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A Degree From Los Angeles Pierce College

Are you trying to decide which institution to enroll in to get your career off the ground? At Los Angeles Pierce College, finishing your first two college years is simple and affordable. Associate’s degrees are offered in various subjects, including science, math, and the arts and humanities. 

There are degrees available for direct transfer in fields like business, education, biology, and health science. To learn more about the college, keep reading.

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Admissions, Acceptance Rate, and Other Info


Los Angeles Pierce College is a public university situated on 426 acres in the western San Fernando Valley, close to the flourishing commercial area of Warner Center in Woodland Hills, California. Students who like having many educational and entertainment alternatives will love Woodland Hills’ urban ambiance. The college address is:

Los Angeles Pierce College

6201 Winnetka Ave

Woodland Hills, California 91371-0002

How Many Students are Accepted Per Year?

Among the state’s 116 community colleges, Los Angeles Pierce College ranks in the top 10% for students who transfer to the California State University (CSU) system and in the top 11% for students who share the University of California (UC) system. This places Los Angeles Pierce College among the best transfer schools in California. 

The pierce college acceptance rate is a perfect 100%. The Liberal Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Child Care Provider are the most common majors chosen by students. In 2021, 26,070 students out of 26,070 applicants received admissions into LA Pierce College. 

Schools that do not have a lot of competition for admissions, such as LA Pierce College, accept almost all candidates regardless of where they ranked in high school or how well they did on tests. The application process for nursing honors and other similar programs is not too complex.

Admission criteria for US students (who can apply)

Will you get admitted to Pierce College? Los Angeles Pierce College is a school with an open admissions policy. Commonly, open admission institutions have low admissions standards and accept any applications as long as you satisfy a few minimal criteria and fit into Los Angeles Pierce college schedule. 

Open admission institutions often demand a high school diploma or a GED for acceptance. You may apply for admission to Los Angeles Pierce College if you fulfill any one of the following requirements for US students:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • Your high school graduating class has passed.
  • You either have a high school diploma or a GED.
  • Your participation in Running Start or a comparable program has earned you admittance.

Throughout the year, there is continuous new admittance. To apply to Los Angeles Pierce College, prospective students pay nothing. Application is free for the school. 

Feel free to contact them directly for further information on the details of Los Angeles Pierce College’s open admission policy. What qualifications must a student meet to get admission to Los Angeles Pierce College, and how is student data utilized in admissions decisions? Test results, high school GPA, high school class rank, and college preparation program completion.

Additionally, they take dual credit and AP credit.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

This form is for F-1 visa holders who want to enroll in Los Angeles Pierce College (International Student) classes; Pierce College accepts admissions from overseas students for the autumn, spring, and summer quarters. 

When submitting your application, be precise and include all necessary information. You must submit the following papers to get Los Angeles to pierce college admission:

  • International Student Application for Pierce College
  • language proficiency in English
  • Student Records and Transcripts
  • Financial Assistance
  • Fee for processing applications
  • Page of Passport Information
  • one single snapshot (passport size)
  • I94 and US Visa (If already in the US)
  • Verification of Student Status Form (If already in the US)
  • Guardian Declaration (For students under the age of 18)

The next step is to send your additional documentation to the institution by the deadline after submitting your online application. Using their URL, you may post the other documents. Please use your LACCD (Los Angeles Community College District) email account ( 

You may only access the upload link if you have a valid LACCD student ID number and have set up your LACCD student portal. Upon receipt of the required paperwork and the International Students Services application money, they will decide about your admission. It takes two weeks to respond.

Educational Opportunities

Veterinary Technology at L.A. Pierce College

Students who graduate from Los Angeles Pierce College with an AS in Veterinary Technology are eligible to take the national and state board examinations. The extensive breadth of the Veterinary Technology major equips students with the abilities and information needed to work as Registered Veterinary Technicians in various settings and roles. 

The program fulfills or surpasses all requirements the American Veterinary Medical Association sets and combines lecture lectures with practical lab sessions and off-campus clinical experiences. On campus, students have many opportunities to work with various household animals. 

