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Campus Life at City College Gainesville

City College Gainesville is a higher education institution that offers associate, bachelor’s, and diploma degrees in science in Florida and online. It has accreditation from the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.

They have a license from the Commission for Independent Education, a division of Nonpublic Career Education, and Independent Colleges and Universities. City College aims to prepare students for employment in particular career fields by educating and training them in their chosen majors. 

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Courses, Acceptance Rate, and More…


The address of City College Altamonte Springs is 177 Montgomery Road. There are over 12,000 square feet (10,405 square meters) of administrative and classroom space on campus, all of which are easily accessible to students with disabilities. 

Administrative offices, a library, and a computer lab are on the first floor. Classrooms and practical medical labs are on the second and third floors. The Gainesville Branch Campus is in its brand-new structure at 7001 NW 4th Boulevard in Gainesville, Florida 32607. The grounds are well landscaped, the campus is large, and it looks nice.

Alachua Archer, Cross Creek, Hawthorne, High Springs, La Crosse, Lake City, Melrose, Micanopy, Newberry, Ocala, Palatka, and Waldo are some nearby cities and towns the college serves outside of Gainesville, Florida.

The newest campus of City College, established in 2011, bears the name Hollywood campus. Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, two of the bigger cities in Broward County, are equally far apart from the university.

The Fountainbleau neighborhood is home to City College’s Miami Campus, situated at 9250 W. Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33174. The facility has a sizable, secure parking lot inside The Current building. To meet the needs of the students, the facility provides a variety of indoor and outdoor study spaces.

How Many Students are Accepted per Year?

Gainesville, Florida’s City College Gainesville is a private university. The enrollment consists of 123 undergraduate students, making it a small school. Given that City College Gainesville’s acceptance rate is 75%, admissions are a bit competitive. 

Popular majors include business, veterinary technician and assistant, and medical assistant. Alumni of City College Gainesville earn a starting salary of approximately $23,300, with a graduation rate of 18%.

Admission Criteria for US Students (Who Can Apply)

You can start a fulfilling career in healthcare by talking to the City College Admissions Department to help you choose the best option for your particular circumstances. Everyone who attends this institution, regardless of their level of education or work experience, will find something useful.

Their experienced admissions coordinators commit to addressing your inquiries and worries while making the application process straightforward and stress-free.

General Admissions Requirements

  • Before the orientation date, applicants must be at least 18 years old. 
  • Applicants must meet the Technical Standards for Admission required for each program.
  • They must be in good physical and mental health, free from any physical impairments that might make it impossible for them to perform their duties. 
  • Candidates must have graduated from an accredited high school or provide documentation of their GED/High School Equivalency Diploma. 
  • To determine whether an applicant meets the requirements to enroll in a particular program, they should contact the admissions department.

Entrance Examinations

Except for exempt applicants, all Associate Degree Program applicants must complete an entrance/placement test. Depending on the following, students may be exempt:

  • Possess at least an associate degree.
  • Have completed college-level algebra and English with a grade of C or higher.
  • ACT math and English score of 19 or higher SAT Math and English score of 500 or higher Associate of Science in Nursing Program – Students must take the Kaplan Admissions Test.
  • Applicants must submit documents after submitting the online application and paying a non-refundable application fee (if necessary). Candidates who must take the Entrance Exam in its entirety or part will do so. You must supply the required documents before the scheduled interview date.
  • You must email all paperwork to the on-campus Admissions Department or submitted to the application portal/Orbund (recommended). 
  • Within 72 hours of application submission, applicants receive login details for the portal.
  • You should send only official transcripts directly to the admissions department using the mailing address. You can also email official transcripts to the campus-specific email address.
  • To speed up the exemption procedure, students seeking exemption from the entrance exam should upload their unofficial transcripts or supporting paperwork to their application site (if appropriate to the program/degree).

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

City College embraces international students and recognizes the variety of backgrounds they bring to their campuses. Respect for diversity and promoting global and intercultural learning is important to us. 

