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Using the Student Portal at Rockford Career College

Rockford Career College is a two-year mid-level college in Rockford, Illinois. This school provides 13 programs that prepare students for 14 certifications, including the Illinois Teaching Certification, the Dental Assistant Certification (CDA), and the Paralegal Certificate.

The student portal at Rockford Career College provides an online gateway for students to access essential program information such as timetables, courses, exam schedules, transcripts, etc. Keep reading this article to find out more about Rockford Career College Illinois.

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Rockford Career College Reviews and More


Rockford Career College is a small educational institution located at 1130 South Alpine Road, Rockford, Illinois. This coed college is primarily a commuter campus situated in an urban area. It is between Forest City Church and Alpine Park.

Physical address: 1130 S Alpine Rd #100, Rockford, IL 61108.

How Many Students are Accepted Per Year?

Rockford Career College has a total enrollment of about 428 students with an acceptance rate of 100%. The college accepts about 125 students each year. 

Admission Criteria for US Students

At Rockford Career College, students’ success is of utmost importance. The college has a team of enrollment services staff that can assist you in finding a career that matches your skills and interests. Following your initial contact with our school, the enrollment team will walk you through the simple processes necessary to enroll, which are as follows:

  • You must secure copies of your past academic records, including those from your high school or GED, and any college courses you have.
  • An officer will guide you through the financial aid programs to find grants, loans, and scholarships to help you afford your education.
  • To ensure that you will be successful in the classes you choose, you must take a placement test.

The enrollment counselors will be there for you whenever you need them, both during the enrollment process and beyond.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

Unfortunately, Rockford Career College does not accept foreign/international students. 

Educational Opportunities

Both associate’s degree and diploma programs are available at Rockford Career College. The college’s curriculum includes degrees in animal sciences, medicine,  business, law, and skilled trades.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics approves all these courses as growth industries for the ensuing ten years. Also, to ensure that the college equips students with the most relevant skills, it collaborates with local employers to ascertain their needs.

One of the main courses offered at Rockford Career College is Animal Sciences. This course deals with the following:

Animal Welfare Administration – AAS

The Animal Welfare Administration provides the ideal job option for those who love animals. It is crucial for the welfare of all pets worldwide and for providing care for animals when owners or previous owners are unable to. The Animal Welfare Administration program addresses the following:

  • Understanding how animals adapt to their surroundings.
  • Evaluating animal welfare, spotting animal dangers, and reducing those risks.
  • Having a thorough awareness of pet behavior traits, animal ethics & law, and other aspects of animal care.
  • Providing pet owners with excellent customer service through excellent shelter management and client communications.
  • Improving the quality of life for the animals in your care.

Animal Welfare Business Administration

Animal Welfare Business Administration is a noble program and a professional path with many opportunities. In this profession, you’ll learn all the essentials of caring for animals in-depth and vital company management and development skills. Topics covered by animal welfare business administration include:

  • Studying in-depth how animals manage environmental conditions.
  • Training in staff management, team building, and animal administration.
  • Evaluating animal welfare, spotting animal dangers, and reducing those risks.
  • A deeper comprehension of the fundamentals of animal care, including pet behavior traits, health & nutrition, and animal ethics & law.
  • Offering pet owners customer care service by providing excellent shelter management and client communications.
  • Improving the quality of life for the animals in your care.

Veterinary Technician – AAS

This curriculum is a hybrid program that combines online learning with on-campus learning for practical components. For program details, safety instructions, and procedures, please get in touch with the school. The primary responsibility of a veterinary technician is:

  • To assist animals in dire situations. 
  • Providing essential support services for veterinarians and the personnel of animal hospitals is part of this practical career, also referred to as a “vet tech” or “veterinary assistant.”
  • Taking part in lab tests, sampling, and ensuring the equipment is ready to provide services.
  • Carry out physical examinations and x-rays before veterinary operations.
  • Directing and instructing staff in the fundamentals of animal care.
  • Providing pet owners with top-notch customer service.

