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Pima Medical Institute Colorado Springs Reviews

Established in 2002, Pima College Colorado Springs campus is a private, employee-owned, accredited medical college. It is a small college that offers two associate degree programs, five certificate programs, and one short course.

If you’ve been thinking of pursuing a medical career in Colorado Springs, this article outlines everything you need to know about Pima Medical Institute. Keep reading to find out more.

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All the Information You’ll Ever Need


Pima Medical Institute Colorado Springs is at 5725 Mark Dabling Boulevard, Suite 150, Colorado Springs, CO 80919. It is next to I-25 at Mark Dabling Boulevard and Rockrimmon Boulevard. 

How Many Students are Accepted Per Year

Pima Medical – Colorado Springs is a small college with an enrollment of 463 undergraduate students. The college has an acceptance rate of 100%. It admits roughly 70 to 100 students annually. 

Admission Criteria for US Students 

Anyone living in the 52 states of the United States can apply for admission at Pima Medical Institute. As an applicant, you should know the requirements for admission, including the documentation required and the criteria Pima Medical Institute uses to choose new students.

The minimum requirement for application is a high school diploma or an equivalent in a recognized GED program. Before they may enroll in classes, applicants must present a high school transcript or evidence that they passed the GED exam.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

All educational institutions have the same admission standards for international students who desire to study there. Pima Colorado Springs is no different. Here’s how to get admission to this college if you are an international student:

International students are welcome at Pima Medical Institute; however, they must first meet the criteria listed below:

  1. Submit an online admissions application.
  2. Browse the catalog before choosing the curriculum of your choice.
  3. Give a copy of your passport and your I-20 visa.
  4. Provide details about your finances. This demonstrates that you have the resources to support yourself financially while studying abroad for at least a year. Proof that you can afford to pay for books, materials, and other educational costs is also required. The I-20 application contains the most current requirements.
  5. Present a recent, valid, and authorized bank statement. This proves you have enough money to last a whole year. Your sponsor can provide a formal bank report and a letter of endorsement if you are a sponsored student.
  6. Use a licensed testing center to take your English exam. Remember that each applicant must get a minimum score to get admission into the college.

Educational Opportunities 

Pima Institute Colorado Springs has been providing cutting-edge dental, medical, and veterinary labs and training to the greater Colorado Springs region. They take pride in the fact that most of their students are military personnel, and their families live in the neighborhood.

The campus offers both certificate and associate degree programs in various medical courses, including:

Dental Assistant

In this program, students get an opportunity to learn how to cooperate with a dental care team to provide an excellent patient experience and support all treatment phases, from dental to administrative responsibilities. The preparation of materials for impressions, taking X-rays, sterilizing equipment, and many other topics are under these courses.

Medical Assistant

Students in this course will develop their ability to collaborate closely with all medical team members, including doctors and nurses. Medical assistants serve as a point of contact between doctors and patients and carry out various clinical and administrative tasks.

Anatomy, common laboratory techniques, and regular patient care techniques fall under this course.

Health Care Administration Certificate

Students in this program will acquire the interpersonal and occupational competencies required for entry-level employment as a hospital administrative assistant. In addition to many other duties, courses will cover how to interact with triage appointments and medical insurance, aid with reporting, and execute billing and coding activities.

Pharmacy Technician

Students will learn how to prepare and administer drugs to patients in this curriculum. Other skills include preparing medication, compounding pharmaceuticals, engaging with professionals in the medical area, such as doctors and nurses, using automated dispensing technology, etc.

Also, you’ll gain more professional and clinical training that equips you for the daily tasks a pharmacy technician must perform.

Expanded Duties Dental Assistant

Expanded duties, techniques, procedures, and many applications fall under this course, which will qualify dental assistants for advanced work. The broadened set of abilities addressed includes classifying cavities, packing, carving, polishing amalgam restorations, inserting temporary fillings or ion crowns, and more.

Veterinary Technician

With the help of this program, you’ll be able to live out your desire to work with animals and pursue a career in the industry. Discover more about testing methods, surgical assistance, and animal behavior. 

This program offers a distinctive blended learning experience with both in-person and online training. Working in well-equipped animal hospitals will give you practical experience.

Medical Laboratory Technician

Students in this course will learn how to gather and examine bodily fluids and other substances using various tests that aid in detecting, preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases. Phlebotomy, hematology, chemistry, microbiology, immunohematology, and OSHA regulations are all included in the courses.

Veterinary Assistant

Students in this program will learn how to help veterinarians with various tasks, including surgical procedures, animal nursing, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory testing. Other skills include in-office operations, administration, and many other essential aspects of a veterinary assistant’s job.

Other Educational Opportunities 

Pima Medical Colorado offers other “out-of-class” educational opportunities such as:

Online Learning

The online section of Pima Medical Institute offers top-notch courses that are 100% online and flexible. You can balance work, education, and life thanks to this program.

