Why San Diego Mesa College is a Cut Above the Rest

San Diego Mesa College Notable Alumni

In 2016, Health Information & Medical Records Administration was the most popular Bachelor’s Degree specialization at San Diego Mesa College, a higher education institution in San Diego County, California.

San Diego Mesa College conferred 1,839 degrees in 2020 across all undergraduate and graduate programs. Women received 60.3% of these degrees, while males received 39.7%.

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San Diego Career Center and Other Info


Around one and a half miles south of Balboa, between Convoy Street (which turns into Linda Vista Road) and Genesee Avenue, is where you may find San Diego Mesa College.

How Many Students are Accepted per Year

The total number of students enrolled at San Diego Mesa College is 20,693. San Diego Mesa College has 3,968 full-time students and 16,725 part-time students enrolled. This indicates that 19.2% of San Diego Mesa College’s student body is on full-time enrollment.

Undergraduate and graduate enrollment at San Diego Mesa College has 39.1% Hispanic or Latino students, 29.4% White students, 15% Asian students, 7.66% two or more races students, 5.78% Black or African American students, 0.445% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders students, and 0.237% American Indian or Alaska Native students.

Hispanic or Latino female students make up the majority of full-time undergraduate students at San Diego Mesa College (24.8%), followed by Hispanic or Latino male students (18.3%) and White male students (12.9%). 

20,693 students are in San Diego Mesa College’s undergraduate and graduate programs combined. San Diego Mesa College has 3,968 full-time students enrolled and 16,725 part-time students. In comparison to 34.4% at comparable Associates Colleges, 19.2% of San Diego Mesa College’s students are on full-time enrollment.

Admission Criteria for US Students (Who Can Apply)

At its three credit institutions, San Diego City College, Mesa College, and Miramar College, as well as its seven San Diego Continuing Education locations, the San Diego Community College District enrolls about 100,000 students each year.

The associate degrees, career technical certificates, and continuing education programs that the schools provide help students become ready to transfer to universities or pursue professional paths that lead to higher-paying jobs. As part of California’s Baccalaureate Pilot Program, Mesa College also grants a bachelor’s degree in health information management.

The San Diego Community College District provides a discrimination-free learning environment. A visual or hearing handicap or a language barrier will not prevent a student from getting admission to or participating in college programs.

You must apply to San Diego City, Mesa, or Miramar College before you may sign up for classes. The online application is simple and cost-free to complete. Links to each of the three college applications are at the bottom of the page. You can enroll for classes at all three universities if you only apply to one.

After processing your application, you will receive an email confirmation. Visit the college’s admissions page for more details on how to apply.

Who Should Apply?

  • New students must apply. For further information, check the college website.
  • College-enrolled students who have not applied to San Diego City/Mesa/Miramar/ECC in the last three terms or who have not maintained continuous attendance for a year.
  • You should not submit another application if you have already applied to San Diego City, Mesa, or Miramar College. You can use it once and get admission to all three colleges.
  • Students who are non-residents but live outside the United States and want to enroll in the San Diego Mesa College online schedule.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

For F-1 visa holders, San Diego Mesa College provides a two-year Associate’s degree program with the potential to transfer to a four-year university. The college works to:

  • Integrate visiting overseas students onto the campus to promote civic and academic global understanding.
  • Encourage students from across the world who prefer San Diego Mesa College for their pursuit of international education to participate in study abroad programs.
  • Deliver comprehensive assistance during the cultural and educational transition from home to the United States, ensuring regulatory compliance and advising on immigration, leading to a smooth departure.

Workshops and Services Offered:

  • Advising prospective students’ admissions.
  • Employment training.
  • International drop-in advisory services.
  • An international hot spot for counseling.
  • Departure seminar.

Educational Opportunities (Which Programs They Offer)

Veterinary Technology Program

The secret is out now! The American Veterinary Medical Association has accredited the Veterinary Technology program at San Diego Mesa College (AVMA). You can sit for the Veterinary Technician National Exam once you complete the program (VTNE).

