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Pima Medical Institute’s Reviews

Since 1998, the San Diego region has had access to practical healthcare training at Pima medical institute Chula Vista. You will find the same tools applicable in medical facilities like hospitals and clinics in our labs. 

Additionally, Pima medical institute has a good working partnership with Chula Vista Animal CareCare Facility, which gives students in the veterinary program the chance to receive practical veterinary training directly in their neighborhood. 

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Chula Vista’s Study Info


Pima medical institute Chula Vista CA is downtown San Diego with easy access off I-5 at J Street.

How Many Students are Accepted Per Year

The Pima Community College enrollment is around 30,396 students.

Admission Criteria for U.S. Students (Who can Apply)

Applicants must have a high school diploma or the equivalent in a certified G.E.D. program. A high school transcript or proof of successfully passing the G.E.D. exam will be necessary for candidates before the start of the semester.

A parent or legal guardian’s written consent is mandatory for applicants not of legal age. The minimum requirement for enrollment for students of obligatory school age is a high school diploma.

Every applicant must take and pass an admission exam. Except for California, applicants who can provide authentic academic transcripts or certificates proving they have completed an associate degree or higher may have this criterion removed. Before acceptance, all candidates for medical degrees and certificates must have an interview.

Students may request that Pima Medical Institute send them their A.C.T. score even though it is not necessary for admission. Except in CA 91910, late enrollments are possible with the campus director’s permission.

Make an appointment to meet with a medical career expert who will assist in answering all of your questions to learn more and to find out the unique admissions requirements of each program.

The Procedure for Applying Online

Would you like to enroll in one of the online programs at Pima Chula Vista? Follow the steps below.

Call the campus official line immediately at 1-800-477-7462 if you’re unsure what to do next to begin one of the online programs. You will get assistance and get answers to any questions you have and any other concerns you may have.

Contact the School

Speaking with the staff is the first step toward your healthcare career. A team member will get in touch with you as soon as possible to get you started once you submit the Request More Information form.

The staff on the official line will guide you through the online admissions process after addressing your inquiries and assisting you in identifying the best program for you.

Complete an Interview 

To assess whether the program is a good fit for you, one of the online admissions consultants will meet with you to review your career objectives, educational history, and program. 

Transfer Your Credits

The staff can assist you with transferring prior educational credits from Pima Medical or other institutions and, if necessary, review licensure criteria. While applicants with primary healthcare education may be able to apply those credits for quicker program completion, the Healthcare Administration Associate Degree does not require the transfer of credits.

Reviewing Financial Aid Options

When you enroll, an admissions team member will connect you with a financial counselor to discuss your funding choices.

Meet Your Program Director

Students will have a virtual one-on-one introduction with their program director after enrollment. This is a special chance for the team to learn about your learning objectives, go through your timetable, and get any questions answered before you begin your program. 

Read the admissions requirements page for more information on the requirements for attending Pima Medical.

The Process of Applying On-campus

Would you like to enroll in one of the on-campus programs? Pima campuses provide equipment and education from the real world, so you may start working in your profession straight away.

The application procedure shouldn’t be scary. Call the campus immediately at 1-800-477-7462 if you’re unsure what to do next. 

Contact the Campus

Speaking with our staff is the first step toward your healthcare career. A team member will get in touch with you as soon as possible to get you started once you submit the Request More Information form. You can also call us straight away: 1-800-477-7462.

The administration will set up a meeting at the campus you will be attending after addressing your concerns, helping you narrow down your college options, and assisting you in finding the ideal program for your objectives.

Schedule a Campus Visit

You will show up for your on-campus appointment after consulting with the staff. During this tour, you’ll be with an admissions representative who can help you discover the ideal program, find answers to your questions, and start the enrollment process. 

The campus advisors will contact you with any necessary support services so you can focus on your education while you explore programs and begin the registration process.

The assistance services consist of:

  • Student assistance program/ mental health counseling
  • Career Services and job placement
  • Academic planning resources
  • Financial Services and financial aid assistance
  • Tutoring
  • Instructor support
  • Troubleshooting life situations
  • Hardship resources
  • Child care assistance
  • Food Bank for students and families
Meeting With Financial Services in Step 3

After enrolling, students meet with financial services to discuss their financial assistance options and available programs.

Please read the page on Admissions Requirements for more information on the specific requirements to enroll at Pima Medical Institute.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

International students’ registration at Pima Community College differs depending on their circumstances. There isn’t a universal process for it. For more information, get in touch with the college.

