Always Wanted to Study at Yuba College? Here’s Your Chance!

Is Yuba College a Good Option?

Founded in 1927, Yuba College is an accredited community college that operates educational facilities in Marysville and Sutter County Center, Yuba County. The college’s numerous articulated programs/courses reflect the institution’s long-standing relationships with the local high schools and transfer colleges.

To help students plan and complete their two-year or four-year degree, the college offers services that allow eligible 9th to 12th-grade students to enroll in college courses. Let’s learn more about Yuba City College.

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Yuba College Registration Dates and Other Info


Yuba College has two campuses. Marysville campus, located at 2088 N Beale Road

Marysville, CA 95901, and Sutter County Center, located at 3301 E Onstott Road

Yuba City, CA 95991. Marysville facility is the college’s main campus.

How Many Students are Accepted Per Year?

Yuba College is a small to medium size institution with an enrollment of about 1,839 undergraduate students. The college accepts approximately 402 students annually and has a 100% acceptance rate.

Admission Criteria for US Students

Anyone living within the United States can apply to join Yuba College. It takes about 24 hours for the college to receive your application. After that, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your college ID. Admission forms are available online via Yuba’s self-service website. Follow these easy steps to get admission at Yuba City College: 

Step 1: Apply and Prepare

Fill out the CCCApply Yuba College application. Once your application gets processed, typically in less than 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation email.

Optional Financial Aid opportunities are available through Yuba College (state and federal grants, work-study, loans, and scholarships). Even if you think your application may fail to be successful, we urge you to apply. Fill out a financial aid application to learn how the college can assist you in paying fees.

Create an account with Yuba College to access student email, canvas, self-service, and other services. You will need your user ID and password to access your account.

Step 2: College Orientation

You must sign into your Yuba College account to view the orientation details. It is mandatory that before you sign up for classes, students must finish the online Yuba College orientation.

Step 3: Plan Your Path

Review your objectives, acquire your Yuba College placement test (math and English), and arrange your courses by meeting with a counselor. Most students need to visit a counselor before they may register for classes; however, certain individuals get an exemption from this requirement.

For an appointment or additional information, contact (530) 634-7766 or speak with a college consultant.

Step 4: Sign Up for Classes

Enter your college account information to add courses through Self-Service. If your registration period has yet to begin, you can organize your day so that you have enough preparation time before it does.

After registering, you must take action to prevent class interruption for payment default. You have three options: full payment, a payment schedule, and financial aid applications.

Step 5: Begin Your Journey

Congratulations! You’ve already made the first move toward achieving your objectives at Yuba College! Contact Admissions and Records at or (530) 741-6720 if you have any issues regarding your application, the following steps, or registration.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

Sadly, Yuba College no longer offers a program for foreign/international students. Several other California community colleges nearby provide programs for international students.

Educational Opportunities 

Yuba College offers a variety of certificate, and associate degree programs, including business studies, applied technology, culinary arts, fine arts, health occupations, language & communication, public safety, social sciences, Science, Tech, Engineering & Math.

One of the major programs offered at Yuba College is veterinary technology. The college offers an accredited two-year American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) program. 

Students can gain the knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary to become Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT) thanks to the Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (CVTEA).

Despite the demanding coursework in this program, you will have a fulfilling career once you graduate. To broaden their expertise and prepare for the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE), students enroll in various courses, including large animal and exotic medicine, with hands-on labs. 

Students capable of self-direction and organization and interested in science and medicine are the best candidates for this program. Last but not least, students have an opportunity to interact with various kinds of animals.

Other Educational Opportunities

Online/Distance Education

Yuba College has an amazing distance education program for students who, for some reason, are unable to attend on-campus classes. There are various stages for students and professors to think about before they begin an online program.

To begin the process, you can work with your Dean and the distance education coordinators. You can also consult the DE guide for details on the necessary training. Getting ready for the “validation” of an online course is a crucial stage. This calls for an in-depth knowledge of online teaching methodology.


