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All About the Carrington College Logo

The logo of Carrington college consists of only individual words, slogans, or simple faces of geometry; these are not good copyright elements alone because they are not original enough, and that is why the logo is in the public domain. Additional intellectual property laws like trademarks or design patents may protect the logo.

Is Carrington College a Trade School?

Carrington College is a trade school because it is an undergraduate institution that offers a range of certificate and degree course programs to students, including those who decide to work in the trade. It prepares the students to work in the medical field, dental, criminal justice, and veterinary programs.

The students also can study an online Carrington college program in their subject through the Carrington online campus or decide to look at one of the seven campus locations across the country.

University Students

Carrington College Cost and Other Info


The Carrington college headquarters is in Sacramento, California, with 16 locations throughout the Western United States. It is a network of for-profit private colleges. It was established in 1967 and offered training in the dental, medical, veterinary, criminal justice, and industrial fields.

How Many Students Carrington College Accepts per Year

Carrington College has a student enrollment of around 5,200 annually.

The following are some of the numbers of students that are accepted on different Carrington college campuses each year:

  • In Carrington College, California, Stokton is a small institution with an enrollment of around 332 undergraduate students; admission is somewhat competitive; the Carrington college acceptance rate for this particular campus is 68%.
  • The Carrington college-mesa institution located in Messa accepts around 599 students.
  • The Carrington College-Phoenix North, located in Arizona, is not a big institution, it enrolls around 986 undergraduate students, and the acceptance rate is 100%.
  • Carrington college-Pleasant Hill is also a tiny institution; it enrolls around 325 students, and its acceptance rate is 81%.
  • The Carrington college -San Jose is not a big institution, but it enrolls around 578 undergraduates, and its acceptance rate is 93%
  • Carrington college-Spokane has a around 360  enrollment of full-time students.
  • Carrington college-Albuquerque is an institution that is private and for-profit and has an enrollment of around 351 students. 

Admission Criteria for U.S students

In Carrington college, the applicants must have a high school diploma or alternative;  some programs have additional requirements, including the Wonderlic SLE admissions test, interview process, written statement, background check, age restrictions, and drug screening.

Admission Criteria for Foreign  Students

At Carrington college, finding a representative is the best way to know about the criteria for admission. It has a team in the student finance department who will assist you in finding ways to make education cheaper. The team will help you step by step through the financial aid process, and you will be able to know the Carrington college requirements in detail.

When getting ready to go to college, the cost is one of the essential parts to think about and how much you will be able to spend. That is why Carrington college developed a Net Price Calculator, which provides estimates for things like the cost of attending a Carrington college program and the amount of federal aid you need. 

The cost of attending will differ from student to student and based on your situation. You can visit the nearest finance office site or call the Carrington college phone number (877) 344-3316 to speak with the Student Finance Advisor for the most up-to-date cost of attendance information before enrollment to determine the eligibility for their financial help.

Obtaining a higher education and financing the education can seem like two enormous jobs. According to the U.S Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, while some students might be able to pay for college independently,79% of the first-time, full-time students at 2-year postsecondary institutions received financial aid.

Financial help for students comprises federal and private loans to students state/local, institutional grants and government, and personal and student loans.

This student financial aid comes to inform of:

  • Loans: is the money given to cover educational costs that students pay back with interest.
  • Grants: These are non-repayable funds typically given out based on financial need.
  • Scholarships: These are unpayable educational and financial aid gifts but have different requirements outside the financial need.

Many organizations and institutions, including the federal or state governments, private banks, and private organizations, can provide grants, loans, and scholarships.

This guide will assist you in understanding how to pay for college and what types of financial aid you may qualify for, including:

  • Federal loans
  • Carrington-sponsored loans and scholarships
  • Federal grants
  • The federal work-study program
  • Veteran benefits
  • State-specific financial aid
  • Private loans
  • Private scholarships

The Federal Student Aid

The three types of federal financial aid are; loans, grants, and federal work-study.

These sorts of aid are available to students:

  1. If they did register as a student pursuing a certificate or a degree
  2. Either eligible non-citizens or U.S. students
  3. Who make satisfactory academic progress when they are almost completing their programs.
  4. Students who aren’t in arrears on any Federal Perkins/NDSL, Federal Direct, Federal Stafford/FFEL, Federal SLS, Income Contingent Loan.
  5. Do not owe any returns on any Federal Pell Grants, FSEOGs, Academic Competitiveness Grants, or National SMART Grants that you may have received at any college.
  6. Who achieved a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification.

All students are encouraged to pursue post-secondary education through federal student funding. There is no income to cut off to qualify for federal student aid. Your family size and your school are only two of the many considerations.

