Studying At Pima Medical Institute Aurora Doesn’t SUCK – Read Why!

Pima Medical Institute Aurora Colorado

Are you interested in a top-quality, hands-on learning experience? You are looking for the Pima Medical Institute Aurora. The institution is also best suited for people who need flexibility with their schedule thanks to its blended learning option.

Moreover, Pima Medical Institute runs hybrid-learning options for its nine-month certificate programs. Such programs include Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Health Care Administration Certificate, and Veterinary Assistant. Read on for more details.

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Pima Medical Institute Login and Other Information

If you want more about Pima Medical Institute Aurora co, you are in the right place. This section contains some essential details about the institution:

Mode of Learning

You can study on campus or online. The college offers online degree programs to students willing to advance their careers. Furthermore, it makes online programs flexible enough to allow you to balance your work, studies, and life. 

Pima Medical Institute online courses feature associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. Some benefits of online classes include the following:

  • They tailor the instructions to student needs. 
  • Students get access to virtual resources.
  • Learners also enjoy a connected virtual environment. 
  • The class sizes are small.
  • Students get access to career services. 

On the other hand, if you want to pursue your studies on campus, you can enroll in certificate and associate degree courses. This approach allows you to enjoy hands-on healthcare programs.  


Pima Medical Institute has several campuses. However, the Aurora Campus, which opened in 2012, is located at 13750 E. Mississippi Avenue, Aurora, CO 80012. You will find the campus off I-255 and Mississippi Avenue, west of Town Center Mall. 

How Many Students Are Accepted Per Year

Pima Medical Institute Aurora, Colorado, has an enrollment of 362 undergraduate students. However, Pima College uses a differs –by- program academic year model. The institution’s acceptance rate is 100%.

Admission Criteria For Us Students

Prospective students need to have a high school diploma or an equivalent recognized GED. The institution will request you provide a high school transcript or proof of satisfactory completion of GED testing.

Suppose an applicant is under the legal age; they should have written approval of their parent or a legal guardian. Additionally, students of compulsory school age might not enroll unless they have a high school diploma.

The institution also requires that all applicants take an entrance exam and pass with the minimum score. It might waive this requirement for applicants, except for California, for students with official academic transcripts or certificates proving they completed an associate degree.

Additionally, the admissions office must interview all medical degree and certificate applicants before acceptance. You can also send your ACT score to Pima Medical Institute, although it is not part of the admission requirements.

The institution also accepts late admissions apart from California. However, the campus director must approve late entries. You can use the online or on-campus application process.

On-Campus Application Process

Step 1: Get in Touch

The first step involves speaking with the Pima Medical Institute admissions team. You can fill out the Request More Information form, and a team member will contact you to kick-start the process.

After the team answers your questions, you’ll narrow down your campus choices. Furthermore, the team will help you find the program that aligns with your goals. After that, the team will schedule an appointment at the campus of your choice.

Step 2: Schedule a Campus Tour

You will have an on-campus tour after speaking with the admissions team. A representative will accompany you during the tour and answer your questions. They will help you find the right program and kick-start your enrollment process.

The team will be with you every step to help you achieve your career goals. Moreover, the team will connect you with support services you might need during your stay at the campus.

Step 3: Meet Financial Services

Once you enroll, you meet with financial services to determine the available financial aid options.  

Online Application Process

Are you interested in joining the institution’s online programs? Here are the steps you should follow to apply:

Step 1: Make Contact

Contact the admissions team by filling out the Request More Information form. After that, a member of the admissions team will contact you.

Step 2: Interview

A member of the online admissions team will meet with you to discuss your career goals and educational background. You will also discuss program details to help determine the one suitable for you.

Step 3: Transfer Credits

The admissions team will also help you transfer previous education credits from other institutions. Moreover, the team will review any licensure requirements if need be.

The Health Care Administration Associate Degree does not require applicants to transfer credits. However, applicants with prior healthcare education can apply for those credits to expedite their program completion.

Step 4: Explore Financial Aid Options

After you enroll, the admissions team with link you with a financial advisor. The advisor will help you explore the funding options available.

Step 5: Meet Your Program Director

Once you complete the enrollment process, you will engage in a virtual one-on-one meet and greet with your program director. This is an opportunity for the institution to learn about your learning goals and review your schedule. Moreover, the Program Director will answer any questions you may have before starting your program.   

Admission Criteria For Foreign Students

Pima Medical Institute runs an open admission policy. In this sense, it accepts almost all applicants with a high school diploma or a GED.