City College is an obvious choice for people wishing to further their education in the United States because it provides top-notch healthcare education and a customized approach from the beginning of the application process to the end.

Requirements for Admissions

Ideally, applicants start their applications at least three months before the day they plan to enroll. Overseas students applying for admission to City College must satisfy the following prerequisites before receiving an I-20 document:

  • Students must pay for books, additional fees, and tuition for one academic quarter.
  • Present a passport that is up to date.
  • Send a copy of any college transcripts for transfer review.
  • Send a bank statement and other financial records attesting that you have the money to pay for at least 12 months of living expenses, books, supplies, and tuition.
  • A letter from the sponsor confirming that the funds are available for you is necessary if a sponsor donates the funds. Each of the sponsor’s dependents requires an additional payment of around USD 3,000.
  • Give the student’s home country and the US your permanent address.
  • To SEVIS, You must file an I-901 form and the necessary payment.

International students must adhere to various intricate immigration laws and rules concerning their legal status. Students must understand the law and uphold it to keep their legal standing. It is not the duty of City College to ensure that students comply with the law. A list of immigration guidelines and specifications is available to students in the admissions office.

Educational Opportunities (Which Programs They Offer)

Veterinary Technology

Program Overview

The seven-quarter veterinary technology program at City College includes didactic lectures, labs, and practical clinical training to give students a well-rounded education in the field. The curriculum equips students with the skills necessary for fulfilling careers in veterinary medicine. 

During their 300 hours of externship at a nearby veterinary clinic, students engage in real-life clinical scenarios that aid with transitioning to the demands of a veterinary clinical environment. 

Learn how to take complete dental radiographs using equipment that is industry standard and participate in real-world anesthetic procedures to provide students with practical experience before entering the field.

Graduates of the Veterinary Technology program can find work in various veterinary settings, including animal shelters and rescue organizations, biomedical veterinary research, diagnostic and pathology lab support, sales of veterinary supplies and equipment, and even the care of exotic and wild animals in zoos.

Aspects of the Program
  • Access to an open lab and tutoring for all students.
  • Training in person with big, exotic, and domestic animals.
  • Programmatic accreditation by the AVMA.
  • Licensed technicians or veterinarians teaching the labs.
  • Free membership in organizations for professionals, such as the NAVTA, FVTA, and VSPN.
  • Before attempting or sitting for the VTNE exam, test preparation and skill review are necessary.
  • The externship begins in the fourth quarter.
  • Available financial aid for individuals who qualify.
Core Courses
  • Advanced Nursing
  • Animal Anatomy & Physiology 
  • Animals in Research & Exhibition
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Disease Problems in Companion Animals
  • Introduction to the Veterinary Profession
  • Laboratory Skills for Veterinary Technicians
  • Nursing
  • Office Management
  • Surgery and Anesthesia
  • Veterinary Dentistry
  • Veterinary Imaging Techniques
  • Veterinary Pharmacology

Surgical Technology

Program Overview

The City College Surgical Technology curriculum can prepare students for an intellectually demanding and professionally rewarding career in as short as seven quarters. 

The students receive all the training they require to confidently collaborate with surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and other surgical staff through the integration of lectures, “real-life” patient simulation, and 750 hours of clinical experience.

Students will learn crucial support in this program before, during, and after surgeries. The Associate of Science in Surgical Technology program at City College prepares students to apply to sit for the CST Exam and equips them with the knowledge and abilities required to play an essential role in life-saving teams.

Program Highlights
  • Small classes.
  • Hands-on clinical training.
  • Lab taught by Surgical Technologists.
  • Training with current industry standard equipment.
  • Real-life patient simulation.
  • Clinical rotations in the 5th quarter.
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify.
Core Courses
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Fundamentals of Surgical Technology
  • Microbiology
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Surgical Techniques

A surgical technologist offers crucial assistance before, during, and following operations. Preparing and sterilizing all surgical instruments, arranging surgical apparatus according to the surgeon’s preferences, gathering used tools, preparing the operating room for surgery, post-op bandaging, and keeping track of patients’ vital signs are among the fundamental tasks. 