Veterinary Assistant and Grooming (Diploma Program)

Caring for animals is a great and interesting career choice. The normal duties of a veterinary assistant and groomer include the following: 

  • Caring for and meeting the standard requirements of animals.
  • Preserving an area that is clean and secure for animals.
  • Knowing the terminologies used by veterinary specialists.
  • Proper handling and restraint of animals.
  • Supplying suitable animal feed.

One of the quickest routes into the veterinary field is as a veterinary assistant. The animal care field is rapidly developing, and veterinary assistants benefit from a broad work environment.

Other Educational Opportunities

Career Services

Rockford Career College’s career services division exists to assist students in finding employment. They can assist you whether you need part-time work to support your studies, are seeking a place to complete an externship to gain experience, or preparing to secure your first career.

The career services team encourages and assists with job searches after you are in your last semester. Landing your first professional job takes time and effort, so they help students by giving them access to on-site interview chances, mock interviews, networking events, resume-building workshops, and job fairs.

Your chances of finding work in your industry will increase the earlier you start preparing for it. You can benefit from career services in the following ways:

  • Individual career plan.
  • Career-related and unrelated job leads.
  • Sessions focusing on careers.
  • Review of a resume and cover letter.
  • Practice interviewing techniques.
  • Networking support.
  • Direct link to hiring employers.

Learning Resource System

The Learning Resource System (LRS) at Rockford College is a program that supports learning in and out of the classroom. The LRS comprises of:

  • The physical library.
  • The eLibrary.
  • The resource center.
  • The online research database (ProQuest).

In addition to learning support services, including writing center assistance, research services, and reference and resource circulation, the LRS offers a robust and comprehensive collection to support the learning objectives of all users.

The Rockford Career College LRS supports the learning resource functions and operations in addition to the library services provided at other AHED schools through common collection development goals, cooperative resource collaboration initiatives, and policy operations.

Distance Learning

Distance learning has become a common program for most colleges in the post-COVID-19 period. Rockford Career College is no different. It offers distance learning and online programs for super-busy students. These programs are ideal for students working on a tight schedule or working too far to attend on-campus classes.

Independent Study

At Rockford College, when students need further assistance in academics, a ready team links the student with a tutor on campus. This program is often known as independent study. The program is available for students experiencing challenges with academics at no additional fee.

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What Else Do They Offer Other Than Education

Financial Aid

Rockford Career College strives to assist students in understanding their funding choices so they can pay for their education. The main goal of financial aid at Rockford Career College is to offer financial assistance to students who, without it, would not be able to attend within the limits of its resources. This program is available for qualified students.

Here are the types of financial aid offered:

  • Grants: This form of assistance is usually based on financial need and requires no repayment. The Federal Pell Gift is an example of such a grant.
  • Loans: Those who meet the requirements may apply for low-interest loans from the federal government. The Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loans are two types of loans that need repayment on time.

Contact the financial aid office for more information on these and other programs to help you pay for college. Other financial aid programs include:

  • State career training funds.
  • Veterans benefits.
  • Employer reimbursement funds.

Departments/ Centers/ Institutes

Career Planning Department

The career planning department handles everything that involves the student’s career preparation. The process includes self-evaluation, career exploration, practical learning, and job search preparation.

Understanding who you are and what major or profession best suits you is an essential first step in picking a career. The goal is to assist pupils in realizing their full potential.

Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Resource Center

Rockford College has a partnership program with various external organizations that offer free suicide prevention and mental health services to students. Some of these organizations are:

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
  • National Hopeline Network.
  • National Sexual Assault Organisation.
  • American Social Health Association.
  • The Trevor Project.
  • Gay and Lesbian Association.
  • Illinois Tobacco Organisation.
  • Reach Out. 
  • Centers for Disease Control.
  • National Institute of Mental Health.
  • National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Narcotics Anonymous.

Resource Center for Victims of Domestic Violence

Rockford Career College (RCC) is responsible for maintaining a sexually harassment-free, welcoming environment for students and workers. For this reason, they have a Resource center for victims of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. 

