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Pima Medical Institute Reviews

Students in Arizona can benefit from Pima Community College. Amongst the Pima Medical Institute programs is the hybrid learning option. It applies to certificate programs like Dental Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Health care Administration, and Medical Assistant. 

The same assistance students enrolled in on-campus programs receive is available to hybrid students, including help from student services, career services, and other resources.

Group of diverse students

Student Life at Pima Medical Institute

Students at Pima Institute can turn to a team of student support specialists for assistance with any difficulties they may encounter while pursuing their academic goals. The school provides support and tools to assist in creating qualified medical professionals eventually. Student life is easier, especially in these areas:

Academic Planning

All students can get assistance from the Pima Medical Institute personnel in figuring out how to prioritize their studies. This is particularly significant for the population of first-generation college students.

Food Assistance

Food assistance enables students to concentrate on their studies rather than worrying about where to eat next. The group seeks to connect persons needing neighborhood services, and each campus has a food pantry.

Psychiatric Resources

Due to a collaboration between Pima Medical and AllOne Health, a Student Assistance program offers access to mental health counseling services and round-the-clock support via an app.

Housing Resources 

Despite not having on-campus housing, Pima Medical can provide students options to help them find a place to reside.

Info On Studying at Pima Medical Institute (East Valley)


You can find Pima Medical Institute in the following locations in Arizona:

East Valley

The East Valley campus serves Mesa, Gilbert, and Apache Junction suburbs of Phoenix. It is close to US60 and Power Road. The Six certificate programs and one associate degree program are available on campus. The campus works to meet the community’s requirements for medical and veterinary employment while offering the best value in allied health professional education.

2160 S. Power Road

Mesa, AZ 85209 

Telephone No:1-800-477-PIMA

Pima Medical Institute Mesa AZ

The Mesa campus, part of the larger Phoenix area, houses some of the most technologically advanced labs available at medical trade schools. You will use the same tools in today’s hospitals and clinics.

It could be creating dental molds in the realistic lab, learning how to assist patients in the occupational therapy lab, or working in the seven-bed high-fidelity nursing simulation lab.

Like all locations, the Mesa campus will provide hands-on learning opportunities with teachers committed to your success and help you prepare for a real-world medical career. The Pima Medical experience combines the intimacy of a family with a true college campus in the expanding profession of medicine.

957 S. Dobson Road

Mesa, AZ 85202

Telephone No:1-800-477-PIMA

Pima Medical Institute, Phoenix

The Phoenix campus serves Peoria, Glendale, Sun City, Goodyear, Scottsdale, and other western Phoenix areas. The institution offers three associate degree programs and seven certificate programs for your medical career training.

Like all other campuses, the Phoenix location offers you opportunities for hands-on learning from instructors committed to your success. It will help you prepare for a real-world medical career.

The Pima Medical experience is a unique fusion of a true college campus and a close-knit family environment.

1360 N. Black Canyon Highway

Phoenix, AZ 85029

Telephone No:1-800-477-PIMA

Pima Medical Institute, Tucson

The Flagship campus, situated on the former site of Townsend Middle School, includes a 50,000-square-foot structure and a 25,000-square-foot plaza. There is also an addition of a nurse simulation lab seating to the inside of the previous school.

They renovated it to provide huge classrooms, roomy study areas, practical laboratories and training facilities, and other amenities.This new facility, which Richard Luebke Sr. founded in Tucson in 1972, further exemplifies the dedication to the community, students, and employees.

2121 N. Craycroft Road, Bldg 1

Tucson, AZ

Telephone No:1-800-477-PIMA

How Many Students Are Accepted Per Year?

The admission statistics at Pima Medical Institute-East Valley provide insight into the likelihood of acceptance. Examine your SAT and ACT scores against those of accepted candidates. If your results are below average, you might consider taking the test again or look into colleges that would better fit your results.

It is possible to determine how difficult it is to be accepted into an institution by looking at its acceptance rates and selectivity. However, It is not tough to get admitted because of the low selectivity and high acceptance rates. This college would make a great safety school. This is because the Pima Medical Institute acceptance rate is 100%.

Admission Criteria for U.S. Students (Who can Apply?)

Applicants must hold a high school diploma or the equivalent in a certified GED program. The Pima Institute needs a high school transcript or proof of successfully passing the GED exam before the start of the semester.

The school requires a parent or legal guardian’s written consent for applicants not of legal age. The minimum requirement for enrollment for students of obligatory school age is a high school diploma. 

Every applicant needs to take and pass an admission exam. Except for California, applicants who can provide authentic academic transcripts or certificates proving they have an associate degree or higher may have this criterion removed. Before acceptance, all candidates for medical degrees and certificates must have an interview.

