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Your Colorado Mountain College Application

Colorado Mountain College is a public university located in Glenwood Springs. The best part of studying here is that the tuition fees are extremely affordable! This college is committed to offering affordable, high-quality education to help you graduate with less student loan debt.

Joining this college is pretty easy. All you have to do is fill out an online application form. Today we will unravel this institution and all you need to know before joining. 

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Colorado Mountain College Acceptance Rate and More…


The environment that you study in matters! Most people always try to find a Colorado mountain college directory and location. CMC has over ten campuses in the Rocky Mountains where you can choose to study.

Mountain communities are full of friendly people driven by great ideas. They welcome everyone to join them for opportunities that go beyond the classroom. The inspiring locations and communities that provide real-world learning make it super ideal.

CMC has three residential and eight community campuses in nine Colorado counties. Therefore you can pick the one that’s best for you. The main campus where central administration & admissions take place in Glenwood Springs, 1402 Blake Avenue, CO 81601. Here are the locations of the other campuses:

  1. Colorado Mountain College in Leadville – 901 South Hwy 24. Leadville, CO 80461
  2. Colorado Mountain College in Vail Valley at Edwards – 150 Miller Ranch Road. Edwards, CO 81632
  3. Colorado Mountain College in Dillon – 333 Fiedler Avenue, PO Box 1414. Dillon, CO 80435
  4. Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs – 1275 Crawford Avenue. Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 
  5. Colorado Mountain College in Carbondale – 690 Colorado Avenue. Carbondale, CO 81623
  6. Colorado Mountain College in Spring Valley – 3000 County Road 114. Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
  7. Colorado Mountain College in Salida – 349 E 9th St. Salida, CO 81201 
  8. Colorado Mountain College in Rifle – 3695 Airport Road. Rifle, CO 81650
  9. Colorado Mountain College in Aspen – 0255 Sage Way. Aspen, CO 81611

Colorado Mountain College Acceptance Rate

Colorado Mountain College’s acceptance rate stands at 100%. This institution is smaller compared to other higher education institutions and enrolls only 1,422 undergraduate students per year. The CMC application has no deadline, meaning you can apply and join any time of the year. However, there are specific programs that do have an application deadline. 

Admission Criteria for US students

It is easy for US residents to get admitted to this college because it has open enrollment and accepts everyone regardless of test scores or GPA. Some courses are more competitive because they are popular and have more selective admission procedures. Such courses include nursing, professional photography, and veterinary technology.

You must take a placement test if you are pursuing a degree and have not completed SAT or CAT exams before enrollment. Colorado Mountain College enforces placement tests to understand which class best suits your abilities. You will not be required to take the TESTS IF:

  1. Suppose you have taken the ACT and achieved a reading score of 17 or higher, an English score of 18 or higher, and a math score of 23 or higher. It would mean you are at the college level for each subject. Colorado Mountain College accepts test scores below five years old. However, with some subjects, you may want to retest. (Like math).
  2. Suppose you have undertaken the SAT and achieved a math score of 500 or higher and an evidence-based reading and writing score of 470. You are at the college level for all these subjects. As with ACT, Colorado Mountain College accepts test scores below five years old.

Admission Criteria for International Students

Colorado Mountain College is home to many students from around the globe and Colorado. This institution is a wonderful place for international students to pursue higher education because Colorado Mountain College application is easy.

International students can apply to join this university twice a year. The Colorado Mountain College academic calendar allows international students to apply in the following months: May 1 for the fall semester (starts late August) and October 1 for the Spring semester (starts mid-January). International students do not have summer semester start term,

As an international student, your ability to study at CMC Glenwood springs depends on the opportunity to get an F-1 Student Visa in time. It is important to note that you will need to study a course offered fully in person and full-time. 

Note that CMC does not offer English language training. If English is not your first language, you may have to take various proficiency tests before securing a place in this college.

International students must also show that financing is available through self-pay or sponsorship. You must show that you have school-ready financing for the first year, approximately $35,262. 

Colorado Mountain College does not provide any financial assistance to international students. It is also crucial that you note that as a student with an F-1 visa, you are not allowed to get employed in the United States off-campus to meet your financial obligations. It would help if you also had a passport with more than six months of validity.

Colorado Mountain College Programs

The various faculty at Colorado Mountain College invest time and resources to ensure you succeed. So, when you graduate, you’ll have a real-world education, and you will be able to handle a real-world job. 

One of the best programs to study at CMC is Veterinary Technology Studies; this college has the best facilities for this course. This course is a two-year program. However, other students take up to three years due to other demands such as work and family.

People around the world recognize this institution for offering accredited Veterinary programs. CMC emphasizes experiential learning and on-the-job training. While studying here, you will work with various exotic, domestic, wild, and laboratory animals on a large farm facility with an original veterinary hospital classroom. 