To prepare you for a career as a veterinary technician, the Veterinary Technology program offers a course of study that extends far beyond the conventional classroom setting. 

You will participate in clinically-based work experience courses (upon passing a background check) and gain first-hand experience exemplifying standards of safety and ethics while operating medical technology, handling animals, and performing services ranging from venipuncture to surgical preparation. 

You will learn how to care for animals and support those who love them. You will learn how to keep clinic and owner records so that office visits run well and so that owners and medical professionals may communicate effectively. 

You will work with actual animal patients under the guidance of competent Veterinary Technology faculty, gaining the foundation in veterinary care you need to promote animal health throughout your veterinary medicine career. Are you ready to take the next step to become a veterinary technician? 

Program Outcomes for Learning
  1. Use your knowledge and abilities to carry out veterinary-related clinical operations safely and efficiently.
  2. Display the professional and moral qualities required of a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT).
  3. Effectively interact with other veterinary professionals as an RVT should.
  4. Possess the ability to think critically and solve problems alone and in a group setting.
  5. Understand the veterinary laws and rules that apply to the RVT in California.

Accounting Program

Financial literacy is a crucial skill for any financial planning. We might all benefit from knowing how to set aside money for college, control our monthly spending, and plan for our retirement. 

The Mesa College Accounting curriculum will give you the abilities you need to be a great employee and assist others in preparing for a lifetime of financial responsibility, in addition to helping you plan for your financial stability. 

Financial accounting courses at Mesa College will aid you on your path to promoting economic health and stability inside a business, nonprofit organization, or governmental body, regardless of whether you wish to become a CPA or certified accountant. 

By taking auditing, economics, and communications courses, you will gain a foundation in business practice that may match your interests and be used in careers in various disciplines. 

The advice you will get from the many CPA licensed and business professional faculty members in the Accounting program will give you first-hand knowledge of how the business world functions and direct you on your path to a rewarding career in accounting and finance or as you continue your education at another institution.

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Students who complete the program will show a foundational understanding of accounting systems and financial and managerial accounting. The students will also cover the following topics: tax, auditing, and governmental and not-for-profit accounting.
  2. After finishing the program, students can create basic financial and management reports using QuickBooks, excel, tax software, and other related technologies.
  3. After completing the curriculum, students will understand the ethical challenges of the accounting profession and the importance of being a good citizen.
  4. To access, comprehend, and apply pertinent professional accounting guidance, students who complete the curriculum will apply and utilize research skills.
  5. Suppose they satisfy all other academic and professional requirements. In that case, students who complete the program will be ready to sit for the Certified Public Accounting examination, transfer to a bachelor’s or master’s degree program, or earn an entry-level accounting position.

Business Administration Program

The business administration courses at Mesa College support your professional growth and open the door to a successful and fulfilling career in business. You will learn how to manage, plan, and run a business or organization in the Business Administration program under the guidance of caring professors. 

Your basic business knowledge from the program’s accounting, marketing, economics, and law classes will be transferable to a wide range of interests and industries, enabling you to use your credentials and adaptable skill set to pursue a career in the area that interests you. 

Your education from the Firm Administration Program will assist you to weather the competitiveness of our fast-expanding workforce and equip you to captain your own business, whether you are planning to transfer to another university or want to embark directly on your career choice.

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Learn about business and the surrounding environment, both locally and globally, while keeping an eye on markets, finances, and feasibility.
  2. Compare costs and advantages while analyzing corporate difficulties, such as technological applications, sustainability concerns, and ethical dilemmas.
  3. Effectively communicate in business with text and visuals using conventional, digital, and emerging media.
  4. Connect with classmates and role models on campus and in nearby companies.

Child Development Program

Are you prepared to change a child’s life forever? Mesa College’s child development coursework will empower you to make a difference as you prepare for exciting child development occupations and employment with children. 

The early childhood development courses at Mesa College will assist you in addressing children’s varied physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs to facilitate their future success better, even though each new generation differs from the one before it in terms of its needs and characteristics. 

You will engage in experiential learning that will sharpen your problem-solving abilities and equip you to create inclusive, multicultural curricula with age-appropriate activities, with opportunities to participate in student teaching and child observation. 

