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Is There an Online Carrington College? 

Are you looking for a flexible online program? In that case, Carrington College also offers four of its programs through distance learning: medical assisting, medical administrative assistant, medical billing and coding, and health studies. 

In these programs, you can complete coursework – as well as view lectures and participate in learning activities – from the comfort of your home. You can access several support services such as tutorial assistance, financial advising, career services, and online library resources.

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Carrington College Reviews

Look closely at Carrington College students’ reviews. They enjoy being in the college and appreciate the services offered. However, several students complain of poor services. Therefore the college needs to improve its services to meet its expectations.

Carrington College and Other Info


Carrington College is a network of private educational schools that operate for business. It has 17 campuses spread out over the Western United States and a headquarters in Sacramento, California. It has been in existence since 1967, and there are roughly 5,200 students and 132,000 alumni enrolled there at present. 

You can find Carrington College in Sacramento, in the state of California. Carrington College California has 17 campuses and centers spread over seven states, including California, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

Career preparation is available at Carrington College in various fields, including medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the legal system, and industrial trades. San Joaquin Valley College, Inc. is the proprietor of the company.

How Many Students are Accepted Per Year

Spokane County, Washington, is home to the campus of Carrington College-Spokane, an institution of higher learning. 

In 2020, Carrington College-undergraduate Spokane’s graduates and graduate programs received 249 degrees. Women received ninety percent of these degrees, while men received ten percent of those awards. 

White students earned 10.1 times more degrees than Hispanic or Latino students, who were the next most prevalent race/ethnicity group among degree winners. White students earned 192 degrees, making them the most common among degree recipients (19 degrees).

In 2018, Carrington College-Spokane got 87 applications for undergraduate study, which represents a rise of NaNy percent compared to the previous year. There were 87 applicants, and out of those applicants, 76 students were ready for admission. This represents Carrington College’s acceptance rate of 87.4 percent.

Admission Criteria for US Students

You must meet the following requirements for admission on the Carrington College Student portal:

  • Transcripts from high school.
  • Scores on the SAT or ACT are not required nor advised.
  • High school GPA and high school rank are not prerequisites.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

Carrington College, Reno, has roughly 0 international students, or 0.0 percent of all enrolled students.

Educational Opportunities (Programs Offered) 

Carrington College programs include associate degrees and certificate programs to help you prepare for a wide range of professional vocations. It can be challenging to choose which is best for you. Come in and visit with an Enrollment Services Representative; that is the best way to learn more.

They will assist in coordinating your interests, talents, and the curriculum of your choice. Additionally, you can discuss with them the potential jobs that may be open to you once you complete your associate’s or certificate program. You can get more information through the Carrington College phone number.

Health Studies – Degree Completion

Carrington’s Health Studies program allows students to further their education beyond what they have already accomplished and earn the degree that is typically necessary for advancement. It’s a two-year program that culminates in an Associate of Science degree. 

Because the curriculum is in an online format, students in the Health Studies program can attend classes “anytime, anywhere” while still being able to keep their current occupations. This provides them with greater flexibility. 

Students get access to a more comprehensive education when their teachers have participated in and completed specialized training designed to enable them to instruct utilizing this medium. 

Find out more information about the possibility of completing your degree online and how it can be the most effective strategy to progress your training in the healthcare profession and the field.

With the assistance of an associate’s degree in health studies, you might be able to grow in your current profession. People have the opportunity to advance their education and earn the degree that is typically required for advancement when they obtain a degree in health studies.

Whether you want to work with people or with data, having an associate degree in Health Studies could benefit your career’s advancement.

Medical Billing and Coding

The precise amount of time needed to finish a medical billing and coding program will vary on your schedule and the institution you choose to attend. Still, you can complete Carrington’s program with a certificate in as little as nine months. By location and state of residence, several programs are available.

A technical understanding of the terminology used by health insurance companies and medical experts is necessary for medical billing and coding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical secretaries and administrative assistants must be knowledgeable in medical language, codes, medical records, and hospital or laboratory procedures. 

