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If you want to discover more about VetMed, you’ve come to the correct spot. At Athens Technical College, we are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our students and community members.

The VetMed program is a one-of-a-kind program offered by the Career Development Center. All students interested in animal science, veterinary medicine, or agriculture must finish the two-year program.

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Athens Technical College’s Tuition

With more than 70,000 students enrolling each year, Athens Technical College is Georgia’s biggest technical institution. Finding the greatest scholarships and grants for your study is so essential.

Even though Athens Technical College found in 1959, its current campus opened in 2015. It is because, from its start, they have been functioning out of numerous Athens sites.

The institution is renowned for providing various programs, including associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in computer science and business administration. Additionally, they provide associate’s degrees in nursing and health sciences.

They also offer several apprenticeship programs that provide students with real-world experience while studying so they may earn important employment experience after graduation.

Even though Athens Technical College’s main campus offers a wide variety of degrees, there are also some choices for distance learning. Distance learners may still be able to enroll in some programs online through one of Athens Technical College’s partner institutions throughout the nation or even abroad.

Athens Technical College is one of Georgia’s most costly state institutions due to its typical tuition, which runs from around $8,000 to $10,000 per year. However, Athens Technical College tuition is still less expensive than other private schools. 

Out-of-state students pay around $12,200 per year, whereas in-state students pay about $7,500 per year (about 70% less). Students close to the institution may be eligible for financial help and scholarships.

Athens Technical College’s Library House, Acceptance Rate, and More


When attending Athens Technical College, you will only sometimes be on campus. Whether the university is in a bustling metropolis or a vast country, make sure you can picture yourself enjoying the surroundings around it. The distance between Athens and Athens Technical College is a crucial element.

Athens Technical College is in Athens, Georgia, which is a good fit for anyone looking for a lively urban environment.


  • Athens Technical College
  • 800 U.S. Route 29 North
  • Georgia Athens 30601

How Many Students are Accepted per Year?

Acceptance at Athens Technical College is relatively easy because of its open admissions policy. However, some fundamental requirements, such as a high school certificate or its equivalent, could be necessary. Also, review your application to ensure it is complete before submitting it.

Admission Criteria for Us Students 

General prerequisites for admission to the associate degree, certificate, and diploma programs offered by Athens Technical College. 

The staff at the campus where they intend to take most of their classes must receive all the necessary papers from applicants, as mentioned in this section. Applicants must fulfill the following procedures to receive admission to Athens Technical College:

  • Application for admission and fee – Each candidate must submit a full admissions application and around $25 non-refundable application fee. The Admissions Office personnel will not process applications that do not include the required application fee. Checks and money orders should include the applicant’s name. There will be around a  $20 late processing fee for applicants.
  • Official high school transcripts – To be admitted to the college, candidates must have completed or received their GED. Candidates must have completed either a public school governed by a school system and state department of education or a secondary school certified by an organization included on the Technical College System of Georgia’s list of recognized organizations of accreditation. Students who have completed an unaccredited homeschool program may take a different route to admission. Those who are applying must submit official high school transcripts or official transcripts of GED test results if they have yet to 30 semester credits or 45 quarter credits at one or more colleges. The Admissions Office personnel must obtain these papers before processing perspective students’ applications. Seniors in high school must provide transcripts proving their high school enrollment and college application. The college president may waive this requirement for students participating in the Move On When Ready program.
  • Official college transcripts – Official transcripts from any college the applicant attended in the past must be submitted if they attended one or more before applying to Athens Technical College. When applying for admission, students in other universities must enclose authentic transcripts displaying the course enrollment. These candidates are required to resubmit official transcripts that reflect the final grades that are for the respective courses. Before the director of registration and records may review transcripts from out-of-state universities, applicants who previously attended those institutions may give pertinent course descriptions. The Admissions Office must first collect transcripts from any colleges the applicant has previously attended before the director of registration, and records may examine transcripts for transfer credit.
  • Placement test scores – Scores from placement tests – As part of the admissions process, applicants may be required to submit their scores from placement tests. Prospective students might provide authentic copies of their ACCUPLACER, COMPASS, ASSET, SAT, or ACT scores if the exam was within five years of the deadline for the term for which admission is acceptable. Candidates must achieve minimal exam results for access to the associate degree, diploma, and certificate programs. Before March 1, 2016, the SAT exam required a minimum math and critical reading score of 450 each. International students must take the placement exam to establish their reading and writing ability levels when applying to the institution.
  • Verification of legal presence and proof of residency – All applicants for in-state college tuition must present documentation of their legal status in the country as well as confirmation of their residence in Georgia. All applicants, whether new or returning, must provide this evidence. Students must provide documentation of legal presence and residency as soon as possible for their tuition to be accurate. The tuition rate for students who are citizens of another country but have not lived in Georgia for the previous 12 months or more will be double that of Georgia residents. Students who are not citizens of the United States must pay four times as much in tuition as Georgia residents. The admissions application packet must include photocopies of the resident alien cards of those applicants who have green cards, are eligible for refugee or asylum status, or other requirements. Students will not get their in-state tuition if they cannot prove their immigration status. No matter how long they have resided in Georgia, this still holds. Students initially categorized as out-of-state must additionally satisfy the lawful presence verification criterion if they successfully seek to change their residence status to in-stater.
  • Proof of residency for military personnel and dependents – Students who are members of the Armed Services, National Guard, or Armed Forces Reserve and their families may be eligible for an in-state tuition waiver. Military people stationed in Georgia and on active duty, lawful residents of Georgia stationed out of state, or former military service members who demonstrate proof of the desire to make Georgia their domicile within 36 months after separation.

Completing the Admissions Process

The admissions office staff will review the application materials and write to candidates to inform them of their acceptance status. For the first sessions of registration and advice, new students must present their letters of admission. 

The information in this letter explains how to finish new-student orientation, go to an advisement day, log into student email accounts, and sign up for classes.

  • Application for financial aid – The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed online at at least four weeks before the early admission deadline of the semester for which admission is acceptable. Only those who submit their financial assistance applications by the due date will be liable for paying their tuition and fees when registering. The tuition and fees must be paid in full at the time of registration by prospective students who will receive financial aid from the Veterans Administration (VA).
  • New student orientation – Students must complete the New Student Orientation before signing up for their first semester of coursework. New students learn about college policies and procedures during orientation.
  • New student registration – The Office of Admissions will advise newly accepted students of the dates, times, and places for new student registration. Students must bring their admission letter, an information sheet, and a printout of the email confirming their completion of new student orientation. They will also need to meet with an advisor to complete the registration process.

Eligible Applicants

The minimum age requirement for admission to Athens Technical College is 16. The college president may waive the age restriction for secondary students enrolled in the Move on When Ready program. Due to professional accreditation standards or because of applicable state or federal regulations, various programs may have varied age restrictions.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

The Department of Homeland Security has authorized Athens Technical College to provide I-20 documents to nationals or lawful permanent residents of other nations who seek to enroll in academic programs. To be admitted to the college, prospective students who require female or male student visas must fulfill the requirements listed below: 

  • You can pay around a $25 non-refundable application fee using US cash, a credit card, a money order, or a check drawn from a US bank in addition to the completed application for admission.
  • Valid test scores from the ACT, SAT, ASSET, or ACCUPLACER that are less than five years old as of the deadlines for applications to the semesters for which admission is acceptable.
  • Transcripts from all colleges attended before the Athens tech application deadline, including high school (or GED) and any previous institutions. One of these college-approved credential evaluation service providers must translate and analyze foreign transcripts. Candidates must cover the charges associated with having their credentials reviewed. Candidates must possess the academic equivalent of a high school diploma. The Admissions Office has addresses, applications, and details on the businesses authorized to offer services for reviewing foreign transcripts.
  • Documentation shows at least $18,441 in US dollars available to pay for the first year of tuition and living costs. Applicants or their sponsors must submit these documents.
  • Copy of the passport page with the applicants’ complete names on it. (The complete name on the passport must match the full name on the admissions application and other paperwork necessary to secure admission as an international student to the college.)