Students may request that Pima Medical Institute sends them their ACT score even though it is not necessary for admission. The institute also allows late enrollments with the permission of the campus director. California does not permit this. 

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

Pima Community College accepts visitors from nearly 50 different nations. To enroll as a full-time, F-1 student at Pima Medical Institute, you must fulfill several requirements. The procedures to finish your application as an international student are as follows. You will receive a Form I-20 once they accept you.

Application dates

  • Fall Semester – July 15
  • Spring Semester – November 15
  • Summer Semester – April 15


  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Provide a copy of your most recent passport.
  3. Complete the Affidavit of Support. You must accompany the affidavit with a copy of the official bank statement.
  4. Students interested in academic/degree-seeking programs are the only ones who must provide proof of their English language proficiency.
  5. Submit certified English translations of your high school records and transcripts. 

Educational Opportunities

On-Campus Programs

Certificate Courses
Medical Assistant

Program Length: Approximately 9 Months

Here, students will develop their ability to collaborate closely with all medical team members, including doctors and nurses. Medical assistants are a point of contact between patients and doctors and carry out various clinical and administrative tasks. 

The courses cover Anatomy, common laboratory techniques, and frequent patient care techniques. The education that Pima provides equips graduates to enter the workforce with confidence.

Medical Billing and Coding

Program length: Approximately 9 Months

In this curriculum, students will learn the crucial role that medical billing and coding play in tying providers, patients, and insurance companies together. Computer fundamentals, billing practices, sophisticated medical terminology, medical coding, and medical law and ethics will all be major study topics. This curriculum combines on-campus instruction with online learning.

Nursing Assistants/Nurse Aide

Program length: Approximately 6 Weeks

Students learn to help patients with everyday tasks, maintain patient hygiene, aid with patient charting and documentation, and support medical professionals during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Students will study infection control, emergency procedures, interpersonal skills, and more.

Patient Care Technician

Program Length: Around 8 Months

In this program, students will learn how to assist doctors and nurses in various ways and cater to a wide range of patient needs. Vital sign taking, electrocardiography (ECG), catheterization, and blood draws are a few skills in this course. The duties of a patient care technician change daily and empathy and sensitivity to patients’ needs are needed.

Phlebotomy Technician

Program length: Approximately 3 Months

Students learn how to help patients collect clinical specimens, such as blood. Blood draws, calming patients, proper labeling, identity verification, and processing specimens for testing are the main topics of Pima Medical’s practical training programs.

Veterinary Assistant

Program length: Approximately 9 months

Students here will learn how to assist veterinarians with various tasks, including administrative and medical. The courses will cover In-office procedures, animal nursing, laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging, surgical procedures, and many other essential aspects of a veterinary assistant’s job.

Associate Degree Programs
Veterinary Technician

Program length: About 18 Months

With the help of this program, students can live out their desire to work with animals and pursue a career in the industry. Discover more about testing methods, surgical assistance, and animal behavior. This program offers a distinctive blended learning experience with in-person and online training. Working in well-equipped animal hospitals will give you practical experience.

Online Programs

The online section of Pima Medical Institute offers top-notch courses that are entirely online and flexible around your schedule. You can balance work, education, and life.

You don’t gain less experience just because you’re taking classes online. The flexible coursework uses projects to provide learning outcomes useful in the real world. Whether you’re new to healthcare or want to advance your current position in the medical area, the programs will prepare you for the next step in your career.

The following are the online courses:

Associate Degree
Health Care Administration 

Program length: 20 Months

As medical teams try to impact their business significantly, learn how to collaborate with them closely. Office administration, corporate communication, human resource management, and other topics that are essential for pursuing a lucrative administrative career in the healthcare sector will be the emphasis of the courses.


Program length: Roughly 20 months

It is for licensed limited-scope radiologists, radiologists with military experience, or radiologists with foreign education who desire to expand their expertise and advance their career chances. The program’s graduates will be qualified to work as full-scope radiologic technicians.

Bachelor’s Degree
B.S. in Health Care Administration 

Program length: About 20 months

It is for people who want to finish their bachelor’s degree and play a significant role in executive leadership in their company. Learn to build the leadership talents required to run a medical practice or organization, as well as critical thinking and sought-after communication skills.

B.S. in Nursing (R.N. to BSN)

Program length: Roughly 16 months

It is for practicing registered nurses who want to earn a graduate degree to take on greater responsibility in the clinical setting and act as leaders. This is also for those who want to move into more specialized nursing positions.

