SOARING To New Heights At Western Colorado Community College

Western Colorado Community College

Western Colorado Community College is a division of Colorado Mesa University located in Grand Junction, Colorado, with a focus on vocational education. WCCC is not distinct from its parent organization.

Western offers the information and resources you need to succeed in any career. To provide you with the practical experience you’ll need in the industry. They’ve purposefully built curricula around it. Discover the unique educational options and programs they provide at the institution.

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WCCC Online Courses and Other Info


You can locate Western Colorado Community College at 2508 Blichmann  Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81505. The official name of the grounds where WCCC sit is now known as the Bishop Campus. A South Campus, located about five miles away, houses the Electrical Lineman program.

How Many Students are Accepted Per Year

Admission to a community college in Western Colorado is somewhat competitive, with an acceptance rate of 88%. The average SAT score for admitted students at Western ranges between 1,000 and 1,190, and the average ACT score ranges between 20 and 26. The application deadline for Western’s regular admissions program is now ongoing.

Admission Criteria for US Students

Either submit your application using Western’s online system or the Common Application.

Ensure that Western has your official high school transcript after you’ve requested it. You can receive your official transcript via regular mail, fax, email, or online service (Parchment, Naviance, e-scrip, etc.) Pay the application cost of thirty dollars. 

You can pay for this via the application or by calling the Cashier’s Office at 970.943.3003. Available as an elective for the semesters of 2023: Please give Western University your official ACT and SAT exam scores (ACT code: 0536, SAT code: 4946).

Self-reported information on the common application must be valid as per the official high school transcript(s) and ACT and SAT scores to consider a student for admission at Western if the student has submitted an application through the Common Application. Make the necessary arrangements to have those official documents delivered to the Admissions Office at Western.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

The application for International first-time first-year students is for students who have recently graduated from secondary school or will soon graduate from programs comparable to those offered in the United States. 

Students enrolling in Western College for the first time as first-year students have not previously attended any other colleges or universities after completing their secondary education. They will accept applications for admission anytime after August 1st from students who have finished their junior or eleventh-grade year of secondary school.

Application requirements for first-time international students applying for their first year.

Either submit your application using Western’s online system or the Common Application.

You will need to submit your official transcripts from high school and college. 

If any of your documents are available in a language other than English, you will require to submit certified translations of these documents into English. You must provide the original copies of these documents, which must have an official signature and bear the school’s official seal or a certified copy. 

You must submit a course-by-course examination of all transcripts to a credential evaluation agency member of NACES. You require this evaluation for any work done outside of the United States. Go to either or to see the full list of members of either organization.

Please send a request to Western to have your official test scores provided to them for the TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, or SAT. Please see the list of criteria below for the TOEFL and the IELTS.

The ACT and SAT will no longer be a requirement beginning with the fall semester of 2022. 

However, overseas students must prove their English language skills by taking the TOEFL or the IELTS. Pay the application fee of fifty dollars (You can do this online along with the application or by phoning the Cashier’s Office at (970) 943-3003).

Self-reported information on the Common Application must be valid as per the official secondary school transcript(s), TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, or SAT scores to consider a student for admission at Western if the student has submitted an application via the Common Application. 

Make the necessary arrangements to have those official documents delivered to the Admissions Office at Western.

Test Score Requirements

In addition to the materials in the requirements for the application, applicants whose native language is not English will need to demonstrate proficiency in English and provide an official transcript from either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). 

This requirement is in addition to the materials included in the application requirements (IETLS).

The following are the lowest scores on the TOEFL that they consider acceptable:

  • iBT: 79
  • Paper Version: 550
  • Exam Conducted Via Computer: 213

The following are the lowest possible scores on the IELTS:

  • 6.5

If English is your country’s national language, you must submit your test scores from either the ACT or the SAT.