The Child Development program at Mesa College will direct you toward your personal and professional goals, defining the quality of tomorrow’s future as you raise society’s newest politicians, educators, and artists. 

It doesn’t matter if you have children of your own that you want to understand better or if you want to fulfill the California licensing requirements to work in centers, schools, and homes as a teacher, administrator, or supervisor of children.

Program Outcomes for Learning
  1. Gain the capacity to foresee, identify, and effectively interact with the varied learning styles and talents of kids with various requirements.
  2. Work cooperatively to encourage tolerance for others’ perspectives and beliefs and to show cultural diversity.
  3. Show that you have the knowledge and abilities necessary to achieve California’s license standards to work in the field of early childhood education and development.

Culinary Arts / Culinary Management Program

You can pursue your passion for cooking and obtain your degree or certification in culinary arts at San Diego Mesa College. You will gain first-hand experience modeling food preparation techniques, food safety, sanitation, and menu planning while working with modern equipment in recently renovated facilities. 

Our culinary program is one of only a handful in the country to operate a classroom-driven restaurant open to the public. You will acquire the managerial abilities in culinary operations necessary to deliver flawless service and manage a successful business by fusing your professional development, technical proficiency, and a foundation in business practice. 

The Culinary Arts/Culinary Management program at Mesa College will help you develop an appreciation for food that goes far beyond its actual composition and connects you to enduring traditions, cultures, and individuals worldwide. The program’s attentive faculty will guide your every step. 

As you start your job and further your studies at another culinary arts college, you will find your special talents in the disciplines of culinary arts and hospitality and contribute to the ongoing health of the food sector.

Program Outcomes for Learning
  1. Show off your understanding of food seasonings and flavors used in popular national and international cuisines.
  2. Use all fundamental kitchen tools, from hand tools to heavy equipment, with proficiency.
  3. Display all the skills required to prepare food that is hygienic and safe for eating by the general public.
  4. The students will discuss the connection between items’ procurement, delivery, storage, production, and selling prices.
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Other Educational Opportunities (Such as Externships, Internships)

Work Experience

Earn college credit for your volunteer, intern, or employee work. Through this non-traditional course, faculty members assist students in exploring career options, developing professional skills, and receiving on-the-job training. For each unit of student enrollment, the student obtains work experience credit based on either 60 or 75 hours of unpaid work or internship. 

To receive an ADD code to register, follow the Work Experience Steps to Enroll instructions below. Do you need help finding a career, an internship, or a volunteer position? Open an account and fill up your profile on the new Handshake Job Board from SDCCD. 

To get assistance, students can look through thousands of currently open positions, connect with businesses, and set up meetings with Mesa’s Internship Coordinator.

Work Experience Steps to Enroll

You must satisfy the following prerequisites to qualify to receive an ADD code/permission number for enrollment:

  • Receive funding for workforce training! Intern with a Purpose by applying to the Mesa Impactship Program.
  • Enroll in Mesa College or SDCCD at the time of application (apply online at www.sdmesa.edu/apply).
  • Obtain employment, an internship, or volunteer work (paid or unpaid).
  • View the Work Experience Orientation and finish the Orientation Quiz (save the quiz as a file (PDF) on your computer as you must upload the file into the WE Application).
  • Complete the online work experience application. 
  • Site Supervisor’s completion of Employer Agreement (emailed to Site Supervisor automatically after student WE application submission).
  • Only students in unpaid positions in on-campus departments should complete the Mesa College on-campus unpaid internship SDCCD volunteer form.
  • Participate in the required in-person (or virtual; see the Covid remark below) orientation with the work experience instructor.
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training: To acquire an add code to participate in a Work Experience course, the SDCCD Keenan Sexual Harassment Training is no longer necessary. This prerequisite must be completed by the withdrawal deadline for students.