The Associate of Science in Surgical Technology program at City College gives students the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in the demanding operating room environment.

Students can apply to sit for the Certified Surgical Technology exam (CST), which the NBSTSA offers by completing City College’s Associate of Science in Surgical Technology program. 

Following graduation and certification, graduates can look for work at hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, doctors’ offices, specialty surgery centers, and other employers specializing in specialized surgery.

Jobs for surgical technicians can grow by as much as 10% by 2031, which is faster than average growth for many medical fields. Surgical technologists are not just passing the scalpel; they are holding the instruments that could save a life. The operating room is always going to be full of unexpected challenges.

College students talking

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Program Overview

 The 22-month Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program at City College helps students develop their cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning areas.

Students who complete the program receive comprehensive instruction in sonography spanning all four modalities, including abdominal, gynecology/obstetrics, vascular, and cardiac sonography. The program incorporates lecture, lab, and clinical practice components.

Program Highlights
  • Small class size.
  • An individualized approach to student support.
  • Practical clinical experience Graduates qualified to qualify to take the ARRT Lab instructed by qualified sonographers.
  • Additional unscheduled lab times are available to all students.
  • Everyone has access to tutoring.
  • Starting in the third quarter, the externship.
  • Those who meet the requirements can receive financial aid.
Core Courses
  • Abdominal Sonography
  • Obstetric and Gynecologic Sonography
  • Vascular Sonography
  • Echocardiography
  • Ultrasound Physics
  • Small Parts Sonography

Diagnostic medical sonography is a type of medical imaging that creates 2D and 3D images of organs, tissues, and blood flow using non-ionizing ultrasound. 

Ultrasound technologists, or sonographers, employ sound waves to transmit clinical data across specific body areas to help doctors diagnose and treat patients. Obstetrics and gynecology, the abdomen, echocardiography, vascular, breast, and pediatric sonography are just a few of the many subspecialties in the field of sonography.

The field of work is technically difficult since sonographers must be patient-centered, possess critical thinking abilities, and show excellent decision-making skills when working with a medical team. By 2031, the sonography career field experienced 10% growth, much faster than the average for all other jobs.

What are the Duties of a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

A highly skilled expert known as a diagnostic medical sonographer utilizes specialized equipment to produce images (sonograms) of the human body.

The sonographer creates images by directing high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) across a particular human body area using a transducer (sonogram). These photos give the doctor detailed information to aid in making a diagnosis.

Other Educational Opportunities (Such as Externships and Internships)

An externship can help clarify things. According to a recent Forbes poll, 99 percent of people who chose to participate in an externship thought their future path was clear. As part of your allied health degree at City College, you can take advantage of all aspects of career preparation by starting an exciting externship. 

Externships are available through City College in many healthcare programs, such as Medical Assisting, Medical Office Administration, Emergency Medical Services, Anesthesia Technology, Surgical Technology, Cardiovascular Sonography, and more!

Advantages of an Internship

An externship has lots of advantages. Here are a few examples:

  • Valuable real-world work experience gained hands-on: You have undoubtedly devoted excessive time to learning about and honing your chosen profession in the classroom and a laboratory, but the reality usually differs. If you complete an externship, you can work with patients in a real clinical environment. As you impart your knowledge to your coworkers and patients, you will also gain insight into what it’s like to work with a supervisor.
  • Discover the workplace: There are many healthcare facilities where one can pursue a profession in healthcare. Working in a busy outpatient facility, a big hospital, a small doctor’s office, or a specialized clinic is possible. You will get placement in the center of these settings throughout your externship to give you a taste of the various facets of your chosen healthcare profession. This helps you determine where you want to work, which is quite advantageous. You’ll be able to decide whether a huge hospital setting or a smaller office group is more your style.
  • Mental preparation: Even if you have all the technical skills required for your chosen profession, getting the mental training you need to work in that industry is one of the most crucial benefits of an externship. Along with communication abilities and practical experience, you’ll gain the self-assurance you need to do your job well. Being able to walk into a job interview and get the job depends on having mental confidence, which also becomes a reflection. You’ll move up the corporate ladder thanks to your actions. You should always act professionally and with respect when dealing with your coworkers and patients. You’ll need to take your work seriously, present yourself professionally, and arrive on time as a team member. You can learn what professional conduct is ideal for employees in your future employment through an externship in a business setting.
  • Knowledge of skills: It’s time to put your abilities to the test in the real world during your externship. Your ability to perform in the real world depends on your technical skills. You’ll know what you need to do at your new employment and be able to put your talents to use in settings other than the classroom. Qualified specialists in your healthcare institution will continuously monitor and direct you.
  • Gaining knowledge from subject-matter authorities Externships in the healthcare industry is a terrific method to get valuable guidance from teachers and managers. As you work with more experienced people, you will freshly gain knowledge. Remember that during your externship, you will learn how a working, real-world healthcare facility operates. Additionally, you must understand the protocols you must adhere to. It’s crucial to communicate with your boss and coworkers. You should ask them how they got started, landed their first employment, and if they have any tips to share.
  • Additionally, you will receive advice on connecting with patients or interacting with your coworkers more effectively. In these situations, your managers typically provide detailed feedback on your performance and suggestions for improvement. Your externship is a fantastic chance to learn from those around you.
  • Career insight: Many people are certain of the career they want to pursue and stay committed to that goal even after completing an externship. However, for some people, participating in an on-the-job shadowing program may reveal that their desired career differs from what they had anticipated. An externship offers students a fantastic glimpse into their professional future.


  • Veterinary technology
  • Diagnostic medical sonography
  • Emergency medical services
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Nursing
  • Radiologic technology

Things to do in Gainesville, Florida

Miami Combo: City Tour, Biscayne Bay Cruise, and Everglades Airboat Ride


On this full-day guided city tour, visit the Florida Everglades as your escape and see Miami by bus and boat. This fascinating full-day combination package includes a coach tour of Miami’s downtown area and surrounding areas, a boat excursion through the Everglades, and a cruise across Biscayne Bay. 

View the Miami skyline bathed in sunlight, Miami Beach, and much more. After that, take a narrated airboat trip over the Florida Everglades’ distinctive ecology. Enjoy the beauty and keep an eye out for Florida’s diverse wildlife, particularly alligators.

  • Miami combo tour by bus, boat, and Everglades tour. 
  • Explore Miami’s highlights on a narrated coach tour.
  • Enjoy an exciting airboat ride through the lush Everglades National Park.
  • Spot and learn about wildlife, including alligators and turtles. 

What’s Included 

  • Three tours – for one low price.  
  • Miami City Tour + Biscayne Bay Boat Tour + Everglades Airboat Adventure. 
  • Hop on, hop off the Miami double-decker bus tour. 
  • Gratuities. 
  • Food and drinks. 

What to Expect 

Visit downtown Miami on a double-decker bus tour with narration. On this extensive bus excursion, cruise through crowded Ocean Drive, South Beach’s main street. Drive by the Versace Mansion, the Villa Casa Casuarina, the renowned Art Deco District, and much more. 

Take a break for lunch in Little Havana, Miami, to finish the tour’s morning segment. Head to Miami’s beachfront for a boat tour along picturesque Biscayne Bay in the early afternoon. 

View the Miami skyline, Fisher Island, Miami Beach, Port of Miami’s cargo and cruise ship areas, and much more. Watch out for the beautiful multi-million dollar seaside houses, high-rise hotels, and condos that line Miami Beach. 