The Department of Education has granted Carrington eligibility to take part in the following programs:

  1. Federal direct student loan
  2. Federal pell grant
  3. Federal parent loan for undergraduate students
  4. Federal supplemental educational opportunity grant
  5. The federal work-study program

The Federal Grants

Carrington is a college that is qualified to receive federal pell grants as well as federal supplemental educational opportunity grants, as determined by the department of education.

The Federal Pell Grant

Federal pell grants assist undergraduate students without a bachelor’s degree in paying for their post-secondary education. Assignments depend on financial need, and they don’t pay later if the recipient enrolls in classes for the whole term. These awards offer a base of financial aid for many students.

For the award year 2021-2022, the top grant amount is $6,495. The actual amount of the grant depends on your expected family contribution, which you discover on the cost of the attendance, the number of credit hours you enroll in, and federal pell grant rules.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity (FSEOG)

Undergraduate students who qualify for the Federal Pell Grant and exhibit exceptional need are given additional funding through the federal supplemental educational opportunity. According to the national need analysis technique, the lowest expected family contribution is a particular need. Students should apply as soon as possible because the FSEOG monies are limited.

Depending on your financial need, the time you apply, the amount of the other aid you receive, and the availability of funds, you may receive anywhere from $100 to $600 a year. There is no need to refund this cash.

The Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate

These federal parent loans for undergraduates enable parents to borrow money for the college expenses of their dependents. Although there is no accessible subsidy, these loans function similarly to direct loans.

The Federal Work-Study Program

Students who prove their need for financial assistance can use the federal work-study program to find part-time jobs through part-time education-related or community service employment and money to help pay for their education costs.

Students who work at Carrington for local charity organizations or for-profit corporations make at least the current minimum wage per hour.

Carrington College can assist qualified students in finding employment, but some limitations exist. Unlike conventional sources of income, they don’t consider Federal work-study earnings when determining the estimated family contribution for the following year.

The Federal Direct Student Loans

Students can use federal direct student loans to help them pay for college. Different sums are distributed depending on the student’s dependent status and financial need.

Students who can prove their financial needs may qualify for a  loan. Because they financially support the loan, interest will not be there while a student is enrolled at least half-time, for the six months following graduation, or while the loan is in deferment.

No matter their financial situation, all students are eligible for a federal unsubsidized loan. This loan will accrue interest.

The minimum monthly payment will change depending on the total amount borrowed. 

The Veteran Benefits for Students

For military personnel, the U.S. Department of veteran affairs offers the Carrington college tuition benefits to their spouses and children. Please contact the Financial Aid office at your neighborhood campus if you think you qualify for veterans Administration (VA) benefits.

Through the VA’s WEAMS institution search tool, you can learn more about the Carrington programs that have received funding from the VA.

Students who believe they are eligible for veteran’s education benefits should inform their Carrington Enrollment Advisor/Representative and financial services advisor as early as possible.

The Private Student Loans

There are a few things to consider when selecting a private student loan provider. The first thing is to gather a wide range of lenders such as banks, credit unions, and online resources.

Be sure to consider costs, interest rates, the period of payback,  and potential pausing choices.

If you want a better interest rate or repayment plan, you might need to apply for private student loans with a co-signer.


Scholarships could be available regardless of financial needs, unlike grants. Local organizations may provide scholarships, interest, and associate groups related to your level of study.

The Carrington High School Scholarship

The Carrington High school Scholarship, worth around $1,000 toward tuition, is available to graduating seniors or those who completed high school during the most rented academic year.

The following requirements must be satisfied by scholarship applicants:

  1.  Should meet or satisfy Carrington college requirements for admissions to start classes by December 31.
  2. They should provide transcripts from high school showing a 2.0 GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Keep your CGPA at 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale to remain eligible.

Along with submitting the following before the specified deadline:

  • A completed scholarship application.
  • Two recommendation letters.
  • An essay of about 50 to 150 words of why the student is interested in a career in the chosen field

Scholarships from Carrington college will be applied directly to tuition costs, and their value cannot exceed those costs. If a student’s tuition costs are less than the amount scheduled for a scholarship grant, they reduce the amount to cover the difference.

The scholarship award will be the same percentage of tuition earned following the college’s return policy in the case of an early withdrawal. The deadline for the scholarship application and supporting documentation are September 30, the graduating year.