Whenever such an incident occurs, the college, through this department, acts quickly to stop it, stop it from happening again, and deal with the ramifications. Rockford College is in partnership with:

  • Winnebago County Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Swedish American Hospital.
  • Prairie State Legal Services.
  • Rockford Police Department.
  • Catholic Charities of Rockford — Immigration & Refugee Services. 
  • Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling (RSAC).

Selected Student Activities in Rockford, Illinois

With numerous reasons to visit, study and extend your stay in Rockford, Illinois, it should be a surprise that the city has plenty of spectacular places to visit. Whether you are a student, tourist, or native, there’s always a place that will excite you. Here are some selected student activities and places to visit in Rockford:

Anderson Japanese Gardens

The Anderson Japanese Gardens in Illinois offer one of the most serene settings for a lovely stroll on landscaped grounds. Hoichi Kurisu, the same landscape architect for the Portland Japanese Garden in Oregon, created this non-profit garden area. 

The diverse, vibrant flora and gardens include landscaped waterfalls, strolling trails, and buildings like gazebos, pavilions, and tea houses.

The gardens host several spring, summer, and fall activities, such as Tuesday Evenings in the Gardens and a Japanese Summer Festival. Although tour guides are available, visitors can explore the picturesque area independently. There is a restaurant on-site called Fresco at the Gardens.

Rockford Art Museum

This century-old art collection, situated by the Rock River in the city’s center, largely features local exhibitions. The Rockford Art Museum’s collection has more than 1,900 works of art, focusing on items from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. The collection includes various multimedia creations in addition to Impressionist paintings.

Modern and contemporary art, photography, and an “American Masters” collection are all on permanent display at the museum. On rotating display are pieces by regional artists. Also, regular events and programs like summer camps and evening socials happen at the museum.

The art collection structure also houses other kid-friendly activities as part of the wider Riverfront Museum Park. The Discovery Center Museum, which shares a gate with the Art Museum, offers interactive exhibits and play areas for younger visitors.

The Burpee Museum of Natural History, located on the other side of the museum property, explores ancient history in an engaging setting.

Rock Cut State Park

Rock Cut State Park has the largest natural playground in Rockford city. It spans over 1,214.05 forested hectares (3,000 acres) and two enormous lakes. The state park is reachable less than 10 miles (16 kilometers) from Rockford’s city center.

At Rock Cut, there are routes for mountain bikers, hikers, and horseback riders to explore. There are also lots of activities for boaters, shoreline fishermen, and bird watchers.

At Rock Cut State Park, it’s simple to extend any adventure because there are so many options for campsites in the lush campground. Although the most popular times to visit are spring, fall, and summer, this state park offers a year-round leisure area with snowshoe trails and cross-country skiing in winter.

Burpee Museum of Natural History

The Burpee Museum of Natural History has drawn attention as a part of the Riverfront Museum Park since 1942. The museum’s permanent exhibits include fully restored dinosaur bones, an immersive Carboniferous Coal Forest, and exhibits about the local animals and indigenous population.

The museum’s ongoing Windows to Wilderness exhibit delves extensively into the surroundings of the Rock River Valley. The distinctive Jay and Barbara Brost PaleoLab at Burpee give visitors a look into the labs where the museum’s fossil exhibits occur.

Every family member can participate in Burpee’s programs and events, including a sizable Easter egg hunt in the spring and year-round lecture series. The summer music series “Music on The Rock” is also held at the museum.

Tour guides available might provide you with even more information about the amazing displays.

Coronado Performing Arts Center

The Coronado Performing Arts Center, often known as the Coronado Theatre, offers a wide range of performances for fantastic evening entertainment. The Coronado, first built in 1927 as a romantic theater and movie palace, underwent a significant restoration around the turn of the century to restore its former glitz.

Today’s stage performances at the Coronado include regional recitals and national touring Broadway musicals. The theater also accommodates various other events, such as stand-up comedians, specialist shows, and musical performers on national tours.

