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About Platt College-Anaheim

Platt College-Anaheim is in the Los Angeles metropolitan area in Anaheim, California. It is a for-profit institution with 452 undergraduate students enrolled. The admission rate at Platt College-Anaheim is 100 percent.

The most popular majors at Platt College include Veterinary Technician, Sonographer, Nursing Assistant, and Ultrasound Technician. It offers a four years+ education type, predominantly a medical course college.

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Platt College-Anaheim Campus is situated at 1400 South Douglass Road Suite 150, between the 91 and 5 freeways, just minutes off the 57 expressway, in a lovely campus environment. Take the 57 Freeway and exit at the Katella exit. The Arena Corporate Center on Douglass Road houses the Platt College Anaheim facility.

How Many Students are Accepted Per Year

As aforementioned, Patt College is a relatively small institution whose enrollment is just about 452 students. The college’s acceptance rate is 100%, with approximately 90 to 100 students accepted yearly.

Admission Criteria for U.S. Students 

Admission to Platt College for U.S. students is pretty much straightforward. Anyone who meets their academic requirements can apply. The college has employed knowledgeable staff who are always ready to guide prospective students through the admission process.

Platt College-Anaheim has only four easy steps in the application and admissions process. They are as follows:

Step 1: Application Submission  

Applying to the school is the first step a prospective student must take for admission considerations at Platt College-Anaheim. Call the college at (714) 333-9606 to apply to the university if you’re interested in doing so, or you may apply online as well.

One can reach the university’s administration directly at 1551 South Douglass Road, Anaheim, California 92806-5949, for those who wish to apply for admission. They can also call the admissions office at Platt College-Anaheim.

Step 2: Platt College Admission (PCA) Approval 

In addition, students must submit the following paperwork to receive their admission approval after completing the application and paying the registration fee: 


The essay a candidate submits, also referred to as the personal statement, gives them a special opportunity to highlight their accomplishments and personality. It is advisable for applicants to also include personal anecdotes and experiences.


Submit academic transcripts from high school and college. These are essential documents in the review step procedure. An applicant can submit the same using Parchment (or other comparable sites). 

Actual Test Results

Not all students submit their ACT and SAT results, which is unnecessary. However, a candidate’s chances of getting into Platt College-Anaheim are higher by providing these certified results. The college may ask for more paperwork or information after reviewing all applications.

Step 3: Attendance Confirmation 

The candidates must confirm their attendance at PCA as the final stage. They will additionally need to choose their housing and finish the financial check-in process.

This stage primarily entails picking an accommodation choice, selecting a payment plan, and completing the initial payment, in addition to checking and verifying the summary of Accounts and Financial Aid (scholarships, fees, and tuition prices).

Candidates must also pass the math and English exams before they may register for classes.

Step 4: Enrollment for Classes

After finishing all the procedures mentioned above, the next step is enrolling in classes.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

Patt College accepts international students from all over the world; however, one has to meet their admission criteria as follows: 

  1. Submit an admissions application.
  2. Examine the catalog, then choose your desired program.
  3. Send in your I-20 application.
  4. Submit a copy of your passport.
  5. If you are already in a different college in the United States, submit a copy of your visa (F-1).
  6. Financial Information: The immigration department asks you to show documentation of having enough money to pay for your tuition, books, supplies, and living costs for at least a year while in the country. The I-20 application includes a list of the current requirements.
  7. Give a recent, original, official bank statement. This proves that you have enough money to last a year.
  8. If you are a sponsored student, your sponsor may provide a letter of support from the person in charge of the funds along with their official bank statement. The sponsor letter should confirm that the person in charge is ready to cover your tuition, books, supplies, and living costs while you pursue your education in the U.S.
  9. If the student or sponsor is a business owner, the applicant must submit original bank records and statements, business registration, licenses, and tax documentation.
  10. If you have a high school diploma and have previously attended colleges outside of the United States, a member of NACES.org must examine your transcripts for U.S. equivalence. A high school diploma is a document-to-document, but a bachelor’s degree or above is also considered a document-to-document.
  11. Provide previous college transcripts.
  12. Complete Wonderlic’s Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) in English and submit it with a brief essay. You can arrange to take the test in person within your nation by contacting Platt College Admissions. Or, organize for and provide contact information of an agent in your country who can administer the SLE to complete the evaluation there.

Educational Opportunities (Which Programs Do They Offer)

There are 25 education programs available at the Associate, Bachelor, and Certificate Degree Levels at Platt College-Anaheim. Degrees in the health professions are the subjects that students choose to study the most. 