B.S. Physical Therapist Assistant

Program length: About 16 Months

This program is for physical therapist assistants who want to finish their bachelor’s degrees and gain new information and abilities. The course covers evidence-based methods, pharmacology, management, rehabilitation, and other topics.

B.S. in Radiologic Sciences

Program length: About 16 months

This is perfect for people who want to develop their current jobs as radiologic technologists and take on leadership positions. The course covers advanced modalities, advanced sectional anatomy, health care administration, and other topics.

Master’s Degree
M.S. Organizational Leadership Program

Program length: 2 Years

A graduate program that is most appropriate for people who want to be in leadership positions. This degree provides the practical and analytical skills required to guide businesses through the numerous difficulties of today by offering two areas of specialization: Health Care Administration and Public Health.

Other Educational Opportunities


The completion of clinical externships is a requirement for several of the on-campus programs. These are excellent learning opportunities, which is why the school incorporates them into its programs. You’ll have the chance to improve your classroom abilities. However, you’ll also be able to learn more through interacting with real patients and healthcare professionals.

This is your chance to learn new skills, broaden your knowledge of various approaches, and improve your customer service abilities. You’ll also learn how to overcome obstacles that may appear in a practical setting.

Your clinical experience should closely resemble your future position in your field of expertise. You will work toward a defined goal, receive constructive feedback, have set tasks to achieve, and put in a certain number of hours. This refers to getting a passing grade from your externship site to obtain your certificate or degree in the case of externships.

Your externship is also a fantastic chance to demonstrate your professionalism and personal qualities like timeliness, diligence, professionalism, compassion, and a good attitude.

What Else do they Offer Other than Education?

There is no hospital at the Pima Medical Institute. Pima Medical selects the site where the students will complete their clinical externships.



  • Provides management and leadership to students, employees, and teachers to engage and direct them.
  • Watches over the provision of services, especially the delivery and continuation of the degree and certificate programs.
  • Build a safe learning environment for both staff and students.


Link potential students to appropriate health care programs of their preferences and direct likely students through the application process.

Financial services

  • Provides information to students who have questions about potential funding options, including federal financial aid options.
  • Give pupils information about how to pay for school.
  • Help students with the funding source application process.

Student Services

  • Provide orientation for new students.
  • Give pupils advice on matters about their academics and attendance.
  • Assist students with many resources on campus and in the community.


  • The academics department facilitates learning cognitive, psychomotor, and behavioral goals and skills.
  • Encourages student success by providing guidance.
  • To help students succeed, provide tutoring services.
  • Give students access to their textbooks, uniforms, and class schedules.
  • Keep student records on hand.

Career Services

  • Interact with students while on an externship.
  • Conduct career-readiness and professionalism workshops.
  • Help students with interviewing, résumé writing, and job-seeking strategies.

Support Personnel

This department takes care of various tasks impacting student life on campus, such as campus safety, where to go for aid, and much more.

Students with printed books

Student Activities at Pima Medical Institute-East Valley

The Mesa area is jam-packed with exciting outdoor, cultural, and educational attractions for tourists. Mesa has everything, from interactive museums to old west villages and Broadway plays! As you study, you will have various fun activities to keep you from the normal school activities. Let’s look at some of the activities:

Arizona Day Trips

Some of Arizona’s well-known landmarks are clear mountain lakes surrounded by pine forests, red rock monoliths, sweeping desert vistas, and white water river rapids. Choose one of the day tours from the list below to experience these many natural wonders.

The itineraries include ghost town visits, gold panning, and many more activities in addition to historical, cultural, and ecological trips:

  • 360-mile round trip between Flagstaff and Northern Arizona
  • Round trip distance from Mogollon Rim is 206 miles.
  • 323-mile round trip from Prescott to Sedona to Jerome
  • Round trip distance from Tucson is 235 miles.
  • Cochise County Tour – 300 Miles Round Trip
  • Superstition & Apache Trail – 65 Miles Round Trip
  • Grand Canyon National Park is 496 miles
  • Round trip between Wickenburg and Lake Pleasant is 142 miles

Arts and Culture

This urban center is obsessed with the arts like no other. Mesa is home to the award-winning Mesa Arts Center, the Southwest’s largest arts and entertainment complex, which is gaining international notice. The city comprises makers who showcase their artistic abilities in museums and galleries. 

Their works are in locations all along Main Street. Check out the bright mural collection, join a self-guided public art tour, and purchase a one-of-a-kind souvenir of your visit at the artist’s cooperative gallery.

Cactus League Spring Training

Mesa’s summer lads hitting the fields is the official signal that spring has come. Mesa is home to two spring training teams: the Chicago Cubs, who have been a part of the community since the early 1950s, and the Oakland A’s, who have just returned to the city and established long-term roots.