Transferring students must notify their transfer-out institutions that their SEVIS data must transfer before enrolling at Athens Technical College from another American university or college. To move from another U.S. postsecondary institution, applicants must complete a Transfer Clearance Form and provide copies of their most recent I-20, I-94, and visa.

According to Technical College System of Georgia regulation, non-citizens are not eligible for in-state tuition. A permanent residency card (I-551) or an arrival/departure record from the Department of Homeland Security are requirements for applicants. 

A person does not fit the description of an eligible non-citizen if they have an F1 or F2 student visa, a J1 or J2 exchange visitor visa, or a G series visa.

If there is room in the programs after applicants submit these documents, the admissions office will review their application materials. The college will charge four times as much in tuition and fees as it does for Georgia residents.

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Educational Opportunities 

The following are the Athens tech majors available in the Veterinary Technology program.

Veterinary Technology Associate Degree 

VTA provides a certified veterinary technology associate degree-level curriculum. Their programs are to give students solid professional skills and knowledge in an industry that is evolving quickly. 

Students study the fundamental sciences, which include veterinary medical terminology, clinical pathology, clinical procedures, animal anatomy and physiology, diagnostic imaging, pathology and diseases, pharmacology for veterinary technicians, laboratory and exotic animals, anesthesiology and surgical procedures, and veterinary technology clinical internship. 

They also enroll in classes covering social and behavioral sciences, language arts and communications, mathematics and natural science, and humanities and fine arts. Numerous topics are in the courses, including biology, chemistry, algebra, art, literature, music, history, and psychology.

Veterinary Technician Assistant TCC 

A component of the associate of applied science in the Veterinary Technology degree program is the certificate program in Veterinary Technician Assistant. Application acceptance into the associate degree program is a prerequisite for participation in the technical certificate program. Students who complete the curriculum will get certificates.

Students study the fundamental sciences, which include biology, chemistry, algebra, veterinary medical terminology, introduction to veterinary technology, veterinary clinical procedures I, animal anatomy and physiology, and veterinary diagnostic imaging.

Other Educational Opportunities

Special Population Services

We at Athens Technical College know students’ challenges while juggling their studies, careers, and families. We have a Special Populations Program that can aid kids that require it. 

Services include career guidance and exploration, seminars on money management, health issues, and life skills, as well as referrals to neighborhood organizations for help with non-academic issues.

Career Services

The career services office aims to help students and graduates learn about the working world, improve their job search abilities, and find employment possibilities. Students can access various resources and services to aid in their job hunt. 

This office aims to help students build strategies and procedures for succeeding in a cutthroat and fast-paced employment market.

Counseling Services

Students experiencing a crisis or having trouble coping with everyday issues can get help from a counseling coordinator at Athens Technical College.

Continued therapy can be obtained on-site at the college through the Center for Counseling at the University of Georgia. The Office of Counseling Services’ counseling staff members encourage students to seek their advice.

Disability Services

The Athens Technical College Office of Disability Services assists persons with properly documented impairments who want academic modifications and additional help in the classroom or for testing. The college cannot accept high school IEPs or 504 Plans to support the provision of academic alterations because it is a postsecondary institution.

According to each student’s specific needs, reasonable accommodations to qualified pupils. The disability services coordinator gives students accommodation requests once they are determined to be eligible for aid, and students have these requests to present to their teachers each semester. 

These requests detail the suitable modifications that students may be in the testing environment and the classroom. Academic accommodations are always tied to a student’s handicap and are to meet their requirements.

Veterans Services

Athens Technical College is devoted to helping student veterans transition from military to civilian college life by offering services to help them achieve their academic and professional objectives.

