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Hillsborough Community College’s Address

One of Florida’s most recent community schools, Hillsborough Community College, established in 1968, has five campuses for the college spread out across the region. Brandon, Dale Mabry, Plant City, Ybor City, and South Shore are among the locations. 

On the grounds of MacDill Air Force Base are additional educational facilities. The administrative and corporate offices are near Tampa’s central business district, on Davis Islands. Read on to understand more about the college.

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Hillsborough Community College Hours and More


You’ll find the public community college named Hillsborough Community College in Hillsborough County, Florida. It is a component of the state college system in Florida. Hillsborough Community College has five core campuses and three satellite locations. 

The Institute for Corporate and Continuing Education is adjacent to the Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson district administration center on Davis Islands. This college serves the greater Tampa Bay area. In addition, the College’s Dale Mabry location is home to the Hawks Landing Student Apartment Complex and the HCC Tennis Complex.

How Many Students are Accepted Per Year?

Hillsborough University is a public institution found in Tampa, Florida. It is a school of moderate size, with 8,903 first-year students making up its undergraduate student body. The Hillsborough Community College acceptance rate, is hundred percent. After applying, there is a significant likelihood that you will get admission to the program of your choice.

Admission Criteria for U.S. Students (Who Can Apply)

Are you ecstatic that the next step in your professional journey is finally here? You can look through the more than 200 academic options and transfer pathways. HCC provides on their page that lists their degrees and certificates. After deciding which path you want to take, proceed with the steps explained below:

Determine Residency

Students considered to be in-state residents of Florida are eligible for a discount on their tuition under the Florida Resident Discount Program. Students shall gain admission to the university under the assumption that they are not from 

Florida until they provide paperwork to demonstrate Florida residency. Visit their page on residency to learn more about the kinds of evidence you can present to demonstrate that you are a resident of Florida.

Apply Online

Complete the application that you can find online. Before you start, you must ensure that you have selected the program you want to apply for and read over the residence criteria.

Set Up Your HCC Login

After you have sent in your application, you will receive an email advising you of the subsequent steps you need to take, including information on how to create your HCC Login. You will need your HCC login information to access HCC’s online services, such as the MyHCC Portal. 

You can check your Hawkmail inbox and register for classes through this portal. You can find instructions with step-by-step diagrams on the page for managing student I.D.s and accounts.

Sign Up for Orientation

You must finish the group orientation they provide if this is your first time attending college.

Submit Transcripts and Determine Placement

You must submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended and your high school. For instructions on how to contribute, please visit their transcripts page. Your reading, writing, and you can find math placement levels in three methods. They will determine which solution is ideal for you with the aid of your advisor.

  • SAT or ACT scores
  • A placement exam for college
  • Transcripts
  • All college transcripts are necessary for students who have taken college-level writing, arithmetic, and reading courses.
  • Official high school transcripts are necessary for Florida high school graduates who meet the requirements for an exemption.

Paying for College

To examine your alternatives for paying tuition: 

  1. Visit their Paying for College website. 
  2. Fill out the FAFSA to request financial aid. 
  3. Use the Hillsborough Community College school code 007870 without fail.

Connect With an Advisor

To create your academic plan, meet with an academic advisor. Plan to bring copies of your high school transcript and placement test results (if you took them) to your meeting with your adviser if you haven’t already.

Finally, check out the Hillsborough Community College class schedule and apply for classes once the procedure is complete.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

You can use the following process when applying for international students:

  • Complete the application for international students.
  • Make the non-refundable application fee payment.

The $50 international student application fee is a one-time, non-refundable cost. Select from the available payment options:


  • Credit card
  • Worldwide wire transfer

By mail

  • Cashier’s check
  • Cashier’s or certified checks

Here is the Hillsborough Community College address:

Hillsborough Community College

Center for International Education, DSSC #322/324

4001 W Tampa Bay Blvd.

Tampa, FL 33614


  • Make a credit card payment in person at the campus bursar’s office (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express).
  • Pay in cash to the campus bursar.

