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At Front Range Community College, the student’s success is the number one concern. They believe that learning should be a collaborative effort between students, teachers, and support personnel. At FRCC, the primary focus is on assisting the students in accomplishing the objectives they have for themselves.

Students who enroll in one of the career or technical programs receive training that prepares them for immediate work in over thirty high-demand industries. 

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Front Range Community College Tuition and Other Info


Around 3,600 students comprise the tight-knit community at the Boulder County Campus, located on South Shields street, part of Longmont. FRCC’s advanced manufacturing degrees are available here, which also houses the Center for Integrated Manufacturing. 

Other specialized degrees that you can only earn on this campus include those in Sciences, Geospatial Science, and Teaching English to speakers of other languages. The University of Colorado at Boulder and the Metropolitan State University of Denver are the two institutions that receive the most transfer students from this school.

How Many Students are Accepted Per Year

The Front Range Community college enrolls up to 20,568 students per year.

Admission Criteria for Us Students (Who Can Apply)

The following are the new student enrollment steps:

  • Apply to the FRCC as the first step.
  • Log in to navigate and finish all of your tasks.
  • Fill out the pre-registration form in full.
  • Apply for financial assistance
  • Have a consultation with your advisor
  • Register for classes
  • Participate in an orientation for new students (NSO)
  • Make the payment on your bill

Front Range Community college Fort Collins’s phone number is available on the official website. You can use it to make inquiries.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

The front range community college allows online applications for international students. You must meet all the requirements before getting admission to the college. Use the Front Range Community college email to contact the admissions department for further information.

Educational Opportunities (Which Programs they Offer)

  • AA – Associate of arts (General)  
  • Accounting
  • American sign language (ASL) and deaf studies  
  • Anthropology  
  • Applied technology  
  • Architectural engineering and construction
  • Art and art history  
  • Automation and engineering technology
  • Automotive technology
  • Biology  
  • Business and logistics
  • Chemistry  
  • Communication  
  • Computer information systems
  • Computer networking, virtualization, and cybersecurity
  • Computer science, programming, and web development
  • Computer-aided drafting and design
  • Criminal justice and public safety
  • Dental Assisting
  • Early childhood education
  • Economics  
  • Electronics engineering technology
  • Elementary education  
  • Emergency medical services
  • Engineering for transfer  
  • English  
  • Fermentation sciences  
  • Forestry, wildlife, and natural resources
  • French  
  • Geographic information systems
  • Geography  
  • Geology  
  • Geospatial science Bachelor’s Degree  
  • Health information technology
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration
  • Highway maintenance management  
  • History  
  • Horticulture and landscape technologies
  • Hospitality
  • Integrative health and massage therapy
  • Interior architecture and design
  • Machining
  • Mathematics  
  • Medical assistant and medical office administrative assistant
  • Multimedia technology
  • Music and recording arts technology
  • Nurse aide
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition and dietetics  
  • Optics technology
  • Paralegal studies
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Philosophy  
  • Phlebotomy
  • Physics  
  • Political science  
  • Psychology  
  • Sociology  
  • Spanish  
  • Sterile processing technology
  • Surgical technology  
  • Teaching English to speakers of other languages
  • Veterinary technology
  • Welding technology

Other Educational Opportunities

Apprenticeships are training programs recognized on a national level. These programs combine actual work with learning, both on and off the job. Front Range Community college accuplacer has a lot to offer students and the businesses that hire them, including apprenticeships in various fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, tree care, and more.

Learning on the Internet is both adaptable and convenient. Continue your study on your own time while working towards achieving your goals.

Learning online can easily fit into your busy schedule. You should prioritize attending classes at times that are most convenient for you so that you may still meet the demands of your job and your family. You don’t live close to campus, do you? By attending classes online, you can avoid the hassle of commuting.

The following list of services assists students who take their courses online in achieving their academic goals:

  • The electronic student union (ESU)
  • Orientations for first-year and transfer students (completely virtual)
  • Enrollment advising
  • Advisory services for students
  • The writing lab on the Internet
  • The virtual mathematics laboratory
  • The center for online academic achievement
  • Free online tutoring, either with a tutor from the FRCC or through TutorMe.com.
  • ReadSpeaker, a powerful text-to-speech software, is available in every MyCourses class.
  • BetterMind provides free online counseling and support for mental health.

A department of student affairs at Front Range Community college – Larimer campus specifically serves the needs of online students. Get to know the staff.

Online learning at FRCC is consistently among the best in the nation. Because the teachers have specialized training and certification to enable them to instruct students remotely, they can provide instruction of a high level.


