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Are you planning to study VetMed at Stanbridge University? Do you feel compelled to assist in the care of animals? If you have an Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology (RVT), you can stay one step ahead of the competition as veterinary medicine continues to develop. 

Participate in comprehensive hands-on training with a wide variety of animal species while also receiving a high-quality education. 

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Stanbridge University Tuition and Other Info


Stanbridge University Irvine is a private institution operated for profit in Irvine, California. Students who thrive in an urban environment and appreciate having a wide variety of opportunities for education and enjoyment will find Irvine an ideal location. Other Stanbridge University locations include; Alhambra and Riverside.

Even if you are attending classes at the school, you may likely wish to spend some time away from the campus occasionally. You have a responsibility to find out whether or not the region surrounding Stanbridge is in a secure neighborhood and how close it is to the other cities in the surrounding area.

How Many Students are Accepted per Year

The fact that the acceptance rate at Stanbridge University is only 35% indicates that the university takes great care in selecting its students. Spend some time crafting a compelling application that explains why you would be a valuable addition to the Stanbridge team, and don’t rush the process.

To get an approximate idea of the amount of interaction between professors and their students at a certain college or institution, it is common practice to use the student-to-teacher ratio. This ratio is 15 to 1 at Stanbridge University, which is the same as the average ratio across the country, which is also 15 to 1. That is not even remotely problematic.

Some people look at the percentage of full-time faculty members in addition to the student-to-faculty ratio as a measure of how much time professors will be able to spend with their pupils. This is an indicator of the quality of an educational institution. This is because there is a possibility that part-time teachers will not be present on campus as frequently as their full-time counterparts.

At Stanbridge University, 35 percent of faculty members teach full-time. This is lower than the average for the country, which is 47%.

Admission Criteria for US Students (Who Can Apply)

On an open enrollment basis, applications for admission to diploma and degree programs at Stanbridge University are available for prospective students. If you would like to apply, please access the form by going to the Stanbridge University Portal. 

You will receive information and instructions for each stage from your admissions representative. The following are Stanbridge University requirements for admission;

  • You need to fill out an application form online.
  • Schedule a meeting with your admissions representative to go on a guided tour of the school’s facilities.
  • You must take the admissions test corresponding to your current educational level and program.
  • You must present evidence that you have either completed high school, earned a GED, or earned a degree higher than high school.
  • You should test your preparedness for using the internet.
  • Complete the entrance questionnaire, essay, and interview.
  • Book an appointment with a Financial Aid Representative to discuss how you might pay for your tuition.
  • You must finish the enrollment paperwork and undergo a background check if accepted.
  • Your request to transfer credit must reach no later than 14 days from the acceptance date.
  • If you are eligible, you must finish the process of applying for financial help by the 14th day before classes begin.
  • Before beginning your program, you will need to attend an orientation. During orientation, you will get crucial information that will assist you in starting your studies at Stanbridge University and better managing your time there.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

Roughly 0 students from other countries enrolled at Stanbridge Irvine; this represents approximately 0.0% of the overall student body.

Educational Opportunities (Which Programs They Offer)

Veterinary Technology Degree Program

The mission of the Veterinary Technology School at Stanbridge University is to educate students for careers in the growing field of veterinary technology, which you can find in both public and private hospitals and clinics. 

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), which is in charge of the accreditation process for Veterinary Technicians, gets a lot of weight in this program. The education and course of study will emphasize the requisite subjects. They will provide students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to begin working in the field of Veterinary Technology.

Stanbridge University Vet Tech School is an institution of higher education. It provides instruction in the field of veterinary technology. Nine hundred seventy-three students are now in this educational establishment. There is a 6N/A% acceptance percentage over at the Vet Tech School of Stanbridge University. 

Physical Therapist Assistant PTA Program

Do you like assisting other people? You will get a chance to learn how to effectively support people as they regain confidence and mobility after experiencing physical limitations through the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program that the program offers. 

You will have the potential to transform restrictions, restore abilities, and change lives, whether it is assisting stroke victims in regaining their capacity to walk or helping wounded athletes in returning to competition.

Vocational Nursing LVN Program

Learn more about the Vocational Nursing program and get started on the path that will lead to an exciting career as a nurse. 

