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Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology

The Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology school is a state-licensed institution in Colorado. This institution provides top-notch education in the field of applied science and technology in veterinary. Graduates from this school always acquire all the skills for competing in the veterinary technology field.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited this institution. The factor that AVMA recognizes the school ranks it much at the top.

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Student Life at Colorado Academy Unpacked

Different points come in when looking at the student life of vet tech schools in Colorado Springs. Below are the main points to look at:


Colorado Academy Veterinary Technology is in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The address is 2766 Janitell Road, Colorado Springs.

Number of Students Accepted Per Year

The school accepts a maximum of 30 new students every year. This factor ensures every student gets all the attention they require. A more intimate learning environment also comes in due to the low student-to-teacher ratio.

The Admission Criteria for US Students

There are several requirements to have for a U.S student to get into the Colorado Academy Veterinary Technology school successfully. Below are the main conditions to keep in mind:

  • One must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have completed 90 semester hours in total. This number may be equivalent to the college coursework from an accredited institution.
  • There has to be a score of at least 50th percentile on the MCAT or GRE.
  • A student needs to have a cumulative GPA that is 2.5 or more.
  • In the application, there has to be a completed CAVM form.
  • There is a $150 payable application fee which is non-refundable.

The Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

The application process is not difficult for foreign students who wish to join the Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology. Every international student who wishes to join this academy must graduate from an accredited college or university. Every international student must also have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and above.

Some requirements must be in place for international students to join vet tech schools in Colorado Springs. Below are some of the main additional requirements:

  • There must be official transcripts from all the universities and colleges you attended.
  • You must be 18 years and above.
  • You need a complete application form for the Colorado Academy Veterinary Technology school.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • It would help if you had a 500-word essay talking about your passion for the veterinary field.
  • You need to have at least 550 as the minimum TOEFL score.
  • You must pay a non-refundable application fee. The fee only comes in when you have met all the above requirements and you want to make an official application to the institution.

Other Requirements for Students Wishing to Join Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology

Other requirements for local and foreign students must be in place when joining the Colorado Academy Veterinary Technology school. Below are some of the main additional requirements that you should look at:

  1. Good communication skills: Since all veterinarians interact with people so much, good communication skills help a lot. As a veterinarian, you must confidently speak to the people you are helping.
  1. Proper high school education: Before joining the Colorado Academy Veterinary Technology school, you must have a good high school background. Many veterinary technology colleges around the country require the same quality high school background.
  1. Basic understanding of animal anatomy and physiology: The knowledge of animal physiology and anatomy plays a vital role in veterinary technology. Because of the high level of importance, the Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology requires every student to have a proper animal understanding before joining.
  1. Good background in biology, mathematics, and chemistry: As a veterinarian, there are many measurements that you are to make during your career. Before joining vet tech schools in Colorado Springs, you must understand every math section best. Biology and chemistry also surround veterinary technology at large.
  1. Proficiency when handling tasks: More proficiency means more productivity for everyone in the veterinary field. A high level of proficiency is always essential, especially when measuring medicines, checking medical equipment, giving anesthesia, and performing other activities.
  1. Excellent skills in solving problems: Like many other fields of study, the veterinary technology industry requires good skills when dealing with issues. The Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology has to prove that you can handle problems smoothly before joining the institution.

Educational Opportunities (Which Programs they Offer)

Several programs are available at the Colorado Academy Veterinary Technology institution. The main programs at this institution include:

  1. The veterinary technician program
  2. The veterinary assistant program
  3. Large animal nursing program
  4. Small animal nursing program

The above programs have the perfect design to equip every student with the necessary skills. These skills play a huge role in tackling the competitive veterinary technology field.

Other Educational Opportunities

Other opportunities are available besides the main programs offered by the Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology. This institution provides internship programs to everyone interested in the veterinary technology field. The internship program offers a unique opportunity of learning.

Several qualified veterinarians give the best advice and skills to every intern in this school. Every Colorado Academy Veterinary Technology intern can be sure of getting the best working experience. As an intern in this school, you can learn and see how the real-life working environment in the veterinary technology field can be.

Permanent job opportunities and other temporary working contracts are some additional programs at this veterinary tech school. As an intern, you can temporarily apply for a job or a longer period. The students at this institution also can apply for job and internship opportunities.

The externship program is also available at the Colorado Academy Veterinary Technology school. This program gives the students a chance to gain knowledge of the veterinary field while still learning simultaneously. The students who get into this externship program must have enrolled in an accredited veterinary technology program.