Students in FRCC’s Veterinary Technician programs receive an education that prepares them to work as veterinary health care professionals and gives them the skills necessary to interact with patients, clients, and other veterinary health care professionals in a manner that is both professional and ethical.

Students will develop the greatest possible level of technical skills, creative display thinking, and the ability to solve problems, which are all necessary for the field of veterinary medicine. Students will exhibit the utmost care and concern for the well-being of their patients, and they will comprehend the significance of working well in a team setting.

The initiative will encourage people to learn throughout their lives and make changes for ongoing education available to veterinary health care professionals. The training program for Veterinary Technicians has accreditation from the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Committee on Veterinary Technical Education and Activities.

The Associate of Applied Science in Vet Technology degree is a full-time program. The first semester of veterinary school is for completing general education requirements and getting a student started on the path toward a veterinary career. 

Following the first two semesters of general education, students spend the next four semesters gaining academic and practical expertise in veterinary medicine in several ways. They try to cover each topic from as many different angles as possible so that the students can learn as much as possible and improve their abilities. 

Some courses concentrate on working with live animals, some on laboratory methods, and others are more intellectual. The fourth and fifth semesters of the curriculum are famous for providing students with real-life experience through clinical experiences.

Students who pursue an Associate of Applied Science degree in Veterinary Technology receive training in veterinary health and the care and handling of a wide variety of animals, including birds, exotic animals, birds of prey, and home pets. 

The curriculum includes instruction in anatomy and physiology, radiography, parasitology, medical and surgical nursing, anesthesia, and pharmacology, among other related fields.

This is a full-time training program. You meet the requirements for general education during the first semester of study, and you also begin to develop a focus on the veterinary profession. 

Following the first two semesters of general education, students spend the next four semesters focusing on the specifics of Veterinary Science, learning various academic and practical skills along the way. To assist students in assimilating information and improving their skills, we incorporate as many unique perspectives on a subject as possible. 

Some classes emphasize working with live animals, others emphasize laboratory methods, and others are more intellectual in nature. There’s an emphasis on Clinical experiences during the fourth and fifth semesters of the program, providing students with real-world expertise in the field.

You will be ready to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam once you complete the Veterinary Technician degree program (VTNE). After earning a passing score on the VTNE, you will be eligible to submit an application for certification as a veterinary technician in Colorado.

When they have finished the curriculum, students will be able to do the following:

  • Maintain compliance with all applicable laws and ethical standards established for the profession while providing professional and compassionate medical care to various animal species.
  • Comprehend, show, and carry out the various approaches for assessing patients, the appropriate care and treatment of animals, and their typical and atypical life cycles.
  • Manage patients safely and effectively throughout all phases of anesthetic treatments, and select, utilize, and maintain anesthetic delivery devices and monitoring equipment safely and effectively.
  • Perform diagnostic analysis on laboratory specimens, including blood, urine, feces, tissue, and bodily fluids. Properly package, handle, and store laboratory specimens.
  • Acquire an understanding of, and collaborate with a veterinarian regarding the evaluation of laboratory results.
  • Display an understanding of clinical pharmacology to dispense and administer prescription medications to patients in a safe and effective manner.
  • Maintain professionalism when communicating with the veterinary staff and ensure appropriate client education.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws while carrying out medical, imaging, and dental procedures on large and small animals safely and effectively.
  • During surgical procedures, it is essential to be aware of asepsis maintenance and to offer the appropriate tools, materials, and atmosphere.
  • Create and preserve a workplace atmosphere that protects the employees, customers, and animals in your care from harm.

Certificate of Competence as a Veterinary Assistant

The training for becoming a member of the veterinary medical team in the Veterinary Assistant certificate program includes instruction in veterinary health and handling a wide variety of domestic animals. 

The program’s primary focus is on the responsibilities involved in assisting veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Please visit the website of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) for any more details you may require.

The Veterinary Assistant program recognized by the NAVTA offers instruction in veterinary health and the care and management of various domestic, exotic, and large animal species. The curriculum also emphasizes assisting the entire veterinary team. 