Prove Financial Support

  • Submit a complete financial declaration signed by your sponsor and is part of the application.
  • Submit a recent bank letter or financial paperwork. The sponsor’s name must appear on this English-language document and institutional letterhead. It must demonstrate that a year of education at HCC costs at least $21,210
  • Students from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Sweden, Norway, etc., who have government sponsorships or grants/loans must submit final, formal financial assurances by the program start date of the term they intend to participate in.

Acceptable Proof of Sufficient Funds

  • Letters of official awarding from the institution sponsoring you (for example, Financial Guarantees from an Embassy).
  • Bank statements printed on the institution’s official letterhead.
  • Letters from the bank signed by an authorized bank representative.
  • All documents must be in English and demonstrate that at least the minimum needed amount ($21,210.00) paid in U.S. dollars. It is unacceptable to submit letters that state a range as nebulous as “funds in the five-figure range,” for example.
  • Acceptable financial sources
  • Savings or checking accounts
  • Certificates of deposits
  • Accounts in money markets
  • Additional readily tradable assets

Submit Your Academic Transcripts

To be eligible for admission to an associate degree program at HCC, you must submit documentation that you have the equivalent of one of the following:

  • High school equivalency certificate 
  • Associate or higher degree
  • Standard high school diploma
  • Prove English Proficiency

Applicants to the college who have an F-1 visa but whose native language is not English and whose country of citizenship is not on the list of countries exempt from the English proficiency requirement need to demonstrate a sufficient level of ability in the English language. 

HCC does not provide international students in the F-1 visa program instruction in English as a Second Language. The college does not provide conditional admittance to students who do not fulfill its English proficiency criteria. For admission purposes, you should show that you are proficient in English. 

As soon as they enroll at HCC, first-year students must demonstrate their proficiency in English and mathematics by taking the college placement test unless they are exempt from this requirement. 

Before enrolling in courses at the college level, students may require to complete preparatory coursework, the credits for which may or may not count toward the student’s degree, based on the placement test results. 

Only students who can provide evidence that they have completed ENC 1101 or have qualifying SAT or ACT scores will be exempt from taking the placement test. You should contact the College Board (SAT) or the ACT, depending on which test you took, and request that your official scores be available to the Center for International Education immediately. 

Note that diplomas, certificates, and test results must have a date that is no more than two years old from the date you want the term to begin. HCC may still require an applicant to take an English proficiency exam (i.e., TOEFL or IELTS) and submit test scores for admission consideration if they have been away from the country for more than two years.

Submit a Copy of Your Valid Passport

You must submit a copy of your passport page containing your biographical information for all F-1 students. The expiration date on a passport must be at least six months into the future. In addition, F-1 students who are transferring from another school in the United States must provide the following documentation:

  • A copy of your F-1 visa
  • A copy of your current Form I-20
  • HCC Transfer Recommendation and Release Form, completed by your current International Student Advisor at the transfer-out school.

Submit Proof of Health Insurance

Before enrolling in classes at HCC, all overseas F-1 students must provide evidence that they have health insurance. They must do this after gaining acceptance into the program and by the date specified on their I-20. You can enroll in the health insurance plan that the college endorses by going to the insurance for student’s website.

College study group

Educational Opportunities 

To understand the programs under different departments, attend the Hillsborough Community College orientation. Here are the programs on offer:

Veterinary Technology AS

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has granted full accreditation to the hands-on training program that leads to the Associate of Science (AS) degree in Veterinary Technology. You can finish this program in either two years or five consecutive terms. 

You can find jobs as a veterinary technician in various settings, including private offices, humane organizations, specialist veterinary care, zoo and wildlife medicine, agriculture, and biomedical research.

Graduates of the veterinary technology program at HCC can continue their education and earn a Bachelor of Science degree in the field by enrolling in the online program at St. Petersburg College (SPC), which has an articulation agreement with the HCC curriculum. You have to apply to HCC before you may apply to this program. 

You can apply to HCC at any time; however, the window of opportunity to apply to the veterinary technology program is only open from January 1 through May 17.

