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Where is Coast College Located?

Where is coast college? Central Coast College is a pro-profit private and nationally accredited institution at 11 E. Navajo Drive Suite 100, Salinas, California, united states Coast College is in a city with a  good match and vibrant atmosphere for those who like the city but also offers online classes to those who want to study online.

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All About Studying at This Institution

Central Coast College has been successfully training for over 25 years, and their education prepares you for a career when you graduate. Its mission is to provide high-quality training that ensures a competent workforce and meets students’ needs to the community’s economic vitality.

Learning should be a positive experience, and everyone deserves a quality education that enhances professionalism and employability while maintaining the college’s integrity and standards. Learning specific skills helps students to develop responsible, mature work attitudes, habits, and a favorable self-image.

Central Coast schools strongly believe in a comprehensive approach to training and preparing for the workplace. The institute aims to set high standards for attendance, appearance, and professional behavior among students and also help students balance education and life in a quickly changing world. 

Coast College programs packages have skills and knowledge that employees need, and for each graduate to strive and be a great employee.


Central Coast College moved to a new location in Salinas, California, to accommodate the large population growth of students in the school’s history. The new campus is approximately 13,000 square feet (1,170 square meters) larger than the original, serves the growing student body, and provides students with more space for firsthand career training.

Central Coast College salinas, ca, is a legacy education institution that provides adjustable real-world career training for crucial healthcare and business careers through hands-on, hybrid, and online classes.

The new location has one building’s offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, and meeting rooms. Also, it offers new students a comfortable room featuring a lounge and tall bistro tables, providing them with a casual space to study, gather, and relax. The new campus also offers enough outside space to host events and job fairs with the society.

How Many Students are Accepted Per Year

Central Coast College salinas, ca, has about 245 enrollment annually. The school uses different academics every year. The student-faculty is 19:1, and the highest degree offered at the institution is an associate degree.

Admission Criteria for US Students 

Admission at Central Coast College Salinas ensures you get the right future program for you. The admission team helps you to:

  • Listen to your interests
  • To identify your goals
  • Evaluate your needs
  • Explain the interest you will receive from our comprehensive training programs
  • Select a training program


  • Secondary school record
  • Must be above 18 years
  • Tests such as Wonderlic and WISC-III

Neither Required nor Recommended

  • Secondary school GPA
  • Secondary school rank
  • Completion of college-preparatory program
  • Formal demonstration of competencies
  • Admission test scores 

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

Admission criteria for international students are similar to those of a US student, but foreigners must test for a foreign language. Enrolling at Central Coast College is easy; after you fill out the application, they contact you about enrolling and focus on the level of education you want to acquire.

Educational Opportunities 

Certificate Diploma in Business Administrative Specialist

The business world is full of opportunities, and if you enjoy working in an office as part of a team or leading a team, a career as Business Administrative Specialist is a great choice for you. 

The Coast College business administrative specialist program prepares students to work in small and large businesses in different industries, including agriculture, tourism, and non-profit organizations. 

At Coast College, you can train for as few as 38 weeks and become a successful business career. Within the 38-week program, students learn:

  • Basic Accounting Principles; general ledger, payable, and receivable accounts
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Workplace Computer abilities in Microsoft Word, Windows, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Ten-Key and keyboard Skill Building
  • Oral and written Communication Skills

Graduates receive career position and certificate of completion in:

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Assistant Bookkeeper
  • Bookkeeper
  • Secretary 

Students also get an opportunity to experience real-world and work through an externship.

Certificate in Medical Administrative Specialist

Medical Administrative Assistant is an excellent choice for you if you are looking for tremendous career growth. At Central Coast College Salinas, you train for as few as 48 weeks and get a reward in your healthcare career.

Coast College medical administrative assistant programs prepare students to work in the crucial area of administrative healthcare. Medical administrative assistants are critically affiliated healthcare workers performing administrative duties in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and medical clinics. In the 48-week program, students learn:

  • Medical anatomy and terminology
  • Medical equipment and office procedures
  • Record keeping
  • Computerized and electronic medical management systems
  • Medical insurance billing
  • Introduction to medical coding
  • PC essential in Microsoft excel and word programs
  • Oral and written communication skills

Graduates receive career position and  certificate of completion in: 

  • Medical administrative assistant
  • Medical Secretary
  • Medical records and health information technician
  • Medical receptionist
  • Medical information clerk
  • Billing, cost, and rate clerk 

Certificate Diploma in Computer Specialist: Accounting

If you like working with numbers accounting career is great for you, and Coast College offers training in as few as 48 weeks and gets a reward in the accounting career.

