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Are you considering enrolling in a veterinary medicine program? Take a look at Florida A&M University.

Here, we’ll talk about FAMU’s expert VetMed study program and provide all the details you need to decide if this is the appropriate academic path for you. Learn everything you need to know about Florida A&M University’s expert VetMed study program to decide your future.

College students in the campus

Florida A&M University Tuition

Choosing the correct college may be difficult because economics is always a factor in someone’s decision-making process. So, what does this mean for students searching for low-cost postsecondary options? Florida A&M University, situated in Tallahassee, FL, is among the best choices.

It is one of the state’s major institutions, with over 100 undergraduate and graduate programs offering certificates, associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees. Thus, there are many alternatives available for students to choose from while looking for an inexpensive college that suits their requirements and interests.

A bachelor’s degree at Florida A&M University costs around $1,550, making it one of the less expensive alternatives on our list.

A $747 million increase in financial aid for Florida citizens enrolled in undergraduate programs resulted in a 90% reduction in Florida A&M University tuition. However, tuition fees may vary based on the degree you want to pursue and your student type. 

The good academic standardized exam results at FAMU are comparable to those at Ivy League universities, which means that you are assured a great education regardless of your family’s financial situation. This benefit, in addition to affordability, makes FAMU an excellent choice for students.

So, if you’re looking for a low-cost university that offers excellent educational options, go no further than Florida A&M University.

Florida A&M University Admission Requirements and More


Where is Florida A&M University located? Florida A&M Institution (FAMU) is a public university in Tallahassee, Florida. FAMU began in 1887 and is the state’s first historically black institution.

How Many Students Are Accepted per Year?

FAMU enrolls a broad group of students from around the world each year. By offering a range of academic, social, and cultural activities, the institution aims to meet the demands of the ever-expanding student body. 

The Florida A&M University admissions are extremely tough and exclusive. An average of 10,726 first-year and transfer students are accepted into FAMU annually. Approximately 3,556 of those accepted are first-year students, while 6,170 are transfers. 

The institution also provides 1,000 merit-based scholarships each year in addition to the admitted students. It provides access to an affordable college education for underrepresented and underprivileged students.

Admission Criteria for Us Students 

Look at Florida A&M University admissions requirements for various types of students.


A freshman is someone who:

  • Is applying throughout my senior year of high school.
  • Has graduated from high school and has no college experience.
  • Is a high school graduate with no college experience.
  • Has obtained less than 12 semesters of transferrable college credits after graduating high school.
  • Is seeking early admission and has finished or will complete the junior year of high school and wishes to attend as a full-time student during the final year of high school.

Application Process

  • Require official high school transcripts; authorized or regionally accredited or Self Reporting system (SSAR).
  • Submit official GED or home school transcripts, if appropriate.
  • Offer official Redesigned SAT [code: 5215] or ACT [code: 0726] score obtained directly from the institution.
  • Write an essay of 500 words as part of the application.
  • Write two letters of recommendation for the instructor or counselor; as part of the application.
  • If applicable, submit official transcripts for dual enrollment from each college or university attended.
  • If eligible, hand in your official AICE, AP, CLEP, IB, and TOEFL/IELTS results.
  • Completed online application and $35.00 non-refundable application fee or authorized official application fee waiver; upload is part of the application.

Transcript Submission

  • Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University accept electronic transcripts from schools around the state and country (SPEEDE, FASTER, Parchment/Naviance, eScrip-Safe, SCOIR, Xello, Clearinghouse, and Credential Solutions).
  • Mail through a certified postal service or carrier in the school’s official sealed envelope.
  • Self-Reported Transcript (SSAR) by clicking the “LINK SSAR” link under your to-do list on the iRattler Portal. Please keep in mind that final high school transcripts are not self-reported.

Transfer Students

The Office of Transfer Student Services is here to help you move from your current educational institution to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. The staff assists and supervises recruiting, transfer admissions advice, curriculum mapping, campus resource guidance, priority registration, and scholarships for qualified students.

Application Process

  • Hand in official transcripts from every university or institution attended (including dual enrollment and transit course work).
  • Submit official high school transcripts, if appropriate.
  • Give in official GED or home school transcripts, if appropriate.
  • Offer an officially redesigned SAT [code: 5215] or ACT [code: 0726] score from the agency.
  • If eligible, submit official AICE, AP, CLEP, IB, and TOEFL/IELTS results.
  • There is a non-refundable application fee of $35.