Three classes make up the curriculum: prerequisites, general education, and advanced courses. Students need to fulfill all requirements and submit an application to the RVT Program Director before they may sign up for advanced-level courses. Every category of class requires at least a “C” grade. 

Although they may finish their program’s curriculum in two years (including summer sessions), most students require longer. The American Veterinary Medical Association has approved the Veterinary Technology Major. Before beginning the course, academic guidance is highly advisable.

Associate Degrees

At Pierce College, students have access to associate’s degrees and Los Angeles Pierce college degrees that prepare them for transfer to four-year universities. Within their catalog, you’ll discover not just more in-depth information but also a comprehensive overview of all of their programs and course maps. 

Transfer students majoring in the liberal arts take the Associate in Arts (AA-DTA) degree. It is also known as the DTA Associate degree in some circles. They tailor make these degrees to meet your chosen institution’s requirements. There are two different pathways that you may take to get an Associate in Scientific (AS-T), which is specifically for science transfer students. 

They encourage students who intend to specialize in biological and environmental/resource sciences, geology and earth science, or chemistry to enroll in the first track of the science curriculum. Students interested in specializing in either engineering, computer science, physics, or atmospheric science should enroll in Track Two.

Professional/Technical Degrees and Certificates

The professional and technical degrees offered at Pierce College provide students with the specific and correlated technical abilities necessary for achieving occupational success. These degrees emphasize practical skills connected to work and help graduates become more productive and knowledgeable in their professional lives.

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)

Education and skill development should be a lifetime endeavor to keep up with and even get ahead of the rapid pace of change in the workplace. 

Earning a bachelor’s degree from Pierce College will give you the knowledge and abilities needed to advance in your chosen field. A two-year technical associate degree is the foundation for the study and training that leads to a four-year applied bachelor’s degree.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

Students who successfully finish the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in a particular professional or technical program at Pierce College will award a degree bearing the name of that program’s specialization. 

With approval, students must complete 90 quarter credits, or its equivalent, in a professional or technical program. These degrees are to lead to employment right away.

Associate of Applied Science — Transfer (AAS-T)

The degree is to serve the dual purposes of immediate employment and preparation for the junior year at 4-year institutions. Piece College has agreements for a bachelor of applied science (BAS) degree. 

Its foundation rests upon the technical courses necessary for job preparation but also includes a college-level general education component, common in structure for all such degrees. Consult your adviser to see whether requirements for a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree are often approved.

Associate in Technology — General

A graduate of any accredited college, military school, technical college, licensed private college, vocational school, industry, apprentice-based training, or university that offers an approved occupational/vocational program may apply up to 65 quarter credits toward the Associate in Technology – General degree. 

It must include 18 credits of comparable coursework in the final portion of the student’s degree. Human relations, computing, and communications require a minimum of three credits. Courses connected must have numbered 100 or higher. You need 90 quarter credits.

Certificate Programs

The emphasis of certificate programs is on the fundamental, useful skills required for entry-level jobs. These certifications often provide students with the foundational information and abilities they need to start a career or quickly grow in a particular professional or technical field.

Career Roadmaps – High School

You may customize your high school graduation by concentrating on the degrees and certifications Pierce College offers by utilizing a POST (Program of Study Template).

Other Educational Opportunities

Through Pierce Academic’s Cooperative Education program, internships provide the opportunity to get practical job experience in your subject of interest while earning significant college credit that you may use toward completing a degree or certificate program. 

You may earn between one and eight college credits (COOP 150–153) every quarter for working (paid or unpaid) in your chosen field, depending on the number of hours performed. Internships may be useful as general electives for students pursuing an Associate of Arts degree. 

Although most students choose their internships, some references could be available. Meet with the coordinator of cooperative education to enroll in internship courses.

