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The Field of Vet Tech 

Studying veterinary technology at Apex college opens you to various career options in the animal healthcare and nursing industries. Future job paths could include teaching, caring for military animals, working in administrative health management, and providing diagnostic and therapeutic care to animals in private veterinary hospitals. 

With this job choice, there are great opportunities for career fulfillment and the reward of profound happiness that comes with taking care of animals’ medical requirements.

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Located in Colorado Springs, the Apex College of Veterinary Technology is a private institution of higher education that operates for profit. It is a rather small educational establishment, with only 26 first-year students currently enrolled. 

The admittance rate at Apex College of Veterinary Technology is one hundred percent. The Veterinary Technician and Assistant program are the sole major you can pursue.

How Many Students are Accepted per Year

Apex college is among the best vet tech schools in Colorado Springs. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 26 undergraduate students. The Apex College of Veterinary Technology acceptance rate is 100%.

Admission Criteria for US Students (Who Can Apply)

Apex College of Veterinary Technology provides equal opportunity to its applicants for admission, enrolled student services, and graduate services. It does not discriminate based on race, color, sex, age, religion, ethnicity or national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, citizenship, or disability. 

This includes providing services to students who are in the college, who have graduated from the college, and who are looking for employment. Students interested in enrolling in the certificate program for veterinary assisting and practice management must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. 

Students interested in pursuing an associate’s degree in veterinary technology (AAS) must be 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or equivalent (such as a GED).

To get consideration for admission to the program at Apex College of Veterinary Technology, every candidate requires to present the following information (regardless of whether they are applying to the certificate program or the degree program):

  • Submitted an application in its entirety using the website (www.ApexCVT.com/app).
  • A recommendation letter from a person who is not a member of the applicant’s immediate family.
  • The veterinarian recommended the ideal candidate.
  • An official transcript from high school or an equivalent credential such as a GED or equivalent.
  • Sent regular mail from the secondary school to the Apex College of Veterinary Technology.
  • You should indicate the date that you graduated or finished.
  • Copies of official transcripts from postsecondary institutions (if available).
  • Sent to the Apex College of Veterinary Technology via regular mail from the respective institution.
  • DD Form 214 (if applicable).
  • The document certifying that one is out of active duty in the military.

Additional Admissions Requirements and Processes

You must submit all applications, including all of the necessary supporting papers, to the registrar in its whole and no later than thirty days before the beginning of the quarter for which you are seeking admission. If there are openings in the program after the allotted time for applications has passed, the deadline for submission of applications might extend. 

Get in touch with the Apex CVT office for more information regarding admissions after the originally stated deadline. The ownership group deliberates the decisions about new members every quarter: every December, March, June, and September. There can only be 24 students enrolled in a program during each academic quarter.

Interviews with members of the leadership and faculty of Apex College of Veterinary Technology are a requirement for all prospective students as part of the college’s admissions process. In most cases, the interview is a part of the campus tour; however, it is possible for students who cannot plan time on campus to interview electronically. 

In addition, students require to finish a brief entrance exam whose preparation is electronic. Prospective students have time to take the exam after they have submitted all of the required admissions materials (application, transcripts, and letters of reference).

Students who satisfy the admissions requirements outlined in the previous sections will receive acceptance letters through email.

Applicants get information on whether or not the college accepts them into the program and whether they will delay to a subsequent quarter (owing to the cap of 24 students each quarter). 

Applicants who have had their applications rejected, did not finish the application procedure, or withdrew their applications are eligible to reapply, provided they adhere to the admissions requirements for first-time applicants.

Postponement or Cancellation of a Start Date

There is no late enrollment period at Apex College of Veterinary Technology. You must complete and submit all necessary paperwork and admissions requirements to the registrar no later than 30 days before the beginning of the academic quarter. 

You must sign a written agreement between the student and the school to postpone a student’s start date, whether at the school’s request or the student’s. The agreement must include the new start date’s deadline, beyond which they cannot postpone the start date, and whether the postponement is for the student’s or the school’s convenience. 

According to the school’s refund policy and all applicable laws and regulations regarding the Private Occupational Education Act of 1981, the student will be eligible for an appropriate refund of any prepaid tuition and fees within 30 days of the deadline. That is if the program is not ongoing or they fail to show up by the new start date specified in the agreement.


The process through which a student formally enrolls in Apex College of Veterinary Technology is registration. Students that register for classes and follow their payment plan for tuition and fees get registration.

Students who are not in enrollment, who do not attend mandatory classes, or who do not pay their tuition and fees on time are not actively registered.