Regardless of the show’s performance, the elaborate design of the 2,400-seat theater is one of the main draws of going. The Coronado maintains a majestic atmosphere while reflecting its 100-year history with modern stage and lighting.

Midway Village Museum

The 59.89-hectare (148 acres) outdoor site known as Midway Village Museum, located fifteen minutes east of the city center, has exhibitions of the history of the Rockford area. This interactive history museum’s Main Museum Center, which has more than 20,000 square feet (1,858.06 square meters) of display area, is its main draw.

The “Many Faces, One Community” display, one of the museum’s most well-liked exhibits, depicts the immigration history that shaped Rockford.

The Victorian-era village, located next to the main museum center, has 26 historic buildings and hundreds of artifacts on display. An old schoolhouse, police station, and general shop are among the historic structures.

Throughout the year, there are several special events, such as the yearly world war II days, that make for a truly immersive visit. You can frequently see costumed figures working the grounds and sharing historical insight.

Volcano Falls Adventure Park

Young students will enjoy Volcano Falls Adventure Park, located northeast of Rock Cut State Park. Volcano Falls tends to be entertaining for most visitors, including students, because there is a lot of adventure.

The accessible mini-golf course, designed to look like lava, is Volcano Falls’ most striking feature. Additionally, the complex provides more than 50 arcade games, batting cages, multiple go-kart tracks, and various laser activities, including a Laser Maze.

This family-friendly site is ideal for an afternoon outing planned in advance or a last-minute trip because it’s open from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and has later hours on the weekends. Many people travel there after spending the day visiting the surrounding Rock Cut State Park’s wooded areas.

Klehm Arboretum and Botanic Garden

The huge Klehm Arboretum & Botanic Garden, frequently called a living museum, is home to various vibrant plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs. Its shaded walkways and well-maintained gardens are terrific places to get close to nature. The walkways are just across the Rock River from downtown.

Since its establishment in 1910, it has grown to include more than 500 native and exotic species, including some tall trees thought to be more than 300 years old. Most of the park is perfectly kept, with gorgeous ancient fountain gardens next to Azalea and Rhododendron dells. However, it has certain undeveloped areas left wild.

With numerous park benches, picnic spots, and public artworks scattered throughout, strolling among its amazing floral displays and water features is truly a delight.

Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens

Students in Rockford can get a taste of the tropics at the Nicholas Conservatory. There are displays of papaya, orchids, sugarcane, butterflies, and other plants in this 11,000-square-foot (1,021.93 square meters) building.

The gardens offer the ideal setting for a calm stroll in the summer. The lagoon gets frozen throughout the winter, and ice hockey and public skating are also available. The Hibiscus Bistro, the hotel’s on-site restaurant, serves lunch, and its gift store sells mementos.

The conservatory is open Tuesday through Sunday, every day of the week excluding Monday.

Sinnissippi Park

Sinnissippi Park in downtown Rockford is a beautiful and tranquil space located just across the river from the market. Its large open areas, well-equipped playgrounds, and lovely gardens provide a variety of fun outdoor activities.

The public park, located atop a bluff overlooking the river, features many curving trails for people to run, jog, walk, or ride bicycles around. These lead you past verdant woodlands and verdant lawns filled with sculptures, ponds, and flower displays amidst unspoiled nature.

Since the 1970s, the majestic ancient music shell has played host to the serene and contemplative Illinois snow sculpting competition and the boisterous “Music in the Park Summer” concert series. In addition, you can utilize its picnic sites, park shelters, and golf course, Sinnissippi, to enjoy some time outside.

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Parting Words

For decades, Rockford Career College has been training and helping students develop their careers and jobs and helping businesses grow. The college has gradually evolved with businesses/companies’ demands over the years to ensure they teach students the required skills.

At Rockford Career College, all the staff contributes to your success, whether it is through free tutoring services, flexible financial aid programs, or their ability to put you in touch with employers so you may land a fantastic career. Regardless of the course you pursue, Rockford Career College’s mission is to get you ready for your career journey right away.

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