Educational Opportunities 

Pima medical institute offers the following programs:

Dental Assistant

The program runs for approximately nine months. Students will learn in this program how to collaborate closely with a dental care team to ensure the best patient experience and support all treatment phases, from oral care to administrative responsibilities. 

The preparation of materials for impressions, taking X-rays, sterilizing equipment, and many other topics will be part of the course.

Certificate in Healthcare Administration

The program takes eight months to complete. Students in this program will acquire the interpersonal and occupational competencies required for entry-level employment as a hospital administrative assistants. 

In addition to many other duties, courses will cover how to interact with medical insurance, triage appointments, aid with reporting, and execute billing and coding activities. With these abilities, you can be an essential part of the front-office medical team.

Medical Assistant

The program duration is about nine months. Students in this program will develop their ability to collaborate closely with all medical team members, including doctors and nurses. Medical assistants are a point of contact between patients and doctors and carry out various clinical and administrative tasks. 

Anatomy, standard laboratory techniques, and frequent patient care techniques are part of the courses. The education provided by Pima Medical Institute – Chula Vista equips graduates to enter the workforce confidently.

Pharmacy Technician

The program runs for nine months. Students will learn how to prepare and administer drugs to patients in this curriculum. Preparing medication, compounding pharmaceuticals, engaging with professionals in the medical area, such as doctors and nurses, using automated dispensing technology, and many other topics are in the courses. 

Students will get professional and clinical training that equips them with the daily tasks a pharmacy technician must perform.

Vet Assistant

The program duration is approximately nine months. Students in this program will learn how to assist veterinarians with various administrative and medical tasks. 

In-office procedures, animal nursing, laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging, surgical procedures, and many other essential aspects of a veterinary assistant’s job will all be inclusive in the courses.


The program takes about 24 months to complete. You will learn how to conduct medical diagnostic imaging exams in this curriculum. Courses will cover anatomy, equipment protocols, radiation safety, and other crucial topics to ensure you have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. 

You won’t miss a beat when you start working because Pima S real-world labs employ the same tools you’ll use in clinics or hospitals.

Surgical Technology

The program runs for 18 months. You will learn the ins and outs of surgical technology in this curriculum and many other crucial aspects of surgery, such as setting up operating rooms, using equipment for surgical operations, promoting patient safety, and controlling a sterile field throughout the procedure. 

You will learn everything you need to feel competent on your first day on the job because hands-on work necessitates hands-on training.

Veterinary Technician

The program takes 18 months. With the help of this program, you’ll be able to live out your desire to work with animals and pursue a career in the industry. Discover more about testing methods, surgical assistance, and animal behavior. 

Pima Medical Institute Vet Tech‘s cost is affordable. This program offers a distinctive blended learning experience with in-person and online training. Working in well-equipped animal hospitals will give you practical experience.

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Other Educational Opportunities

Before graduating, engage in fieldwork. At Pima Medical Institute, a clinical externship is a standard part of many on-campus programs. This is an exciting chance to start in the industry and polish your abilities before graduation, so you feel prepared to enter the workforce.


Interact directly with patients while receiving mentoring from working experts. You will receive professional mentoring during your clinical externship in hospitals, medical practices, pharmacies, veterinary clinics, and more. This is your chance to apply the knowledge you have learned in the classroom.

From day one, the campus starts preparing you for these externships. Pima Medical campuses have technology that simulates real-world settings, allowing you to learn using the same equipment you’ll use during your clinical externship.

The completion of clinical externships is a requirement for several of the on-campus programs. These are excellent learning opportunities, so campuses incorporate them into the programs. You’ll have the chance to improve your classroom abilities, but you’ll also be able to learn more through interacting with actual patients and healthcare professionals.

Some programs include externship rotations. This is your chance to learn new skills, broaden your knowledge of various approaches, improve your customer service abilities, and overcome obstacles that may appear in a practical setting.

Be aware of employment possibilities. The exposure to work chances provided by these clinical externships is another outstanding advantage. After graduation, multiple job offers are available to the externs.

Even if there are no open opportunities at your externship site, you can still add your experience to your CV and ask your supervisor for a letter of recommendation. This will give you a great head start when you apply for jobs or pursue higher education in your profession.

You will also receive assistance finding a job. Are you having problems finding work, or are you ready to leave your entry-level position? Pima Medical commits to your academic and professional success. Whether you graduated last month or last year, you will get support in achieving your objectives. 

Our career services team can offer support with finding a job or updating your resume, among other employment-related tasks.