Medical billing and coding theory and applications are mandatory courses for Carrington medical program students. Additionally, students complete a capstone project or an externship. While job names may change, the following are some examples of jobs that someone with a certificate in medical billing and coding might be able to obtain:

  • Office assistants and medical secretaries
  • Medical records experts
  • Account and bill collectors
  • General office personnel

Students will have the chance to sit for the CBCS (certified billing and coding specialist) and CEHRS (certified electronic health record specialist) tests after completing the medical billing and coding program.

Medical Radiography (X-ray)

Radiographers, also known as radiologic technologists, carry out diagnostic imaging tests. A radiologic technician’s typical tasks include:

  • Taking care of patients involves asking about their medical history and addressing their questions regarding the operation they are undergoing.
  • Getting patients ready by situating them correctly for imaging and covering non-imaging body parts with shields.
  • Using the computerized apparatus to take the pictures.
  • Generating high-quality photos that doctors can utilize to make a diagnosis.
  • Maintain imaging equipment by adjusting it.

Nursing Bridge/LVN to AND

Licensed vocational/practical nurses can continue their studies and get an associate degree in nursing by enrolling in an LVN to ADN program, sometimes called a “nursing bridge” program. One way to become a registered nurse is to earn an associate’s degree in nursing (RN).

Carrington College’s Sacramento campus offers an LVN to ADN curriculum that you can finish in as little as eight months. You can complete the Boise campus’s nursing bridge program in as little as a year. A nurse at the LVN/LPN level can advance through both programs to get an associate’s degree in nursing.

You can obtain an RN after completing the two-year ADN nursing program. The RN certification requires the ADN degree, the NCLEX-RN pass, the state licensing requirements, and the possession of an RN diploma. One degree that can help you get ready for registration as a registered nurse is an associate’s degree in nursing.

Practical Nursing/Vocational Nursing

The nursing you practice and the state where you get your license to determine the specifics of your employment requirements. An LPN or LVN’s typical tasks include:

  • Check patients’ oxygen saturation levels, heart rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure to monitor their health.
  • Provide fundamental patient care, such as changing bandages and putting catheters in patients.
  • Offer patients basic comforts, including assistance with dressing or bathing.
  • Speak with patients about the care they are giving and pay attention to their worries.
  • Inform doctors and registered nurses about patients’ conditions and concerns.
  • Maintain patient health records.

Associate Degree in Nursing

While working, registered nurses require less supervision and have more authority. According to the BLS, most registered nurses collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals as a team. Some registered nurses supervise certified nursing assistants, certified practical nurses, and home health aides.

By illustration, an RN working in a residential care facility would have different responsibilities than a nurse working in an emergency department. Specific job obligations will vary depending on the business and employment situation. An RN typically performs the following tasks:

  • Evaluate the health of patients.
  • Note the symptoms and medical histories of patients.
  • Monitor patients and note your findings.
  • Dispense medications and therapies to patients.
  • Create patient care plans or add information to ones that already exist.
  • Speak with and work together with physicians and other medical specialists.
  • Run and keep an eye on medical equipment.
  • Participate in diagnostic procedures and result in analysis.
  • Explain how to treat ailments or injuries to patients and their families.
  • Describe what to do at home following treatment.

Medical Assisting

You’ve always wanted to work in the medical field but don’t want to spend years in school. A profession as a medical assistant can be a suitable fit for you in that case. Medical assistants perform various functions in clinical and medical settings, assisting licensed staff members with technical duties.

Massage Therapy

Massage is a technique used by massage therapists to modify muscles and soft tissues using physical contact. Massage therapists’ typical tasks include:

  • Stress reduction and relaxation.
  • Pain management.
  • Injury avoidance.
  • Better blood circulation, general health, and wellbeing.

The massage therapist will massage the body to increase relaxation and relieve and avoid chronic pain while keeping the client’s goals and physical state in mind. Most massage therapists use their hands, but others may apply pressure on the body using their feet or elbows. 

To ensure that the massage is pain-free, massage therapists keep in touch with their customers as they receive the massage.