You will receive guidance, a foundation in anatomy, terminology, and med math skills for LVNs, and comprehensive preparation for the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) exam in addition to real-world healthcare practices in advanced training facilities on campus. These are all components of the program. 

Gain practical experience as you work toward becoming a competent and caring Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN).

At both the Los Angeles and Orange County campuses, the Associate of Occupational Science in Vocational Nursing program has approval from the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT).

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

You will learn critical thinking, how to solve issues, and eventually how to cure those in need if you enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program. Feeling prepared and confident will allow you to start making a difference in other people’s day-to-day lives as you enter a high-demand and fast-paced profession.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree earned by Registered Nurses at the Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside Campuses has approval from the California Board of Nursing.

Occupational Therapy Assistant OTA Program

Participating in a program designed for occupational therapy assistants will give you the fundamental skills necessary to assist persons with physical or mental limitations in leading lives that are fuller, more meaningful, and more independent. 

Discover an interesting and fulfilling line of work by getting your hands dirty in real-world settings using the industry’s most cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Other Educational Opportunities (Such as Externships and Internships)

Opportunities for internships are only available through Life College, and can you can find them at:

  • Irvine BMW.
  • Rolls-Royce motor cars orange county.
  • Mercedes-Benz of long beach.

What Else Do They Offer Other Than Education 

Career Services

The committed career services team is ready to assist you beginning on the first day of orientation and continuing after completing your educational journey. You will have a personal Career Services Officer (SO) who will provide individualized coaching throughout developing your résumé and portfolio and conducting practice interviews.

Digital Portfolio Builder

The Stanbridge University Digital Portfolio Builder is a resource only available to current students and graduates of the university. This tool will assist you in organizing and presenting your academic experience from Stanbridge University and your professional accomplishments in a stylish and sleek way within an online portfolio. 

Your academic achievements, such as your grade point average, the number of courses you complete, the volunteer work you do, and any certificates you earn through continuing education, are an addition to your portfolio as you progress. You will receive direction from your career service officer on adding to and modifying your list of accomplishments. 

While creating your portfolio, the Digital Portfolio Builder will also compile the information you provided into a résumé for you to download and save. For a one-of-a-kind and powerful initial impression, you can send a single link to your digital portfolio to any future employers who could want to hire you.

Mock Interview Sessions

For their students and recent graduates to take control of the job interview, the career services department of the company walks them through personality mapping, pay negotiations, role-playing, and other specific interview approaches. They work hard to ensure you have the self-assurance necessary to put your best foot forward.

LinkedIn Profile and Networking

Any person who is actively looking for work should have a LinkedIn account. Career Services helps students and recent graduates create LinkedIn networks, connecting them to possible employers and other professionals in their field.

Job Leads

Graduates get access to employment listings and career opportunities that are continuously updated, including those offered by recruiting agencies and corporations in Southern California, with which they have links.

Alumni Services
The college devotes itself to your success as a graduate in various ways, including providing a highly networked and active Alumni Association, proven professional services, and unique alum workshops. 

You have the opportunity to enhance your professional network, grow personally by attending seminars, and have fun while contributing to the growth of the community. They will be there for you from the time you cross the stage until the very last second to assist you in getting ready for the next great thing and urge you toward it.



  • Associate of Occupational Science – LVN
  • Bachelor of Science – Nursing (BSN)
  • Bachelor of Science – RN to BSN
  • Master of Science – Nursing (MSN-Ed)
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Bachelor of Science – BHA
  • Master of Science – MHA

Occupational Therapy

  • Associate of Occupational Science – OTA
  • Master of Science – OT
  • Physical Therapy

Associate of Science – PTA

  • Veterinary Science
  • Associate of Science – Vet Tech

Online Learning at Stanbridge

Learning opportunities that take place online are gaining increasing traction at educational institutions in the United States. Students who have a lot going on in their lives or those who want to study on their own time can benefit greatly from taking classes online.

Thirty-one students took at least one online class at Stanbridge University during the 2019-2020 academic year. This represents a rise from the previous year’s total of 26 students who participated in online courses.

Professor teaching a college students

Stanbridge University Accreditation

You may be wondering, is Stanbridge University accredited? Stanbridge University received accreditation from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

Recreation Student Activities in Irvine

Newport Beach: 2-Hour Whale Watching Tour


  • Choose an excursion to observe whales only a few minutes from the Disneyland Resort.
  • View a diverse population of whales, including the colossal blue whale, the finback whale, and the gray whale.
  • Take in beautiful vistas of the shoreline of Newport and Laguna Beach.