Nursing – Bachelor of Science

The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN) Program at Hillsborough Community College offers registered nurses with an associate degree in nursing from an institution with regional accreditation the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree through an online format. 

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree is for registered nurses already working in the field and are ready to work collaboratively with professionals from other medical specialties to improve patient outcomes and overall community health. 

The curriculum emphasizes the healthcare requirements of a wide variety of demographic subgroups, the promotion of health and the mitigation of health risks in local communities, ethical and legal concerns, evidence-based practice, and management and leadership. 

Participants in the nursing education program will create a strong foundation that will prepare them to advance in their nursing careers or to pursue graduate nursing education.

Nursing AS

The profession of nursing is both demanding and rewarding. Because of the nurse shortage around the country, excellent job possibilities are available. Their nursing AS degree program has Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) accreditation, which takes four semesters to complete. 

Upon completion, students qualify to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). This page contains information regarding ACEN as well as completion rates. To complete this degree, you will need to complete an additional application in the health sciences. Visit their website for more information about their admissions process.

Accounting Technology Financial Option AS

The proliferation of globalization and the introduction of new regulatory procedures have increased the demand for accounting professionals in various commercial, government, and nonprofit institutions. 

Your education in accounting technology will prepare you for a career as an accountant or accounting paraprofessional in jobs requiring analysis, evaluation, theory, and design. The training emphasizes fundamental accounting tasks and abilities applicable across various business specializations, such as finance, company law, and general business themes.

Engineering Technology AS

The Associate of Science in Engineering Technology degree allows you to receive specialized instruction on cutting-edge machinery, which assists in developing skills necessary for a career in sophisticated manufacturing. 

Get ready to acquire the Certified Production Technician (CPT) industry certification offered by the Manufacturing Competence Standards Council (MSSC) and move into a profession that requires a high level of skill and pays a high wage. 

This curriculum, derived from the most recent edition of the college catalog, intends to give prospective students an illustration of the types of classes required to earn this degree or certification. It is not for fulfilling any of the criteria for graduation in any way. For graduation information, students ought to speak with a counselor.

Biotechnology Laboratory Technology AS

The fascinating science of biotechnology utilizes living organisms and biological systems to make or modify products for specific use through:

  • DNA manipulation and analysis.
  • Expression and purification of proteins.
  • Cell and tissue culture techniques.
  • Enzyme and antibody assays.
  • Research design and laboratory safety.
  • Computer analyses of DNA & protein sequences (bioinformatics).

The Biotechnology Laboratory Technology program at HCC can prepare you for a rewarding hands-on career in biotechnology research, cell, and tissue culture, or biotechnology manufacturing if you have an interest in the sciences and a desire to position yourself at the cutting edge of emerging industries. 

If this describes you, then consider enrolling in this program. Students complete a program for two years and receive the knowledge and abilities necessary to function well in a high-tech laboratory setting. 

Thanks to the program’s versatility, students can concentrate their studies on engineering, environmental sciences, mathematics and science, information technology, or health sciences.

Students can participate in a biotechnology internship with local industry partners after completing their academic curriculum and independent research. 

In addition, we educate each student on the fundamental principles and norms of biomedicine and bioethics they can utilize in contemporary academic settings, research facilities, and businesses.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography AS

Sonography is a subfield of diagnostic imaging that specializes in producing images of the human body through the utilization of high-frequency sound waves. The abdomen-extended, obstetrics, and gynecology are the primary topics of this program. These medical professionals analyze these photos so that they can better diagnose patients.

You will require to take the national registry examination to become a certified sonographer who works under the direction of a physician if you earn an associate’s degree in diagnostic medical sonography (AS). Sonographers provide imaging services to patients. 

Those who complete this Associate of Science degree program at the University of North Florida are eligible for entry into the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree program there.


Students interested in transferring to a four-year university to complete a bachelor’s degree in sociology or a degree in a field closely connected to it are to enroll in the HCC Sociology Associate in Arts degree track. Sociology is the scientific study of human behavior as it relates to society. 