Students who complete the requirements for the Veterinary Assistant certificate will be eligible to:

  • Utilizing steps for the safety of patients and workers can help you keep your place of employment clean and risk-free.
  • Help with customer service and front desk duties while maintaining a professional demeanor and mode of communication.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of clinical pharmacology to carry out inventory procedures, accurately label and package dispensed pharmaceuticals, and identify legal difficulties regarding all therapeutic drugs.
  • Carry out the procedures necessary for the examination room, such as correctly restraining tiny animals, pocket pets, and exotics, while keeping a fear-free approach.
  • Carry out fundamental operations about small animals and gather crucial physiologic data, differentiating between normal and pathological results.
  • Recognize the various varieties of dogs and cats and normal and abnormal behaviors exhibited by animals.
  • Provide assistance with nursing operations for small animals and normal record keeping and patient observation in a hospital setting.
  • Assist in the performance of surgical preparation, which includes the sanitation of instrumentation and supplies, the preparation of the patient, and the maintenance of surgical suite equipment.
  • Assist in setting up various laboratory procedures, including urinalysis, fecal flotation, blood sample collection, ectoparasite examination, and autopsy.
  • Carry out the necessary radiological safety procedures and assist in completing diagnostic radiographs.

Students who begin or continue their studies at Front Range Community College (FRCC) have the legal right to receive specific information, which the college must deliver. 

You have the right to know whether or not the Veterinary Technology Program (VET) you are applying to or attending satisfies the certification or approval criteria for the state of Colorado if you are a student in any of these programs. The degree or certification in states other than Colorado might count toward the credentialing requirements. 

Before starting this program, obtain counsel from the certifying, registering, or licensing organization in any state where you plan to seek employment outside of Colorado. 

You can do this before you start this program. Information specific to individual states is available on the website maintained by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB).

The following is a list of the applicable state qualifications for certification in the state of Colorado, CO, that this program satisfies:

  • CACVT, or the Colorado Association of Veterinary Technicians, offers an Associate of Applied Science degree.
  • Certificate of Completion from the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA)
College students in front of table

Things to Do in Fort Collins

Guided 3-Hour Fort Collins Old Town Food Tour

The Old Town Food Tour provides an experience unlike any other, as it allows participants to sample the distinctive cuisines of several local eateries. 

You will also be in touch with a knowledgeable tour guide who will not only assist in displaying each restaurant but will also provide you with the opportunity to learn about what makes Fort Collins one of the most rapidly rising communities in the United States. 

The Still Whiskey Steaks, Fort Collins Donut Company, and Locust Cider are among the restaurants that have partnered with us. Other restaurant partners include Slyce Pizza, Ciao Vino The Emporium, Stuft Burger, Ginger & Baker, Ace Gillett’s, and Pour Brothers Community Tavern are some of the restaurants in the area.

The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show – Fort Collins

The most popular interactive murder mystery comedy dinner performance in the United States. Participate in investigating a humorous case while enjoying a delectable plated supper of four courses. Just beware! A murderer is lurking around here someplace, and the finger of suspicion could very well point in your direction.

Fort Collins Ghost Tour

Fort Collins Ghost Tour gives access to underground haunted spots throughout the Old Town area that are unavailable to the general public. We have private tours available upon request in addition to our regularly scheduled excursions that take place on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Fort Collins Early Settlement/Town Beginnings Tour

When you visit historical places like Library Park and the ruins of the Strauss Cabin, you will gain insight into the history of the Cache la Poudre River Valley, including the people who have lived there and the tales they tell.

Cache la Poudre Canyon Tour (Half Day)

This small-group tour, which includes transfers from Fort Collins and food and drinks, follows the path of early European settlers in the area and provides participants with the opportunity to learn about the region’s history. 

During your tour, you will make stops at natural landmarks such as the Horsetooth Reservoir, Livermore, Red Feather Lakes, and Chambers Lake, and your guide will provide live commentary the whole time.

Fort Collins Scavenger Hunt: It’s A Small World

An exciting treasure hunt is a great way to get to know a city, and what better way than in Fort Collins, Colorado? Gather your other team members, and then go on an adventure to find a series of clues you will only know if you complete various challenges or puzzles. 

With each piece of new information, you can expand your knowledge of the city, explore the area’s culture, and find the most notable features.

Haunted Pub Tour in Fort Collins

Guests on this tour will visit regions that are normally off-limits to the general public, and professional tour guides will regale them with ghost tales and information about the area’s history while they do so. 

Our customers have access to various brew specialties at each location. They are welcome to bring their brew into the venue’s remote regions, such as those located underground, above the stage, etc., to listen to the stories.

Participate in a Fun Scavenger Hunt in Fort Collins by Zombie Scavengers

The Zombie Scavengers in Fort Collins can help you demonstrate that you have what it takes to live through an outbreak of zombies! Using an app, you can obtain a list of the things you need to survive. You will earn points for each survival item you find, regardless of the sequence in which you locate them. 