Educational Opportunities

Carrington college programs prepare students to work in different facilities. They offer medical and dental programs. Keep on reading to learn about the various opportunities in this field which include the following:

  1. Medical Assisting; this program prepares the student to work in hospitals or clinics.
  2. Surgical Technology; this program runs for 15 months, prepares students to be surgical technologists, and they work under the supervision of doctors and nurses in hospitals and surgical centers to ensure the operating room is ready for surgery.
  3. Respiratory Therapist Education; this program takes 19monhs to complete. It prepares students to take good care of patients who have acute or chronic diseases like pneumonia or asthma.
  4. Dental Assisting; this program teaches students in every area of working with a dentist, including patient care, laboratory duties, and office.
  5. Associate Degree in Nursing; this program at Carrington college trains the graduates to assist people faster in a fast-paced, high-impact surroundings. It takes up to two years to complete this program.
  6. Pharmacy Technology; in this program, the students get an introduction to the physiology and anatomy of the nervous system. The pharmacy technicians fill prescription medication and give it to health professionals or customers.
  7. Vocational Nursing or Practical Nursing; this program trains the graduates to work in an entry-level career. It takes 12 months to complete a certificate.
  8. Dental Hygiene; this program trains the students to work with dentists in offering dental treatments and good health practices. It only takes two years to complete the dental degree course.
  9. Physical Therapy Technology: It takes as few as nine months to complete a certificate course in this field. This course trains students to perform many tasks that keep the office running smoothly, like cleaning treatment areas, arranging the equipment for appointments, washing linens, and performing clerical duties.
  10. Health Studies Online; this kind of program in Carrington college provides opportunities for students to build on before education to earn the educational credential usually required for advancement.
  11. Physical Therapy Assistant; this program takes 19 months to complete a degree. It prepares the student with skills to help the patient regain their movement and manage pain from injuries or illness.
  12. Massage Therapy; this program trains the students for entry-employment as massage therapists; it takes nine months to complete a certificate course on this course.
  13. Phlebotomy Technician; a certificate on this course takes up to three months. This course prepares practitioners to determine a patient’s underlying condition accurately.
  14. Medical Administrative Assistant; this course prepares the graduates to work well and run medical clinics well. To achieve a certificate in this program takes nine months.
  15. Nursing Bridge/LVN to ADN; completing a degree course will only take eight months. This course is for vocational nurses who have a license to continue further education and gain an associate degree in their career in nursing.
  16. Medical Administrative Assistant Online; this program takes up to nine months to complete a certificate. The course prepares the students to work and help the medical facilities well.
  17. Medical Radiography; this program trains students with essential skills to use diagnostic-level radiation and instrumentation to make human body images medically.
  18. Medical Billing and Coding Online; this course takes nine months to complete for a certificate. It prepares students with skills to work as medical secretaries in medical and dental offices.
  19. Medical Billing; the program trains the students to keep track of patient procedures and the billing records to ensure they get the payment if it takes up to nine months to complete this course.

Other Educational Opportunities (Externships and Internships)

At Carrington college, most students learn in the “real world” while on their training (clinical rotation for some programs). Whatever label they get plays a crucial role in their education.

The emphasis of the education students receive at Carrington college is the development of practical, real-world skills. Allowing you to practice your professional skills on actual patients and clients is crucial. After months of instruction and laboratory work, it gives people more confidence.

Carrington college also has internship programs for students to get a chance to do things practically, which lasts for three months or more. Internships take long than externships which last for six weeks.

Departments, Centers, and Institutes

The following is a list of Carrington college centers and institutes:

  1. Washington (Spokane Campus, Spokane, WA)
  2. Oregon (Portland Campus, Portland)
  3. Nevada (Las Vegas Campus, Las Vegas, NV, and Reno Campus)
  4. Arizona (Tucson Campus, Phoenix Campus, Mesa Campus, Glendale Learning Center Campus)
  5. Idaho (Boise Campus)
  6. California (Citrus Heights Campus, Ontario Campus, Pleasant Hill Campus, Sacramento Campus, San Jose Campus, San Leandro Campus, Stockton Campus)
  7. New Mexico (Albuquerque Campus) 

Some of the departments in Carrington college include veterinary, Trade and industrial, medical and dental.

Career Services

Carrington College has a career services staff on each campus who works with every student on job search strategies, interviewing tactics, resume writing or preparation, and market orientation. The services are available to current students and graduates.

Career services engage with local employers to help you obtain an entry-level position when you graduate because they are devoted to assisting you in achieving your professional goals from the first day of class.

The career team can assist you whether you just finished high school or are changing careers in the middle of your job. Regardless of the industry you are interested in, after acquiring the required abilities, Carrington college might be able to set you up with a nearby employer for an interview.