Therefore, international students must present their high school diplomas and follow the admission process in the previous section. However, Pima Medical Institute Aurora does not consider SAT or ACT scores as part of the admission process.

Moreover, the college does not have a test-optional admission policy. Therefore, the admission team will not consider your test scores even if you submit them.

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Educational Opportunities

The Pima Medical Institute Aurora Co offers five certificate programs, an Expanded Duties Dental Assistant course, and one associate degree program. Here are the Pima Medical Institute programs you can choose from:

Dental Assistant

Program type: Certitificate

Program length: 9 Months

Delivery method: On Campus/Hybrid


Dental assistants usually help dentists with all treatment phases. They ensure all appointments run flawlessly, creating an optimal experience for patients.

You can enroll as a hybrid student if you want more flexibility in your learning process. As a hybrid student, you get the same support as other students on campus. But you will need access to the Pima Medical Institute student portal to access the services.

In this program, students learn how to work closely with dental care teams to ensure the best patient experience. They will also learn how to help with all treatment phases, including oral care and administrative duties.

Students taking this course will gain knowledge and training for:

  • Preparing patients for examination or treatment
  • Sterilizing equipment
  • Providing post-operative instruction
  • Taking X-rays
  • Education patients on proper oral care
  • Preparing material for impressions


Regulations for certification as a Dental Assistant after graduation vary by state.

Health Care Administration Certificate Program

Program type: Certificate

Program length: Around eight months

Delivery method: On Campus/Hybrid


Healthcare administrative assistants are essential members of any medical office team. It is an entry-level position that offers multiple growth opportunities. You will not perform medical work on patients as a health care administrative assistant. Instead, you provide critical support to doctors and nurses.

This program prepares students with training to work as competent entry-level healthcare administrative assistants. 

Some skills you will gain include:

  • How to work on medical insurance procedures
  • Triaging patients and
  • Coding and billing tasks.

Because healthcare administrative assistants work at the front office, the classes also focus on soft skills. Trainees learn professional skills that promote the optimum patient experience. You can pursue this course using the hybrid model if you need a flexible learning schedule.

Medical Assistant

Program type: Certificate

Program length: Around nine months

Delivery method: On Campus/Hybrid


The specific duties of a medical assistant vary as per state laws and practice. Nonetheless, their main function is coordinating between doctors and patients to ensure they receive quality care.

Taking this certificate program will teach you the professional capabilities and personal traits you need to succeed as a medical assistant. Their work is both clerical and clinical, so the training considers that.

Practical Nursing

Program type: Certificate

Program length: Around 12 months

Delivery method: On Campus


A licensed practical nurse (LPN) usually works under a registered nurse’s direction. They spend most of their time interacting with patients directly. Moreover, LPNs work as patient advocates by conveying patient worries to the medical team.

This certificate program gives you the skills and knowledge you need to perform several duties as an LPN. The course at Pima College, Aurora, covers various aspects of hands-on patient care. It will also help you develop professional and personal traits to enhance the patient experience.


Once you graduate, Pima College will award you a certificate in practical nursing. You can apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN).

Veterinary Assistant

Program type: Certificate

Program length: Around nine months

Delivery method: On Campus/Hybrid


As a veterinary assistant, you work under the guidance of a veterinarian. You assist them in caring for and promoting animal well-being. Moreover, you’ll need clinical knowledge and compassion to ensure a positive environment.

This course trains both clinical and administrative skills. Examples of the skills you’ll learn include surgical procedures, animal nursing, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory testing. You will also learn in-office procedures.

Once you graduate, you will assist veterinarians in caring for animals in different settings. You can learn this course using the hybrid learning approach.

Veterinary Technician

Program type: Associate degree

Program length: Around 18 months

Delivery method: On Campus


A veterinary technician is essentially a nurse for animals. They normally work hand in hand with veterinarians to perform surgeries, radiology, and lab procedures.

By taking this program, you will gain knowledge and training to help you work as a competent entry-level veterinary technician. The training will also help you achieve clinical training and administrative skills.

Some of the things you’ll learn include animal anatomy, medical terminology, and dental, radiologic, and surgical procedures. You will learn how to administer anesthesia, collect lab responses and prepare animals for surgery.


After graduating from this program, you’ll be ready to sit for certification exams like the Veterinary Technician Examination (VTNE). The American Association of Veterinary State Boards (VTNE) administers the examination.  