Look for unusual marine species like manatees, dolphins, manta rays, and more. For a panoramic view, sit on the boat’s outer deck. You can also go downstairs to the covered, air-conditioned cabin. Soft drinks, beer, wine, cocktails, and nibbles are all on the boat.

Finally, it’s off to the Florida Everglades, one of the planet’s most stunning and distinctive locations, for a thrilling airboat journey. Take an airboat tour in Everglades National Park after a brief drive. 

The knowledgeable captain will share interesting trivia and teach you about the region’s subtropical nature as you glide across the grassy water. Keep an eye out for various species, such as alligators, fish, turtles, and wading birds in their native habitat, an exciting and undeveloped wilderness.

Miami Speedboat Sightseeing Tour 


On this speedboat excursion, explore the Miami shoreline in true Miami Vice fashion. As the speedboat drives down the sandy shoreline, you can observe the multi-million dollar and celebrity residences on Fisher Island and Star Island as you relax in your luxurious seat. 

There is a buzz in Miami Beach, where people flaunt their style in the sunshine, and tourists can take pictures of the Art Deco houses surrounding South Beach. Coastal speedboat tour of Miami View opulent million-dollar residences on Fisher Island and Star Island. 

Travel along South Beach’s coast, lined with Art Deco houses. Study Miami’s past and present using your captain Photo ops of Miami’s downtown skyline 

What’s Included 

All taxes, fees, and city surcharge Sightseeing speedboat tour Gratuities Souvenir photos (available to purchase). You can find them between the band stage and the Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel. Search for the race flag and yellow umbrella to find the check-in kiosk.

What to Expect 

To board your ship:

  1. Proceed to the Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami.
  2. As your captain navigates the boat past the US Coast Guard Station and Flagler Monument Island, settle into your plush, comfortable seat.
  3. Slow down to get a better look at the mansions on Star Island and the Venetian Islands. Your captain will reveal who resides where and how much the extravagant homes are worth.
  4. Expand your view to include Fisher Island and South Point Park, which has the highest per capita income in the nation.
  5. As you pass through the Government Cut, accelerate to your top speed before accelerating toward the vast Atlantic Ocean.
  6. Take a stroll down South Beach’s sandy beaches, which are in line with picture-perfect Art Deco homes.
  7. Get sweeping views of the downtown Miami skyline as you travel back to your starting point via Fisherman’s Channel.
  8. After your speedboat tour, head back to where you started.

3 to 4 hours Everglades Tour From Miami


Most of the time, they use this as an excuse to retreat to the Everglades wilderness. 3 to 4-hour journey for small groups from Miami. A narrated airboat ride through the distinctive ecology of the Florida Everglades is a part of this thrilling nature excursion.

Explore the area’s history and vegetation, take in the landscape, and search for Florida’s diverse wildlife, including alligators, crocodiles, birds, fish, rare snakes, and more. This tour’s 3 to 4-hour total duration begins with hotel pickup. 

From Miami, take a break in the Florida Everglades and View wildlife up close and in its natural habitat. Family-friendly entertainment Smaller groups are the norm for a more individualized experience. There are occasionally more departure times available during the day.

What’s Included 

  • All taxes Hotel pickup and drop-off (selected hotels only) 
  • Live commentary on board Gratuities 

What to Expect 

  • Everglades. 
  • An airboat Ride and a free alligator show are available. 
  • Possibility of optional photo with a baby alligator. 
  • The number of pick-ups and drops-off that they carry out determines how long the activity will last from beginning to end. 
  • The average duration is between three and five hours. When you take the bus, it can take up to 5 or 6 hours. It takes about 40 minutes to ride the airboat. The alligator show lasts for roughly 15 to 20 minutes. The alligator show and airboat ride are always in English. On the way to the park, the driver will assist and explain information about the everglades in a language other than English.
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Parting Thoughts

Would you like to study at Gainesville, FL, City College? You now have all the required information concerning admissions, programs offered, and much more. What are you waiting for? Join City College Gainesville today.

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