You don’t gain less experience just because you’re taking classes online. Their flexible coursework uses projects to provide learning outcomes useful in the real world. Whether new to the healthcare industry or looking to advance your existing career, this online program will prepare you for the next step.

Clinical Externship

Completing clinical externships is a requirement for several of Pima’s on-campus programs. These are excellent learning opportunities, which is why the college incorporates them into its programs.

You’ll not only have the chance to improve your classroom abilities but also be able to learn more through interacting with real patients and healthcare professionals.

What Else Do They Offer Other Than Education

Academic Planning

The college has a team of experts to assist all of its students in making plans to prioritize their academic work. This is particularly significant for the college’s demographic of first-generation college students.

ADA Compliance

Pima Medical Colorado desires that its students prosper. For this reason, they teach them the procedure for requesting reasonable accommodations because we want them all to succeed.

Housing Resources

Although Pima Medical Institute Colorado Springs, CO, does not provide on-campus housing, they give students services to help them find the best accommodation around the campus.


When students need more academic help, the college team arranges for them to meet with a tutor on campus for special assistance at no extra fee.

Food Assistance

Pima Colorado Springs wants their students’ attention to learning, not how they will get their next meal. In addition to having a food pantry on campus, the college staff strives to connect students in need with local resources.

Mental Health Resources

Students at Pima College Colorado Springs can easily get assistance on issues concerning mental health. The collaboration between Pima Medical and AllOne Health enables students to access this program. They offer access to mental health counseling services and remote support via a mobile phone application.

Departments/ Centers/ Institutes

Financial Aid Programs

For students, financial aid comes in many different forms. If you meet the requirements, the college’s skilled professionals can guide you through the procedure. In compliance with federal laws, all Title IV financial aid money received at Pima’s accounts office goes to the student’s account (except for Federal Work Study).

Some financial aid programs include campus-based funding, general financial aid, federal direct student loan program, and scholarships.

Professional Development Department

This department is responsible for helping graduates find employment and advance their careers. It also supports students in their professional growth. 

A section of a devoted staff of career services experts has a toolset of materials to help undergraduates and recent graduates. They continue to support students long after graduation and throughout their professional lives. Tools consist of externship placement, professional development, and job placement assistance.

Alumni Network

After a student leaves Pima Colorado Springs, they join a network of alum students that keeps working with them. This network is important in providing career services and commitment to students that continues long after they graduate, covering everything from resume help to networking and job prospects.

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Fun Things to do in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, is well-known for its vibrant tourist attractions and untamed natural beauty. You’ll find plenty of activities for couples,  families, students, and lone travelers. Whether you enjoy drinking, dining, hiking, climbing, shopping, or bar hopping, there’s always something interesting for you.

You’ll be in awe of the beauty if you enjoy being outside. Zipline platforms in the treetops, canoe rentals on lakes, and roaring rivers are all present. There are also many indoor attractions, such as theaters, malls, performance halls, museums, and art galleries, if you prefer more air-conditioned entertainment.

Even indoor trampoline jumping and rock climbing are available! To cut a long story short, Colorado Springs should be on your bucket list of places to visit in the mountain states. It’s a fantastic location for any trip, including corporate retreats and honeymoons. Here are just a few incredible activities in Colorado Springs that will attest to that!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

It is the “highest” zoo in the United States and one of only two built inside mountains, rising more than 6,700 feet (2,042 meters) above sea level. It is a recognized non-profit organization committed to the conservation and preservation of wildlife, and it is home to thousands of animals, including numerous endangered species.

For you, the visitor, what does this mean? To begin with, you can observe several animals. Most are in themed habitats, including the African Rift Valley, the Asian Highlands, the Bear Grotto, the Monkey Pavilion, and the Reptile House. There is also a giraffe collection that is popular for its size!

The zoo’s expansive natural habitats, which use the mountain’s streams, rocks, cliffs, forests, and pastures, are another distinguishing feature. You’ll be equally awed by the sights as the animals, whether peeking into a cave to watch the bears or soaring high on a ski lift to admire the tigers below.

If you’re going to be in Colorado Springs, schedule some time to visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience such a delightful and distinctive zoo.

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, initially built during the Great Depression, has undergone numerous restorations throughout the years, making its modern structure a shining example of Spanish colonial architecture.

When you consider that a designer from New Mexico created the blueprints, this is rather appropriate. The fine arts center’s interior is just as magnificent as its exterior today. There are countless art pieces, from metallic art deco installations to glass chandeliers and watercolor paintings.

The center also has other creative areas like theaters, libraries, and music studios, which is another wonderful feature. If you’re looking for inexpensive things to do, this could be a method to fit several tourist attractions into a single-day trip since they are all included in the admission price.