Other Educational Opportunities

The Pima Medical Institute Aurora offers several educational opportunities to help you develop into your desired professional. Some opportunities you can enjoy include:

Clinical Externships

Most of Pima College’s on-campus programs have clinical externships. These programs allow students to take their knowledge into the field. In the end, they enhance their skills before they graduate. Some even find jobs!

The college cultivates strong partnerships and uses its numerous community partners in the healthcare sector. Their networks allow the institution to find appropriate clinical externships for its students.

The experiences you gather during your externships give you an edge when you enter the workforce. On many occasions, the externship opportunities lead to employment opportunities with the organizations. This shows that the institution cares about your career even after graduation.

Real-World Projects

While Pima College runs online programs virtually, students don’t miss out on real-world experience. All the Pima Institute online programs take a project-first approach to enable trainees to learn concepts they can apply in the workplace.

Moreover, most of the online degree students are already working in healthcare. Therefore, the projects require trainees to use their current job as their case study. As a result, it makes their work relevant to their personal life and industry.

The institute also offers students various opportunities to enjoy continued education. For example, many people enjoy online bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Therefore, you can work in your preferred field and advance your career simultaneously. 


Pima Medical Institute Aurora Colorado runs several departments and centers to ensure your stay at the campus is as comfortable as possible. Some notable departments you can check out include:

Student Support

Pima College values its students. It prides itself as an institution with a deep connection to all its members. The student support services help you with:

  • Academic planning
  • Hardship resources
  • Tutoring
  • Mental health counseling

Career Services

The institution also has a career services team that helps students achieve their career goals. The career services include clinical externships to provide students with opportunities for job placement while they are still learning.

This department also helps you build your resume, develop interview skills, and facilitate career workshops. What’s more, the support does not end once you graduate; you have lifetime access.

Financial Services

The Financial Services department provides Pima College students with financial aid options. The department’s primary responsibility is to ensure all eligible students meet their academic costs.

Pima Medical Alumni

Pima Medical Alumni ensures you remain part of the institution’s family forever. It provides a sense of community and access to career services, loan management, and transcript requests. Suppose you are interested in continuing your education. This department helps you advance. Through the alums, you can boost your personal and professional ambitions.

Pima Medical Blog

The institution runs a blog on its website that contains news, student success stories, and events. By reading this blog, you’ll gain insight into the Pima Medical family.  


Pima Medical Institute has national, state, and program-specific accreditations. The institution’s accreditations include accreditation by The Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

Other state and program-specific accrediting and licensing bodies that approve Pima College include:

  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care
  • Committee of Veterinary Technician Education and Activities
  • Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools
  • Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiology Technology
  • Commission on College Nursing Education
  • The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs
  • Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education

Institutional Accreditation:

  • The institute has accreditation by The Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.
  • The Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools, Department of Higher Education approves and regulates the institution.

Program Accreditation:

The Colorado State Board of Nursing approved the Pima Institute, Aurora Campus, to offer the Practical Nursing program. Additionally, the institute’s Practical Nursing Program graduates can take the NCLEX-PN Exam.

Moreover, the American Veterinary Medical Association Committee of Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (AVMA CVTEA) approves the Veterinary Technician.

The Colorado Office of Veterans Education and Training approves several programs that benefit veterans.

Why Pima Medical?

Many prospective students usually ask – is Pima Medical Institute worth it? Well, the institution is unquestionably worth your while. Here is why you should consider this institution:

  • Pima Medical Institute offers a wide range of certificates and bachelor’s and master’s degrees. These programs provide hands-on experience with professional and reputable instructors.
  • The institution has the approval of all the relevant bodies meaning the certificates they offer are authentic.
  • It also offers other student services, such as externships which help students gain industry experience and access job opportunities.
  • Pima College also has a Student Alumni program that lets students stay connected to the institution even after graduation. This connection makes career progression effortless.
  • Finally, the institution has a financial services department that helps students get financial help for their academics.

The best Attractions in Aurora

Apart from campus life, you can enjoy many other activities around Aurora to make your life more interesting. Here are some of the best attractions you can consider:

Cherry Creek State Park

The Cherry Creek State Park is a picturesque haven in Denver that offers a wide range of water and land activities. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll love it here.

The park sits on a 1,618.74-hectare (4,000-acre) park and also includes a modern campground. Furthermore, the two facilities are accessible throughout the year. Some of the activities you can enjoy here include watching wildlife and birds. You can also relax, enjoying the views of the rocky mountains.