Boggess Memorial Scholarship

They honor Professors Lindsay and Ed Boggess by the name of this scholarship. When the college opened its doors in 1947, Lindsay was a sheep production expert and professor of agriculture. His appointment as the Agriculture Department Chair. In the 1970s, Ed, his son, took over the management of the sheep unit. 

Students must register formally at Pierce College as an agriculture major. This would entail majoring in equine sciences, general agriculture, animal sciences, pre-veterinary medicine, or RVT. The student must have earned at least 12 units at Pierce College, completed AS 501 (Principles of Animal Sciences), and maintained a 3.0 GPA (or higher). 

The student must exhibit interest in looking after the college’s goats and sheep. The student must exhibit humanitarian traits. The student’s interest must be in caring for or breeding animals for human consumption.

The student will turn in a typed essay that meets the minimum standards. The essay should explain why the applicant deserves the scholarship. Grammar, spelling, and content take into consideration. It should be at least one page.

CSUN Build Poder Program

The program enables students with one year remaining at Los Angeles Pierce College (LAPC) to conduct biological science research at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Students from LAPC are not required to transfer to CSUN.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program

An undergraduate research opportunity supported by the NSF. An REU Site is a research program with around ten undergraduate students engaging in a particular research subject at a university. Working with academic staff and other researchers at the university is the undergraduate. 

They provide stipends and funds for lodging and transport for students. Students who are US citizens or permanent residents are eligible for REUs.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program

The most effective two-year pre-veterinary medicine program in California is at Pierce College. Students may get knowledge “hands-on” (kinesthetically) through listening or through watching (visually). We have a reputation for providing graduate school applicants for veterinary medicine with the best practical training available. 

Our farm laboratory, new teaching hospital, diversified veterinary teaching team, superb life science and chemistry support programs, and industry mentors have made this accomplishment possible. 334 Piece alumni have applied to and received acceptance into graduate veterinary medical programs (May 2022). 

Ross University, St. George University, Virginia-Maryland, Oregon State University, Washington State at Pullman, University College at Dublin, University of Illinois, University of Minnesota, Tufts, Cornell, Glasgow, Texas A & M, University of California Davis, Tuskegee, Mississippi, Fort Collins, Iowa State, Prince Edwards, Gainesville, Michigan State, and Wisconsin.

What Else Do They Offer Other Than Education 

Pre Veterinary Programs

In the field of veterinary medicine, you have made a very interesting and significant professional choice by assisting you in the development of skills in a variety of areas, such as animal handling and nursing, the diagnostic laboratory, anesthesiology and radiology, practice management, as well as critical thinking and decision-making abilities. 

The program intends to prepare you for a career as a licensed veterinary technician. With these abilities and a broad knowledge foundation, They will prepare you to assume your position as a part of the veterinary health care team by giving a veterinarian high-quality support and giving your animal patients the professional nursing care and compassion they deserve.

Student Health Services

The student health center is not operational on the weekends and legal holidays. There isn’t an on-call service offered. Services are only offered to enrolled students during the hours that classes are in session. 

All providers are to schedule appointments, and the psychologist must have one. They will treat walk-ins as long as the physicians’ schedules allow it. The services provided consist of:

  • First Aid: The staff at the health center will be ready to assess and treat an injury if a student gets injuries while on campus and can walk there. The Campus Sheriff will go to the student’s location and bring them to the health center if they have injuries or fall unwell while on campus and cannot go to the Health Center.
  • Psychological Support: On campus, personal counseling, crisis intervention, and referral services.
  • Assistance in times of need and crises


Agriculture & Natural Resources

Do you have a passion for animals? In cultivating things? Sustainable or organic environments Do you love science but prefer to spend your days outside? Do you want more information than how to properly groom your dog, saddle your horse, graft your avocado tree, or arrange flowers? 

If yes, the agriculture department at Pierce College provides a program for you. Pierce College stands on 420 acres (169.9 hectares) of flat and rolling terrain. 

