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Eastern Florida State College Tuition

The Eastern Florida State College offers several programs, including veterinary medicine. The veterinary medicine program lasts four years and cuts across the main sections of veterinary medicine. The school also offers tuition for students. The Eastern Florida State College tuition comes with affordable fees.

The rates here are lower when comparing the tuition fee with other schools. Being a public institution is one of the main factors making this school affordable. Read our article and find out about Studying At the University of Florida Veterinary School.

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Eastern Florida State College Acceptance Rate and More


Eastern Florida State College of Veterinary Medicine is in Brevard County, Florida. The college has four campuses spreading around the area. The campuses include Palm Bay, Titusville, Melbourne, and the Eastern Florida State College-Cocoa Campus. Below is the Eastern Florida State College address according to each campus:

  • Palm Bay campus: 250 Community College Pkwy, Palm Bay, FL, 32909
  • Melbourne campus: 3865 North Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32935
  • Titusville campus: 1311 North U.S 1, Titusville, FL 32796
  • Cocoa campus: 1519 Clearlake Road, Cocoa, FL 32922

Each campus has several buildings housing different facilities. Below are some of the main buildings on each campus:

Palm Bay Campus

  1. Library/Science building
  2. General Titus C. hall center
  3. Mechanical building
  4. EFSC/CF joint-use classroom building
  5. Former ropes course center
  6. Sports field
  7. Criminal justice driving pad
  8. Palm bay aquatic center

Melbourne Campus Address and Map

  1. Bookstore
  2. Auditorium
  3. Campus administration
  4. Gymnasium (Titan field house)
  5. Science building
  6. Betty B. parish student center
  7. Public safety institute
  8. Facilities services
  9. Locker room
  10. Softball complex
  11. Batting cages
  12. Student union conference center
  13. Health science institute building
  14. Tennis building
  15. Soccer and tennis locker rooms

Titusville Campus

  1. Occupational building
  2. John Henry Jones gymnatorium
  3. Maintenance building
  4. Student center
  5. Book store
  6. Brevard adult education center
  7. Frank Elbert Wiliams learning resource and administration center

Cocoa Campus

  1. Assessment center and security office
  2. Bernard Simpkins fine arts center
  3. Book store
  4. Irene H. Burnett science building
  5. Br Mary Cathryne park classroom building
  6. Rodney S. Ketcham business center classrooms associate provost office
  7. Clark Maxwell, Jr. lifelong learning center- joint use UCF and EFSC classrooms, child development center.
  8. Vocational building college wild printing and graphics
  9. Health sciences career center
  10. J. Bruce Wilson gymnasium/ YMCA family center
  11. EFSC Astronaut memorial planetarium and observatory
  12. Storage building
  13. STEM Annex building
  14. Central receiving/ mailroom
  15. Foundation House
  16. Veterinary technology building
  17. District maintenance building
  18. Grounds maintenance room
  19. Industrial center building

How Many Students Come in Per Year?

Eastern Florida State College’s acceptance rate is around 3,500 students annually. This number of students may sometimes differ due to several factors. In most cases, this total number of students usually increases gradually. The school has a low tuition fee which is a factor that attracts many people.

This veterinary college also accepts students from other parts of the world. The fact that students can come in from other regions outside the United States also increases the number of students enrolling annually.

Other students also have chances of enrolling in Eastern Florida State College. In most cases, the new students who enroll are usually from other institutions. Because of the transferring students, the number of students coming in increases with every admission.

Admission Criteria for U.S Students

Eastern Florida State College’s application process is relatively easy. Students that have American citizenship may join the college with the following requirements:

  • Fill in the application form and make an official submission to the admission office.
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee when submitting the application form.
  • Submit all the high school transcripts. You may submit your official GED scores if you do not have high school transcripts.
  • Sit for a placement test if needed. The placement test only comes in on special scenarios. You may not need to take it. The test comes in when you meet some of the educational background requirements.
  • You also need to complete a development course of any kind.
  • You must bring documents proving that you graduated from an accredited high school. A document from another institution of the same level is also acceptable.

Some applicants may have only some of the above requirements. There is another way to get in for American students who still need to meet the requirements. There may still be some eligibility to join Eastern Florida College to study vet medicine through the college’s discretionary admissions policy.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

There are several requirements to be in place for students outside the U.S. to join Eastern Florida College to study vet medicine. These requirements include:

  • Official identification of the individual residential country.
  • Documents from the high school or institution of the same level as the individual’s country.
  • Finish any kind of development course.
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee.
  • Sit for a placement test if necessary.