Resident animals available on this farm include snakes, cats, horses, mice, dogs, vultures, turtles, and many more. The “Handling & Restraint” and “Animal Care” lessons will teach you how to handle and care for these animals.

As a vet student at CMC, you will gain At CMC, real-life experience handling small and large animals at the universities’ farm right on campus. The firm is 1052.183 (2600 acres) and includes a well-equipped veterinary hospital training center. Here are other  programs the university offers:

Bachelor’s Degrees

Colorado Mountain College offers bachelor’s degree programs which take four years to complete. This college offers the following degree programs: 

  1. Business
  2. Human Services
  3. Ecosystem Science & Stewardship
  4. Education
  5. Nursing and Sustainability
  6. Leadership & Management

Associate Degrees

Colorado Mountain College also offers undergraduate degrees for fresh secondary school students. While here, you can find the emphasis area of what you are passionate about or get a transferable degree. Associate degree programs last two years. Here are some associate degree courses you can pursue at colorado university:

  1. Accounting: Bookkeeper
  2. Action Sports Industry (AAS)
  3. Addiction Studies Emphasis (AA)
  4. English Literature Emphasis (AA)
  5. Environmental Science
  6. Geography Emphasis
  7. Health Science Emphasis (AA)
  8. Information Technology Specialist (AAS)
  9. Mathematics Emphasis (AS)
  10. Outdoor Recreation Leadership 


Certificates are often one-year programs, but sometimes it takes less time to complete them. Colorado Mountain College offers various certificate programs. These courses can help you get the specific skills and knowledge you need to move your career forward. Here are some certificate courses that you can pursue at CMC:

  1. Accounting: Bookkeeper
  2. Advanced Theater & Event Production Certificate
  3. Basic Culinary Skills
  4. Automotive Service Technology Certificates
  5. Basic Electrical Technician (COC)
  6. Basic Welding and Cutting Certificate
  7. Culinary Arts – Production Cook 
  8. Early Childhood Education: Assistant Teacher
  9. Education: Elementary Education Alternative Certification
  10. EMT: Rope Rescue Technician Certificate

Colorado Mountain College Internship Program

CMC is determined to provide students with beneficial real-world learning experiences. Internships are career-related work experiences that enable you to apply your academic skills and knowledge to real-world projects.

CMC offers an internship program that suits each student’s academic interests, skill levels, and needs. Here are some benefits of CMC Internship Programs:

  • Experience: Internship programs will enable you to get valuable real-world, hands-on work experience in your field.
  • Mentoring: During the internship, you will explore your craft by working with professionals in your field while being mentored by experienced CMC staff.
  • Network: Internship programs allow students to meet, connect and network with experienced practitioners in their field.

Colorado Mountain College Departments

Colorado Mountain College has various faculties and departments. 

Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs oversees all academic programs and academic services at Colorado Mountain College.

Admissions Office

Applying for admission to CMC college is the first step to realizing your educational goals. This department advises students on getting started, enrolling guidelines, and more about the programs offered.

CMC Board of Trustees

The Colorado Mountain College Board of Trustees has seven members elected by voters in the six counties that comprise the CMC District.

Board responsibilities include approving the college budget, employing and evaluating the president, and certifying the mill levy. The board members also work with the college president to form a strategic plan and monitor the institution’s progress. 

Colorado Mountain College Business Office

The business office is the accounting service center for faculty, staff, and students. This office deals with budgeting, requests for funds, and all budget-related items.

This office focuses on delivering effective and efficient financial services to the customers in support of the college’s mission of research, education, public service, and extension.

Department of Institutional Research

This department primarily focuses on facilitating the collection, analysis, and reporting of CMC institutional data. This data enables the different departments to make data-informed decisions, plans, and policies. 

This department advances the vision and mission of the institution by providing overall institutional effectiveness, evidence of accountability, and efficiency. They achieve this by collecting, analyzing, and distributing data to all users and for Federal and State entities.

Marketing & Media Relations department

This office manages the institution’s brand. It is in charge of communications, marketing, and media relations efforts focused on the college’s recruitment, reputation, and advancement.

The department supports all eleven campuses by creating streamlined communications strategies and platforms that individual campuses can use for their local community.

Risk Management Department

The risk management department coordinates the district-wide risk management, safety programs, and environmental health. This department provides risk management consultation and related resources to the institutions and campus communities.

The main goal of this department is to reduce the risk of loss to the institution by identifying, assessing, and recommending various risk management options. This department also implements various risk management strategies and monitors the solutions for effectiveness.

Information Technologies Department – the CMC Information Technologies Service Desk assists staff, students, and instructors with all technology-based questions. 

Colorado Mountain College Facilities

Colorado Mountain College has great modern facilities. Three campuses have residential facilities: Steamboat Springs, Leadville, and Spring Valley in Glenwood Springs. All first-year students must live on campus. Living on campus will assist you in becoming successful, both socially and academically. The hostels here are modern and clean, all with private bathrooms.