At Central Coast, the Accounting program prepares students to work in large and small businesses in different industries such as tourism, agriculture tourism, and non-profit governmental organizations. The 48-week program provides students with:

  • Accounting Principles; general ledger, payable and receivable accounts, and payroll
  • Computerized and manual accounting environments
  • Accounting theories with hands-on practice
  • Workplace computer skills in Microsoft word, Windows, Powerpoint, and Excel
  • Computerized spreadsheets
  • Word processing
  • Payroll
  • Oral and written communication skills

Graduates receive career and certificate of completion in: 

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Auditing clerk
  • Bookkeeping clerk
  • Payroll clerk
  • Receivable and payable accounts 

Certificate Diploma in Medical Assisting

The medical assistant job is flexible and stable, and you get a chance to help people daily. Coast College offers medical assisting training in as few as 46 weeks.

Central Coast College Salinas’s medical assistant program prepares students to work in the crucial healthcare field. Medical assistants are critically affiliated healthcare workers performing critical administrative duties in doctors’ offices, hospitals, and medical clinics. The 46 weeks program provides students with: 

  • Medical office procedures
  • Medical  terminology
  • Electronic and medical records keeping
  • Patient vital signs
  • Venipuncture and injections
  • Use of laboratory equipment
  • Use of electrocardiogram equipment

Graduates receive career position and certificate of completion in:

  • Medical assistant
  • Health information technician and medical records
  • Medical Secretary
  • Reception and information clerk

Certificate in a Phlebotomy Technician

If you are a health care assistant or have an interest in pursuing a medical field career, phlebotomy training and certificate are the best choices for you. At coast college, they offer training just within 12 weeks.

Central Coast College’s phlebotomy program prepares students to practice state-approved phlebotomists in California. Phlebotomists train as friendly health professionals who draw blood for medical tests.

Training and getting certified in phlebotomy enhances your resume and helps to position you for greater employment opportunities. Within the 12 weeks course, students learn:

  • How to collect and process specimens
  • Explaining medical procedures to patients
  • Updating patient records
  • How to prepare stains and reagents
  • Cleaning and sterilizing different equipment

Central Coast College also offers a complete 4-week advanced phlebotomy technician avocational program for students with healthcare experience documentary, ideally in medical assisting. To enroll in the advanced phlebotomy course, you must provide work experience approval and meet all State requirements.

Students with enough work experience may not take the entire 4-week program to qualify for the certificate. 

Coast College is currently offering phlebotomy to medical professionals with health care experience. Students receive a certificate of accomplishment upon graduation and prepare to test for certification through the state of California.

Certificate in Nursing Assistant

If you are patient and compassionate, want to help people daily, and have an interest in nursing assistants, you will get an opportunity to train at central coast college. You can qualify after five weeks at the coast college and get a reward for this healthcare career.

Central Coast College’s nursing assistant program prepares students to work in this important healthcare position at extended-care facilities, home healthcare agencies, individuals who want extra care, and hospitals that employ nursing assistants. Within this 5-week program, students learn:

  • Basic nursing skills
  • Measuring vital signs; temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and respiratory rate)
  • Output and intake measurement
  • Recordation of care 
  • Ensuring they meet clients’ emotional, mental, and social healthcare needs.
  • How to assist clients in maintaining and attaining independence, respect for personal rights, Privacy, and confidentiality
  • Respond properly to emergencies

Graduates take the state licensing exam to be certified nursing assistants and receive a certificate of completion. They also get to pursue extra training and prepare for entry-level healthcare positions.

Certificate Diploma in Ultrasound Technician

At Central Coast College, the ultrasound technician program provides critical theoretical knowledge and active, practical skills that students need to be successful in this growing field. Ultrasound or sonography technology is used in healthcare facilities to produce images of internal organs, blood vessels, and soft tissue and to observe the developing fetus in the womb.

Students at coast college learn this course in as few as 84 weeks. Ultrasound technicians train as medical professionals who specialize in using sophisticated equipment, and within the 84-week program, students learn to: 

  • Verify patient health and history status
  • Operate ultrasound equipment, analyze and record results in actual time during the exam, and communicate findings with interpreting and referring physicians
  • Capture and select the best images, make calculations and take measurements
  • Assess images and tests relating to a patient’s condition
  • Communicate with patients and physicians 
  • Consult on patient results with professionals

Graduates receive certificates of completion and a diploma in Ultrasound technician and enter entry-level positions. Students may pursue an associate of applied science degree by finishing extra general education courses which take 108 weeks.

The increasing growth of ultrasound technology by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics attracts alternative projects to radiological procedures. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that ultrasound technology projects will grow 12% annually through 2029, adding about 15,600 new jobs to the economy.

Most ultrasound technicians find positions in private and public hospitals; some work in private practices, outpatient care, physician offices, and medical and diagnostic laboratories. Ultrasound technicians choose the area they want to specialize in.