Every student that completes the externship program may successfully take the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE). After taking the VTNE, you may successfully become a certified veterinary technician.

What Else Do They Offer Other Than Education

Apart from offering educational opportunities, the Colorado Academy Veterinary Technology school also functions as a hospital that provides all services regarding animals. From pets to all other animals of all sizes, the hospital looks after them. The Colorado Academy Veterinary Technology school hospital offers the following services:

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Preventative care and wellness
  • Surgery
  • Injured and sick animal care
  • Dental care
  • Boarding
  • Grooming

Departments at the Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology

The school has several departments that fall among the best vet tech schools in Colorado Springs. Below are some of the main departments available in this institution:

  • The department of veterinary technology
  • Department of clinical sciences
  • The department of veterinary sciences
  • The department of veterinary support services

What to Expect From the Veterinary Technology School

In vet tech school in Colorado Springs, you can learn about several veterinary techniques. The main things that you may study are the special techniques for helping other veterinarians. Most skills include imaging, pharmacology, surgical assisting, and other special clinical procedures.

Importance and Benefits of Studying Veterinary Technology From CAVT

After completing your education at the Colorado Academy Veterinary Technology school, you will gain a lot of abilities in the vet tech industry. Below are some of the main things that you may do after your graduation:

  1. You may help animals
  2. You can work in exciting environments
  3. You have job growth potential and a good salary
  4. The job is emotionally fulfilling
You can Help Animals

Helping different animals as veterinary technicians plays the most important role. For example, a vet tech may discover any upcoming medical concerns and give treatment suggestions after conducting frequent lab tests. Veterinary technicians also help when it comes to healing animals with severe conditions.

As a vet technician, you will conduct frequent follow-ups during the recovery process of animals. By observing the animals with regular follow-ups, full recovery becomes guaranteed. Other special medical practitioners in the field of veterinary medicine usually look for vet technicians to collaborate with them.

You can Work in Exciting Environments

Unlike most other jobs, a vet technician always has a chance to work in great environments. Working outdoors gives every veterinary technician a chance to encounter different animals. Interacting with different types of animals in their natural habitat is quite interesting.

As an expert from vet tech schools in Colorado Springs or other schools, completing different tasks in the field every day gives you a chance to learn a lot. Completing field tasks in natural animal habitats allow you to improve your vet tech skills.

You Have a Job Growth Potential and a Good Salary

Different regional factors take part in determining a vet tech’s salary. A veterinary technician receives an average income of around $30,000 per year. You also have the chance to experience huge job growth.

According to several studies, the average salary of veterinary technicians is to rise. By 2030 the current wage may increase by 15%. Being a veterinary technician is the only place with a high salary increase rate compared to other occupations.

The Job is Emotionally Fulfilling

Being a veterinary technician is pride; in most cases, the job is emotionally rewarding. These results come because veterinary technicians play a huge role in bringing positive differences in the lives of animals.

Protecting animals from frequent injuries and illnesses is not something anyone can do. It is only with veterinary technicians’ care that animals and pets may fulfill the needs of their owners.

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What Else to Do in Colorado Springs

While taking your studies at the Colorado Academy Veterinary Technology school, you may still have the chance for some fun. One of the fun things to do is visit some attractive tourist destinations. Colorado springs have several places that you may visit. Below are some of the main tourist destinations that you may see in Colorado Springs:

  1. Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods segway tour
  2. Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods guided tour
  3. Colorado Springs sunrise hot air balloon flight
  4. Garden of the Gods and Foothills jeep tour
  5. Colorado Springs U.S Olympic and Paralympic museum entry
  6. Colorado Old West High Country 4 by-4 tour
  7. Colorado springs guided ghost story and history
  8. Colorado Get Our Pass

Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods Segway Tour

Get the golden chance to experience nature’s most amazing treasures at the Garden of the Gods. You can experience all the fun at this place on the exciting segway tour. You have the perfect opportunity to view some amazing Colorado sights while at the Garden of Gods.

The Kissing Camels, Park Overlook, and the Praying Hands are amazing views while you pass through the Garden of the Gods. While you are around this destination, you also have the chance to learn about the history of the Old West.

While you are around this destination, you also have the chance to visit other sites. Red Rock Park is one of the most attractive sites around here. You can view exotic plants. Some animals and birds are also around this place.