Optional (if you feel your application may need extra support):

  • An admissions essay following the prompt “Why Western?”
  • A personal statement
  • Letter(s) of recommendation
  • A resume

Keep in mind: When Western Colorado University accepts students into its first-year program, it does so with the assumption that those students would profit from the educational experiences offered by the university. Evaluation of applications from students will base on the following criteria:

  • Documentation that demonstrates academic advancement
  • Possibility of achieving one’s goals at the collegiate level
  • Indications of leadership ability
  • Volunteer work in the community
  • The influence of a student’s life experiences on their total academic record

Considering the above factors, the student must be intellectually prepared to enter a university environment. Nevertheless, the final admission decision may not depend on the criteria stated.

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Educational Opportunities (Which Programs they Offer)

Agriculture Science Program and Degree Options

Students in the agriculture science program at Western Colorado Community College receive a broad perspective on the agricultural industry. Also, the solid agricultural knowledge based on the principles of stewardship and stockmanship and the practical skills required for various fields. 

Students will be well equipped to successfully pursue their chosen agricultural careers if they possess this set of skills.

Why should you get your degree in agriculture from WCCC?

  • An enriching educational experience in a natural environment that is exclusive to Colorado
  • Hands-on learning in intimate settings with a low student-to-teacher ratio
  • Internships with agricultural companies are both offered and encouraged, and they are available.

Veterinary Technology Program and Degree Options

Veterinary technicians are responsible for a wide range of responsibilities. These include medical and surgical nursing procedures, laboratory testing, inducing anesthesia, maintaining recovery, monitoring, holding, and restraining animals during examinations and treatments. 

In addition to collecting specimens, taking diagnostic X-rays, administering medication or treatments, assisting in surgery, and educating clients. The Veterinary Technology Program at Western Colorado Community College (WCCC) has program approval from the higher learning commission. 

It holds accreditation from the American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) CVTEA (HSL). A selection procedure limits the number of applicants for this program due to its high level of interest. 

This indicates that in addition to the prerequisites, a selection procedure will entail filling out an application and participating in an interview. Why choose the Veterinary Technology Program at WCCC?

  • Gaining real-life learning experiences that prepare students for the labor market through integrated learning with local vets.
  • You can find hands-on opportunities to improve one’s skills during the clinical experience that is in every semester.
  • Possession of access to the most cutting-edge medical technology.
  • The development of skills applicable to a wide range of professional responsibilities within veterinary medicine and working with a diverse array of animal species.

Baking and Pastry Arts Program and Degree Options

Students who enroll in this specialized culinary program will learn the knowledge and abilities necessary to manufacture pastries, yeast-raised items, quick breads, chocolates and confections, cakes and cake decorating, ice creams, and frozen and fruit desserts. 

The baking and pastry arts department at western colorado community college has garnered a stellar reputation as a premier educational institution and launchpad for successful professional careers. 

The graduates of this program have the knowledge and abilities necessary to launch a successful career in the baking and pastry sector. They are ready to begin working as soon as they receive their diploma.

Why choose the Baking and Pastry Arts program at WCCC?

  • Modern baking and pastry arts facility with all the latest equipment
  • Classes are small to ensure that each student receives the individualized attention they need from seasoned cooks, caterers, bakers, sommeliers, restaurant owners, and managers
  • Possibilities in the fields of catering and competition
  • The program meets all of the prerequisite requirements for a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Hospitality Management and Interdisciplinary Studies

Applied Business Program and Degree Options

The Applied Business program prepares students for an exciting career in the field of business. An associate degree allows students to lead a team, start a business and develop the skills necessary to improve an existing business.

Why choose Applied Business at WCCC

  • Students who take technical and interpersonal skills classes will be better prepared to enter the workforce.
  • Training focuses on the most current business demands, various learning styles, hands-on classroom experience, and program-related work that you can do in the real world.
  • Ensuring that students receive the degree of instruction necessary to succeed in today’s competitive business world requires keeping class numbers small.
  • Instruction in a conventional classroom setting, with classes available during the day, at night, and online
  • The versatile educational program offers a variety of short-term technical credentials that only take one semester to complete
  • Thanks to a partnership with the Davis School of Business at Colorado Mesa University, students who have already earned a degree from a community college can transfer without difficulty to CMU to complete their studies for a bachelor’s degree in applied science in business administration.