AAS Degree in Ultrasound Technician

You can study ultrasound technician associate of an applied science degree(UT AAS) program at central coast college. Whether you are completing an ultrasound technician course and want to strengthen or advance or start from the beginning, coast college is the best place for you.

Coast College also offers 100% hybrid-online classes, hands-on training, and combining theory coursework for AAS ultrasound technicians. Graduates get their degree in AAS ultrasound in as few as 108 weeks and immediately prepare to enter entry-level positions in the field.

Ultrasound AAS degree courses are:

  • Introduction to psychology
  • Microbiography
  • Introduction to sociology
  • Human Anatomy
  • Human physiology

Certificate in Veterinary Assistant

If you love or want to work with animals, a veterinary assistant career is the best choice, and Central Coast College offers the training you need to become one. Training at Coast College takes as few as 38 weeks.

The veterinary assistant program at Central Coast College gives students hands-on experience working with animals and prepares them for careers as veterinary assistants.

Veterinary assistants provide crucial support and assistance to scientists, veterinarians, technicians, and veterinary technologists with their daily tasks. Within the 38 weeks, students learn:

  • Proper restraining techniques
  • Assisting with ultrasound imaging and radiology.
  • Grooming procedures
  • Taking patient’s history and maintaining medical records
  • Maintaining and sterilizing equipment and facilities
  • Immunizing and administering some medicine

After graduates complete their course, they receive a certificate of completion and prepare for immediate employment as veterinary assistants.

AAS Degree in Veterinary Technology

Central Coast College offers an AAS degree in veterinary technology to people who love animals or those who want to grow their veterinary careers. Training as an AAS in veterinary technology takes as few as 84 weeks.

The veterinary technology program aims to prepare students to acquire professional certificates and work as veterinary technicians.

The American Veterinary Medical Association Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities approves the Central Coast College program and is the only committee program accredited in the San Benito, Monterey, and Santa Cruz tri-county areas.

The veterinary technology career has two academic years within 84 weeks; students finish the veterinary assistant program in the first year. In the second year, students achieve the requirements for an AAS degree in veterinary technology. Within the 84 weeks of the veterinary technology program, students learn:

  • CPR and first aid training  
  • To prepare, earn and receive their AAS veterinary technology degree.
  • To immediately prepare for entry-level employment as a beneficial employee able to uphold a higher standard for personal integrity, accountability, and work ethics. 
  • Gain knowledge and skills to test for the state and national veterinary technician examinations. 

Veterinary technology graduates are eligible for Registered Veterinary Technician and State licensing after they pass the Veterinary Technician National Examination and California State Veterinary Technician Examinations excellently. After completing their courses, students receive a degree in AAS veterinary technology.

High School Diploma Assistance

Central Coast College has an Eligible Career Pathway Program(ECPP) that helps students who enroll through the ability to benefit receive a high school diploma. Students will have an opportunity to receive their high school diploma while still enrolled in an eligible ECPP program.

Coast College has a partnership with Excel high school, and non-high school graduates can enroll in the following programs:

  • Medical Assisting
  • Computer Specialist: Accounting
  • Business Administrative Specialist
  • Medical Administrative Assistant

Central Coast College is committed to helping students make a significant step towards making their future great by assisting them in securing a high school diploma while simultaneously completing a program with us.

Educational Opportunities

Many Coast College graduates get employment at the institution. Practical externship hands-on training and support from the career department prepare the students to enter the job market confidently. The Career department also provides the tools and support graduates need to transition from school to career success.

The Career Services department also offers comprehensive services such as:

  • Job searching and networking
  • Resume writing
  • Job placement assistance
  • Interviewing skills

Coast College does not guarantee employment upon graduation, but career instructors frequently seek to assist students with employment opportunities before and after graduation.

What Else do They Offer Other Than Education?

Central Coast College only offers career services to the student. It doesn’t have a hospital, just labs and clinics for carrying out practicals.

Departments/Centers/ Institutes

  • Business Administrative Specialist
  • Computer Specialist: Accounting
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Assisting
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Veterinary Technology
Student team

Recreational Activities to Do in Salinas

Boronda Adobe History Center

Boronda’s historical center was built between 1844 and to1848 by Jose Eusebio Boronda at the lower side of Salina valley. It is a treasure house for local history. Students may enjoy walking around, reading historical plaques, and learning about Lagunita Schoolhouse. There is also a military exhibit.

California Welcome Center

At California welcome center, you will find historic sites, world-class wines, a quaint, historic downtown, and the friendliest people. Students can also explore the nearby Monterey Bay beaches, Carmel valley pinnacles national and different museums and historical areas in the center.