Your guide may show you the mule deer, eagle nests, the big horn sheep, and red-tail hawks. Throughout the whole tour, you need to remain on the segway. While you are on the segway, you may make some stops. The holidays give you a perfect chance to learn about the park’s history. You may also hear about true tales of the Old West.

While visiting this tourist destination site, dress up in layers. Also, remember to wear closed shoes for safety reasons. The professional guides that take you around this destination always give safety training to the visitors. The trip usually takes around 1.5 hours, and the tour guides use English as the primary language.

Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods Guided Tour

This destination has some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Colorado. While taking your studies at the vet tech schools in Colorado Springs, this destination may be among the best places to visit and cool off your brain.

You have the perfect opportunity to see some breathtaking sandstone rock formations around the Garden of Gods. After gasping at the beautiful sandstones, you may now go to the pike’s peak summit, which hosts most of the other wonderful views. While at the summit, you have the perfect chance to view the rest of the Rocky Mountain ranges and Colorado Springs.

While exploring the wonders of the Garden of Gods, you may enjoy different pink, red and white sandstone formations. You may take beautiful photos of the scenic ancient geological formations. When taking the pictures, you can see the Kissing Camels and Balanced Rock formations.

Pikes Peak is the tallest mountain in the southern range of the rocky cliff. While standing around the summit, you can see the rest of the Rocky Mountain ranges and an extensive section of Colorado Springs. Once there is good weather, you may have an opportunity to see sceneries up to very long distances.

As you get down the mountain, you may continue the rest of the trip with a drive. Get to Manitou Springs, a small resort town in West Colorado Springs. The whole tour of this tourist destination takes about 8.5 hours. The special tour guides use English as the primary language. Each group visiting needs to have at least 14 participants.

Colorado Springs Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight

What other way to tour Colorado Springs than a hot air balloon? You have the chance to experience breathtaking scenery from high above the ground. Fly smoothly above the rocky mountains. As you fly with the balloon, you have a clear view of the antelopes and deer.

With the hot air balloon ride, you can enjoy stunning views up to 100 miles (160.9 kilometers). On a clear day, the extent of the view may increase to further distances. Other additional activities are in the flight package, including a post-flight celebration. This special celebration includes a champagne toast and a continental breakfast.

Orange juice also comes in the celebration package. A special glass serves orange juice to make the experience unforgettable. You can also enjoy some fresh fruits at the post-flight celebration. This adventure is thrilling but unsuitable for pregnant women, people suffering from back problems, children under six, and wheelchair users.

The total number of people who can take on this adventure is eight. The hot air balloon pilot and the tour guide on board use English as the primary communicating language. The whole trip may take up to three hours.

Garden of the Gods and Foothills Jeep Tour

The memorable jeep ride across the beautiful foothills of the Garden of Gods is among the most beautiful experiences in Colorado. The jeep trip always takes the breath away due to the scenery around. The Colorado Springs panoramic mountains are some of the most spectacular views during the jeep ride.

The jeep ride gives you a perfect chance to head out of town through the North Cheyenne Canyon. When you keep going, you will reach the amazing Helen Hunt Falls. You may also follow the short-line railroad and down towards Old Colorado City.

To view even more, drive the jeep up the Colorado Springs. With all these views, the jeep tour sure is a thrill. The jeep tour takes 70% paved roads and 30% rough roads. Be sure to dress up in layers and only wear closed shoes. The trip includes several additional amenities. Some additions include water, soda, snacks, and wool blankets.

After registering for this trip, there are several other things that you may consider bringing. Sunglasses and sunscreen are some of the most important things to remember to bring. Also, make sure your clothes are comfortable, a jacket is also essential due to the changing weather.

Colorado Springs U.S Olympic and Paralympic Museum Entry

This museum is among the most breathtaking places to visit while studying at the vet tech schools in Colorado Springs. While at this Olympic museum, you get the chance to learn media, technology, and artifacts behind every athlete.

In the museum, you can learn about the core values of the paralympic and Olympic movements. Some main athlete core values include courage, equality, inspiration, determination, friendship, and respect.

Ride the elevator to the highest floor of the building. After getting to the top, walk down the path to the main bottom floor. This special maneuver brings a similar feel to the visitors checking the 12 galleries. In the galleries, you get to see and learn about the stories of American paralympic and Olympic athletes.

When it comes to the most distinguishing museums in the world, the Colorado Paralympic and Olympic museum fall right in the bracket. While you are at this museum, you have the chance to enjoy the beautiful architecture and unique interior designs. Some forms of other assistive technologies are also in place.