Medical Administrative Assistant

A medical administrative assistant is the heart of every medical practice or clinic. This individual takes calls, sets up appointments, registers patients, completes paperwork, and updates patient databases. The perfect person for this fast-paced position must be able to assist in managing the little things that keep a clinic running smoothly. 

To foster a healthy environment, they should also be a competent communicator and work well with patients and healthcare professionals. Find out more about being a medical administrative assistant if this describes you.

Administrative assistants and medical secretaries carry out a range of tasks that contribute to the smooth operation of a medical institution. Without an administrative assistant, you might not meet a clinic’s everyday activities and organizational requirements. 

Transcribing dictation and creating reports for physicians and other medical professionals are additional tasks assigned to medical secretaries and administrative assistants. The BLS lists the following as additional daily secretary and administrative assistant responsibilities:

  • Taking messages, transferring calls, and answering the phone.
  • Making appointments for patients.
  • Updating office staff’s calendars of events.
  • Planning team meetings.
  • Dealing with both incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Writing memos and reports.
  • Keeping up with filing and database systems (electronic forms and paper documents).
  • Execute fundamental bookkeeping.
  • Healthcare coding and billing.
  • Radiography for health (X-ray).

Pharmacy Technology

The nervous system’s anatomy, physiology, and the pharmacological effects of drugs and antibacterial treatments are all covered in this course. The management of pain, pharmacology, and psychopharmacology is a highlight. 

These conditions include epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease and the drugs used to treat them. The theory and application of over-the-counter medications available.

Respiratory Therapist Education 

Respiratory therapy is a medical profession that requires less education, yet the precise time it takes to complete any degree frequently depends on personal characteristics and preferences. You can finish the respiratory care program at Carrington in as little as 19 months.

Patients with breathing problems, especially those with chronic respiratory conditions like emphysema or asthma, get treatment from respiratory therapists. They work with people of all ages, measuring breathing capacity and attempting to offer treatment. 

The standard educational background of respiratory therapists is an associate degree; however, some pursue a bachelor’s degree in respiratory therapy. At Carrington College, some prerequisite courses include:

  • Physiology and anatomy.
  • Principles of mathematics.
  • Overview of respiratory care.
  • Pharmacology.
  • English composition and writing.
  • Psychology introduction.
  • Practices in clinical laboratories.
  • Basic principles of respiratory care.
  • Respiratory pathophysiology and care.
  • Understanding sociology.
  • Respiratory care ventilatory principles.
  • Clinical application.
  • Second clinical practice.
  • Critical care respiratory care principles.
  • Pediatric and neonatal respiratory care.
  • In-depth respiratory care.
  • NBRC exam.
  • Modern respiratory care.
  • Third clinical practice.

Each person’s career will be unique. After finishing an associate’s degree and gaining state licensure, respiratory therapists can start working. The national board of (NBRC) credentialing tests, such as the therapist multiple-choice (TMC) exam and the clinical simulation examination, are open to students who successfully finish the RC program (CSE).

Surgical Technology 

You can finish the program for surgical technology at Carrington in as little as 15 months. Preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care of the surgical patient is the three phases of perioperative care that surgical technologists (ST) should learn and participate in. The intraoperative responsibilities during surgery include; 

  • Anticipating the needs of the surgeon.
  • Comprehending, preparing, and working within all surgical specialties.
  • Effectively passing and providing sterile items, sponge/suctioning the surgical site.
  • Preparing suture material. 
  • Dispensing suitable fluids/drugs.
  • Manipulating human tissue and organs.
  • Acting as a surgical assistant.

Dental Assisting

You have a strong desire to make people smile. That will assist you in being a successful dental assistant. Opportunities for dental assistants are likely to increase in the future. And there are a few causes for its expansion, such as:

The demand for preventative dental care will rise as research demonstrates a connection between oral and general health. Dental assistants must assist dentists with mundane duties, so they have more time to treat patients in person and concentrate on more involved procedures.