Whether you want to pursue a new college degree or advance on what you already have, their accredited programs can help you prepare to leave home on your terms. Here are the educational programs offered at Platt University: 

On-Campus Programs

The following programs are available at Platt College Anaheim campus:

  • Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Administrative Specialist
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Veterinary Technology
  • Health & Fitness Trainer
  • Exercise Science
  • Health Care Management (Degree Complete)
  • Criminal Justice
  • Business Management
  • Information Technology
  • Web Development Programming & Coding
  • Hemodialysis Technician Certificate
  • Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate

Non-Degree Programs

  • Certification Prep and First Aid and CPR Avocational Course
  • Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate

Distance Learning Programs

  • Respiratory Therapy Bachelors Degree (Degree Complete)
  • Veterinary Technology Alt Route Certificate
  • Veterinary Technology Associate’s Degree

Other Educational Opportunities


Medical careers programs at Platt College feature externship opportunities. This gives students valuable on-the-job training so they can use the knowledge they’ve learned in class with patients, physicians, and other healthcare professionals.

Distance Learning

You can acquire your certificate, Bachelor’s, or Associate’s degree with Platt College Distance Learning Program in various professions, including Veterinary Technology, Respiratory Therapy, and Veterinary Technology Alternate Route.

Special Learning

The school offers its students programs. Additionally, it provides weekend and evening programs, a program that enables students to do a full course of study while only attending sessions on the weekends or in the evenings.

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What Else Do They Offer Other than Education?

Career Services

Platt College’s main objective is to support all graduates in finding employment in their area of professionalism.

The institution keeps a thriving career services section to help recent graduates and current students looking for part-time or full-time careers while still enrolled. However, students are not guaranteed employment by the school. Students can pursue job leads kept up to date by Career Services.

Our Career Services staff members describe the job search process to our students and offer assistance. Placement efforts continue after graduation. Through workshops and job interviews, Career Services attempts to improve our students’ abilities to find employment in the following fields:

  • Career planning
  • Completing applications
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Researching and contacting potential employers

Disability Services

Platt College’s policy is that no one should exempt a qualified person with disability from involvement in, denied the privileges of, or compelled to any other form of discrimination under any program or activity which receives federal financial assistance.

According to Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), a person with a disability who satisfies the academic and technical requirements for admission or participation in the recipient’s program or activity is a “qualified individual with a disability.”

To prevent discrimination based on disability, Platt College offers academic adjustments, auxiliary assistance, and resources (collectively, “academic accommodations”).


As part of our dedication to your academic achievement, academic tutoring is a service that Platt College provides to dedicated students who may have difficulty in a particular course.

The tutoring is available to the student at no additional cost and usually takes place outside the regularly scheduled class times.

Departments / Centers / Institutes

School of Medical Science

The department of medical sciences is the largest department at Platt University. It comprises

Respiratory and Occupational Therapy, Health & Fitness, Health Care Management, and all medical courses.

School of Graphic Design

It covers the Graphic Design and Visual Communications (2D Print) courses.

School of Business & Legal Studies

The business department takes care of Business Management and Criminal Justice students.

School of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology covers all Information Technology courses, Cyber Security, and Web Development Programming & Coding.

The Best Things to Do in Anaheim

Anaheim, California, is one of the most exciting destinations on the West Coast. In general, Southern California is a hub for all things related to creative and cultural development that both local and international students can enjoy.

One of those cities is Anaheim, where you can get lost exploring its technological prowess or get overwhelmed by the enormous amount of history the city has to offer. The attractions in Anaheim are exciting and enjoyable for visitors and locals. The city is home to the largest convention center on the West Coast, not forgetting the spectacular Disneyland.

When visiting Anaheim, sightseeing is necessary, but the exquisite variety of food created in the many stores and structures is truly incredible. The city’s best meals are undoubtedly Mexican cuisine, but many venerable eateries will rock your taste buds.

As a result, we advise adopting a well-rounded strategy when touring the city and taking in the many aspects of making the lovely Anaheim. Here are some of the best things to do in Anaheim:

Anaheim Convention Center

The Anaheim Convention Facility, with 1.8 million square feet (167,225.47 square meters) of space, is the largest convention center on the West Coast and is home to various exciting events. If you’re an entrepreneur, student, socialite, or just a normal food lover, this is one of the spots to visit.

The Anaheim Convention Center’s courtyard area is available for events that meet your demands. The facility includes a 28,000-square-foot (2,601.28 square meters) arena and the 200,000-square-foot (18,580.60 square meters) Anaheim Convention Center North addition and is one of the city’s distinctive features.