The Chicago Cubs won the Cactus League in terms of attendance, drawing legions of fans to Sloan Park. The Oakland A’s play in Hohokam Stadium brings fans closer to the action. 

Mesa is the epicenter of Cactus League Spring Training action in Arizona. With over 200 Major League Baseball games in just 30 days, there are plenty of opportunities to see America’s pastime in action!

Arizona is the ideal location for Spring Training, with clear, blue skies and temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. While the rest of the country waits for a groundhog to foretell when the snow will melt, you’ll be celebrating.

Hundreds of thousands of fans yearly flock to Arizona for Spring Training. Baseball fans from all around the state flock to the Grand Canyon state to cheer on their favorite teams. 


Mesa has something for everyone, from the colorful and exhilarating Amazing Jake’s Indoor Fun Factory to the peaceful countryside setting of the Queen Creek Olive Mill. The West is still alive and well here, with various sites offering to transport visitors back to Arizona’s glory days.

A trip to Rockin’ R Ranch will have you watching gunfights, gold panning, and eating their famous hot dutch oven biscuits. Mesa provides an enriching experience for every family, whether producing a work of art, panning for gold, or finding their way through a dark cave. 

Mesa attractions provide tourists with indoor and outdoor engagement, including museums, play centers, parks, and retail complexes. Families in the Sonoran Desert have many possibilities for making memories, whether your youngster prefers an action-packed excursion or a more laid-back affair.

There is enjoyment for the whole family with parks, shopping, attractions, museums, and more.

Mesa Golf Courses

Mesa has world-class golf courses with stunning views of wide panoramas set against lovely mountains and blue skies.With near-perfect conditions, enjoy the sport all year. Within a half-hour drive of downtown, Mesa is home to some of Arizona’s most recognized golf venues. 

They offer a variety of alternatives, from tough desert golf to classic links play. Mesa stands out as one of the Southwest’s best golf locations.

Outdoor Activities

Hiking mountain summits, kayaking along tranquil rivers, soaring the sky in a hot air balloon, paddle boarding canyon-carved lakes, cycling picturesque byways, or taking the family horseback riding through the Sonoran Desert are all options for outdoor adventure seekers.

The kids adore our waterparks and pools, particularly the ever-popular Flowrider. Almost every outdoor activity is available in the Sonoran Desert, including a journey along the historic and spectacular Apache Trail.

Spectator Sports

Enjoy baseball, basketball, hockey, or football. You’ll discover top teams and big excitement in the Valley of the Sun! During spring training, the Chicago Cubs and Oakland A’s call Mesa home for a few months. You can find them taking on challengers and preparing for league matches.

But baseball fans’ enjoyment does not end there. The Arizona Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball call Phoenix home. From preseason to the World Series, the Valley has plenty of baseball games to watch!

Are you looking to change things up? Catch the coolness of desert hockey with the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes. The NBA’s former most valuable player, Steve Nash, leads the Phoenix Suns to a Western Conference championship.

And don’t pass up the opportunity to see the 2009 NFC Champions in action! The Arizona Cardinals begin their championship seasons here in the Valley of the Sun. If you prefer collegiate football or basketball, you’ll enjoy seeing top teams from throughout the country compete at the Fiesta Bowl Classic and VisitMesa.com Basketball Challenge.

All you need is to get your team colors and prepare for the big game. There are numerous spectator sports to enjoy in Mesa, Arizona!


It’s no wonder that shopping is one of the most popular activities on anyone’s holiday agenda. There is no shortage of shopping possibilities with numerous retail centers spread around Mesa. In Downtown Mesa, you can walk down Main Street, stopping in and out of boutiques to find the latest look for your Arizona evening.

From flowing skirts to handcrafted jewelry, the unique items in this neighborhood will make you grin. Stay to get your hair styled at one of the many salons, or unwind with a cup of coffee.Mesa Marketplace Swap Meet is one of the most talked-about locations. True bargain hunters might amass various reasonably priced things that are unavailable elsewhere.

It’s simple to visit here into an experience by combining a hearty breakfast with down-home entertainment. Guests get a terrific day of Southwest treasure hunting over more than 55 acres with up to 1,600 booths, better than any flea market.

University students with books

Final Thoughts

Based on the above-mentioned, Pima Medical Institute is a destination you should visit. Pima Medical offers programs to suit almost every interest, ranging from certifications to associate, bachelor’s, and even master’s degrees. And they are entirely concerned with healthcare.

You’ll acquire hands-on experience from reputable teachers at the nationally accredited college and also be ready to start your chosen field and hit the ground running when you graduate. Why not apply right now?

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