Educational Opportunities

Several veterinary programs are going with Eastern Florida State College’s schedule. Eastern Florida State College online classes and physical are in place to make the educational opportunities successful. Some of the leading veterinary programs that this institution offers include:

  1. Veterinary Assisting CCC
  2. Veterinary Nursing
  3. Veterinary Practice Management

Veterinary Assisting CCC

Eastern Florida State College offers a one-year veterinary assisting CCC program. This program can be full-time or part-time, depending on an individual’s availability. The veterinary assisting program lines itself with the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA).

All students in this program get to complete a unique task-oriented curriculum. This special curriculum focuses on all the skills that a veterinary assistant needs. These skills, in turn, are very beneficial on the field after the Eastern Florida State College graduation.

The veterinary technicians’ faculty looks out for all the activities taking place. This action assures any Eastern Florida State College notable alumni acquired all they need to acquire in the veterinary clinical practice field. This move ensures all students of achieving the best in veterinary assisting.

The students who complete this program successfully usually benefit a lot. For instance, these students typically get the upper hand when applying for other courses in the veterinary field. One of the easy courses to enroll in after completing veterinary assisting CCC is veterinary nursing A.S.

Veterinary Nursing

The Eastern Florida State College offers a veterinary nursing program that lasts for two years. In recent years, this program was veterinary technology. This program includes a curriculum with all the relevant general education. Veterinary nursing courses are available in this program, and they come in to prepare graduates for work.

In two years, students complete a program in general academic studies. The general academic studies include clinical practice. The EFSC faculty in the veterinary clinical facility oversees all the clinical practice proceedings.

The availability of the EFCS during clinical practice assures the students of achieving the best. Before getting official admission to this program, every student must complete the general education courses. As a student, you need a lot of commitment to attend all the general education classes.

During Fall, the veterinary nursing program usually begins. The annual application deadline is 15th April. The veterinary nursing program may also include an assisting package. This program is on a certificate level.

You may take the veterinary assisting program as an inclusive package in the nursing program or take it individually. The nursing program does not cover a large section of the veterinary assisting package. Taking the veterinary assisting package as an individual course may be more beneficial.

Veterinary Practice Management

As a veterinary student at Eastern Florida State College, you can study the business side of veterinary medicine. The veterinary practice management advanced technical training (ATC) comes in to make the veterinary management and business study a success.

You may take this course virtually since it is primarily available via the internet. The Eastern Florida State College online classes cover various sections, such as finance, accounting, and personnel management. Other areas you get to cover run across planning and budgeting, together with legal requirements.

To enroll in this program, you must follow the EFSC’s general admissions process. Students with an associate of science degree in veterinary technology are eligible to apply for this program. Students with an associate degree in veterinary nursing from an accredited institution can also apply for the program.

The students applying for this program need to have a strong business background. You may also get the upper hand during the selection process if you have a good science background. Other requirements for joining the program include the following:

  1. Completion of 48 hours of education in management.
  2. At least four letters of recommendation.
  3. You must also be an active employee in the managerial field for at least three years.

Other Educational Opportunities

The Eastern Florida State College offers several other educational opportunities. Internships and externships are the leading additional opportunities in the institution.


The internship office works well when selecting interns with bachelor’s degrees, certificates, and associate in science degrees. Remember that there may also be a special internship assessment test throughout the semester. To get a selection for the internship program, you need to follow several steps.

Below are the main steps to take for student internships:

  1. Assess your eligibility.
  2. Review your student checklist for the internship by meeting with your academic advisor.
  3. Present a complete student internship inquiry form and register for the internship course,
  4. Bring in a complete resume of up to two pages. The resume should include a list of three potential internship sites and a cover letter.
  5. Present all the needed pre-interview forms from an internship website.
  6. Come with the post-internship forms after completing all the hours at the internship website.


Eastern Florida State College offers an externship program to its students and those from other institutions. The externship program at this institution is the best way to get the best experience in veterinary medicine. The eligible students for this program must have completed at least one semester in their field of study.

This externship program offers the students a perfect chance to work and learn other things. Some of the most important things that you may learn from this externship program include:

  • Skill development and additional knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine.
  • Gain valuable experience working in the veterinary medicine field.
  • Earn additional college credits.
  • Work and associate with professionals in the field of veterinary medicine.
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What Else Do They Offer Other Than Education?

Apart from education, Eastern Florida State College has a hospital. The hospital works as a place where students learn the practicals and serve the nearby community. This hospital is fully modern, hosting the state of the art technologies. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations fully accredited this facility.

The Eastern Florida State College Hospital offers several services, including surgery and emergency care. This hospital focuses on providing quality due to professional and caring staff availability.


Below are some of the main departments that Eastern Florida State College hosts:

  1. Maintenance Department
  2. Department of Performing and Visual Arts
  3. Safety Department
  4. Cosmetology Department
  5. Department of Defense
  6. Theater Department
  7. The Facilities Department
  8. Information and Technologies Department

What is There to Do in Cocoa, Florida?