Your clinical externship should closely resemble your future position in your field of expertise. You will work toward a defined goal, receive constructive feedback, have set tasks to achieve, and put in a certain number of hours. This refers to getting a passing grade from your externship site to obtain your certificate or degree in the case of externships.

Your externship is also a fantastic chance to demonstrate your professionalism and personal qualities like timeliness, diligence, professionalism, compassion, and a good attitude.

Even though the online programs are virtual, students still get hands-on experience. All online programs prioritize projects over lectures and focus on employable learning ideas.

Since many online degree students are currently working in the healthcare business, these assignments typically call for students to use their present position as a case study, making their work directly applicable to their professional and personal lives.

With online bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Pima Medical Institute provides various possibilities for continuing education so that students can work in the subject they love and simultaneously enhance their professions.

What Else do They Offer Other Than Education 

Student Assistance

The success of Pima Medical Institute Chula Vista is largely due to the students. Pima has a strong bond with all members of this organization, from the faculty to students, staff, and leadership, as a family-founded and employee-owned enterprise. Because of this, they provide equal importance to your excellent education and personal life.

The campus is available to assist in any manner possible. You can get assistance from the student services team with:

  • Academic preparation
  • Mental health support
  • Hardship materials for tutors
  • Progression in the Workplace
  • Help graduates find employment 
  • Advance careers 
  • Support students in their professional growth.

Progression in the Workplace

Career Services will run courses during a student’s degree that address a range of professional subjects, such as creating cover letters and resumes, nailing a job interview, networking techniques, and more.

Placement of an Externship

The career services division handles the last course most students take before graduating, externship placements. More than 15,000 organizations collaborate with Pima Medical to offer students practical training during their studies’ externship and clinical components.

Pima Medical graduates have employment prospects thanks to these productive partnerships.

Many of the companies that host clinical externships hire graduates.

Job Placement Support

After students complete their program successfully, the Career Services staff helps them find employment. Every graduate is eligible for this service, including assistance with job placement, cover letters, resumes, and interview techniques.

Long after graduation, career services are still available to assist. After a student leaves Pima Medical, Career Services keeps working with them. Providing career services is a commitment to our students that continues long after graduation, covering everything from resume help to networking and job prospects.

Employer Services

Your professional aspirations are a priority for the Career Services staff. The clinical externships offer fantastic chances to land a job while still in school. In addition, we can assist you with career training, interview preparation, and resume writing. And this assistance never ends. You have lifetime access if you graduate from Pima Medical.

Monetary Services

Financial Services is here to offer resources for available financial aid choices to enrolled students. The primary duty is to ensure that every qualifying student can afford the expenses necessary to change their lives, whether that means beginning a medical profession or advancing one they already have.

It’s crucial to comprehend your many financing options because they can be confusing. Be knowledgeable, and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance in locating the best program for you.

Federal Pell Grant for General Financial Aid

This award helps deserving undergraduate students who want to pursue post-secondary study.

Federal Direct Loan for Students

For prospective students, there are numerous federal student loan options accessible. Alums from Pima Medical continue to be a part of the family throughout their lives. You will always have access to resources such as career services, transcript requests, loan management, and a sense of community.


Our blended learning option might be the best choice for you if you need some scheduling flexibility in addition to the high caliber, hands-on education for which Pima Medical is famous.

Pima Medical Institute provides hybrid learning options for a number of our nine-month certificate programs, including Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, Veterinary Assistant, Health care Administration Certificate, and Pharmacy Technician.

The same assistance students enrolled in the on-campus programs receive is available to hybrid students, including help from student services, career services, and other resources.

Are you interested in learning more about the hybrid curriculum at Pima Medical? The admissions experts are available to go over the program’s schedule, expectations, and interactive education.

Pima Online Section

The online section of Pima Medical Institute offers top-notch courses that are 100% online and flexible. You can balance work, education, and life, thanks to Pima.

You don’t gain less experience just because you’re taking classes online. The flexible coursework uses projects to provide learning outcomes useful in the real world. Whether new to the healthcare industry or looking to advance your existing career, the programs will prepare you for the next step. The online classes include:

  • Small class sizes
  • Connected virtual learning
  • Personalized Instruction
  • Virtual resources
  • Career services

What is There to Do in Chula Vista?

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Pima Medical Institute is an employee-owned private, accredited medical career college. Pima’s exclusive concentration is on training students for careers in the healthcare industry, including the medical, dental, and veterinary disciplines. 

Programs leading to certificates, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees are part of the curriculum.

Pima medical institute has a good working relationship with the Animal care facilities, which boosts practical activities for students in the veterinary program.

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