This fine art center is a perfect option if you’re looking for something cultural to do in Colorado Springs. Right there in the word is the assurance of “high art”!

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

Think of touring Colorado Springs; you may want to attend the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. Its blocky, unfussy granite structure has the same bland appearance as the previous courthouse. Still, it also contains a tall, European-style clock tower that towers over everything below.

One can see the tower for kilometers surrounding the city at night when the lights inside it give a golden glow. The museum itself has interesting stuff to see. It is home to more than 60,000 items and artifacts, including a sizable Native American collection that includes artifacts from the Ute, Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes.

Additionally, several archives and libraries contain historical records from the 1800s. Even the private papers of General William Jackson Palmer, who founded Colorado Springs, are available for reading!

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is a must-visit for history lovers since it lives up to its moniker as a “pioneer” museum. This museum will enable you to see history in extraordinary ways because of its magnificent architectural design and treasure trove of writings and artifacts.

Florissant Fossil Beds

If you’re watching your budget, many free activities are available in Colorado Springs. If you’re visiting as a couple, several of these can serve as “date night” venues!

The Florissant Fossil Beds, a national outdoor monument near Colorado Springs, is one of these locations. It’s a fantastic place to go sightseeing any time, but at night the sky turns into a sparkling, starry canopy, making it even more amazing.

You won’t believe your eyes when you see how much more you can see when you leave the city and its light pollution! Tonight, visit the Florissant Fossil Beds for a little romance. Stargazing is romantic no matter the occasion, whether you’re going on your first date or celebrating your 60th anniversary; if you choose the appropriate place, it’s also cost-free.

Garden of the Gods Park

You’d anticipate this park to be stunning given its moniker, “Garden of the Gods,” and you’d be right. Beautiful rock formations, including towering cliffs and canyons made of white, pink, and red sandstone, and rugged mountain passes cover the area.

People visiting the park can engage in a variety of outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, climbing, riding horses, and going on an open-air Jeep tour are all must-do activities. The views will go on forever like the horizon.

You can also check out the visitor center’s Native American floral, fauna, and artifacts exhibitions to take a break from the exercise. Even a Geo-Trekker Theater is available to show you how to create these extraordinarily colored cliffs.

This park is one of Colorado Springs’ top attractions if you’re seeking the best things to do. What else could compete with such sublime sights?

Memorial Park

One of Colorado Springs’ major open spaces is Memorial Park. It’s one of the busiest as well. There are swimming pools, sporting courts, activity centers, pavilions, picnic spaces, skate parks, and a lake with boating in summer and winter ice skating.

The park also hosts many other special events all year long, such as Colorado’s annual hot air balloon festival! Most importantly, Memorial park Colorado is very affordable to all visitors. Most of its amenities are free, and a few others are low-cost. Some free programs include summer swim lessons in the facility’s outdoor and indoor pools.

Charged programs include renting a paddle and canoe to go boating. Are you looking for free activities to partake in while on vacation? Check out the magnificent Memorial Park. It’s only a short distance from the center of Colorado Springs and offers many inexpensive ways to have fun.

National Museum of World War II Aviation

Colorado Springs is proud of its aviation, as you would expect from an area home to the United States Air Force Academy. It is one of the best places to visit for aviation lovers.

There are regular flying airplanes overhead because of its closeness to the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport and Peterson Air Force Base. It also has various documents, artwork, antiques, and other items from World War II and other contemporary airborne events.

You can tour the galleries and exhibitions anytime as a visitor in your free time. You can also go inside the hangar where the planes get fixed and restored, but you’ll need to obtain a ticket in advance because that requires supervision.

Anyone interested in aviation history must visit the National Museum of World War II Aviation. Put the museum on your calendar whether you’re going to Colorado Springs this weekend or next year because you can reserve your tickets up to 365 days in advance!

Olympic Training Center

This institution, officially known as the “US Olympic and Paralympic Training Center,” is the focal point for all Americans with Olympic aspirations. There are several types of dorms, cafeterias, training facilities, and recreational places for its world-class residents, who number over 500 athletes and coaches.

You can’t just go onto the grounds and start shooting pictures because it’s a real location where people live and work. But tours happen every day, with varying levels of access to the complex, classified into “Bronze,” “Silver,” and “Gold” categories.

The Gold tour, for instance, includes lunch in the sports dining hall and an inside look at the pools, gyms, basketball courts, and weight rooms, in addition to taking you around the campus’ main attractions. You may also reserve an athlete-guided tour with a former or current Olympic medalist if you want to splash out! These trips are exclusive but depend on athletes’ schedules.

The Olympic Training Center is one of Colorado Springs’ most distinctive sights, but it’s also likely to be the most memorable. How many people honestly stated they were present when Michael Phelps utilized the pool?