After the announcement of grades after each quarter, registration via enrollment is complete. Students may amend their enrollment without incurring any penalties until the specified date before the beginning of each quarter. Contacting the registrar by the specified deadline is necessary for registration changes.

Transfer Credits

You must meet the following prerequisites for Apex College of Veterinary Technology to accept transfer credits:

  • Acquired from recognized postsecondary institutes.
  • Offers College-level courses (typically designated 100 or higher).
  • Passing grades are on a letter grade (C or above) or a percentage (70% or higher).
  • Within seven years of applying to Apex College of Veterinary Technology, You must complete general education courses.
  • The student completed the applied veterinary education courses within three years after applying to Apex College of Veterinary Technology.
  • Veteran or other qualifying person’s prior training (with proportionately shortened training periods).

There are two categories of credits you can take into account when applying for transfer credit, and Apex College of Veterinary Technology has separate procedures for handling each type. 

If they satisfy the criteria outlined above, they can use general education credits from unapplied courses in the humanities, behavioral sciences, natural and applied sciences, and mathematics right away. Courses that apply to veterinary technology, veterinary assisting, or veterinary

Students must pass Practice Management placement exams with at least 70%.

These placement exams ensure that students receive transfer credits when they are due because colleges may cover different subjects differently.

For veterans or other qualified individuals, Apex College of Veterinary Technology maintains an electronic record of prior education and training that details the proper credit for such prior learning and shortens the training term in proportion. Veterans or those who qualify to receive information, together with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

By sending a written request to the registrar, current or former Apex College of Veterinary Technology students or graduates may request a transfer to another program. The Registrar and Director of Educational Programs will examine requests and responses by the deadline for admissions decisions. 

Academic standing, attendance, instructor comments, and adherence to tuition and fee payment schedules are all considerations when determining admittance. The Registrar and the Director of Educational Programs may need to meet with students requesting transfers during this process.

As long as they are complete within three years of the request to transfer into the Veterinary Technology program, courses taken at Apex College of Veterinary Technology in the Veterinary Assisting program are directly transferable to the Veterinary Technology program. 

You must take classes taken more than three years ago again because veterinary standards and practice frequently undergo major modifications. If a student withdraws from a program and gets readmission, previously earned credits—unless they took them more than three years ago—apply immediately to the same program.

Apex College of Veterinary Technology does not guarantee credit transfer to another educational institution. Unless the receiving school has a written agreement stating that such credits from other institutions get accepted, transferability is up to the receiving institution.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

Both Indian and international students can enroll at the university. It has a separate division for admissions from abroad. Passport holders from India or Pakistan must submit authentic Academic IELTS exam results with a minimum overall score of 6.0.

Educational Opportunities (which programs they offer)

Veterinary Technology – 2-Year Program

The A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology program at Apex College of Veterinary Technology is a two-year comprehensive sequence of courses intended to equip graduates with the knowledge and abilities needed to carry out the technical job necessary for a successful Veterinary Technician.

What is a Veterinary Technician

The main component of the veterinarian’s medical support team is a veterinary technician. They must have the skills in handling and caring for patients who are animals, as well as performing several medical and diagnostic procedures. 

Becoming a veterinary technician takes a certain level of education and experience. The Veterinary Technology program intends to be completed in two years.

The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) reports that “Veterinary technicians receive training to work as the veterinarian’s surgery nurse, anesthetist, laboratory technician, radiography technician, and client educator. 

Many veterinary technicians receive supervisory responsibilities in veterinary clinics, research facilities, and other workplaces. Veterinarian offices, biomedical research, zoo/wildlife medicine, business, the military, managing the health of livestock, pharmaceutical sales, etc., are all places where veterinary technicians might find work.”

What Distinguishes a Veterinary Technician From an Assistant?

The adaptable support staff known as veterinary assistants helps veterinarians and veterinary technicians with all facets of clinical work.

What Courses are Necessary for the Program in Veterinary Technology?

The two-year Veterinary Technology program covers the general education requirements for a degree program and the specialized courses the students require to function successfully in their sector and assist their patients. Classes geared toward technicians include:

  • Biology and Anatomy
  • Medical computations
  • Pharmacology
  • Microbiology and clinical parasitology
  • Nutrition
  • sedation and analgesia
  • Clinical chemistry and cytological interpretation
  • Nursing and critical care
  • Dentistry
  • Imaging diagnostics
  • Clinical revolving

Download the Apex College of Veterinary Technology Catalog or contact us for additional details on the veterinary technology courses, including descriptions.