They use a total of 200 acres (80.9 hactares) to teach agriculture. Numerous students visit the farm to jog, wake up the hills, or get closer to nature. Our agriculture and life science department courses are available at the farm’s 15-acre (6.07 hectares) nature center. 

The practical approach to teaching agriculture at Pierce College prepares students for the agricultural industry and transfers them to four-year institutions and beyond.

Under this department, the following programs are on offer:

  • Animal science
  • Equine science AS
  • Veterinary technology AS
  • Pre-veterinary science AS
  • Agriculture
  • General agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Landscape design
  • Ag plant science
  • Architectural technology

Architecture and architectural technology prepare students in their programs in the fields of design and visual communication. Apply now at a community college if you want to study architecture and architectural technology to receive your degree.

Business Administration

They aim to arm you with the resources you need to thrive in the modern business environment. This is the place to go whether your objectives are to transfer to a UC or CSU college, get ready for a new career, increase your abilities and opportunities for development, or simply learn more about the state of the economy and current trends. 

They offer guidance on which courses and programs will best suit your needs. To make an appointment, call or email us at any time.

Marketing and Communications

The designated point of contact for all media inquiries is the Pierce College Marketing and Communications department. 

Get in touch with them to seek interviews with college administrators, instructors, students, and staff and get official press releases. Besides, you can make inquiries about Los Angeles Pierce College online classes. You can contact the following for more information:

Marie Johnson-Kola, Interim Director of Marketing and Communications

Phone: 253-864-3236


Kate Frerichs, Communications and Public Relations Specialist

Phone: 253-864-3239


Life Science Department

Courses in biology, anatomy, physiology, microbiology and marine biology are available through Pierce College’s Life Science Department. Their passionate teachers and staff are committed to ensuring students are ready for transfer and jobs in science.

Psychology and Statistics Department

Welcome to Pierce College’s psychology department. Investigating behavior and mental processes is the goal of the fascinating science of psychology. There are numerous sub-disciplines of psychology that make an effort to explain particular facets of behavior and cognitive functions. 

Biological psychology, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning, memory, cognition and language, intelligence, human development, personality, motivation, and emotion, and health psychology, social psychology, abnormal psychology, and clinical psychology, are a few of these fields. 

Please see the course catalog for a list of the psychology courses offered at Pierce College and their descriptions. You can also check the semester course schedule to discover which courses are on offer at the moment (available on the Pierce College website)

Industrial Technology

The department offers courses and programs in Automotive Service Technology, Electronics, Engineering Design & Technology, Machining, CNC, and Welding.

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The Best Things to Do Near Woodland Hills

Spend a Day in Nature at Malibu Creek State Park

The preservation of the Malibu Creek Canyon is the primary goal of Malibu State Creek Park. However, it also acts as a vacation for tourists who want to get away from the city and spend the day amid beautiful scenery and wildlife. 

Three preserves stand on the 8,215 acres (3324.5 hectares) of unspoiled green land in the Santa Monica Mountains. You may visit the remains of former homesteads and discover the region’s history. The park offers a variety of well-liked outdoor pursuits, including hiking, fishing, biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, and wildlife observation. There are also picnic places there.

Witness Lifelike Dinosaurs at Kokoro Exhibits

One of the most interesting and engaging attractions in the Woodland Hills region is the Kokoro exhibitions. The business takes pleasure in producing lifelike animatronic dinosaurs for viewers and interacting with guests of all ages. These dinos are lifelike in terms of appearance, movement, and voice. 

They are in a space that serves as a reproduction of their native habitat for enhanced impact. The bodily movements, skin, and fur are all meant to resemble true human characteristics. There are also animated exhibits of insects and ice age creatures. Other on-site attractions include rideable sculptures and remote-controlled dinosaurs.

Enjoy a Delicious Comfort Meal at The Local Peasant

The Local Peasant in Woodland Hills is the ideal place to have a tasty dinner in a welcoming setting. You can choose from a wide range of large, expertly prepared dishes crafted using ingredients sourced locally on the menu. 