Aviation Technology Program and Degree Options

This course lasts two years and consists of standard classroom instruction and ground and flying training. At the end of the course, students will have earned FAA certifications as private pilots, commercial pilots with instrument ratings, and flight instructors. 

Because of the significant number of students interested in pursuing this concentration, students are strongly encouraged to submit their registration forms as soon as possible. If your main courses are not on offer, the student services department can assist you in developing an alternate and relevant timetable.

Why choose the Aviation Technology – Fixed Wing program at WCCC

  • You can take courses at either Western Colorado Community College or Grand Junction Regional Airport.
  • Students collaborate with an FAA-certified flight instructor who provides tailored teaching and ensures that each student possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to become a safe and capable pilot.
  • SkyWest is participating as a partner in this program.

Program Requirements

  • US citizen
  • Acceptable Forms of Identification with a Photograph: Birth Certificate and Driver’s License OR Passport
  • Non-U.S. Citizen
  • Completing the vetting process for the Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) offered by the TSA
  • Successful completion of a flight physical with an FAA medical examiner for at least the second class of pilot certification.
  • Student pilot license application
  • Investigating one’s past

Skywest Partnership

  • Students in the Western Colorado Community College aviation technology program benefit from a one-of-a-kind connection that opens doors to important opportunities even after graduating.

Pharmacy Technician Program

Students in the Pharmacy Technician program will receive instruction in the academic and clinical skills necessary to be successful pharmacy technicians. These skills are essential for the job. Every year, the program will start during the first semester of the school year. 

It is the hope that the Pharmacy technician certificate program will end in a single calendar year. Courses that count toward the Essential Learning requirement for the associate of applied science in pharmacy technician degree are available during the program’s second year. The application process will take place during the second semester of the first year. 

After accepting them into the program, students spend the second year getting ready to work as advanced pharmacy technicians and assist in the operations of pharmacies. 

This program, the only pharmacy technician program on the western slope, will deliver an educated and well-trained professional pharmacy technician with practical experience based on the required number of internship hours for the degree. 

Following graduation, students will be ready to enter the workforce. Students who earn Western Colorado state university associate of applied science degree in pharmacy technician have the opportunity to advance their careers.

They can also compete for positions such as compounding lab technician, pharmacy service technician, pharmacy implementation specialist, and other positions of a similar nature. Students interested in pursuing a doctorate in pharmacy or a bachelor’s degree in an area linked to pharmaceutical studies may benefit from earning an associate degree first. 

The fact that students can gain practical experience in applying pharmacy technician skills by completing an internship at either an institutional or community pharmacy is a significant benefit offered by the curriculum.

Because of the significant number of students interested in pursuing this concentration, students are strongly encouraged to submit their registration forms as soon as possible. If your main courses are not on offer, the Student Services department can assist you in developing an alternate and relevant timetable.

Emergency Medical Services Program and Degree Options

The discipline of emergency medicine is one of the healthcare industry sectors expanding at the fastest rate. It provides a wide variety of work prospects across the United States. 

Students can gain the skills necessary to provide treatment for patients in their own homes, at the site of accidents, and while transporting them in an ambulance by participating in a program called Emergency Medical Services (EMS). They teach students how to evaluate a patient’s status and treat respiratory and cardiac conditions and injuries sustained in trauma situations. 

The program consists of clinical rotations within area emergency rooms, ride time with local fire departments, and didactic classroom lectures.

Why choose the Emergency Medical Services program at WCCC?

  • The program satisfies the criteria established by the national registration for entry-level education in emergency medical technology and the requirements set by fire departments and ambulance services for employment.
  • The program includes clinical hours and experience working in emergency rooms and ambulances.
  • Graduates are ready to sit for the registry exam, which is necessary for national and state certification.
  • Included in the curriculum are the following activities: the Safety Fair at Mesa Mall, ambulance operations and driving, interactive training with police academy cadets, training with young children as part of the Little Mavs program, CPR/AED training, and certification life-like scenarios, and National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) skills practice and check-offs.