Work-Based Learning (WBL)

Work-Based Learning (WBL) at San Diego Mesa College promotes a continuum of experiential learning methodologies and activities that connect students’ academic learning with beneficial real-world experience. Students will gradually get exposure to and interact with businesses to explore career opportunities and improve their professional competencies. During this learning:

The students:

  • Look into various professions and businesses.
  • Integrate classroom instruction with practical application.
  • Achieve learning motivation, skill confidence, and completion rates
  • Interact and network with professionals in your industry.
  • Recognize the requirements for training, comprehend workplace standards, and practice constructive work practices.
  • Acquire pertinent experience, build technical skills that are in demand, and master professional competencies

For faculty:

  • Include practical, career-related learning in classroom training.
  • Equip students with the skills necessary to compete in the job market
  • Increase the number of students who graduate with a certificate or degree, find a stable job paying a living wage, or transfer.
  • Encourage faculty to communicate with businesses.
  • Encourage students to set career objectives, grow their desire to learn, and improve retention and academic achievement.

For employers & community partners:

  • Raise community knowledge of your company’s brand and tell your personal story there.
  • Promote career exploration among students, emphasize needed training and abilities, and heighten interest in jobs with your firm
  • Access a pool of competent, driven applicants to reduce hiring expenses and risks.
  • Participate in the development of college curricula and work with professors to impart to students the necessary industry skills
  • Enhance training initiatives and boost employee retention rates

What Else Do They Offer Other Than Education 

Counseling Services

The counselors at Mesa College are available to meet with you in several settings to support your academic success. They will give you a fulfilling college experience using a variety of strategies. 

They help you whether you’re working toward a certificate of achievement, an associate’s degree, transferring from Mesa to a university, or personal counseling or development.

There are counseling services available for:

Counseling Quick Questions (Ask a Counselor)

For fast queries on general subjects like summer/fall registration dates and help with form processing, you can email a counselor at mesacoun@sdccd.edu. These are not for in-depth knowledge but brief questions and answers sessions. There will be no access to your student record. Response time is up to three business days.

If they cannot address your inquiries completely, they suggest you arrange an appointment or use drop-in counseling services.

Drop-in Therapy

Additionally, counselors are accessible for quick counseling appointments, sometimes called drop-in counseling. Drop-ins are phone (or email) counseling sessions that last 10-15 minutes to answer brief inquiries about a student’s academic record. 

Counselors will have access to your data and be able to give information unique to your academic record during these sessions. Drop-in counseling is on the same day, and a counselor will contact you by phone or email in around two to three hours.

Services offered are:

  • Abbreviated Ed plan.
  • Financial aid referrals.
  • Academic renewal petitions.
  • Probation & disqualification.
  • Career/transfer/course questions.
  • Petition inquiries.
  • Info for prospective students.
  • Prerequisite clearance (view the prerequisite web page for more info).

Contact the counseling department at 619-388-2672 or sdmesafollowup@gmail.com to sign up for drop-in counseling. You must fit one of the following requirements to get drop-in counseling:

  • You are a potential student at Mesa College, as evidenced by your application.
  • You are a potential student considering majoring in or enrolling in one of Mesa College’s programs.

For more in-depth counseling sessions relating to academic planning or to address complicated queries or issues, 60-minute appointments are also available. Meetings will take place over the phone or through a video conference. 

Appointments for video conferences will require a computer or a smart device. There can be arrangements up to a week in advance during all class registration times, but availability will have restrictions. You must fulfill the requirements listed below to make an appointment:

  • Enrolled in at least one class at Mesa College.
  • Transcripts from colleges outside of California must go through an evaluation.
  • Completed one semester of college coursework.

Services offered are:

  • Comprehensive educational planning.
  • Financial aid appeals.
  • Veterans ed plans.
  • Career planning/counseling.
  • Personal counseling.
  • Transfer advising.
  • Personal counseling.
  • Petition processing.

San Diego Mesa College Gym

The program’s components include an aerobics studio, a cardio fitness training lab, a “wet lab” with whirlpools and icing stations to treat injuries, a free weight training lab, an athletic training room, and an office suite. Visit the San Diego Mesa College fitness center and enjoy exercising.