Transcript Submission

  • Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University accept electronic transcripts from schools around the state and country (SPEEDE, FASTER, Parchment/Naviance, eScrip-Safe, Clearinghouse, Credential Solutions, SCOIR, and Xello).
  • Mail in the official sealed envelope of the school by a certified postal service or carrier.

Returning Students

A returning student is:

  • Formerly enrolled in a degree-seeking undergraduate program at A&M University Florida and has missed two or more semesters (not including summer).
  • Was absent for at least two straight semesters after withdrawing from the Florida A&M University campus (not including summer).
  • Working on a second bachelor’s degree and holds a baccalaureate from Florida A&M University.

Application Process for Readmission

  • To enroll at Florida A&M University, you must have a 2.00 or above average on all work attempted at each institution (as calculated by FAMU) to achieve this university’s grade point average. Grading from other schools is not averaged with grades from FAMU to achieve this university’s grade point average. You must also be in good standing with each previous university and be qualified to reapply.
  • Returning students who have attended another institution of higher education since their previous enrollment at Florida A&M University must submit transcripts from all approved schools for credit review and ongoing eligibility.
  • You must identify any academic misconduct you have encountered since your previous enrollment at Florida A&M University. 
  • If you do not want to pursue a second bachelor’s degree, you will then identify the academic program in which you previously studied at Florida A&M University. Returning students who aren’t seeking a second bachelor’s d academic major, according to the admissions office. To modify your educational program, call the university registrar’s office at 850.599.3115.
  • The FAMU admissions office does not update the names or addresses of returning students. Please call the University Registrar’s Office at 850.599.3115 if you need to modify your name or address. Students who have lived outside Florida for more than a year may be required to show evidence of residency.
  • Only the undergraduate readmission application online is available. The Office of Admissions must receive applications before the readmission deadline. An application cost of around $20 is non-refundable.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

The Office of International Education and Development (OIED) partners with FAMU colleges and schools to provide international educational opportunities that allow students to acquire cross-cultural competencies. 

These include becoming informed of world affairs, gaining regional expertise relevant to their specialized fields of study, and becoming competent in one or more foreign languages. 

First Time In College

Application Process 

  • Undergraduate applications are exclusively available online. The Office of Admissions must receive applications by the date indicated. The application cost is around $35 and is not refundable.
  • Provide copies of any secondary and postsecondary documents and any exam results that are official or certified. An organization that evaluates international credentials must assess all credentials from non-American institutions. FAMU advises working with a credential evaluation service member of the National Association. All academic records must be supplied in the student’s native language and include a verified English translation. If your high school does not use an A, B, C, D, F, or 0 – 100 grading system, you must submit a course-by-course evaluation report with a U.S. comparable grade point average. College/university records must include a course-by-course review.
  • If you are a first- or second-year transfer student, you must provide official ACT [code: 0726] or Redesigned SAT [code: 5215] scores.
  • Federal guidelines require Florida A&M University to confirm each applicant’s financial situation before issuing the Certificate of Eligibility. Fill out the financial statement for international students. You will supply documentation proving your financial assistance. FAMU demands confirmation of financial assistance for the first year of study and proven financial capacity for the duration of your academic program.
  • If you obtained college credit through one of these expedited procedures, submit all AICE, AP, IB, or CLEP scores.
  • Please submit official TOEFL and IELTS test scores if English is not your first language.
  • Submit an official GED transcript, if appropriate.
  • Write an application essay of 500 words.
  • Write two letters of recommendation for a teacher or counselor; part of the application.

Transfer Students

Application Process

  • Submit transcripts from all colleges and universities attended (including dual enrollment and transit course work).
  • Submit official high school transcripts, if appropriate.
  • Give in your official GED or home school transcripts, if appropriate.
  • Offer your official redesigned SAT [code: 5215] or ACT [code: 0726] score from the agency.
  • Submit official AICE, AP, CLEP, IB, and TOEFL/IELTS results if applicable.
  • There is around a $35 nonrefundable application fee.

Returning Students

You must complete a readmissions application if you previously attended FAMU as an undergraduate degree-seeking student. 