Program Requirements

In addition to completing the program application and admission to WCCC, all students:

  • Must be 18 years old within ten weeks of the first day of class.
  • Must give evidence of immunization (MMR1 and MMR2, VARICELLA 1 and 2, HEP, DPT, FLU, Tdap, TB1, and TB2)
  • They will subject you to a test for drugs as well as a background check.

To participate in clinical rotations, you will either

  1. Produce evidence that you have received the COVID vaccine, or
  2. Offer a justification based on your medical condition or religious beliefs. If you have issues regarding immunization requirements, contact the, EMS Program Director.

Land Surveying and Geomatics Program and Degree Options

The scientific method of measuring the three-dimensional characteristics on, above, and below the earth’s surface is at the heart of land surveying and geomatics. You must include here measurements of things like distance, angles, and altitudes.

By participating in this program, students will understand the fundamental measuring techniques and the accompanying mathematical and analytical principles needed to establish geographic locations. In addition, they gain experience working with various professional tools, such as computer-aided drawing and geographical information systems. 

Students get familiar with the statutory and common law precedents that form the basis of boundary law. They also understand how to use those precedents to interpret borders and the significance of conducting proper record research. 

Graduates with either an associate of applied science or a post-baccalaureate certificate in land surveying and geomatics fulfill the educational requirements mandated by Colorado statute and the Colorado board of architects, professional engineers, and land surveyors to take the fundamentals of surveying examination. 

Why choose land surveying and geomatics at WCCC

  • Western Co university is the only college in Colorado where students can earn an AAS degree in land surveying and geomatics.

Students learn land surveying and geomatics fundamentals and attain skills in

  • Traditional surveying instruments, as well as robotic ones
  • Equipment related to the Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Systems for Gathering Geographic Information (GIS)
  • Tools for computer-aided design (CAD), spreadsheets, and other computerized analytical tools
  • Concepts from higher levels of mathematics, such as analytical geometry, upper-level algebra, calculus, and statistics
  • Statute and common law are the foundations on which boundary law heavily depends.
  • All applicable laws, rules, and regulations from the federal, state, and local levels

Other Educational Opportunities

Event Management and Marketing Internship

An enthusiastic student at Western Colorado University with solid leadership abilities would be excellent event management and marketing intern. Acquire experience in the planning and execution of events as well as marketing using applications from the real world. 

During a semester, students enrolled in this internship for three credits are to put in anywhere from five to seven hours of work per week, for a total of 112.5 hours.

Educational Program Development Internship

An ideal candidate for the Educational Program Development Intern position at Western Colorado University would be a mature and strategic student. Acquire practical expertise in formulating and delivering visual and performing arts instructional programs. 

During a semester, students enrolled in this internship for three credits are to put in anywhere from five to seven hours of work per week, for a total of 112.5 hours.

What Else Do They Offer Other Than Education

Students enrolled at Colorado College have access to high-quality medical treatment conveniently located, thanks to the Colorado community college student health facility. The services of a family physician are analogous to those offered for the students and their defendants in terms of medical treatment and prevention. 

This is a service that Community Hospital offers for Colorado Community College, which has contracted them to do so. The medical professionals who work at the clinic include both physicians and mid-level practitioners.


At Western State Colorado University, there are several academic and non-academic departments. Some of these major departments include

  • Applied business department
  • Aviation technology department
  • Agriculture science department
  • Construction technology department
  • Veterinary technology department
  • Transport services department
  • Information and communication technology
  • Digital filmmaking department
  • Library services department
  • Construction electrical department

What is There to Do in Grand Junction, CO?

Whitewater Hill Vineyards

They are a local vineyard owned and operated by a family and located in the beautiful Grand Valley of Colorado. They use only the highest quality grapes farmed locally in the Grand Valley Appellation to produce their handcrafted wines. 

Our vineyards are home to a wide range of grape types, most of which are of European provenance. They also grow many cold-resistant varietals that you may not have had the chance to try. The majority of their wines have their label. 