For students, the Yuba College Library offers a cutting-edge, dynamic space. The Marysville campus library offers 10 group study rooms, 50+ computers for student research, including the Microsoft Office Suite, and wireless connectivity throughout. It also features a 30-seat classroom for library education.

The library currently contains 70 print periodical subscriptions, over 30,000 volumes, and needed textbooks on Reserve. More than 50,000 electronic books and 40 electronic databases with access to thousands of full-text journals are part of this collection.

Through the MyCampus Portal, you can access the online databases and ebooks from off-campus. Most of the time, the library is open, and assistance with research is available. Usually, Yuba College library hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.

One full-time librarian, two part-time librarians, and two classified staff members make up the library’s workforce.

The primary goal of the Yuba College Library is to meet the varied needs of our students and staff. As a result, they regularly update the information in the library and through their subscription databases.

The library staff also keeps up with current and emerging trends to provide students with the greatest possible preparation for an economically and technologically evolving world. They offer library orientations and workshops to students, professors, and staff to support the college’s programs.

Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) 

The MESA program offers Yuba College STEM majors various activities and support services. The main goals are to broaden student diversity and foster academic success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The college strives to provide a welcoming environment where students can benefit from peer support, knowledge sharing, career alternatives, scholarships, internships, and externships. Students can prepare for and transfer to four-year universities through MESA’s curriculum, gaining confidence in their ability to academically and professionally compete.

Here are the benefits of this program:

  • You get to join the Yuba College STEM campus community.
  • Get presentations and tours of university campuses.
  • Special opportunities for internships, scholarships, and research.
  • Help with the transfer process and the four-year university system.
  • Workshops for professional and personal growth.


Do you have homework to do? Do you need to study for a test? Yuba College assists with math, biology, chemistry, statistics, English, and more. Their tutors are knowledgeable. Yuba College students who undergo extensive training can help you in a friendly learning environment.

The tutoring facilities strive to improve concept comprehension and generate ideas for papers and projects. They promote connections on campus and develop study skills. Tutoring at Yuba College is entirely free of charge.


Yuba College transcripts include details on a student’s academic history, including a timeline of the classes, credits, grades, and degrees attained. Nevertheless, there are significant differences between official and unofficial transcripts regarding purpose.

Yuba College’s official transcript contains the college signature, seal, and issue date. It usually comes in a sealed envelope. It is a legal document. On the other hand, an unofficial transcript helps students check and verify their grades and program enrollment and apply for transfers. They do not have a college signature or seal.

What Else Do They Offer Other than Education?

Priority Registration

The priority registration program lets students register for classes online through a self-service portal. The portal has step-by-step instructions on how to complete the registration process. Yuba College registration dates are always available on the website. However, a student’s number of credits, registration eligibility, and/or enrollment in special programs determines the dates.

Online Orientation

Online orientation helps students, especially new students, understand the campus premises. It shows the campus map in a digital version. Besides, it also has a digital Yuba College directory so that students can access helpful faculty and staff assistance. It provides students with all the information they need to know when navigating the campus premises.

Career Planning

This program handles all facets of the career planning process for students. The process entails self-examination, investigating career alternatives, engaging in experiential learning, and getting ready for a job hunt.

Remember that knowing who you are and what major or professional sector is a suitable fit is the first step in making a career decision. The goal is to help the students and nearby residents realize their full potential.

Student Grievances

Yuba College focuses on providing students with respectful, just, and equal services. District regulations guarantee that every student has a fair opportunity to accomplish their academic objectives while defending the rights of all campus community members.

Any student who believes they have been the subject of an unfair action or decision that has negatively impacted their rights as a Yuba College student can raise their grievances through this program. Student grievances fall into these four groups:

  • General complaints and grievances.
  • Grade changes.
  • Harassment and discrimination.
  • Complaints to External Agencies.

Food Insecurity Resources

This program mitigates and connects students with a long-term solution while offering them immediate aid. When they access services at DUSTY’s Pantry, students can receive assistance with applying for CalFresh food assistance. All Yuba College students are eligible for the food insecurity resources program.