Off the coast of Newport Beach, California, you may go on a whale-watching excursion and keep an eye out for a wide range of whales, such as humpback and blue whales. Explore the coastline of Newport-Laguna and take in the sights of the wild marine life there.

When passengers go on these cruises that leave Newport Beach all through the year, they have a good chance of seeing several different whale species, including the humpback whale, the minke whale, the gray whale, the humongous blue whale, and the finback whale. 

On these trips, it is not uncommon to see multiple species of dolphin, various kinds of seals, and a wide variety of other species of marine life. The cruises leave from Newport Harbor, situated in the middle of Orange County and easily accessible by car from Los Angeles and San Diego. 

Newport Harbor is a very popular tourist destination. Because you never know what you could run across on a cruise, each excursion offers its one-of-a-kind adventure. 

A recent cruise came across a pod of more than 30 killer whales, including adults and their young, providing passengers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go whale watching. The whale-watching and dolphin-watching trips have a 96 percent success rate between two. It includes;

  • Admission ticket for the tour
  • Binocular rental
  • Beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, as well as snacks (available for purchase on board)
  • Gratuity

Place of Assembly

Directions: Leave Los Angeles and take the 405 South to the 55 South exits. Continue along Newport Boulevard, then turn left onto Main Street. You may find us in the Balboa Pavilion building at 400 Main Street. 

You can find a big open-air parking lot on Palm Street, and it serves as the municipal parking for the Balboa Pier. You will need to make a right turn onto Palm Street as you are traveling along Balboa Boulevard in the direction of their location. Once you’ve parked, you should stroll to the pier’s base and turn your back on it. 

Proceed in a direct direction down Main Street after leaving the pier. The Grand Ballroom and the Harborside Restaurant are in the same building as the activity provider, which you can find in the Balboa Pavilion.

Newport Beach: Ultimate Whale Watching Adventure


  • Take in the breathtaking views of southern California’s coast.
  • Get up close and personal with whales and dolphins.
  • Take pleasure in an exciting cruise where there is a greater possibility of seeing sights.


From Newport Beach, you may embark on a whale watching and dolphin watching cruise that lasts for two hours. Embark on a tour aboard an open boat that provides passengers with unobstructed views in all directions, bringing them up and personal with the natural world. 

Take in the breathtaking views of the coastal terrain, and keep your eyes peeled for whales, dolphins, and other forms of marine life. Get out on the water in a RIB developed just for whale watching. The boat has a maximum capacity of 15 passengers, so there will be enough space for everyone to enjoy the fun. 

Watch as dolphins swim so close that you can almost touch them. The boat can travel quickly and can cruise up to 14 miles (22.5 kilometers) away from the port to get the best possible percentage of successful animal sightings. It includes;

  • 2-hour cruise.
  • Various levies and tariffs.
  • Binocular rental.
  • Drinks (available for purchase).

Not suited for:

  • Children under five years.
  • Pregnant women.
  • People who have issues with their backs.

Place of Assembly

You will meet me at the office of Newport Landing Cruises. Please add extra time to your itinerary for finding parking.

Newport Beach: Year-Round Whale Watching Cruise

The Year-Round Whale Watching Cruise departs from Newport Beach.


Consider booking a trip on a cruise that has a success rate of 96 percent for spotting whales.

Travel on a vessel with two decks that was purpose-built for the activity of whale watching.

During winter and spring, you can see finback and grey whales; in summer and fall, you can see enormous blue whales.


Because of their depth and the abundance of nutrients in the water, the seas surrounding Newport Harbor are home to a diverse population of marine life. 

A wide range of whales, such as enormous blue whales (during the summer and fall), finback whales, gray whales (during the winter and spring), minke whales, and humpback whales, as well as numerous species of dolphin, seals, and a wide variety of other marine life, are typically seen on cruises. 

Because you never know what you could run across on a cruise, each one is its one-of-a-kind adventure. The stretch of shoreline along Laguna Beach, located just south of Newport Harbor, is among the most picturesque in Southern California. 