Their bright days, warm nights, dry environment, soil, and the irrigation water from the Colorado river all work together to produce award-winning vintages. Just outside Grand Junction is where you will find their vineyards, winery, and tasting room, all of which are open to the public.

Dominguez Canyon

The Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area (NCA) protects a total of 85,053.6 hectares (210,172 acres) of public land and includes the Dominguez canyon wilderness, which spans an additional 66,280 acres (26,822.6 hectares). 

The Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009 established the National Conservation Area, and the Bureau of Land Management is in charge of its management as a component of the National Conservation Lands. 

The Dominguez-Escalante national conservation area (NCA), located in the beautiful canyon of the Uncompahgre plateau, is well known for its breathtaking landscape. Red-rock canyons and sandstone bluffs contain various cultural and historical sites and geological and paleontological riches spanning 600 million years. 

These areas, covered in pinyon and juniper, are significant to the Ute Tribes because they represent a connection to their ancestors. The Escalante, cottonwood, little Dominguez, and big Dominguez creeks are the major rivers responsible for draining the eastern portion of the Uncompahgre plateau. Sandstone canyon walls are the terrain that these creeks run through. 

There are critical geological resources globally located in the Unaweep Canyon, located on the northern limit of the NCA. Within the boundaries of the NCA, elevations range from roughly 4,800 to 8,200 feet (1,463 to 2,499 meters).

Fish, wildlife, and recreational opportunities are all supported by the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area (NCA), which is home to about 30 miles (48.3 kilometers) of the Gunnison River. You can also traverse it by the old Spanish national historic trail, whose use was as a land commerce route in the 19th century. 

The region is home to several species of animals, such as desert bighorn sheep, mule deer, golden eagles, turkeys, elk, mountain lions, black bears, and collared lizards. Within the boundaries of the NCA, there are 115 miles (185.1 kilometers) of streams and rivers, as well as a habitat ideal for 52 different kinds of protected animals and plants.

Dominguez Canyon

Grand Mesa

A journey to Grand Mesa, Grand Junction’s most popular tourist destination, is an absolute must for everyone interested in visiting the city. This remarkable formation, easily identifiable due to its level summit and cliff sides, extends across tens of thousands of square miles. 

Because it is the mountain with the largest flat top in the world, there are abundant activities to choose from throughout the year. You may find more than 300 stream-fed alpine lakes at elevations higher than 11,000 feet (3,352.8 meters) on Grand Mesa. 

Add to that the abundance of wildlife; there is more than enough to keep fishermen, photographers, and hikers entertained for days. You may enjoy a plethora of activities on Grand Mesa throughout the year. 

Your tour should begin with a stop at the Grand Mesa Visitor Center, where you may get more information about the Grand Mesa National Forest and its surrounding areas. At this location, you can buy maps and register with US Forest Service rangers. 

Between Memorial Day and the final Sunday in September, the visitor center is open every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and is just off State Highway 65.

Two Rivers Winery

The family-run winery sits away in the nooks and crannies of the colorado national monument’s entrances. The two rivers winery and the chateau are on their way to becoming grand junction’s newest traditions, even though they are relatively young. The entire project is in a 15-acre (6.1 hectares) plot of land from the ground up.

Nestled in the Redlands neighborhood of grand junction. Their tasting room features wines of the most illustrious sorts, which you may sample for free before availing them for purchase. Come on and take a tour of the facility that will inform you, or stop for a moment to take in the breathtaking sights. 

You may try some of our wines that have won awards and uncover a unique and simple tasting experience. Bob and Billie Witham, both of whom were born and raised on colorado’s western slope, are the people who run the business, and they are frequently around to say hi and make you feel at home. 

The winemaker is typically there as well, and they are happy to answer any questions that guests may have about the production of wine.

The Final Say

What are you still waiting for with all this information at your disposal? Grab your opportunity today, apply for a course of choice, and have your career started at Western College. This will be a decision you will never come to regret. You will love the College and the programs on offer and, in no time, will own and refer to it as “my western Colorado.”

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