Financial Aid

The college intends to help students close the financial gap between their resources and the price of attending college. Therefore, they provide information on the specifications of the numerous programs for financial assistance and help with filling out applications.

Federal grants, state grants, work-study, fee exemptions, and scholarships make up the majority of financial help available for Yuba College students.

Students in library

Departments/ Centers/ Institutes

Counseling Department

Yuba College’s counseling department also provides students and residents with academic, personal, and career counseling. For students, it helps them in setting and achieving educational objectives.

The department is open from Monday to Thursday, 7:30 am to 6:30 pm, and Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm. Students can also get assistance via a 24/7 telephone helpline. They offer walk-in services as well as scheduled appointment counseling.

Veterans Resource Center

The Yuba College Veterans Resource Center aims to give veterans transitioning from active military to college life a stimulating yet welcoming environment. Each of us has personal experience with the difficulties encountered by veterans and works relentlessly to create a ” one-stop-shop ” culture in the military.

Their top concern is seeing you succeed in achieving your academic objectives. They offer tutoring, academic counseling, EOPS/Care & DSPS services, direct financial aid access, camaraderie, and events to support emotional well-being, in addition to counseling and certification for VA Education Benefits.

Alumni & Friends

Yuba College Alumni & Friends is a group that wants to help and support the institution. Since 1927, Yuba College has been providing services to the community, aiming to carry on the history of quality.

The objectives of Alumni & Friends are to support and further the college’s objectives, pursuits, and interests. They also serve to foster strong bonds between friends and former students.

To encourage this support and keep the community, alums, and friends of the Yuba Campus active in college programs and activities, Alumni & Friends provides a vehicle. A growing sense of pride comes from belonging to the Yuba College family of supporters and returning some favors to the institution that has done so much for them.

Benefits of Academics at Yuba College

The Student Has Value

The faculty comprises seasoned educators who excel at identifying and fostering the talents and interests of their charges. Communication with professors reduces the possibility that a student would become lost and confused in the chaos of college life and highlights how important each individual is. 

Transition to University Studies is Simpler

By bridging the gap between high school and college, Yuba College helps students adjust more easily. Since professional training is increasingly likely to require more than four years of college study, Yuba College’s years of higher education are a significant cost item.

Superb Value and Assistance

Yuba College helps families and students to save up money for the extensive duration of professional training. Individualized counseling, social and cultural events, sports, and physical recreation of sufficient variety are just a few of the services and activities that Yuba College offers students to satisfy their needs and learning styles.

A “Second Chance” and Adaptability

Students will have the chance to tailor their education to suit their particular needs; those who did not meet the high school requirements for university admission can make up the gaps; those who need training for immediate entry into well-paying jobs can find the required courses; those who wish to finish two years and transfer to a senior college or university can do so with junior (third-year) status.

The Best Things to do in Marysville

In Marysville, there are options for enjoyment around every corner. This charming small city offers something for everyone, from thrilling excursions to intriguing tourist sites. Are you prepared to start planning your trip? Whether you are an international tourist, student, or resident who wants to explore the region, there’s something for you.

Here are some of the best things to do in Marysville when you visit:

Beckwourth Riverfront Park

In Marysville, there is a lovely area of greenery called Beckwourth Riverfront Park, situated along the Feather River. James Beckwourth, a formerly enslaved person who led the first wagon train of immigrants into the city in 1851, is the park’s name. This occurred at a pivotal juncture in the region’s growth and development.

The park is a large, open area where residents and guests can engage in recreational and social activities. The city’s athletic events and concerts happen in the park. The park’s numerous amenities, such as the softball grounds, soccer fields, golf driving range, and off-road ATV area, are also accessible to visitors.

In addition, visitors can rent a boat to tour the area and benefit from the neighboring open waters. In Marysville, Beckwourth Riverfront Park is a wonderful location for unwinding and enjoying the sunshine.