Student Disability and Accommodation

To foster an atmosphere that is free from harassment, discrimination, or retaliation based on disability, Carrington college encourages students with disabilities to speak openly with the institution about the discrimination,

Students with disabilities can utilize Carrington programs, activities, and facilities. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and all the relevant federal, state, and local laws prohibiting discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities, Carrington college will make reasonable accommodations for talented individuals with documented disabilities.

Carrington College will conduct an individual assessment in response to each request to see if it can meet student needs in the program of their choice. Carrington college makes no assumptions about any individual’s disabilities or abilities.

Hidden Gems in Pleasant Hill

Pleasant hill is a small city with a social community full of great places to get outdoors for students, locals, or anyone stopping by. Keep reading to explore more places and things to do when visiting these incredible places.

All Day White Water Rafting

There is so much excitement with water rafting in the east bay area. Water rafting is incredible because before starting this unforgettable thrill trip, be sure to have the equipment. While ill can, enjoy the spectacular view of the high trees in the countryside before the excitement begins.

Before you schedule your tour, inquire about the company’s requirements for ages, heights, and other factors. When you plan for a white water raft all day, be ready to have a wet, wild blast.

ATG Escape Rooms, Online & in Person

Try an adventure with ATG Escape Rooms, which are appropriate for all skill levels and families. They have a variety of natural, live escape rooms available at their site close to Concord.

However, they are happy to offer various online experiences if lousy weather interfered with your plans, which should keep the youngsters and gamers amused.

I Heart Studio

If you are in town, you can explore making art by checking out the afternoon summer camps. A heart studio is equally enjoyable for parents, teenagers, and kids. The center, which bills itself as “a creative environment for discovery, joy, and community,” provides on-site and online art lessons for students of all ages.

Lesher Center for the Arts

The Lesher Center for the Arts has served the community on this site for more than 30 years, and it’s just minutes from Pleasant Hill in the downtown arts district of Walnut Creek. Make sure to get there early so you can have plenty of time to find your seats and settle in.

Check out their website’s selections, showtimes, and tickets if you plan a future trip. The institution also provides backstage tours and other fascinating perspectives of life in the performing arts.

Local Musicians and Your Favorite Headliners, Love Performing in These Local Venues

“The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers.” Roy Ayers coined this statement, and it is true.

If you are a music lover and you enjoy it, you will find a fantastic selection of live music at Pleasant Hill or the East Bay region where they are.

When you stay in Pleasant Hill, be sure to have a look at some of these intriguing sights and sounds.

Open Space & Views at Dinosaur Hill Park

You need to relax even on a trip full of activities, and you occasionally need to unwind and take in the wide-open landscapes—ideal for the entire family, even the dog. Make sure to bring your cameras and photographers to capture the breathtaking environment.

The views and tranquility! You may find a location in Lafayette, California. Take a stroll around Dinosaur Hill Park, sometimes known as “Dinosaur Hill Park, and don’t hesitate to pack a picnic. It is essential for pack visitors to understand that Dino Hill is a hiking and walking attraction.

Children might be disappointed to hear that there are no dinosaurs because they do not have a regular playground. However, that does not imply that your children should not go dino hunting on the hills.

Red Door Escape Room

At the Red Door Escape Room, you can experience the heart-pounding rush you get from your favorite thrills, ghost stories, or other adventures nearby.

It is entertaining for people of all ability levels to choose from their experience-level escape adventures and plot their escape. While visiting Pleasant hill, put a Red Door Escape Room experience on your list of must-see attractions. Check your schedule ahead of time because the area residents and visitors are both fans.

See’s Candies.

Since 1921, See’s Candies has been a treasure in California. After satisfying your sweet hunger, soothe your teeth, and don’t forget to take some home. In Pleasant Hill, See’s Candies have two locations to satisfy your chocolate and sweet tooth desires. 

See’s Candies has contributed to the culinary history of California since 1921. They sell their exquisite confections in boxes or by the piece. You might not have a sea’s proximity if you travel to them from the East Coast. Don’t forget to get a box to bring home.

USS Hornet Museum: Sea, Air, & Space

This museum is a priceless piece of American military, naval, and space history. The museum’s purpose is to teach visitors about “history, science, technology, and service” through its collections, exhibitions, and programming. While in Pleasant Hill, this could be an excellent addition to your time.

Not only for NASA enthusiasts and WWII history buffs but also for students interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) classes.

Those visiting should check the museum’s website for updated information on hours, activities, and docent-led tours.

Student reading book

In Conclusion

With all the information from this article, you can conclude that Carrington college empowers students to achieve their goals, find success, and make inspiring contributions to the community. If you want to be a part of them, you can contact the institution, and after you are enrolled, don’t forget to use the Carrington college student portal to access the institution’s programs.

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