There are many options, including appetizers, burgers, salads, pizzas, and main dishes such as the Portobello Sandwich, Grilled Cheese, and Tomato Bisque. Additionally, there are more than 20 beers on tap, some of which are available locally. The talented bartenders create bespoke cocktails, and they also sauce wine locally.

Learn About Indigenous History at the Chumash Indian Museum

The Chumash people lived in the Thousand Oaks region before European settlers arrived. The former Sap’wi Village is now home to the Chumash Indian Museum. This indigenous interpretive center’s mission is to safeguard the community’s history and culture. 

5,400 square feet (501.7 square meters) of exhibit space inside the center showcases a variety of artifacts, including woven bowls and a tool canoe. You can find a malamtepupi playing field and replica ‘ap houses outside the museum. 

There is also a sizable nature reserve with four gardens and hiking trails. There are available guided tours. On one of these tours, you can see old photographs inside rock shelters.

Explore the Beautiful Conejo Valley Botanic Garden

The Conejo Valley Botanic Garden in Thousand Oaks has been enticing tourists with its lovely landscapes and breathtaking natural elements since 1976. The vistas from this 33-acre (13.35 hactares) estate, located at the highest point in the city, are just as lovely as the gardens themselves. There are 15 well-kept gardens with Mediterranean plants, native plants, and butterflies. 

A bird habitat, rare fruit orchard, oak tree forest, and children’s adventure garden are also on the property. You can find more than 50 different tree species along the Trees route, a nature trail leading to a canyon along a creek bed.

Get a History Lesson at the Museum of the San Fernando Valley

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley in Northridge is the best place to learn everything there is to know about the rich and fascinating history of the San Fernando Valley. The numerous exhibitions and a range of current activities, such as historical walking tours and a lecture series, provide visitors with this knowledge. 

The primary objectives of the museum are to collect, preserve, and disseminate historical artifacts from the area. A few on-site exhibits are the history of World War II, aviation in the San Fernando Valley, and powerful women of the San Fernando Valley. There is also a bookstore there.

Visit the Malibu Hindu Temple

A beautiful temple honoring the Hindu deity Venkateswara is in Calabasas and is known as the Malibu Hindu Temple. One of the largest in the area, the temple attracts visitors from throughout the nation who tour the grounds, take in the gorgeous architecture, and meditate in the designated areas. 

There is also a lovely grassy area on the property where you may picnic or unwind in the fresh air. The temple hosts various open events throughout the year, including ceremonies and festivals of other cultures.

Indulge in Some Retail Therapy at The Commons at Calabasas

The Commons at Calabasas has something for everyone, whether you want to browse upscale boutiques, eat delicious food, watch famous people, or admire the gorgeous architecture. You can find high-end stores like Sephora and Williams & Sonoma, as well as a selection of restaurants, in this beautiful shopping and leisure area.

Escape Into Nature at Wildwood Regional Park

In Thousand Oaks’ Wildwood Regional Park, which has 1,765 acres (714.3 hectares) set aside for outdoor activities and an additional 1,400 acres (566.6 hectares) of open green space, visitors may go away into a natural setting that makes them feel like they are miles from any populated areas. 

The Mesa Trail, Santa Rosa Trail, Wildwood Canyon Trail, and Moonridge Trail are just a few of the 27 miles (43.5 kilometers) of hiking paths that make up this sizable park. 

Paradise Falls, Arroyo Conejo Creek, Indian Cave, and the Nature Center, where you can learn more about the park and its surroundings, are additional attractions on the property. You can engage in outdoor pursuits like biking, horseback riding, camping, and animal viewing. Ranger-led interpretive tours are on offer to tourists at various times.

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With the information, this article provides, you are well aware of anything you need to know about Los Angeles Pierce College in terms of admissions, departments, programs, and many more. 

You must be ready by now to kick professionally begin your career by joining Los Angeles Pierce College. With all the facilities like the state-of-the-art Los Angeles Pierce college library and the pierce college book store, this is the right decision you will ever make.

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