University students in the classroom

Educational Opportunities

Florida A&M University is proud to give students a chance to pursue veterinary medicine degrees in the following specializations:

Animal Science Industry

The Animal Science Industry program prepares students for professions in the animal industry. These job pathways may include animal production and management, animal feed and health sectors, and education and service groups. 

Students learn the fundamentals of breeding, feeding, management, nutrition, reproduction, and livestock selection for producing meat, milk, and wool, as well as animal health. The FAMU Animal Complex in Quincy, FL, promotes experiential learning. Graduates may seek work, further their education, or start their businesses.

Animal Science – Pre-veterinary Science

The Animal Science major’s Pre-Veterinary Science track is to prepare students for entrance into a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. 

Students get exposure to animal science curricula encompassing the concepts of cattle, goat, poultry, sheep, and swine production and all of the compulsory scientific courses for Veterinary College. There are connections with many veterinary programs that help with preparation and admission to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

Veterinary Technology

Florida A&M’s Veterinary Technology Program aims to educate community members and extension staff about effective herd health programs based on sound research and intended to enhance the management, productivity, and well-being of animals used for food production.

FAMU’s Vet Tech program is just 23 in the country, offering a four-year degree in veterinary technology. It focuses on regulatory education and training, preparing students for various employers in the veterinary sector. 

Students focus on general education and introductory course requirements during the first two years. Under the supervision of FAMU’s licensed veterinarians and technicians, students use veterinary vocabulary and ideas and model ethical and professional behavior at the FAMU Animal Complex in Quincy, Florida. 

The Complex houses horse, small ruminants, and pig species for use in extension, research, and education, and a cat and dog kennel. 

Since the American Veterinary Medical Association has approved the curriculum, graduates can sit for the national certification test.

Other Educational Opportunities 

Lifelong Learning Program

The Lifelong Learning Program at FAMU will give community people 50 years of age and older engaging, interactive learning experiences.

The university is looking for intellectually curious and open-minded individuals to maintain an active interest in learning only for educational purposes. FAMU wants to provide instructional content through various distribution methods (face-to-face, virtual and hybrid). 

Workshops on science, technology, health, foreign languages, and whatever else program participants are interested in learning about may be included in the activities. The curriculum will eventually include local, regional, and worldwide learning immersion travel opportunities.

So, no matter your hobbies, the FAMU Lifelong Learning Program provides learning options. Please join FAMU so that you may meet new people, exchange your knowledge, and keep learning and developing.

Pathstream Programs

Pathstream collaborates with prominent technology businesses to develop digital skills and career programs provided through university collaborations. FAMU provides classes for anybody looking to improve their profession by learning digital skills.

SBI Real Estate Program

FAMU’s Real Estate Program is a new academic program supported by the School of Business and Industry. 

This continuing education program delivers the knowledge, skills, and training needed for successful residential real estate development, sales, and property management operations. This program seeks to give participants from various academic and professional backgrounds hands-on training to prepare them for success in today’s real estate market.

Internships & Volunteerism

Campus recreation provides diverse student internship and volunteer opportunities for students of all disciplines and areas of study. 

Online Medical Coding Certificate Program

The University’s Office of Continuing Education offers the online Medical Coding Certificate Program through the Health Informatics and Information Management Program within the School of Allied Health Sciences, accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management. 

This nine-course, flexible, online, self-paced program was conceived and constructed by industry professionals to accommodate both working professionals and students interested in obtaining the skills necessary to become entry-level coding professionals. 

Students who complete the program will get a certificate of completion and be entitled to take the American Health Information Management Association Certified Coding Associate or the American Academy of Professional Coders Certified Professional Coder national certification examinations.


Office of University Assessment

The assessment program at Florida A&M University aims to build a culture of continuous improvement. It is essential to the university’s commitment to maintaining and improving academic quality and student experiences. 

The OUA aims to establish an evidence-based culture at FAMU by implementing a sustainable, controllable, and long-term evaluation procedure. The four key categories targeted by assessment activities are entry-level knowledge and abilities, general education outcomes, program/divisional results, and student, graduate, and alums satisfaction. 

These initiatives take place at many institutional levels, ranging from reviews of the whole university to evaluations of specific academic programs and administrative and educational support service units.