A 10,000-square-foot (929.03 square meters) open terrace is also available, providing the perfect view of the Disneyland fireworks at night.

This massive convention center can be somewhat daunting, particularly for people not conversant with an urban environment. Whether you are exploring or just idly strolling, you should stop by and snap a few pictures.

Anaheim GardenWalk

You will surely come across many varied spots when visiting a city with as much diversity as Anaheim. The Anaheim GardenWalk would most likely be an outdoor establishment if the Anaheim Packing House were one.

The Anaheim GardenWalk touts itself as a premier destination for fun, creativity, and great eating by hosting some of the best types of artistic entertainment. Experience this gorgeous bit of brilliance that lingers all day in the California sun. It’s one of the greatest things to do in Anaheim.

The House of Blues Anaheim offers a balanced schedule of classical and contemporary musicians. It also provides G.O. Virtual Reality Gaming, which is technically predicting the direction of our technological futures, and Bowlmor Lanes, which provides a flexible environment that is great for adults and kids, which are just a few of its resident businesses.

The Anaheim GardenWalk, with its 460,000 square feet (42,735.39 square meters) of space, provides a great display and is an incredible addition to your travels.

Anaheim Packing House

The Anaheim Packing House is one of the top sites to visit in California and the ideal location for a variety of restaurants and shops, with Instagram-worthy culinary options and a wide range of food booths and vendors.

It was first built in 1919 and has long been a popular tourist destination in Southern California. In 2015, it made its way into the “National Register of Historic Places.” Aside from the history, you can lose yourself for a few hours in the mouth-watering aromas and specialties prepared around the premises.

The Anaheim Packing House is your best bet if you decide where to go based only on the sound of your stomach. Several distinct parts make up the overall Packing District, each with its unique character.

The Farmers’ Park and Make Building are across the street from the Anaheim Packing House.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim

The Angel Stadium of Anaheim, built in 1966, is sometimes known as “The Big A”. It is one of the remaining dual-purpose sports stadiums in the U.S.

It might be thrilling to check out a game while you’re in town because they have one of the best pitchers in MLB history. The open-dome stadium is no stranger to sunshine and endless circulation, even on the hottest days. On most days, you will be enjoying a refreshing California wind.

And for the hardcore baseball enthusiasts, most of the stadium walls have enormous murals of former Angels players alongside some of today’s biggest stars.

You can even get some genuine memorabilia for yourself or a loved one who couldn’t travel with you by going to Angel’s team store within the stadium.

In all honesty, Angel Stadium in Anaheim is one of the nicest ballparks in Major League Baseball. It offers a variety of outdoor pavilions and stunning views of the surrounding mountain ranges and blue skies. Angel Stadium is a must-see location when Studying in, traveling to (or relocating to) Anaheim.

Bowers Museum

The Bowser Museum, founded in 1936, is a historical haven for art and culture in California. It offers a ton of things to view. The Bowser Museum is a must-see tourist destination since it has exhibits from some of the world’s oldest civilizations.

Many classic artifacts depict California and its early settlers, but the museum does a superb job of including artwork from other civilizations. On any given day, visitors to the Bowser Museum can view relics and ancestors from 5,000 years ago in China or the “Sacred Realms” of Ancient India.

Particularly if studying ancient history is one of your passions, there are many things to view at each exhibit that will stimulate your interest and leave you a little sharper than when you arrived.

Some of their most notable displays at the Bowser Museum are “Art of the Samurai: Selections from the Tokyo National Museum,” “Hidden Treasures of Ethiopia,” and the “Gods and Gifts: Treasures from the Vatican Ethnographic Museum.

Christ Cathedral

The 12.94 hectares (32 acres) that support the Christ Cathedral, often known as the “Crystal Cathedral,” are the perfect site for Christians to gather and celebrate the Lord. The inside of the church is enormous, with space for 3,000 people.

The church’s walls consist of thousands of pieces of mirror glass, and a star-shaped layout directs everyone’s attention to the preacher and sermon. On weekdays, from 10 am to 3 pm, on Saturdays, from 9 am to 4 pm, and on Sundays, when the church closes, you can tour the Cathedral grounds.

Free tours are available all day long, and given the property size, it is advisable to allow an hour for the entire time. The Christ Cathedral has many jaw-dropping features that you may appreciate whether you are visiting for a Sunday Service or just attracted by its historical significance.