The college now participates in the Service Member Opportunity Colleges (SOC) program and has a voluntary collaboration through DANTES with the US Department of Defense to support veterans.

Sexual Health

Over the academic year, the Student Activities Office provides educational programming on sexual health in collaboration with the Student Support Services Office. 

Topics may include safe sex practices, sexually transmitted disease treatment, closeness in relationships, and individual rights in sexual experiences. The college website, online discussion boards, and notice boards throughout each campus also post information.


Academic Support Center

Academic Support Centers may be on campuses in Athens-Clarke County, Elbert County, Greene County, and Walton County. 

Each semester, updated schedules are released on the website of the Academic Support Centers to notify students of the tutoring sessions, academic workshops, and content-specific resources available to help them achieve their educational objectives. Additional lectures and online courses deliver material in an engaging and approachable manner.

If the library lacks enough, you can visit the Athens tech bookstore to purchase the needed resources.

Library Services

The library houses books, including a popular reading collection, journals, newspapers, and videos. Students can access over 400,000 ebooks, over 30,000 streaming educational videos, and thousands of journal articles from off campus. The Athens Technical College library homepage also includes links to Subject Guides to provide students with course or program-specific information resources.

There are computers, WiFi, printers, and photocopiers in the library’s equipment. For both books and videos, the standard checkout duration is three weeks. Cash payment for copies is around $5 per page; credit, debit, or WEPA print cards are around $10 per page. Students can manage their library accounts online to make requests and renew their materials.

What is There to do in Athens, GA?

Athens is a popular tourist destination because of its stunning historic buildings and active cultural scene. Due to its extensive history and wide range of culinary alternatives, it is also one of the most well-liked travel destinations in the Southeast United States. 

No matter what interests you, Athens Technical College, GA, has a lot to offer. There is something for everyone, including museums, parks, and stores.

State Botanical Garden of Georgia

The University of Georgia uses this 136.37 hectares (313-acre) preserve as a horticultural research facility and is accessible to the general public.

The collection is spectacular, the exhibit area is bright and lovely, and we had a wonderful docent who guided us around and shared essential facts about the collection. There are several tea sets, dinnerware, vases, and animal statues: free admittance and a cool place to be on a hot day.

Sanford Stadium

The city center of Athens is controllable from the stadium. It takes roughly 10 minutes to walk there. The environment outside the stadium is typical of a college game, complete with tailgating, merchants, students, and spectators wearing the appropriate uniform.

The stadium’s intriguing feature is that you can watch a game outside next to the enormous TV close to the student sections. There’s no need for a ticket. The stadium is also close to a railroad track and a cemetery.

You will find that the staff helps get you seated. You may park at one of the downtown Athens lots and then walk to the game. Or, you can park farther away and walk farther to the stadium to avoid paying the high parking costs.

Bear Hollow Zoo

In Athens’ Five Points neighborhood, Bear Hollow is a cute tiny zoo with native animals. Although the bears are the major draw, it is still worthwhile to come because of the other species.

It is the place to go if you want to provide kids with a safe environment where they can explore the routes in search of bears, get close to alligators, or interact with birds like turkeys. It’s attached to Memorial Park, so pack a picnic and head down to the lake to play on the numerous miniature playgrounds, feed the geese, and observe turtles.

Downtown Athens

A stunning, breathtaking, safe, and fantastic setting. There is a ton of shopping and several bars, pubs, and restaurants, ranging from casual to formal. There are various hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast alternatives with plenty of bed space. 

There are several live and movie theater alternatives at a sizable convention center. Walking trails, a zoo, botanical gardens, and the amazing University of Georgia.

Creature Comforts Brewing Co

Small-town Creature Comforts Brewery is well-known across the country for its Tropicalia beer. The brewery/taproom is located in an old tire shop, offering a spacious, open environment while fostering a cozy, intimate feel. 

An impressive patio will provide plenty of green space for the city center. Their range of beers is different. It’s a vast, open building. The employees are friendly.