There are several things to do and places to visit while taking your veterinary medicine study at Eastern Florida College. Below are some of the most fun places to take a tour to while staying in Cocoa, Florida:

Cocoa Beach Dolphin Tours on the Banana River

Enjoy 2 hours around the beautiful Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands behind Cocoa Beach. A chain of several mangrove islands surrounds this area bringing life to different wild animals. While taking your veterinary studies at Eastern Florida State College, this location is the perfect place to visit.

This destination is the perfect place to enjoy while you learn more about nature and some animals. Professional eco-tour guides are always available to help you spot the animals such as dolphins and rare bird species. The tour is also friendly for people with disabilities and infants.

This tour can only take place when there is good weather due to some reasons concerning safety. In bad weather, bookings may get concealed. The management can set new dates for the trip in case of bad weather. You may get a refund if you want to avoid going after the cancelation.

Two-Hour Boat Tour of the Indian River Lagoon

A two-hour boat ride around the stunning Banana river is undoubtedly thrilling. This location hosts several attractions, such as dolphins and other interesting animals. This place is unique since it’s a natural habitat for many creatures. While exploring the Indian River Lagoon, you learn many things while enjoying nature.

You may make bookings before the tour or get your ticket on the visiting date. Private tour guides are also available to make your journey simple. You may book private tour guides during your booking either online or physically. You may also take the tour by yourself and explore the natural ecosystem without the help of a guide.

The tour around this place can only take place in groups. For every trip, there have to be at least six people. The whole trip lasts for around two hours when there is good weather. USCG life jackets are always available to guarantee the safety of every tourist.

For people with disabilities, this destination is friendly since the surfaces are wheelchair accessible. The tour around this destination always requires perfect weather. Management may cancel the trip for later dates in storms or snow. You may also get a full refund. This tour needs at least groups of six people to take place.

If you wish to cancel your booking, you may get your refund in full. Cancellations must occur at least 24 hours before the official tour dates. If you cancel your trip much later, you may get no refund or half the amount.

Thousand Island Mangrove Tunnel, Manatee and Dolphin Kayak Tour /Cocoa Kayaking

This guided kayak tour proves to be one of the best activities to take part in while taking your veterinary medicine studies at Eastern Florida State College. This tour gives you a perfect chance to see and learn about different animals and their natural habitat. The most exciting animals here include dolphins, manatees, and sea birds.

A trip around this destination is always better with a tour guide. You may book virtually with your phone or computer before the traveling date. The whole trip takes around two hours or more. The number of hours depends on the number of stops you make during the tour.

This tour needs around ten people per group. Kayaks and life jackets always come with the package. Wheelchairs are also accessible, making the trip favorable for people with disabilities. If you wish to cancel your booking, make sure you do it 24 hours before the traveling date to get a full refund. Remember that the trip is not safe for pregnant women.

Mangrove Tunnels, Manatee and Dolphin Sunset Kayak Tour With Fin Expeditions

This touring destination hosts several attractions, including beautiful mangrove tunnels and some waterways. This destination hosts the most beautiful waterways and tunnels in Florida. The beauty of nature around this place makes it the ultimate place for visiting while around the city.

Some of the most beautiful scenery around this place usually appears before sunset. The organizers of the trip usually schedule the journey for the evening hours. When you take the trip before sunset, you can see breathtaking views. A paddle through the mangroves as the sun goes down is truly a feeling to remember.

As you paddle, you see different animals in their natural habitat. Some of the most common animals here are manatees and dolphins. When planning to visit this destination, it is best to make sure you go with a guide. You may also go with anyone who already has experience with the place so that you learn more.

You may make your reservations virtually on your phone or at the gate. This trip takes a total of two hours or more. Life jackets and comfortable high-back seats and paddles usually come for free with the package. People with heart conditions and other serious illnesses should not take on this adventure.

Bioluminescent Comb Jelly LED Nightlife Tour With Cocoa Kayaking

This place proves to be the perfect destination for Eastern Florida State College students who love nightlife. You may go kayaking straight after dark with a small group of individuals. To get the best experience, using a paddleboard or kayak with LED lights is best. You may also use a kayak with a clear bottom to see the perfect creatures below.

Some of the leading animals in sight may be plankton and jellyfish. During the dark, these animals are usually glowing. The glow from plankton and the jellyfish brings the tourists a special scene and feel. You may enjoy these views only during specific seasons. Planktons and jellyfish do not appear all around the year.

This whole trip lasts for around one hour or more. It is best to make your bookings online via phone if you want to take on this tour. Online reservations always save you from the pressure of getting your ticket at the gate when the tour is almost beginning. The package also offers complimentary bottled water and a paddleboard.