Brick Coffee House Café

Are you looking for a fantastic coffee shop in Marysville? Visit the café at the Brick Coffee House. It’s a lovely café with lovely décor and a tranquil outdoor space. Locals adore Brick Coffee House for its delicious coffee.

Try some of their distinctive beverages, such as the Bok Kai Chai, a spiced black tea, or the Gold Rush, a blended white mocha. Food items like their hot pastrami sandwich or vegetable quesadilla go well with this. Brick Coffee House Cafe Marysville is a fantastic location to drop by, connect with people, and unwind.

Chinese American Museum

Due to its significant involvement in the 1849 California Gold Rush, the Chinese diaspora has strong roots in the United States. Chinese immigrants also made significant contributions to California’s historical advancement.

The Chinese-American Museum, found in Marysville’s Historic Chinatown, honors those events that took place more than 150 years ago. The last Chinatown from that period is likewise this one.

During the height of the California Gold Rush in 1858, construction on the museum building began. From the collection of images, records, and objects the museum puts on display, see and experience fragments of the life of Chinese immigrants a century ago.

The adjacent Bok Kai Temple, which is only a short distance away, uses the museum as a location for activities in the neighborhood.

Colusa Casino Stadium

Situated next to the expansive Ellis Lake, the Colusa Casino Stadium is a terrific site to watch and participate in America’s sports. Since 2002, the stadium has served as the Yuba-Sutter Gold Sox team’s home field.

While visiting the city, you can attend local baseball games that are currently taking place. Don’t forget to purchase standard concessions like hotdogs, fries, and soda to satisfy you during a thrilling game! Enjoy baseball at the Colusa Casino Stadium, America’s sport of choice!

Ellis Lake

Ellis Lake is an artificial wonder in the center of the city. While in Marysville, it’s also the ideal location for hanging out and unwinding. President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the New Deal during the Great Depression, which aided in the construction of numerous infrastructures across the nation. Built in 1939, Ellis Lake is one of them.

Visitors can spend the day in and around the lake engaging in various activities. Bring a mat to set up a picnic and talk with friends while you eat. Otherwise, go for a brief run around the lake on the tracks. Come and feed the ducks that are swimming in the lake as well.

When in Marysville, Ellis Lake is a great place to visit.

Mary Aaron Memorial Museum

The Mary Aaron Memorial Museum, established in 1855, is a significant location that narrates Marysville’s history. The Aaron family purchased the house in the 1870s. The architect and inventor Warren P. Miller constructed it. They continued to be the owners of it until 1955.

Mary’s lone son asked that the house get his mother’s name as a homage before giving it to the city. This house has various historical documents, images, and artifacts from Marysville, including old records and paperwork.

Other displays include old instruments, clothing, and literature, some of which belong to the Aaron family. The Mary Aaron Memorial Museum, situated in the city’s center, is an excellent place to go if you want to learn more about Marysville.

Marysville Farmers Marketplace

Are you looking to cook a wholesome supper for your family at home while living in the city?

For all of your fresh ingredients, stop into Marysville Farmers Marketplace.

The Marysville Farmers Market has everything you require, including a wide variety of cans and bottles for your midweek supper and fresh food purchased from nearby merchants.

They also have a hot case menu that sells ready-made food, such as chicken nuggets and fresh deli sandwiches, for people seeking something fresh on the go. Use their daily promotions, such as Taco Thursdays or Teriyaki Chicken Tuesdays. Visit Marysville Farmers Marketplace for your next satisfying lunch!

Marysville Raceway Park

The Marysville Raceway Park, situated just outside the city center, is a great place to spend the day if you crave speed. As they watch pros rev their engines around the track, racing fans may satisfy their thirst for speed in the park.

You can find weekly race schedules and pop-up special events on their official website. Avoid attending the races on an empty stomach. Concessions like hotdogs and cold beverages are available on-site to keep you hydrated and fueled while you support the drivers.