You can also earn points by doing insane tasks with a zombie theme. To make it through the apocalypse, you need to explore and figure out how to rack up the maximum points. A remote host will keep a conversation with you throughout the game if you have any queries as the action unfolds. 

Today in Fort Collins is your chance to show the world you have what it takes to live through its end.

Participate in a Fun Scavenger Hunt in Fort Collins by Crazy Dash

During the Crazy Dash of Fort Collins, you’ll be using an app and walking throughout the city to collect points. You’ll do this by completing various challenges and locating goodies hidden throughout the city.

You are free to discover the items in any sequence that you like. Check out where your team’s score stands in comparison to those of other teams from throughout the country by looking at the rankings in the app. 

A remote host is available for you to talk to in case you have any questions or concerns while playing Crazy Dash. The most laid-back treasure search is famous as the Crazy Dash. Fort Collins is waiting for you to go and explore it.

Fort Collins Military Years Tour

Learn about the military history of Fort Collins with interpreter-guide Mark Serour with this guided tour. Mark will dress in period clothing for added fun, and he will share stories from Fort Collins and the region surrounding it. Note that this tour includes some light walking.

Fort Collins Crusade Scavenger Hunt

The extremely one-of-a-kind, immersive experiences are the only ones of their kind in the world. In contrast to other firms, you get your very own remote, interactive, live host who is there to help you along the way and encourage you. 

It is a global custom event design firm with headquarters in Austin, Texas, and we offer scavenger hunts and other events in more than 150 cities across North America and abroad. The carefully handcrafted excursions combine elements of a tour, creative challenge, scavenger hunt, and social experiment in equal measure.

Guests can explore an alternative version of their favorite off-the-beaten-path hidden gems and creatively interpret exciting art, history, and culture clues to earn points. Regardless of their score, they will be able to bask in the glory and renown that comes with inclusion on the international scoreboard of the website.

Even if they don’t have any rivals from their city who have signed up to compete, they still get the opportunity to compete against other teams in other cities. Get ready to meet local authors, enjoy the popular hangouts only known to locals, learn about rare curiosities, and much more.

Unique Scavenger Hunt Experience in Fort Collins by Operation City Quest

Operation city quest is your ticket to adventure in Fort Collins. Participating in our scavenger hunt will lead you all over the city, where you will be able to discover items in any order you choose and complete fun tasks in exchange for points. 

The scavenger hunt is through an app, and you can check the app’s rankings section at any moment to see where you stand in the competition. The treasure hunt features a remote guide who will assist through chat at certain points along the trip. Let’s get out and see what else Fort Collins has to offer.

Visit Red Rocks Park, Continental Divide, and Breckenridge

On this small-group tour, which includes visits to the Continental Divide, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and the ski resort town of Breckenridge all in one day, discover what Colorado has to offer. Set out in a comfy vehicle as soon as the sun comes up.

Before crossing the Continental Divide and Loveland Pass, you’ll tour Red Rocks while periodically pausing to snap pictures. Take advantage of the free time to explore, shop, and eat in Breckenridge (own expense).

Continental Divide CO

Foothills Mountain Small-Group Tour

On this small-group excursion, travel outside in the direction of the Rocky Mountain foothills. You may easily travel outside of the Mile High City to see mountain vistas, pine forests, the history of the Wild West, and picturesque canyon roads, even if you just have a half-day to spare.

Among the stops are Golden, home to Coors Brewing, and the popular Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Small-Group Cocktail Tour in Fort Collins 

Explore the Forts cocktail scene and learn the fascinating backstories of the city’s most well-known drinks on this small-group guided walking tour. Drink some libations and listen to your tour guide tell tales about the wild past of the Mile High City as you stroll through the city.

By going to some of the present-day speakeasies, historic taverns, and local hangouts, you can learn about the drinks from the past era.

Brews and Views

Are you a die-hard beer enthusiast who wants to hike through the mountains and sample some of Colorado’s best brews? During this small-group tour of the former mountain mining settlement at the base of the Rocky Mountains, your group will discover the history of brewing.

Your manual emphasizes some of the area’s top brewpubs. Enjoy the beer-tasting process, give new things a try, and discover new brews you’ll like.


FRCC consistently expands its academic offerings by introducing cutting-edge programs in advanced new industries where students can acquire lucrative careers. 

Accreditation at the state, regional, and national levels confers upon more than 20 of the certificate and Associate of Applied Science degree programs. The Front Range Community college scholarships are also available for needy students. Read our article and find out The LATEST Info on Studying At The Community College Of Denver.

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