This trip is friendly to people with disabilities since wheelchairs are accessible. Strollers are also easily accessible, and infants may also come on board. Any infant on board must remain under adult supervision during the trip. The management does not advise pregnant women and people with chronic illnesses like heart problems to take this trip.

Wildlife Refuge Manatee Dolphin and Mangrove Kayak or Paddle Boarding Tour

This touring destination hosts some of the best calm waterways in the city. Many wild animals are also in this place, guaranteeing visitors the best scenes in Florida. With a paddleboard or a kayak, you have the chance to explore the Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian river and enjoy the best that they have to offer.

The mangrove forests are also in sight, creating a beautiful view in addition to the wild animals around. Some wild animals around this place include manatees, dolphins, and birds of different species. This tour needs a maximum of ten people for every trip. The whole tour lasts for around two hours.

With the payment package, you also get a kayak, dry bags, paddles, and a life jacket for the trip. It is essential to make your bookings virtually and then make a call to reserve your kayak. Instead of a call, you may also write an email for further reservations. It is important to bring sunscreen lotion and a hat for yourself.

A bug spray and a towel are also crucial for this trip. Wheelchairs and strollers are accessible, making this trip favorable to people with disabilities. If you bring in an infant, you must always ensure they are always on your lap.

Like most other touring destinations, this place is unsuitable for people with heart issues. Pregnant women and people with other special medical conditions should also not get on board. In case of cancellations, it is best to do them a day before the trip. Making cancellations on time makes you eligible to get full returns.

Guided Kayak Tour With Manatee and Dolphin Sightings

Cocoa beach is the perfect place to kayak while enjoying the surrounding wildlife at the same time. You can select between a tandem kayak or a single variation at this destination. While enjoying the kayak, you also have the chance to see several bird species around.

Dolphins and manatees are some of the animals around to make your tour fun. With this trip, guiding aids always come in handy, especially for first-timers. The management provides safety life jackets with the package. This trip takes a maximum of two hours and needs around 40 people per group.

You may also enjoy photography at the scenes of your choice. The package includes free photo sessions, which the tour guide provides to the clients who want. Drinking water and snacks also come with the payment that you make. This destination is unsafe for people with disabilities since the surfaces are not wheelchair friendly.

Half-day (4 hours) Polaris Slingshot Rental for Two

This tour is among the most exciting and fun around the city. Local guides are available to make your experience more super. The fun you get on this tour is not something you will forget anytime soon. This trip takes around four hours, and there is no age limit for any Eastern Florida College student who wishes to participate.

You may only make your booking via phone since there is no physical booking. The payment that you make assures you of some commodities of the journey. Some commodities you get for the trip include eye protection, a vehicle, and a protective helmet. A refundable security deposit is not refundable.

People with physical disabilities may participate in this tour since it is wheelchair friendly. The tour may only take place in the presence of good weather. When the weather is not friendly, the management may cancel the trip. In case of cancellations, the management usually makes refunds. Instead of refunds, the management may plan better dates.

Paddle Board or Kayak Eco Dolphin Manatee Tour

A two-hour trip to the Banana River Aquatic Preserve assures you one of the best experiences. With a paddle board or kayak, you can enjoy the scenery and wild animals. Enjoy the sight of the dolphins and other water creatures before winding up your two-hour journey.

Instructors also come on board to make the tour simple, especially for first-timers. The paddling experience level of an individual does not matter. Most of the waters are still, thus providing a safe environment. This trip needs a maximum of ten people for every group. The whole adventure lasts for about two hours.

Several photo sessions come for free with the package. A local tour guide also comes to help those with less experience around the destination. Some drinks and food also come in as refreshments throughout the adventure. Wheelchairs are accessible, making this tour favorable for the physically disabled.

Private Surf Lessons

This tour is one of the most thrilling for Eastern Florida College students who surf. For surfing beginners, you have the perfect chance to learn to surf while enjoying the great natural ecosystem. Instructors with a lot of experience are always around to ensure you learn the best skills from the best.

This private surfing lesson takes around two hours or more sometimes. A full money-back guarantee is always available when you are unhappy with the experience. This package comes with a free surfboard for the whole lesson and tour. The instructors also come with the package. You don’t have to add any additional costs for the instructors.

This tour and experience are not safe for people with physical disabilities. The main reason people with physical challenges cannot access it is that wheelchairs are not accessible. The experience is also a little more extreme, needing people with strong physiques.

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The Word’s Out!

Taking a veterinary study course at Eastern Florida State College is truly exciting. Several departments are available to make the learning process straightforward. Several activities are also available in town to improve the out-of-class experience.

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