Top-Notch Veterinary Universities in China (2021)

Are you trying to look for the best veterinary universities in the world? Perhaps you would like a glance at the best veterinary universities in China? If yes, you are in luck – because this article will give you details about Chinese schools that teach veterinary medicine. These are quality veterinary schools.

All That Veterinary Universities in China Has to Offer

You might be wondering how to pick a quality veterinary school in China, especially if you have never applied there before. A Chinese vet school has many advantages over its foreign counterparts. 

One is that you will really be immersed in the local culture by studying veterinary medicine in China. You might even pick up one of the languages such as Mandarin well enough to keep up with the rest of your class, which can be useful later on.

List of Schools In China Offering Veterinary Science

Here are some of the best vet schools you can find in China. Take note that each school has its own vet school requirements so you need to look carefully before picking one to study at.

Southwest University China

This school is located in Chongqing, China, and offers the Preventive Veterinary Medicine program under the College of Animal Science and Technology. The program itself takes up 36 months beginning this September 2021. 

To qualify, you have to apply by the end of June 2021. The school has been operating since 2005 but the two schools it covers have been operating since 1906. Many foreign students have studied here every year due to the school’s reputation for rigorous academic training. According to The Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), Southwest University China is ranked 401st in the world.

Zhejiang University

This vet med school is located in Hangzhou, China. You can come here to study Veterinary Medicine under the Faculty of Agriculture, Life, and Environment. The Veterinary Medicine program will take up 36 months starting September 2022. 

Enrollment starts in March 2022. The university itself is now celebrating its 124th anniversary in existence, which is remarkable. According to QS World Ranking, Zhejiang University ranks 53rd among the world’s best universities.

Northwest A&F University

This Chinese school is based in Yangling, within the Shaanxi Province of China. Northwest A&F University was established in September 1999 out of the merger of seven other institutions which were immersed in scientific research and education. 

It is perfectly situated for the study of Animal Medicine because Yangling, Shaanxi is a predominantly agriculture-focused community. The school itself is considered one of the best university school institutions within China. Students for this program have to understand Chinese to be able to study here. The next enrollment deadline is on April 30, 2022.

There are also three Masteral programs for Basic Veterinary Medicine, Precautionary Veterinary Medicine, and Clinical Veterinary Medicine in this institution. Each of these three takes three years to complete. They are all expected to start on September 1, 2022.

Sichuan Agricultural University

This university in Ya’an, Sichuan Province in China is known for its expertise in biotechnology and agricultural sciences, including Veterinary Medicine. The Chengdu campus houses the College of Veterinary Medicine. 

There is also a distinct influence of Tibetan culture. It offers four different Doctoral programs for Preventive Veterinary Medicine, namely, the following:

  • Preventive Veterinary Medicine: Diseases of Poultry/Virology
  • Preventive Veterinary Medicine: Diseases of Poultry/Waterfowl Virology
  • Preventive Veterinary Medicine: Diseases of Poultry
  • Preventive Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary Parasitology

These programs are all expected to start on September 1, 2021, and will take three years to complete. The deadline for enrollment is June 30, 2021. Take note that this is a co-educational university as well which may be good for socializing with co-students. The university is ranked #162 among China’s universities and #3382 globally.

Northwest University of Nationalities

This university, formerly known as the Northwest University of Nationalities in English, was renamed Northwest Minzu University in June 2016. Northwest Minzu University is its English name while the Chinese name was retained. 

It is based within Lanzhou, in the Gansu Province of the People’s Republic of China. Its claim to fame is that it was the initial higher learning institution for minorities set up within China in 1950, right after the People’s Republic of China was established. 

This is why its students come from each of the 56 ethnic groups in the country. Nowadays, the Northwest Minzu University operates as a co-educational center of higher learning and accepts foreign students who want to study there.

Guizhou University

The university is located in Guiyang, within Guizhou Province of the People’s Republic of China. You can earn your DVM degree (also known as your Veterinary Medicine Master’s degree) in this university, provided you speak and write fluent Chinese. There are two of these Masteral programs, namely:

  • Preventive Veterinary Science
  • General Veterinary Science

Both of these Masteral programs begin on September 1, 2021, and are each expected to last for three years. You may enroll beginning June 30, 2021.

You will be expected to have completed a Bachelor’s degree to be eligible to enroll in either of these two programs.

Guangxi University

This school has been around since 1928. It is based within the city of Nanning which is within the Guangxi Province of the People’s Republic of China. The university is actually considered the largest and oldest of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region universities. 

According to uniRank, Guangxi University is the 3rd leading university of Guangxi alone. Guangxi University offers two related degree programs like Bachelor’s programs, which are:

  • Animal Science
  • Veterinary Medicine

These two Bachelor’s programs can be taken under the College of Animal Science and Technology. Incidentally, Guangxi University is considered a provincial research institution.

Northeast Agricultural University

The university was formerly known as Northeast Agricultural College. It is situated within Harbin City, inside the province of Heilongjiang. It has been operating since 1948 and offers a co-educational Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science to both Chinese citizens and students of other nationalities. 

You may also opt to take either of the three Masteral programs, which are:

  • Basic Veterinary Science
  • Preventive Veterinary Science
  • Clinical Veterinary Science

There are also three Doctoral programs for the following:

  • Basic Veterinary Science
  • Preventive Veterinary Science
  • Clinical Veterinary Science

Each Doctoral program takes up three years to complete.

The Northeast Agricultural University is presently ranked as #169 among the top Chinese universities.

Veterinary Universities’ Parting Words

If you are planning to study in China, it is very important to have even a beginner’s grasp of Chinese since you may need to communicate with locals who do not understand English. The good news though is that many of these eight universities teach your preferred program Veterinary Medicine using the English language. 

That may make it easier for you, especially when you are entering the program as a freshman. Fortunately, many students are of different nationalities so if you are lucky you may find someone who comes from your native country.

Try to anticipate in advance your vet school requirements especially if you intend to finish the course in China. This means asking the university about what they expect from a foreign student, like yourself. Find out where your country’s embassy or consulate is located within China and how you can get in touch with them – this is very important especially if this is your first time to live and study in a foreign country like China.

You should also try to get vital information about local rules and regulations concerning the community where you intend to study vet med. This will help you avoid trouble and may also make it safer for you while you reside in China. 

Your embassy or consulate staff may have this kind of information ready for you, so make it a point to visit their offices at least once while you are within Chinese territory. (Note that it is especially important to know the standard rules and process if you ever have to leave China immediately, due to some unforeseen situations that may crop up).

Lastly, try to befriend your instructors at the Chinese university where you will be studying. This may help you to stay abreast of any developments during the school year that you will need their help with. 

And try to enjoy your studies as well, so that learning Veterinary Medicine can be pleasant and rewarding for you.

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