Dental Hygiene

A dental hygienist is what? The dental hygienist is frequently the first person patients contact when they arrive for a dental examination. A dental hygienist gets patients ready for a dentist’s examination. Dental hygienists carry out tasks like:

  • Maintain patient dental health data and procedures.
  • Take dental X-rays.
  • Use dental tools to clean teeth and eliminate tartar, stains, and plaque.
  • Use sealants.
  • Treat fluoride-containing water.
  • Inform patients on properly caring for their teeth, including the best methods for at-home brushing, flossing, and mouthwash.

Dental hygienists may make dentists aware of cavities or gum problems while they clean patients’ teeth. They ask patients about their oral hygiene practices and check for conditions like gingivitis.

Electrical Technology

Most students who pursue a certificate in electrical technology do so, intending to become electricians. Electricians can have their electrical systems designed, installed, maintained, and repaired by residential houses or commercial buildings. There are numerous specialties for electricians, including;

  • Home-based electricians.
  • Business electricians.
  • Commercial electricians.
  • Installers of electric power.
  • Repair electricians.

Electricians have a few employment options, including working for a private corporation, a union, or independently. The installation and maintenance of electrical systems are the primary objectives of the broad field of study known as electrical technology. 

Electrical Technology is the course at Carrington College that aids students in learning the fundamental theories, uses, ideas, and operations of electrical circuits. Students in Carrington’s Electrical Technology program can get their certificate of completion in as little as ten months. 

However, earning a degree is a personal journey that can take more or less time, depending on various reasons. Graduates with a certificate can also complete an associate’s degree in trade studies in as little as seven months.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC-R)

Technicians in the field of HVAC-R specialize in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. This can involve taking care of electrical parts, wiring, and installing and maintaining these systems. 

The amount to complete training frequently depends on the individual student. Still, you can finish the HVAC-R program at Carrington College with a certificate of completion in as little as ten months. Graduates of certificates can complete the requirements for an Associate in Trade Studies in as little as seven months.

Education is the first need for becoming an HVAC technician. Many HVAC-R technicians acquire postsecondary training from technical and trade schools or community colleges that provide programs in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some states demand licensing for HVAC-R technicians. 

Research your state and neighborhood regulations to determine whether you require a license. According to the BLS, the U.S. Environmental protection agency (EPA) mandates that technicians who work with refrigerant-cooling systems train in proper refrigerant handling.

According to the BLS, employers often favor applicants with postsecondary education or those who have completed an apprenticeship, even though not all states need HVAC technicians to have degrees.

Maintenance Technician

In essence, industrial machinery mechanics are mechanics with a focus on large-scale machinery. They could do diagnostics, clean and maintain equipment, or repair and maintain machines.

Although technical knowledge is necessary for industrial machinery mechanics to repair and maintain machinery, some soft skills may be helpful, such as:

  • Troubleshooting.
  • Quality assurance evaluation.
  • Solving complex problems.
  • Reasoning and making decisions.
  • Managing time.

Industrial machinery mechanics often need a GED or high school graduation. Still, workers typically require a year or more of training following high school.

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Other Educational Opportunities

The emphasis of the education received by Carrington students is the development of practical, real-world skills. We’re discussing the competencies that employers seek. Allowing you to practice your professional skills on actual patients and clients is crucial. After months of classroom and lab experience, it helps improve confidence.

They are frequently used interchangeably. The primary distinction is that an externship often functions as a mandated “classroom” experience outside the conventional classroom. Externships typically have predetermined learning goals. Internships might be payable or unpaid, voluntary, and unlikely to include certain curricular requirements.

Pay for an externship? Simple response: No. It’s important to note it right away. Externships at Carrington are unpaid. They introduce you to your new profession and help you gain experience and confidence. Many internships lack compensation or a travel stipend. However, some do.

Compared to internships, how long are externships? The length of an externship varies from an internship depending on the school’s policies and the agreements made with the partner employers. Externships at Carrington typically last six weeks. The length of an internship might range from three months to a full year.

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Final Words

Carrington College is a college with many educational opportunities. You only need to select the best program for you and let the college help you grow in your dream career. You have the option of joining Carrington online college. Join Carrington college today!

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