A wide variety of human interactions, such as marriage and family; crime and deviance, culture and social change; group processes and interactions having to do with class, race, and gender; diversity and globalization, social stratification and mobility; and social movements will undergo investigation by sociology associate students. 

Fostering the student’s capacity to investigate the broader connections between their own lives, public issues, and the structures of society is through the program’s instructional activities. 

Before students get admission into some university programs, prerequisite coursework is typically required. The student must make contact with the educational establishment to confirm transferability.

Other Educational Opportunities

The Hillsborough Community College Internship Program offers students the chance to gain practical experience working in various companies and expand their professional networks.

The candidate must:

  • Enrolled in a college program at the undergraduate or graduate level with authorized courses, or a recent grad
  • On a scale of 4.0, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.


  • Internships last six to twelve weeks.
  • The department and the intern’s schedule will determine the internship’s hours.
  • Jobs are all around Hillsborough County.

What Else Do They Offer Other Than Education

Dental Clinic

The education of those who are studying dental hygiene is the primary focus of this establishment, which is a classroom. Appointments typically last for three and a half hours, and it may take several appointments before administering full treatment. At the moment, they do not have any plans in place to deal with dental emergencies.


The departments at Hillsborough Community College include:

  • Veterinary technology
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Visual art and design
  • Social and behavioral science
  • Transportation
  • Performing arts
  • Office Administration
  • Math and science
  • Law public safety and security
  • Information technology
  • Humanities
  • Hospitality and Culinary
  • Health and medical
  • Environment
  • Counseling and human services
  • Architecture and building trades
  • Accounting and business

What is There to Do in Plant City?

Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World is an open-air museum that allows visitors to explore independently and features over 200 life-size dinosaurs in a natural setting. 

Dig for fossils in the fossil dig, unearth a replica of a life-size dinosaur skeleton from beneath the sand in the boneyard, take a guided tour of the exploration cave with a paleontologist, and test your knowledge of dinosaurs during the triviasaurus rex game show. You can find all of these activities at Dinosaur Adventure Park. 

Check out the newly opened Florida fossils museum, which features actual relics and mechanical dinosaurs. Explore the dino gem mine in search of genuine gemstones and minerals, then split open your geode using the geode cracker.

Edward Medard Regional Park

Between Brandon and Plant City in the eastern part of Hillsborough County, you’ll find the hidden gem Edward Medard Park. Along the Alafia River, the Park encompasses a total area of 1,284 acres (519.6 hectares) and provides some degree of flood protection via its dikes, control structures, and reservoirs. 

The District and Hillsborough County entered into an agreement in 1972 that resulted in the development of this land as one of Hillsborough County’s largest and most popular regional parks. Each year, more than 400,000 people visit the Park.

Metals and Nature

Over the past thirty years, their garden has welcomed guests to its two acres of mossy oak trees, where they can view various animals and handmade wrought iron and statuary. 

You may take a stroll by Boinky, the pig, have a conversation with the parrots, and watch the peacocks show off their plumage while their handcrafted iron designs and one-of-a-kind sculpture surrounds you. 

We manufacture custom and original designs for sale, and you can use them for decorating gates, furniture, and other items made of iron. People come here to unwind, paint, snap pictures, or have their lunch at one of the picnic tables. You are under no obligation to purchase; all you need to do is take in the beautiful fusion of art and nature. 

Feel free to make yourself at home in the garden, and if you require anything, including complimentary water and bug spray, ring the large bell located by the gazebo. We are open from 10 am to 4 pm on Wednesdays through Sundays and by appointment on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Brown’s Jewelers

Initially launched in 1986. You can trace the origins of Brown’s Jewelers back to family connections to a gold supplier. Russell, the proprietor, first became interested in jewels when he was 15 years old and has never looked back. He is now the owner of Brown’s Jewelers, the most prominent jewelry store in Plant City.

Let’s Roam Plant City

Let’s Roam is an adventure and tour company dedicated to assisting intrepid travelers in learning new things and making new connections. Let’s Roam promises unforgettable experiences at your fingertips through digitally guided scavenger hunt tours, scavenger hunts, virtual games, team-building exercises, and custom events.