The museum’s assistive technologies help move around the building and access other things. Some of the most common assistive technologies in the building include audio descriptions, open captions, assisted listening, RFID-triggered customization, accessible exhibit spaces with ramps, and universal keypads.

Before coming to the museum, remember that you cannot gain access if you have sharp objects and weapons. Food and drinks from outside are also not allowed inside the museum. You also need to mind the size of the luggage with you. The museum does not allow any large bags and pieces of luggage inside.

The full tour around this Colorado museum sometimes takes around two hours or even more. When it comes to payment, the museum management accepts visa cards only. It would be best if you arrived a little early to experience this destination’s best.

Colorado Springs Old West High Country 4-by-4 tour

In a full four-by-four, enjoy the beauty of rugged beauty of the Colorado Rockies. The roads in this region are high above Colorado Springs. The high roads bring that out-of-this-world view creating a thrilling feeling. You can enjoy views from 11,200 feet (3.4 kilometers) above sea level.

The alpine meadows, beaver ponds, streams, and wildflowers are among the most beautiful attractions around this site. An incredible landscape also adds up to the scenery. The landscape hosts wildlife, including deer, eagles, bears, and cougars.

You may take a long break around this site and enjoy the beautiful nature and clean mountain air. Before visiting this location, make sure you dress according to the weather. Closed shoes are also important due to the rough walking terrain in some areas. The tour package comes with some additional items.

Some of the main additional things with the package include soda, bottled water, light snacks, and wool blankets. Live tour guides also come in to help in making the trip easier. It is important to bring a sun hat, sunscreen lotion, and sunglasses for your benefit.

Colorado Springs Guided Ghost Story and History

If you love creepy, scary tales, this destination is the perfect place for your visit while at the vet tech schools in Colorado Springs. This walking adventure begins at Antlers Hotel. At this hotel, you may learn about the story of Judge Baldwin and many other spirits.

You can pass by the Old Depot, the Cheyenne Building, the Rabit Hole Hotel, and other areas from the Antlers Hotel. At this destination, you hear about crematoriums and morgues that popped up in the Spanish flu era of 1918.

The creepy stories of how the morgues left behind spirits wandering around are always fascinating. You also have the opportunity to learn about the former YWCA and other tragic occasions in the underground tunnels.

The trip takes around 1.5 hours and includes a tour guide with a lot of experience. The tour guides around this location use English as the primary language. For people with disabilities, wheelchairs are accessible.

Colorado Get Out Pass

For an ultimate fun experience, the Colorado Get Out Pass is the top place. With just a single app on your smartphone, you may sign up and enjoy free admission to the best entertainment spots around you. With a single sign-up, you and other people in your membership may enjoy this destination.

Every venue gives a special offer to all the members. In most cases, the offers include some other things. Some of the many deals with the membership are free products, special discounts, and special perks.

Some of the main attractions that come with the Get Out Pass include:

  • SeaQuest Colorado Aquarium – Littleton
  • Downtown Aquarium – Denver
  • FatCata – Westminster
  • The Summit – Thornton
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park – Colorado Springs
  • FortFun – Fort Collins
  • Bear Creek Archery – Englewood
  • Warrior Challenge Arena – Broomfield
  • Evergood Adventure Wines – Palmer Lake
  • Academy of Life and Leadership Taekwondo – Colorado Springs
  • Colorado Gators Reptile Park – Mosca
  • Pedego Electric Bikes – Steamboat Springs
  • Zombie Scavengers – Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Centennial, Fort Collins, Denver, Thornton
  • Family Shooting Center – Aurora
  • Ice Lanes – Sterling
  • Main Event – Highlands Ranch
  • Premier Martial Arts – Littleton
  • Old Town Putt – Fort Collins
  • Color Splash Paintball Park – Pueblo
  • Haute Yoga Colorado – Thornton
  • Roller City – Lake Wood
  • The VR Arcade – Loveland

Within 24 hours, you will receive some instructions on how to redeem your Get Out Pass. The opening hours of this destination may vary according to the kind of attraction that you wish to visit. Before visiting, check the opening hours of each interest you want to see.

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A Final Word

The Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology proves to give out the best to its students in the U.S and the world at large. With several departments ranging from different veterinary areas, the schools stand out. Away from class, other tourist destinations also surround this institution, proving to make student life a little friendly.

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