Colorado Mountain College has the best library! The institution has an online library where you can access thousands of materials. Here is a list of other study support facilities the university has:

  • Fireplace Room: This is one of the most popular places in CMC. The Fireplace Room is great for reading a good book, studying alone or in a group, or just catching your breath between busy classes!
  • Study Rooms: CMC has one room on the main floor and five others on the upper level of Quigley. You can reserve these rooms for group presentations or solo studies. 
  • Study Booths: The booths offer quiet, cozy places to work and take WebEx or Zoom classes and meetings. The university has only two booths, so you must book beforehand.

Besides the library and residential facilities, this institution has a well-equipped computer lab and IVS classroom. The computer lab is useful during English classes. When not in use, students are welcome to use the computers for research, studies, printing, and anything in between. 

The IVS classroom is a place for all classes to meet to narrow the gap between students across the campuses. Students can meet here and chat about academics, sports, and all other aspects of college life.

The other important facility that this university has is a hospital. The hospital is open to both students and the public and is open 24 hours every day. This hospital has good modern equipment and well-experienced staff. It is one of the best hospitals in Colorado.

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Things to Do in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs is at the center of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This little paradise is famous for its outdoor adventures and geothermal amenities. Glenwood Springs is home to unique attractions and is arguably one of the best destinations for Colorado hot springs.

Colorado’s Glenwood Springs sits at the meeting point of the Colorado and Fork rivers and is famous for its hot-spring amenities. While studying here, you’ll find lots of fun things to do, including Gold Medal fishing and snow sports. You will also enjoy rafting and miles of scenic biking and hiking trails.

Glenwood Springs Scavenger Hunt

Glenwood Springs scavenger hunt is perfect for visitors and residents alike. Unlike most western cities, which grew from mining or railroad industries, this city’s economy originated from tourism. People keep returning to this city because of its history, many outdoor recreation activities, and closeness to ski resorts.

The Glenwood Springs scavenger hunt is ideal for team-building events, team-building events, and families. While here, one of the places most common to tourists is the Glenwood Adventure Park tour.

You may drive through the legendary Glenwood Canyon on your way to the Adventure Park. This park has many activities and rides, making it suitable for groups and family adventures. The park is on the opposite side of a mountain cliff, so if you crave an adrenaline rush, you will love it here.

The Colorado River is one of the most famous spots for whitewater rafting. However, it can be a bit scary for people who have not tried extreme watersports before. You can take the stress away by taking a half-day rafting trip to Glenwood Canyon. The experienced guards lead the way down the river safely. They also provide all the necessary safety equipment. 

2-Hour ATV Experience

An ATV tour from Glenwood Springs allows you to have fun surrounded by scenic Rocky Mountain landscapes. After a short ATV class, you will start the thrilling adventure of driving through 2428.114 hectares (6,000 acres) of land. 

The ATV tour is an excellent mix of sightseeing, exploring, and adventure. Make sure you pause and take pictures of the roaring river, beautiful mountains, and colorful flowers. If you are lucky, you will also see the mountain’s local wildlife. So don’t forget your camera!

The ATV experience is perfect for first-timers and experienced alike. While here, you will always have a guide on hand, leading the way at a good pace for all riders. This trip has the option to ride a double ATV with two of your friends or a single ATV alone. Here’s important Information that you need to know about ATV tours in Glenwood Springs:

Safety Information

The ATV tour package includes basic safety equipment such as goggles and helmets (required). Please consult your doctor before participating in this activity if you have any questions about your limitations or prior conditions.

What to Wear

During the tour, you will ride on terrains such as light forest trails, gravel roads, mud puddles, climbing steep hills, and crossing shallow streams. We recommend that you dress in form-fitting athletic clothes, long pants, and a sweater. You may also carry rain gear just in case the weather changes.

Additional Information 

To drive an ATV here, you must be above 16 years old with an ID. Passengers must be above five years old. Adults must accompany riders under 18 years of age. 

Whitewater Rafting Trip

There is a wide range of rafting adventures to enjoy in Glenwood. These adventures are all found in multiple locations, making them more fun. There are various categories to pick from depending on your experience, from beginners to the biggest class V thrills. 

Whether you’re interested in a high adrenaline thrill, laid-back and scenic views, or just a couple hours on the water, you can enjoy this on a whitewater rafting trip. You can also get to combine all these activities if you want. 

One of the best places to enjoy this activity is the Creek Gold Rush whitewater rafting spot near Idaho Springs. This place will give you a unique introduction to the summer season in Colorado.

If you’re planning for an adventurous family trip, school event, work event, or scouting trip, the Clear Creek Gold Rush would be a perfect pick! 