It is where everyone’s favorite California excursion starts. Disneyland, which the well-known Walt Disney built, has long been a wonderful location for families to save priceless memories. These Anaheim attractions are remarkable for reasons other than just the cartoon characters and amusement rides.

One of the best things about Disneyland is how they successfully appeal to all age groups by fusing nostalgia with contemporary, then going above and beyond to provide a memorable experience.

One of those activities that never gets old is taking in the sunshine with cotton candy and a plush Goofy. So if you’re new to Anaheim or are just visiting, it’s virtually a given that you must go to Disneyland and have fun, which isn’t a terrible idea! But don’t fall for it.

You might explore Anaheim and save the magic of Disneyland for another time because there are so many other places to see and activities to do.

Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center

Most individuals often only see themselves behind a fighter or commercial aircraft wheel. In Anaheim, you may experience being a pilot in your cockpit in a first-class fashion.

You can learn to fly at the Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center without leaving the planet. You may anticipate that the Flight Deck Simulator will only advance during the next few years as the next stage of virtual reality approaches.

Even though it might be your only chance to “fly a jet,” you should never pass up the opportunity to pilot an F-16. The instructors are frequently former airline pilots or experts in various technical subjects, but the main idea is to let your imagination run free.

If you’re looking for things to do in Anaheim, you should surely include this on your list of attractions.

Huntington Beach

The “Surf City USA” in California is Huntington Beach… Whatever name they give it nowadays, be sure to pay a visit. Huntington Beach is an area of sunshine dotted with palm trees that mix stunning natural surroundings with a vibrant metropolitan ambiance.

With more than 10 miles (16 kilometers) of sandy beach and almost 8 million annual visitors, Huntington Beach is one of the best places to go for fun and activities in Anaheim and one of the free things to do. Couples can have a picnic or some sightseeing at the beach while basking in the warm California sun.

The International Surfing Museum and the Surfing Hall of Fame are b located in H.B.

Therefore, Huntington Beach is undoubtedly one of the things to do while in Anaheim, especially if you live or are staying around the beach anyhow. This goes for all of you extreme sports enthusiasts and players.

Medieval Times

If you have never gone to a Medieval Times show, you miss out on a special dining performance. By assigning you to a particular hue of mercenary, Medieval Times, modeled after a Bronze Age battle arena, enables you to participate in jousting and intense competitions.

We hope you prevail because there can only be one winner at the end!

Goblets and traditional silverware used along with the tournament-style experience to enrich the overall presentation. Still, Medieval Times has long been famous as a humorous and enjoyable time for you, your friends, and your family.

Medieval Times is not a California-specific attraction, but at least you won’t be shivering on the drive back to the parking lot.

Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center

The Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center, one of the coolest places to visit in Anaheim for admiring antiquity, is another great place to go. The galleries at Muzeo feature a collection of artifacts from around the world. Some of which date way back to Ancient Egypt.

The curators of the gallery do a fantastic job of selecting historical artifacts that will fascinate any museum visitors. Muzeo might be the ideal choice if you love topics like “National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Photos” or “Ghost Stories and Fairy Tales: A Ceremony of Make Believe.”

Muzeo welcomes you to appreciate Anaheim’s past by showcasing many hometown artifacts inside the museum’s halls, aside from the geographic and mythical aesthetics.

Ralph. B Clark Regional Park

This old portion of Orange County has a lot to offer visitors. The Los Coyotes Regional Park, which initially opened its doors in 1981, changed its name to Ralph B. Clark Regional Park in honor of the retiring Orange County Supervisor.

It is one of the most spectacular locations you may visit while in Anaheim and offers yet another choice of cost-free activities. The park has a playground for youngsters, baseball fields, a fishing pier, horseshoe pits, and many other exciting outdoor activities. It also has a theater.

The Interpretive Center is also a museum displaying local geology and Ice Age fossils. You can look at many Ice Age mammals and discover more about California’s earliest origins. In fact, a whale skeleton dating back 9 million years was on a building site here.

The 1.2-mile (1.9-kilometer) track winds its way through the park on a breezy surface. You must go to Ralph B. Clark Regional Park if you want to know what to do in Anaheim.

University hall


Is Platt College a Good School? We hope this article answers your question. As much as it is a small educational institution, it has more to offer than its size. You can prepare for a new career, learn new skills to improve your current position, or further your education to reach your professional goals with Platt’s flexible education programs.

Being an accredited college, you can take advantage of its mission and acquire specialized skills and knowledge that fit today’s in-demand fields. Also, check Platt College Anaheim reviews to find out more. Read our article and find out How To Have A Blast At Platt College – Alhambra.

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