Georgia Museum of Art

Most exhibits are on the second floor of this modest museum, situated on the University of Georgia campus. In regional, national, and worldwide exhibitions, the art is different. Most art museums highlight African-American, self-taught, and female artists more often than expected. 

Well-known painters’ works from the Renaissance and the present are on show. Southern ornamental arts, much for enslaved people, and American art by artists connected to Georgia or the University of Georgia are strong points. The setting of an outdoor sculpture garden might change.

Each year, there are 20 to 25 unique temporary exhibits. The museum is open six days a week and offers free admission (closed on Monday). On Saturdays and Sundays, parking in the PAC parking deck is free. 

The museum gift store is located on the first level and offers unique products for a fair price. Spend a few hours exploring this varied collection. The rooms of this museum were bright and spacious, and the layout was thoughtful.

The Georgia Theatre

Since the Georgia Theater is in the heart of Athens, many dining alternatives are nearby. There is a lot of parking available in parking garages, pay lots, and on the streets (at meters). 

It is a wonderful venue to hear and enjoy music, even though it is by no means fancy.   The sound quality was excellent regardless of where you were in the room, indicating a very professional crew.

University of Georgia

One of the most stunning, well-kept, and beautifully planted campuses is that of UGA. Notre Dame is the only campus that even comes close. The campus is close to downtown Athens and offers access to various dining options and other businesses. 

In addition to being a gorgeous campus, it also has a conservatory. Near downtown on North Campus, 300-year-old trees and thoughtful landscaping surround the ancient buildings. With fountains and attractive architecture, it makes for a pleasant stroll.

Sandy Creek Park

Sandy Creek Park is an excellent location with plenty of family-friendly activities. Numerous locations are available for event rentals. There is a little beach area in the park as well. 

The ropes keep you from diving further into the lake, where the water is only 4 feet (0.37 meters) deep. The park offers a dog park, a few pathways, and other entertaining activities. Spending time there on a Saturday afternoon with friends is a lot of fun.

Sandy Creek Nature Center

The Sandy Creek Nature Center Inc., a non-profit support organization, collaborates with the nature center, a facility of the Athens-Clarke County Department of Leisure Services. 

This 91.05 hectares (225-acre) wildlife refuge has more than 4 miles (6.4 kilometers) of nature paths that provide visitors access to a range of ecosystems typical of the Georgia piedmont, including river floodplains, marshes, upland pine, hardwood woods, farms, ponds, and streams. 

Sandy Creek Nature Center finished a significant expansion in 2012 that was paid for by SPLOST and community partnership funds. The Education & Visitor Center gained more than 4,000 square feet (371.6 square meters), including additional displays and a planetarium. 

The public can visit Sandy Creek Nature Center from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Trails and property are accessible every day from sunrise to dusk.

Iron Horse

The iron horse is a lovely landmark resting in a cornfield off Highway 15 between Watkinsville and Greensboro for many years. The University of Georgia got it as a gift and prospective mascot.

Tree That Owns Itself

The Tree That Owns Itself, a fixture of Athens, stands as one of the city’s most peculiar historical sites. Although the tree now there is technically the “son” of the original tree, it is nevertheless lovely to behold in its own right and has an interesting backstory. 

Several local landmarks attest to the tree’s provenance; however, other than the fact that it is by itself, not much else is noteworthy in this location. The tree is on an island in the center of a neighborhood just outside the downtown area of Athens.

College students relaxing at the park

The End

There are several excellent resources available to guide you correctly. If you’re sure that being a veterinarian is what you want to do, start by researching Athens Technical College in Georgia. Depending on where you reside and the type of vocation you are interested in, the schools include information on their courses and programs.

To learn more about Athens tech programs, you could also visit the website and Athens tech phone number and contact the admissions departments of neighboring technical or vocational institutions. Lastly, you can ask the admissions staff about the many kinds of training they provide. You will receive your response via the Athens Technical College student email.

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