During this trip, you will pack in eleven rapids as you splash and paddle your way down the famous Clear Creek mining valley. This rafting trip is a fun trip for everyone! The minimum age allowed is six years & the minimum weight is 50 pounds (22.68 kilograms). These brackets can accommodate almost everyone!

The other rafting available here is the Browns Canyon trip. Before the real trip begins, you will have a quick class for an hour or two. After the class, you will start gawking and paddling at the beautiful views through the national monument. 

You will pass through the granite cliffside high above the Arkansas River Valley during the trip. You will have too much fun rappelling down the rock and ascending crags. The incredible views will make you smile on your action-packed day of adventure.

Ski the Western Slope

Most travelers overlook Colorado during winter months. However, Glenwood Springs is a great destination to avoid the winter crowds while enjoying all the best seasonal pastimes. One of the activities you can enjoy while here is mountain skiing. 

There are over 67 crowd-less ski trails awaiting at Sunlight Mountain. This iconic place features 700 skiable acres and over 2,000 feet (609.6 meters) of vertical. Since 75% of the terrain is rated beginner or intermediate, this place is ideal for family adventures. Everyone will enjoy this activity. 

If you are a skiing expert, you can ride the steepest lift-served run in Colorado, called “The Heathen.” It is one of few double black runs at Sunlight and has a 52-degree slope. You will also enjoy tree skiing on some of Colorado’s top glades as an expert.

Hike to Hanging Lake 

Hanging Lake is a National Natural Landmark in Glenwood, Colorado. This lake is a result of a geologic fault that forced the lake bottom to angle from the valley floor above. Water flows into this lake over Bridal Veil Falls. No matter the season, you will enjoy the beauty of Hanging Lake. 

The hiking trail is rigorous, steep, and rocky but rewarding.

This place features gentle waterfalls and inspiring scenery! Winter brings snow-packed trails and also reduces the crowds. That’s a good thing for people who don’t like crowds since this site is normally a packed attraction. Since the trail is always icy during winter, you must prepare well. 

The trail to Hanging Lake has multiple switchbacks up a steep landscape. Kindly do not cut switchbacks, as that damages vegetation. Ensure you wear good hiking boots, a mini crampon, and a hiking pole. While here, stay off the frozen lake as it is dangerous. 

Remember to carry other winter essentials such as additional layers, gloves, a flashlight hat, a headlamp, water, and food. Animals are not allowed in the trails, so do not tag your pet along. 

Hanging Lake

Go Caving

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park has one of the largest cave systems in the USA. Although they have existed since 1950, these underground caverns were formerly inaccessible to the public except for a few experienced cavers. Guided cave tours are a great way to take a break after a long week of hard work. There are several cave tours to pick from:

Fairy Caves

The Fairy Cave Tour is a 40-minute walking tour that is good for many fitness levels. While on this tour, you will walk on a long underground stroll through small and winding passages. You will also find beautiful natural water features and the exclamation point—a big viewing balcony with glorious panoramas.

You will enjoy a trip through the historical Darrow Tunnel, which took over three years to build, starting in 1898. The highlights of this trip would be the spectacular Register Room with beautifully saturated colors created by interaction with hot springs waters.

King’s Row Cave Tour 

The King’s Row Tour will have you journey deep into the mountain on a lit boardwalk with handrails. This tour will take you to the most decorated cave room in Colorado! This tour lasts for 40 minutes and is suitable for most fitness levels.

During your tour here, you will enter through an airlock tunnel into an enormous cave room called ‘The Barn.’ From here, you will have a little stair-climbing workout. There are over 100 stairs, with spacious platforms for resting and viewing. The staircase leads to King’s row, after which you will climb back up. 

This tour is recommended for families with small children since the cave is spacious and has railings that prevent contact with cave formations. The highlight of your trip here will be the staged light show highlights which form breathtaking views! 

The Wild Tour

If you are looking for an authentic adventure, this is for you! This 2-hour tour takes you deep into Iron Mountain to hardly visited chambers. Be prepared for a crawling and exhilarating experience that you will never forget.

The caves here are quite narrow, and sometimes you will be forced to squeeze yourself to go in. However, your efforts will pay off with breathtaking views of inspiring cave formations that very few people get to see.


If you are looking for a great institution to kick start or progress your career, we highly recommend Colorado Mountain College. This institution has many campuses, all situated in serene environments where you can study with minimal disturbances.

The college offers degrees, associate degrees, and certificates in various fields. While here, The college admits both US residents and international students. If you are an international student, you may want to check the Colorado Mountain College schedule and requirements for international students. 

Colorado Mountain College has modern, well-equipped facilities such as classrooms, computer labs, hostels, a hospital, and so much more. While here, you will also get a chance to visit iconic tourist attraction sites in the USA. With all the above sites to tour, you will have a perfect balance between studying and having fun! Read our article and find out INFO On Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology.

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