Assessment and Care Team

The Assessment and Care Team (ACT) at Florida A&M University (FAMU) is a collection of competent and devoted college professionals with a common objective that includes:

  • Balance the individual student’s requirements with those of the larger campus community.
  • Follows an organized approach to student actions that impact the college community and may entail mental health or safety concerns.
  • They manage each case on their own.
  • They put necessary interventions in place without resorting to harsh measures.
  • Eliminating “fragmented care.”

Case Management Services

Case Management is a liaison to link students with services on and off campus. The case manager offers resources to help with the social transition, family ties, administrative processes, and food insecurity. 

Center for Academic Advising

Academic advisers can assist students in planning and shaping their undergraduate experience at Florida A&M University. Academic counseling is critical to a student’s success in choosing an appropriate academic major, progressing through necessary curricula on time, and graduating. 

Center for Disability Access & Resources

The Center for Disability Access and Resources offers assistance and academic accommodations to students from all backgrounds who have verified physical, psychological, and learning challenges on campus. 

FAMU fight for its participants’ rights and help them learn how to fight for themselves. CeDAR works with professors, staff, and community partners to meet the specific needs of students both in and out of the classroom.

Office of Counseling Services

The Counseling Services Office (OCS)  is a friendly and confidential environment for anyone; It’s here to assist you! FAMU offers a professional, safe environment where students can discuss academic and personal difficulties. 

FAMU can help students with various issues, including homesickness, relationship problems, study difficulties, substance abuse, stress, and despair.

Dean of Students

The office provides a wide range of student support services and assistance to students, families, instructors, and staff, as well as chances for leadership, volunteerism, student participation, fraternity and sorority life, student government, and career development.

The university help students with various issues by working directly with them and linking them to university resources and services. 

It also consults with and acts as a resource for teachers and staff, parents, relatives, and friends, all while serving students through the Assessment and Care Team (ACT), the FarmShare and FAMU Food Pantry, and the Dorothy Henderson Scholars Program for Foster Care and Homeless Students.

Diversity and Inclusion

FAMU recognizes that the student body comes from all over the world, with varying economic, political, social, and other backgrounds. FAMU accepts the variables that contribute to both human similarities and differences. 

Age, beliefs, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, race, national origin, physical ability or qualities, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, values, and a variety of other variables all contribute to human variations.

At FAMU, inclusion is seeing our school as “one body,” where each student is a person deserving of the utmost respect and dignity, regardless of the differences.

Efferson Student Union and Activities

The Efferson Student Union and Activities Staff are committed to enhancing the quality of life on campus for all Florida A&M University students. They accomplish this by offering high-quality programs and activities that allow students to grow as individuals while finding their position on campus and worldwide.

Office of Enrollment Management

FAMU’s purpose is to be a world-class doctoral/research university with deep roots in the communities it serves. Their objective is to raise the University’s profile and strengthen FAMU’s reputation as a top-tier institution.

The Recruitment Office handles all questions received at college fairs, educational seminars, requests for recruitment materials (non-alumni), and requests for college recruitment coordinators.

In this capacity, FAMU gives information about educational and professional progression options, assists students in understanding the college experience’s expectations, and serves as mentors and coaches as they progress through the admissions process.

Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid’s goals is to offer equitable, sensitive, and discreet access to financial resources, to inform and educate students and their families about their financial alternatives, and to continuously enhance their services so that students may benefit fully from their educational prospects.

The Department of Campus Safety & Security

FAMU DCSS members, also known as FAMU PD, appreciate the importance of what they do and have a strong sense of responsibility regarding their purpose and vision of safeguarding and serving FAMU students, visitors, teachers, and staff. Their dedication, hard work, and bravery benefit the department.

Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution

The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution encourages responsible decision-making to enhance student-centered learning and responsibility. 

The objective of Florida A&M University is to foster a safe and secure intellectual environment while encouraging student achievement and development. FAMU is committed to providing every student with a fundamentally fair and reasonable procedure for addressing alleged infractions of the University’s standards.

Student Health Services

SHS offers FAMU students outpatient primary care and health promotion services.SHS office is on the first level of the Foote-Hilyer Administration Center. The pharmacy on-site offers prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Walk-in clinic visits are available for immunizations, illnesses, and injuries.

