in the afternoon, and then you will head out with only a small number of people for company. 

Make sure you’re hungry because you’ll be visiting multiple restaurants and trying a variety of cuisine in the area. Visit several galleries, look at murals, and educate yourself on the history of Midtown as you walk around.

Sacramento Historic River Cruise

Because of its many trendy eateries and bars, Old Town Sacramento frequently experiences heavy foot traffic. On this Sacramento River tour, you may avoid the crowds and take in the scenery from the boat at the same time. 

You are welcome to unwind and take advantage of either the outdoor or the indoor seating spaces while listening to the historical commentary provided by your captain. It details the Gold Rush, the Pony Express, and the present day. In addition, there is a place to gather at the L Street Dock, which makes it simple to board the boat.

Sacramento Sights & Sips Cruise

A day spent on a sights and drinks cruise in Sacramento live longer, regardless of the occasion. Enjoy a drink while sailing down the Sacramento River on a cocktail cruise. Spend the day drinking and cruising with friends and family of all ages while taking in breathtaking views of the Sacramento skyline. 

Includes a boat trip that lasts for one and a half hours. Spinning records by a local DJ, Views of Sacramento from the Top 40 Artists Beverages is available at the ship’s cash bar, which features a full selection. 

Small bites will be available for purchase, but they will not include any food with the ticket. Cocktail seating is a competitive seating that is not guaranteed to be available. 

Students reading books

School’s Out

You will find the support and resources you need to launch a successful career in healthcare at Carrington College. Through the power of knowledge, you will make a difference in your life for the better. This is more than Carrington’s goal; it is a pledge to everyone.

If you want to study with Carrington College, you can do it at any of the eight campuses across the western United States. You can pursue either an associate degree or a certificate level education in several of today’s industries with the highest rates of job growth.

You may depend on Carrington to assist you in learning about the various alternatives available to finance your education, including loans, grants, scholarships, and other sources.

You will be ahead with the individual attention of attending a relatively small college. In this setting, not only will your instructor know your name, but they will also have the opportunity to get to know you as a person.

Because many professors bring real-world working experience from their fields into the classroom, you will have a far better idea of what to anticipate from your job once it begins in the real world.

The curriculum intends to offer “hands-on” training that uses the same technologies and procedures in the field. This will enable you to increase self-assurance while “learning by doing” most efficiently and comprehensively feasible.

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