San Diego Mesa College Career Center

Numerous tools are available at the San Diego City, Mesa, and Miramar College Career Centers to help students with job searching and career preparation. Resources consist of:

  • Career information.
  • Inventories of occupations and interests.
  • Directories of resources.
  • Career evaluations.
  • Job vacancies.
  • Assistance in writing a resume and cover letter.
  • Interview-related preparation.
  • Workshops.
  • Various resources.


  • School of Arts & Languages.
  • School of Business & Technology.
  • School of Humanities.
  • School of Mathematics & Natural Sciences.
  • School of Exercise Science, Health Education & Athletics.
  • School of Social/Behavioral Sciences and Multicultural Studies.

Top Things to do in San Diego, CA

Harbor Cruise

View San Diego’s top attractions. Enjoy a bay cruise while learning about the city. This tour gives you a glimpse of San Diego’s scenic splendor and rich history as it takes you to the Coronado Bridge, past military vessels, waterfront landmarks, and marine life.

Three levels of luxurious indoor and outdoor seats, 360-degree views, and an onboard snack bar providing snacks, soda, beer, wine, and cocktails are available aboard the luxury ships used for this excursion (available for purchase). This is a fantastic opportunity to see San Diego from the water.

USS Midway Museum Entry Ticket

Take a self-guided audio tour of the illustrious USS Midway, the aircraft carrier with the longest continuous service in history. View the 25 rebuilt aircraft on the carrier, which spans the years of WWII through Operation Desert Storm. Visit the crew’s sleeping quarters, the pilots’ ready rooms, and other locations on the Midway.

There are docents all over the ship eager to impart their experiences, anecdotes, and facts to provide a picture of the significance of the USS Midway to the United States Navy. Most visitors explore and learn about this historic aircraft carrier for 3 to 4 hours.

You may explore the numerous highlighted spots over the enormous ship with the integrated audio guide in 6 different languages.

You can find family-friendly activities all across the Museum. Three kinds of flying simulators, music videos, short movies, climb-aboard experiences in cockpits, and more are all included. At the Navy Pier in the heart of San Diego, you can find the Museum.

SeaWorld Skip-the-Line Park Admission Ticket

At SeaWorld San Diego, experience the undersea world through animal interactions, interactive exhibits, and exhilarating rides. Get up close to marine life and take in family-friendly educational animal shows. Get a dining pass when you upgrade your ticket to eat all day at SeaWorld.

Experience exhilarating coasters like Manta, which features two exhilarating launches that send riders flying in the likeness of the world’s largest ray, or Electric Eel, which features high-energy twists and loops. Tentacle Swirl, Sea Dragon Drop, Elmo’s Flying Fish, and many other rides offer family-friendly entertainment.

Learn about these amazing species while admiring the animals at SeaWorld, including the beluga whales, walruses, penguins, sharks, and orcas. Enjoy interactive displays like Sea Lion Point and the Explorer’s Reef Touchpools. Meet your Sesame Street buddies at the Bay of Play on Sesame Street.

You can grab an entree, a side or dessert, and a drink every hour at Shipwreck Reef Café®, Calypso Bay Smokehouse, Mama Stella’s Pizza Kitchen, Big Bird’s Bistro, Coral Market, Shark Market, Orca West Market, and Pretzel Shop if you upgrade to the all-day dining bundle.

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The End

SDMC, one of the biggest community colleges in San Diego and the country, is popular for its rigorous academic standards, first-rate programs and services, and personalized commitment to assisting each student’s success. As a student, you need to be keen on the San Diego Mesa College schedule of classes for smooth learning.

Mesa Community College was the first community college in California to provide a bachelor’s degree. Mesa has been in existence since 1964 and offers 196 associate degree and certificate programs. 

Mesa ranks as San Diego’s best transfer school thanks to its demanding math and science curricula, extensive language and humanities courses, and top-notch fine art and music programs.

Between 22,000 and 24,000 students enroll at San Diego Mesa College each semester to pursue their academic and professional ambitions. Mesa College, known as the Leading College of Equity and Excellence, ensures that all students have access to opportunities.

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