Pikes Peak

When visiting Colorado Springs, you must view the Rocky Mountains. The best part is that Pikes Peak, the tallest summit along the front range, is easily accessible from Colorado Springs’ front yard, drawing visitors from all over the state to stroll, trek, and climb it.

Adventurers will enjoy the mountain’s lakes, woods, cliffs, and canyons, making it one of the most well-liked tourist locations. But you can be a strong hiker to enjoy Pikes Peak.

On and around the mountain, there are a variety of novelty attractions, including:

  • Pikes Peak Summit House – an eatery offering high-altitude doughnuts that you must consume immediately, or they will collapse into themselves.
  • Pikes Peak Cog Railway – the highest locomotive-carrying railroad in the United States. 
  • Pikes Peak Highway – a difficult but stunning road that sits at 14,115 feet (4,314 meters) and hosts several races throughout the year

Pikes Peak is among the best things to do in Colorado Springs, so a weekend trip there is worthwhile.

Sunrise on Pikes Peak

ProRodeo Hall of Fame

If you think of the rodeo, Colorado Springs might not be the first location that comes to mind.

Despite looks, it has a vibrant rodeo scene, and the ProRodeo Hall of Fame is one of its most popular tourist destinations.

The ProRodeo Hall of Fame is both a museum and a visitor’s center devoted to the history of rodeo in all its manifestations. Walking through its halls will enthrall you with exhibits on horses, cows, bull riders, steer ropers, rodeo clowns, and barrel racers, as well as exhibitions on notable individuals and renowned livestock.

The fact that the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association operates the museum and that all earnings support the official preservation and promotion of rodeo events is another appealing aspect of the institution.

The ProRodeo Hall of Fame is something that everybody can enjoy. For guests of all kinds, it’s one of the most entertaining things to do in Colorado Springs, so put on your spurs, get your lassos ready, and get ready to have a blast!

Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site

You can learn plenty of history without squeezing through silent museums. In reality, by going to places like the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site, you can make history a pleasurable and engaging experience for the whole family. 

You may be aware that the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site is a “living history” museum where four locations carefully replicate four different historical eras. There is a teepee for Native Americans of the 1770s and a log house for the European settlers of the 1860s. 

There is also a farmhouse for the residents from the 1880s and a mansion for the proprietors from the early 1900s.

Costumed actors roam the area in addition to the architecture and are accessible for pictures, stories, tours, and demonstrations. You can assist them in gathering hay for the barn or helping them distribute food for the hens while you watch them weld metal in the blacksmith shop.

It’s a wonderful chance to get your hands dirty and truly experience living in the early 20th century. Colorado Springs’ most interesting historical site is the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site. Try the living history version of a museum if you’re sick of dull, secretive ones.

Seven Falls

Colorado Springs’ top attractions are these stunning waterfalls, sometimes known as the “Broadmoor Seven Falls.” Seven of them, as their name would imply, cascaded from their rocky, steep peaks like a gorgeous image on a postcard.

The surroundings around the falls are incredibly attractive, giving clear skies, clean air, sunshine, and a variety of species; therefore, many people like to hike there. If you’re impatient to see the falls, there are steps to the mountain that leads there.

The elevator at the falls allows wheelchair access, another excellent feature. All kinds of visitors can take a break from the city and reconnect with nature. You will want to see Seven Falls if you’re seeking the most incredible spots to visit in Colorado Springs. Their 181 feet (55.16 meters) are impressive in every inch.

The United States Air Force Academy

Pilots and other prospective United States Air Force Academy (USAF) members complete their training at the academy north of Colorado Springs. You can explore many structures to understand more about the organization and aviation history in general, even though some aren’t accessible to tourists.

For example, did you know that the visitor center houses a 250-seat cinema where they play movies about the academy? You can also get tours of locations like the “Cadet Chapel” and the “Falcon Athletic Center” The hiking trails around the base can interest you if you enjoy being outside.

It might be one of the coolest locations in Colorado Springs for sightseeing because of the thick vegetation on the ground and the fighter aircraft flying overhead! If you’re seeking fun and slightly out-of-the-ordinary things to do in the West, consider visiting the United States Air Force Academy.

There is just one USAF academy worldwide, and Colorado Springs is the only place you can visit to view it.

Final Thoughts

Pima Colorado Springs is a great medical institute for anyone who intends to build a career in this field. This college offers flexible programs and schedules, including daytime and evening classes and distance learning. It offers certificate programs that students can finish in as short as nine months, while associate degrees require two years.

The education offered at Pima College Medical Institute Colorado Springs, CO, equips graduates to enter the workforce confidently. As a PIMA student, you will receive real-world experience and build the professional skills required for success in the workplace. Read our article and find out Badass Data on Pima Medical Institute – Chula Vista.

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