What is the Cost of the Veterinary Technology Program?

Only the classes the students need to take are in their tuition fees. The cost per credit for all programs is around $210. No tuition or other payment is there when applying for transfer credits, so there is no cost to the student.

The objective of the college is to retain excellent students and assist them in avoiding debt by providing fair and advantageous tuition and scholarship options.

When Do Classes Start?

Every quarter, new classes begin. They schedule classes according to student demand and instructor availability. They offer sessions on weekdays in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings according to the needs of their students.

Their quarterly schedule customization enables us to assist their students in maintaining a work-school-life balance because many of them work while they enroll in classes.

How Many Students in Each Class?

To ensure every student has the time, space, and resources to engage completely, receive instruction, and practice their skills in a safe environment, they cap their hands-on veterinary technology classes to 12 students. Their practice is to offer additional portions of a course rather than overcrowding it.

How Do I Apply for the Veterinary Technology Program?

They advise scheduling a visit so that you can view the campus and meet the faculty. You must also complete their online application if you like what you see and decide Apex College of Veterinary Technology is the best fit for you.

Based on the date you completed your application and the information you provided, the administrative team will follow up to assist you with the remaining steps of the admissions process and determine your start date.

 Veterinary Practice Management

The Veterinary Practice Management program is a certificate program created to help students develop their business practices and prepare for the CVPM exam while satisfying the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association college credit requirements for becoming a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager.

What Does the Veterinary Practice Management Program Cover?

The college courses offered through the Veterinary Practice Management program concentrate on the following topics in the context of veterinary and animal-related businesses:

  • Law and Ethics I & II
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Organizational Structure
What are the Requirements for Becoming a CVPM?

Four prerequisites are a requirement  by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association for getting your CVPM:

  • 18 semester hours of management-related coursework.
  • Working actively as a practice manager for at least three years in the previous seven.
  • 48 hours of management-focused continuing education courses.
  • Four recommendation letters.

The program, which entirely focuses on veterinary and animal-related enterprises, satisfies the college credit criteria set forth by the VHMA. Additionally, Apex College of Veterinary Technology offers courses for continuing education.

​What if I Am Not a Practice Manager Yet?

Graduates of the Veterinary Practice Management program acquire management and business expertise, knowledge of regulations, and organizational abilities while developing a portfolio of model contracts and policies. This expertise and portfolio may aid your objective of advancing to a management position.

Learning these abilities can help you begin your career in a favorable direction. The CVPM certification procedure through VHMA allows students to finish their education before earning experience hours as a manager.

For those who already own or manage an animal-related business, such as a veterinarian clinic, animal rescue, retail outlet, etc., the Veterinary Practice Management program is very useful. Based on what they learn in class, existing managers can write, review, and change policies and documents using their courses. You can use each assignment with your current company.

​You can achieve your CVPM by completing the Veterinary Practice Management program. In addition to earning the necessary college credits, you’ll also work on enhancing your organizational and management abilities and working with other managers.

What if I Want to Open My Own Animal-Related Business?

The Veterinary Practice Management program teaches aspiring owners of animal-related enterprises about the various business structures and their advantages, financial reporting, recruiting and human resources, and the legislation that applies explicitly to these businesses.

​To ensure that everything directly links to your objectives as a business owner, assignments can concentrate on producing paperwork and policies for the anticipated business. 

 How Much Does the Veterinary Practice Management program cost?

Only the classes that students need to take are in their tuition. The cost per credit for all programs is around $210. 

​The Veterinary Practice Management certificate offers students a quick, low-cost way to acquire marketable skills. Their objective is to retain excellent students and assist them in avoiding debt by providing fair and advantageous tuition and scholarship options.

How do I apply for the Veterinary Practice Management program?

You can either visit the campus or complete the online application if you find Apex College of Veterinary Technology best fits you.

Other Educational Opportunities 

To aid you in understanding the ideas you need to succeed, the programs strongly emphasize clinical application. They provide students in every class with a hands-on educational experience rather than just having them read from a book or watch someone else perform a skill. 

While learning veterinary technology and assisting, students deal with actual patients in a natural clinical setting. 

The Practice Management students complete assignments that enable them to apply what they have learned to their businesses’ policies, marketing strategies, and other aspects through projects.

What Else Do They Offer Other Than Education 

The sole goal of Apex College is to give students a high-quality education, practical experience, and training. The qualified and driven students at Apex College of Veterinary Technology are ready for these fulfilling job options. 

An incoming student is ready to show testing entities the necessary skill sets and deliver marketable abilities and perspective to veterinary clinics and hospitals through an intensive, efficient academic, laboratory, and work experience approach. 