MMX Racing

MMX Racing is a public track for motocross fans and thrill-seekers across the Yuba River. Numerous tracks are accessible on the field, a 8.09-hectares (20-acre) facility. Select between the dirt oval, vintage track, sand track, or main path.

Take to the racetrack in your motocross and try your hand at racing. As you accelerate on the dirt track, you will feel the excitement. A kids’ track is available, so youngsters can also try out the sport. Get your engines going and enjoy a day of MMX Racing.

Museum of the Forgotten Warriors

Another interesting place to visit in Marysville is the Museum of the Forgotten Warriors. Built in 1983 by Vietnam War veteran Dan Spear, this museum is beyond the city limits. After returning from the unpopular Vietnam War, he created it to pay tribute to the soldiers and veterans of that conflict.

The museum now houses a variety of accounts of veterans who fought in numerous battles throughout American history. More than 22,000 exhibits of artifacts and personal narratives, ranging from the American Civil War to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, are available.

The museum features memorabilia collections from thousands of US service members, including photographs, uniforms, records, and other items.

Silver Dollar Saloon

The Silver Dollar Saloon is a historic structure that has been a part of the community since 1858, just along First Street.

Enjoy their menu of foods and beverages in a vintage saloon setting. Choose the type of steak you want from their selection. If not, choose one of their handcrafted burgers, including the Bison Burger, Mushroom Jack, or Silver Dollar Burger. Combine these with one or more drinks from their extensive menu of beers, cocktails, and spirits.

The Grand Hotel previously stood on the second floor of the Silver Dollar. During the Gold Rush, it was one of the fabled illegal brothels. It has undergone renovation and is now accessible to the public for tours. Visitors can view vintage relics and images from the hotel’s glory days.

While at the Silver Dollar Saloon, remember to eat and drink something while traveling back in time.

Sun’s Donuts

When visiting Marysville, Sun’s Donuts, a popular local hangout, is a terrific spot to satisfy your sweet tooth. Pick from their modest but delectable range of pastries and doughnuts.

You can pick from traditional donuts, cake donuts, and flavored varieties, including buttermilk, cinnamon-sugar, and jelly-filled. Drink some hot coffee or one of their juice options to wash it all down. When visiting the city, you should take Sun’s, a charming but delicious restaurant.

Sutter Buttes Brewing

Are you searching for a delectable dinner and a satisfying beverage in Yuba City? Sutter Buttes Brewing Marysville is just six minutes away. Visit this amazing place to sate your appetite.

Sutter Buttes Brewing, a proud Yuba City business since its founding in 2011, creates brews inspired by the region’s diversity and rich history. Try their North Butte Amber Ale or their famous Water Tower IPA.

Pair these with some of their comfort food dishes, such as the appetizer of jalapeno poppers or any of their woodfire pizza options. Dessert and beer go nicely together. Order Brew Pub Brownie or Cookie Tree Cheesecake to go with your pint. You’ll feel satisfied and content when you leave Sutter Buttes Brewing!

West Coast Falconry

The West Coast Falconry is a distinctive location and experience you should check out while in the city. It pays homage to the fabled, historic hunting tradition by providing a wide choice of classes and services to suit everyone’s needs.

You can choose from various services the falconry provides, such as the entire falconry experience, owl gazing, wildlife trips, and more. Additionally, the West Coast Falconry is the first organization in the state to provide seminars for anybody interested in getting a license to practice falconry. A trip to the West Coast Falconry is exhilarating for tourists of all ages.

Students walking outside college

The Bottom Line

Yuba College is a well-established institution that has been around for decades. It offers great academic programs to ensure every student finds something to make their future bright. They provide programs to suit your goals, whether you’re looking for a new job, need credits for transfer, or want to improve your career skills. Start by picking the route that suits your goals.

There are many opportunities to get active in campus life and the student community at Yuba College. This college goes the extra mile to foster relationships, leadership, and civic participation in addition to academic achievement. And, with the financial aid program, you’re sure your education course will get stuck after completion.

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