Florida-licensed doctors staff FAMU Student Health Services, advanced nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified medical assistants, and support personnel who offer high-quality, practical, and reasonably priced services. 

Victim Advocate Program

The Victim Advocate Program is a private source of information and emotional support for anybody who has suffered an injury, trauma, or violence in the university community. It covers any student or employee victim at any time or location.

Victimizations can take many forms, such as sexual battery, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, harassment, relationship violence, discrimination, hate crimes, the death of a loved one due to homicide, gun violence, etc.

Recreational Activities in Quincy, Florida

Welcome to Quincy, Florida! This typical small town is pleasant, making it a fantastic spot for people seeking some peaceful times. There are lots to see and do whether you’re here for work or pleasure. 

Today, we’ll look at 6 top things in Quincy, ranging from outdoor activities in the surrounding natural beauties to learning the area’s deep-rooted history (FL). 

Lake Ella

Visitors searching for a tranquil location to take a stroll can find it inside the 12 acres (4.85 hectares) of green space at Lake Ella in the heart of Tallahassee.

You may relax and enjoy the landscape and natural surroundings, which include ducks, geese, and turtles, with lovely fountains, seats, and a small walking track around the lake.

Around the lake, food trucks and live music are familiar sights, and a few small stores offer gifts and refreshments.

Tallahassee-St. Mark’s Historic Railroad State Trail

Tallahassee-St. Mark’s Historic Railroad State Trail is a state park and hiking trail in one. The 16-mile (25.74 kilometers) hiking trail, which connects Tallahassee with the location where the St. Marks River and Wakulla River converge, is a rail trail that was once part of the Tallahassee Railroad.

Visitors may also participate in a range of activities inside this park area, such as cycling and horseback riding, and there is even a playground for the younger ones.

Torreya State Park

The Torreya State Park is great for hiking, camping, and bird viewing. Many bird species, such as brown creepers, sparrows, golden-crowned kinglets, and winter wrens, may be found in the region.

There are 16 miles (25.74 kilometers) of trails with views of high plateaus, cliffs, ravines, wetlands, pinelands, and lush forest sections. There are also camping and picnic spots in the park. In addition, you may tour the Gregory House historic site and hear fascinating stories from the past.

Shopping in Downtown Havana

A day in Havana is a must for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. There are no large box businesses in this historic neighborhood, unique, locally-owned boutiques selling products you won’t find anywhere else.

Havana has local artwork, custom-finished furnishings, jewelry, antiques, and the ideal present for even the most difficult person to purchase for on your list.

Take a break from shopping and stop for a bite to eat at one of the quaint cafés along the road.

The Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

The Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park has nearly 1,000 acres (404.68 hectares) of gardens, natural green areas, trails, historic sites, and outdoor activities. The grounds have a brick walkway, a reflection pool, and hundreds of lovely flowers.

The Maclay House is a recognized historic landmark on-site and is accessible for visits during the busy season.

There are six miles (9.65 kilometers)  of multi-use paths for hiking, walking, bicycling, and equestrian riding. On-site, there are also two shorter nature paths and five miles (8.05 kilometers) of separate biking-only pathways.

Lake Hall is suitable for swimming, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. Geocaching is a popular pastime in the park, and visitors may encounter a variety of species, including deer, bobcats, and alligators, while exploring.

A picnic area, bicycle rentals, playgrounds, and restrooms are available on-site. There are films to watch at the tourist center, and you may request an audio tour of the property.

Gadsden Arts Center & Museum

The Gadsden Arts Center & Museum is a popular destination in Quincy since it is part of the North Florida Arts Trail. Visitors may explore several exhibits, including great art created by regional and national artists and galleries highlighting local art with historical and cultural value.

The Fletcher Museum Shop sells a range of regional artworks and offers educational events annually.

University hall with students

Final Verdict

The Florida A&M University expert VetMed study program is an excellent way for members of the veterinary medicine community to stay up to date on the most recent research and clinical expertise. 

The program provides students and professionals with access to a wide range of information that can assist them in staying current on cutting-edge therapeutics, disease diagnosis, management strategies, and much more. 

If you want to widen your knowledge base and get the most out of your veterinary studies, the expert VetMed study program is highly worth considering.

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