Blackwater Creek Nature Preserve

Hillsborough County purchased the Blackwater Creek Nature Preserve between 1997 and 2003 using the Jan K. Platt Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program (ELAPP) and Florida Communities Trust. 

In this 2,200-acre (890.3 hectares) preserve, you can find some of the best examples of mesic pine Flatwoods, where long-leaf pine dominates, blackwater streams, hardwood hammocks, cypress domes, freshwater marshes, and wet prairies.

Silver Dollar Saloon

The silver dollars embedded in the bar, regarded as a good luck symbol, gave rise to the moniker of the Silver Dollar Saloon. The Silver Dollar Saloon, next to the Granite Lodge, welcomes guests for fun and games of all ages every night. Schedule a morning or afternoon at The Silver Dollar Saloon during your vacation. 

Challenge your buddies to a game of poker, darts, pool, or bowling. We’ll schedule a movie of your choice or a vintage Western screening in the cinema. Consider starting the fun sooner by playing a family game or going karaoke. Hosts will check guests in to direct the activities and accept refreshments orders.

Plant City Community Garden and Botanical Treasure Gardens

Through activities such as community gardening, education, and group activities, the gardens foster both individual development and neighborhood cohesion. And they are doing a fantastic job of it. Families can rent abundant space for the slightly elevated garden plots for approximately $35 for an entire year, including irrigation and high-quality soil. 

They have planted 13 gardens so far, and some of them are already yielding vegetables for them to take home. They are currently working on building three more to fulfill the demand, and they hope to add more soon. This got off the ground in 2012 when a group of four residents who shared a similar outlook with a commitment to seeing it through finally organized it. 

They started in a location made available by St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, on the corner of Baker and N. Carey Street. To get the garden started, they gathered materials to construct the soil for the flower beds and vegetable plots. After three years, St. Peter’s required that space accommodate its youth ministry’s growth. 

Therefore, in the fall of 2015, the two garden founders who were still alive decided to look for a new place to call home. They discovered the University of Florida Teaching Garden, closed for a year and left unattended without any maintenance or attention. As a result, a fresh chance presented itself. 

They have just come to the end of their first year, and they have a lease that extends for another three years. In 2016, they hosted 23 unique events, including workshops and days dedicated to volunteerism. They are working to restore the area’s beauty to function again as a botanical garden. 

Although they required some trimming, the trees, shrubs, and perennials were all still present. There is a greenhouse available for use in planting seeds and seedlings. The azaleas, a particularly pretty redbud, and a pipevine are now blooming in the Teaching Garden. 

Most of the Teaching Garden is in the shade, and there are multiple spots where visitors can sit and take it easy. The flower and vegetable gardens both receive direct sunlight. Some rose bushes in that area are astonishingly hardy and large. They made it through the entire year without needing any watering at all. Several different sections are currently adopted. 

The Native Plant section is under the Florida Native Society, which has expanded it. The gazebo that is in Lowe’s section already has paint. The butterfly section is currently under consideration for adoption by a different group. 

In the botanical garden, 15 spots are open for adoption. Participation is open to organizations, including corporations, community organizations, clubs, churches, schools, and governmental bodies. Even if you don’t live in Plant City, you are more than welcome to visit the Gardens whenever you find yourself in the neighborhood. 

You can find a door or gate close to the greenhouse. You can also assist in maintaining the gardens. Any amount donated helps them purchase things like soil, amendments, supplies, and material for garden beds. You can volunteer your time on the second Saturday of every month at nine in the morning. 

College life

A Final Word

Hillsborough Community College is one of the last Florida Community Colleges to come up. With an acceptance rate of one hundred percent. You are now in possession of all of the information that is necessary for you to enroll. 

Are you ready to launch your professional career? Get up and get your application started right now. Hillsborough Community College cost is affordable being a community college. Besides, you can try out for Hillsborough Community College scholarships. If you enroll in Hillsborough Community College, you will never regret your decision.

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