In this region, sightings of gray whales are not uncommon at all. Most whale-watching cruises visit Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach, where passengers may observe the gentle giants just a few hundred yards from shore while taking in the breathtaking scenery of these three beaches.

Because of the geology of the Orange County coastline surrounding Newport Harbor, the water in the harbor is almost always quite calm, enabling whale watchers to get the most out of their incredible experiences there.

The principal vessel they use for whale viewing is 65 feet (19.8 meters) long, and it features an expansive sundeck upstairs, wrap-around outside seating, a snack bar, and internal seating with wide windows. The vessel was purpose-built for the express aim of observing aquatic life. A plethora of additional conveniences ensures the trip will be highly pleasant and fascinating.

The captains and crew members are experts in marine biology. They have an incredible amount of information regarding the marine environment, its inhabitants, and the ecological systems that they make up. Includes

  • Voyage aboard a whale-watching vessel (2.5 hours).
  • Various levies and tariffs.
  • Binocular rentals.
  • Drinks that you purchased while on board.
  • If the price of marine diesel per gallon exceeds USD 3.50, they may impose a fuel fee between USD 1 and USD 4.

Place of Assembly

Whale Watching in Newport Beach, located at 400 Main Street in Newport Beach, California. 92661. When going on whale watching tours, you must arrive at the meeting site at least half an hour before the scheduled departure time.

Irvine: Boomers Amusement Park Admission Ticket


  • With limitless all-day passes, you and your loved ones may spend the entire day together having fun.
  • Race around the course in one of the high-powered go-karts, and feel the adrenaline build as you do so.
  • Play a round of mini-golf at one of the uniquely designed courses to gauge your level of expertise.
  • Hop aboard one of the bumper boats and give it your best go at catching up with your loved ones.
  • Experience the power of centrifugal acceleration by riding in the attraction shaped like a spaceship.


With this ticket for a full-day pass to the Boomers amusement park in Irvine, you and your loved ones can enjoy quality time together. Gather the whole gang for a round of bumper cars or make a splash with the bumper boats. Both games are a lot of fun.

By having access to free parking, you can avoid the stress of trying to figure out where to store your car. Participate in activities suitable for the whole family with unrestricted access to indoor bumper cars, go-karts, laser tag, mini golf courses, bumper boats, and flamethrower activities.

You will have a great time on the new Starship attraction, which involves entering a rotating drum and having centrifugal force push you against the side of the attraction. You can have a complete experience if you pay to use the batting cages or the arcade games on the premises.

Inside the park, you’ll find a wide choice of tasty food and beverage options, so you won’t have to worry about going hungry.

Irvine: Escape Room Adventure


  • Put your ability to work together and solve problems to the test by playing an escape room game.
  • You have one hour to work through the challenges and riddles to escape the room.
  • Choose from a wide array of rooms that will take you to various worlds.
  • Participate with a group of family members, friends, or coworkers at your place of employment.
  • Paying attention to every little element is important to figure out how to get out of the themed area.


Proceed through a series of intricately constructed escape rooms that are on a variety of different themes. To finish your task, you and the other crew members must collaborate to decipher codes and uncover clues.

You have a choice between six exciting adventures, so you may play as a prospector looking for a lost pile of gold, a spy ordered to collect a stolen picture, or an unjustly accused prisoner determined to break out of jail. Collaborate with your teammates to discover the clues and escape the room to gain your freedom.

You have one hour to get out of here, so stay focused and keep your wits about you no matter your decision. After you and your teammates have emerged triumphant, you will be able to celebrate your success in a convenient location at the Irvine Spectrum Center. It includes;

  • 60-minute escape room challenge.
  • Game guide.
  • A variety of foods and drinks.

Place of Assembly

You may find an escape room, The Escape Game Irvine, in Orange County, California, at the address 655 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine, California, 92618. It is in the heart of the Irvine Spectrum Center’s entertainment district. There are three parking decks and open-air lots where drivers can park for free.

Students on the table


You may be wondering, is Stanbridge University a good school? The college always hopes to make a difference in people’s lives, whether saving, healing, empowering, or enhancing them. 

Every one of their courses contributes to realizing this objective by providing participants with the opportunity to gain practical experience in well-appointed classrooms under the direction of an impressive roster of eminent professionals from relevant fields. 

Therefore, it does not matter what your professional aspiration is; they have the resources necessary to assist you in achieving it.

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