Fort Ord National Monument – Badger Hills Trailhead

Fort ord national monument is a gateway place where you will find different types of plants and animals and stunning views. The area’s history is steep, and students who appreciate such things should visit. The place is naturally beautiful and quiet, with small crowds.

There are several trails at the national monument; you can find something long, short, easy, strenuous, or a combination of them, and you choose your preference. This place was a training location for the US military and also great for bike riding and hiking.

Maya Cinemas

Maya cinemas is a theater in downtown Salinas, close to various restaurants. It is a clean place with comfortable recliners and relaxation. It is easy to book online, and the location is student-friendly.

Maya cinema theaters serve in the Maya community foundation that enriches and develops people’s lives. Maya cinemas also have an education fund to support local high school graduates who make a difference in the community by offering scholarships.

Scholarships are raised annually at the cinema.

Monterey Zoo

Monterey zoo is between Monterey and Salinas, California, with more than 100 alien animals, such as African elephants. Monterey zoo offers full-time education for both children and adults. It is the first beneficial zoological to people who visit Monterey county and less privileged people who cannot travel to the nearest zoo.

National Steinbeck Center

The National Steinbeck Center is among downtown Salinas’s greatest cultural and museum centers. It is a dedication to the legacy of author John Steinbeck, and this center aims to educate, inspire, participate and understand each other.


The founder of Oldtown salinas was Joel R Panzer and Frank Savino in January 2000. The foundation aims to help the community by holding local events and raising funds to benefit charity organizations, and students can join and help build a better society.

Odonata Wines South

Odonata is on the coast of California, and Denis Hoey owns and operates it. Odonata produces a small amount of each of its wines and targets natural local grapes that grow sustainably. Hoey works with local farmers to ensure they have quality wines from the vines. Students will enjoy learning about wine processing.

Salinas Aquatic Center

Central Coast YMCA operates the Salinas aquatic center and offers several aquatic and swimming programs such as swimming lessons, lap swimming, water aerobics, and family swimming. During the summer season, students will enjoy swimming in this area.

The Steinbeck House / Best Cellar Gift Shop

Eight enthusiastic women with the same interest in gourmet cooking built the Queen Anne-style house in Salinas in 1897; and they wanted to exhibit salina valley produce and formed the Valley Guild. Steinbeck house is the home and birthplace of author Steinbeck.

The official opening of the house as a public restaurant was on February 27, 1974, after renovation. The Best Cellar is a beautiful shop with unique gift items and vintage and new Steinbeck books in the house’s basement.

Steinbeck family furniture and pictures decorate the house. Students can enjoy meals at the restaurant while learning more about the Steinbecks family.

The Farm

The farm is an agricultural education center that grows 30 different crops. The salina valley soil and weather make the variety of crops unique. Eighty types of fruits are ready for market annually, making Salinas valley the most productive farm in the country.

Toro County Park

Toro county park is 6mi (9.7km) from downtown salinas and covers 4,756ac (19,246,849.15m). It offers outdoor enthusiasts the best place for family outings. The park has an equestrian stage and riding area, playground, two softball fields, horseshoe pits, volleyball courts, mountain biking, and over 20 miles of hiking trails that students can enjoy.

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

Weathertech raceway laguna Seca was built in 1957 near Monterey and Salina in central California for motorcycle and auto racing. The racetrack has a 180ft (55m) elevation change and is 2.24mi (3.602km) long.

Most of the exhibition, entertainment, and racing events take place at the raceway, from music festivals and supercars to sports car racing to music festivals. Most prestigious racers visit the area, and students in sports will enjoy the raceway.

Group of college students

The Final Say

Central Coast College Salinas staff are highly educated and experienced and provide students with a winning approach and prepare them to be the best in their career field. They also offer quality educational experience and assist students in utilizing the skills and knowledge they need to join their careers.

Central Coast College started in 1983 with only 20 students, two staff, and one program. Today, Coast College has 200 plus enrolments and more than 20 full-time and part-time employees.

These core values guide Central Coast College:

Integrity: Central coast College commits and is true to students, staff, faculty, and investors.

Creativity:  They offer innovative, instructive techniques and technologies to the students.

Ambition: work ethics, insatiable drive, and burning motivations to pursue education drives them to achieve their goals.

Teamwork: Loyal educators inspire the students, staff, and faculty.

Coast College offers hybrid and online programs that take less than two years. Central Coast College is an IAF institution that provides students with scholarships to pursue their careers.

Students benefit from real-world externship courses and practical experiences at coast college. Central Coast College offers morning, midday, and evening classes; you can work in the morning and study in the evening. Coast College offers more than training; the programs teach students skills they need in their careers for the rest of their professional life.

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