They also believe that an education at Apex will equip students with clinical knowledge and leadership skills for the profession’s future. 

Although there are more than 200 academic veterinary technology training facilities in the United States, Apex is unique in its commitment to teaching hands-on, practical, applied skills, academic preparation, and professional communication. 

Their goal is to combine the development of strong academic skills with the growth of the psychomotor abilities required in this profession. The students will be ready for their first job and meaningful careers marked by leadership and accomplishment thanks to this comprehensive training provided in an effective and high-value style.

Apex is in a unique position to offer the practical skills that are frequently lacking in recent graduates. This crucial aspect sets the Apex student apart from alums of other schools and is their competitive advantage.


The following departments are available at Apex college.

  • Veterinary technology
  • Veterinary practice management
Lecture at the university

A Short History Lesson About Colorado Springs

The foundation of Apex College of Veterinary Technology, established in 2015, is the idea that training to become a veterinarian entails more than just attending lectures and reading textbooks; it also entails the acquisition of skills and leadership viewpoints.

There was recruiting a group of like-minded professors and purchasing and renovating a campus with a clear mission close to Colorado Springs, CO’s downtown. Since the start of their first approved courses in July 2015, the veterinary-specific programs have had an active enrollment.

Mission and Values

The committees, teachers, staff, and students can grasp the educational goals and make decisions that uphold their standards of excellence thanks to the clear guidelines provided by their purpose, vision, and values.


In addition to academic preparation, Apex College of Veterinary Technology embraces the idea of teaching applied and practical hands-on skills. Their goal is to combine the development of strong academic skills with the growth of the psychomotor abilities required in veterinary care. 

Students will be ready for a quick start in the workforce and the development of professions marked by leadership and accomplishment through this kind of instruction in an effective and high-value format.


Their key values are into the following four categories: leadership, innovation, service, and knowledge and skill. They strive to uphold those values in everything they do and in all their decisions, big or small.


By inspiring and assisting students, teachers, and veterinary professionals across the country, they promote the growth of present and future leaders. By instilling passion, a sense of empowerment, and a desire to succeed, they set high criteria for performance and motivate others to meet them.


To get the correct knowledge and skills into the brains and hands of students and veterinary professionals, they consistently produce the most recent concepts, going above and beyond the status quo. They combine diverse viewpoints and strategies to create engaged and empowering veterinary industry leaders through analytical analysis, perceptive observation, artistic expression, and good judgment. They will continuously improve, inspire, and grow through innovation and application. They will then reevaluate and rebuild.


They deliver a high-quality educational experience through moral conduct and first-rate support. To establish a climate of synergy and positivity, encourage a dedication to quality, and aid in the promotion of a sense of community, they positively share their experiences and perspectives. 

Their service-oriented culture leads to higher educational and operational outcomes than any other model or alternative.

Knowledge and Skill

They encourage academic staff, veterinary professionals, and students to flourish personally and professionally. Maintaining individual knowledge and skill levels for contemporary clinical norms and the most recent advancements in veterinary medicine is challenging for their workforce. 

In their technical and functional fields, they get recognition as authorities. They succeed by offering staff, students, and alums a stimulating learning environment. 

The necessary processes for institutional accreditation with the Council on Occupational Education (COE), an organization acknowledged by the U.S. 

The Commission of the Council on Occupational Education has accredited Apex College of Veterinary Technology, and as a result, it is eligible for the recognition and benefits that follow. The COE certification enables Apex CVT to launch degree programs and gives the students access to additional and more types of financial help.

The Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities of the American Veterinary Medical Association has accredited Apex College of Veterinary Technology. The Veterinary Technician National Examination and state-specific certification applications are also open to veterinary technology graduates.

Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities of the American Veterinary Medical Association


The Veterinary Technology, Veterinary Assisting, and Veterinary Practice Management programs of Apex College of Veterinary Technology get support financially to fulfill their missions. 

Apex is a local leader in developing and delivering extra educational and career-advancing opportunities for veterinary professionals because they collaborate with national, state, and local interest groups.

Apex College of Veterinary Technology encourages interested parties to organize meetings with the Finance Office if they have queries or worries about the institution’s finances. You can arrange meetings with the chief financial officer and other administrative team members by emailing the school.

Lunchtime on university campus

Wrapping Things Up

If you want to study veterinary technology at Apex college, you now have all the required information. For more information, you can visit the college’s website and contact them at the phone numbers provided. Join Apex Collegiate Academy today!

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