Other on-site activities include archery, swimming, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, fishing, and ice skating. You can also engage in water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, and rafting. The site has amenities like parking, picnic areas, restrooms, playgrounds, and a gift shop. You can also find on-site lodging and tent sites.

Stanley Marketplace

This site was an abandoned airplane manufacturing facility. Several people refurbished it into an immense food hall and modern marketplace. It has become a popular gathering place for people from the neighborhood and beyond.

The facility includes eating and drinking places, a venue for events, a hair salon, and workout facilities. It is an excellent place to visit if you are new to Colorado. Moreover, it hosts year-round events such as art experiences, live music, and farmers’ markets.

In short, there is always something worth your while at Stanley Marketplace. The facility curates amazing things that people of all ages can enjoy.

Aurora Reservoir

Aurora Reservoir boasts over 232.75 hectares (800 acres) of water surface. It is also one of the biggest parks in the city. Westword once named it “The Best Park for Fishing,” and it is Aurora’s water storage facility.

Aurora Reservoir is the place to be if you feel like swimming or having a beach day. Many reviews reveal that the area is clean and offers better scenery. It is also easier to access. If you visit this site during the summer, you’ll enjoy swimming or bringing boats to help you explore further.

Besides, it is also an excellent place to ride bikes or kayak. The site also has great picnic areas with clean restrooms. Above all, the staff is very friendly and helpful!

Aurora History Museum

This is free community-based art, cultural and historical center. The site features changing history, decorative arts exhibits, and culture. So, if you are new to Aurora, it would help to visit this museum to learn more about the area’s culture. This will make you appreciate the people more.

The site features a permanent exhibit known as “Growing Home” that includes more than 100 historical photos, various great stories, and a 1913 trolley trailer they have restored fully. Visitors can enjoy several educational programs, teas, tours, lectures, workshops, and film series.

Children and adults will enjoy the hands-on gallery where they can learn by playing and interacting. So, if you want to understand more about the people of Aurora, take some time to visit this history museum.

Vintage Theater

If you love musicals and plays, consider visiting the Vintage Theatre. This theater also offers a portfolio of its previous productions. It also displays a list of what it is playing at the moment. You access this information on their website.

The theater hosts performances mostly on Fridays and Saturdays during the evenings. You can also catch a show on Sunday afternoons. The concerts have received many awards, including Post Ovation Awards, Marlowe Awards, and Flombies Awards. It is another excellent way of enjoying Aurora’s history and culture.

Plains Conservation Center

The Plains Conversation Center is an educational center and nature preserve. When you visit the center, you will find replicas of a homestead village and tipi camp, which showcases the life of Native Americans in the 1800s.

The center sits on over 445.15 hectares (1,100 acres) of short grass prairie. From here, you’ll enjoy awe-inspiring views of the rocky mountains. Visiting the visitor’s center before heading out on the trails is advisable to get a map and learn the site’s history.

You can hike along the rolling trails, where you will likely see prairie dogs, bald eagles, coyotes, pronghorns, and red-tailed hawks. Amazingly, it is free to enter and hike on the trails. However, if you are interested in guided programs, you’ll have to pay a fee.


This an excellent outdoor mall that offers a little of everything. For instance, it has a theater and many cafes and restaurants. Moreover, it has specialty shops and clothing stores. Therefore, this is an excellent place to visit if you want something to do in Aurora during a beautiful day.

You will also find unique Colorado-made gifts. There are also great restaurants and ample parking space, allowing you to relax and shop leisurely. You will also find a great spice shop at the Southlands Mall if you love spices.

Moreover, Southlands hosts a wide range of events throughout the year. It also has numerous programs, such as the Southlands Gift Card, Cub Club, and Birthday Club.

Students preparing for exam

The Final Word

The Pima Medical Institute is a worthwhile institution for students interested in pursuing healthcare education. Students can access certificates and associate bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Additionally, the institution accepts students from different backgrounds, which exposes you to other cultures.

Students can learn online and on campus. Nonetheless, they need a Pima Medical Institute login to access the student portal. You can use the hybrid learning system if you need a flexible learning environment.

Also, many prospects usually ask – how much is Pima Medical Institute? Well, it will please you to know that the fees at Pima College are affordable. Moreover, it provides financial support services to help students pay for their academics.

So, if you are interested in a medical institution offering top-quality training in a friendly environment, look no more! Pima Medical Institute, Aurora Co, is the place to be! Read our article and find out the Reasons to Study at PIMA Medical Institute – San Marcos.

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