Studying at the University of Minnesota Veterinary School

For more than a decade, the University of Minnesota Veterinary School has been a lifesaver for students aspiring to be veterinarians. This University has professional tutors and all the tools required to equip the skills and knowledge of future vet students.

The school’s main aim is to create an enabling environment for students so that they can save the lives of pets. Therefore, if you love animals or desire to join the University of Minnesota Vet School, here’s everything you need to know. 

You will also get to know the background of the University and a list of other vet schools to help you select the best.

Read on to learn more! 

Here’s the list of the best and most prominent Minnesota veterinary schools without further delay.

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Veterinary Schools in MN

There are many veterinary schools in MN, such as the University of Minnesota Veterinary School. These schools offer several disciplines as well as the veterinary major. On top of that, these vet institutions have all the facilities and professional tutors ready to instill skills and knowledge in students. Another aim is to produce well–rounded people to serve patients with passion.

The History of the University of Minnesota’s Veterinary School

The University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine first began in 1888 with 23 students. Four years later, they got rid of the program due to the high cost. Finally, after a few more attempts, it was established in 1947. At this time, it was the only veterinary college in the region.  

For this reason, U of M became famous, and up to now, it has graduated almost 4000 veterinarians and scientists. Its setting is urban, and it utilizes the semester-based calendar. On top of that, this college was all about training future veterinarians and biomedical scientists. As a result, it affected the lives of both people and animals in different ways, such as through research, outreach programs, and education. 

Today, this University ranks in the edition of the best colleges and is nationally and internationally known for being good in research and teaching. Examples of research include; infectious diseases, genomics, comparative medicine, raptor conservation, public health, epidemiology, and avian medicine.

Nonetheless, it is home to the Veterinary Medical Center, the University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, the Leatherdale Equine Center, and the Raptor Center. Nonetheless, it embraces the “One Health” concept, which aims to transform new knowledge into better health for animals, people, and the environment. 

The University also plays a vital role in the community’s health by assuring food safety, conducting biomedical research, preventing zoonotic diseases, and enhancing physical and psychological well-being, which goes down to caring for companion animals and protecting Minnesota’s natural wildlife resources.

University of M.N. Vet Study Info

If you plan to enroll at the University of Minnesota Veterinary School, here’s a brief information that you need to know.


The University of M.N Vet School stretches across the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. It comprises locations in Minneapolis and Falcon Heights, a suburb of St. Paul, approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) apart. You’ll find various activities to engage in this city, such as shopping in great malls.

The Number of Students Admitted Per Year

The University of Minnesota Veterinary School is a large institution with an enrollment of 29,939 undergraduate students. If you are searching for answers on the number of students admitted per year, admission is somewhat competitive as the acceptance rate is 70%.

Admission Criteria for U.S. students

While the University is open to both U.S. and non-U.S students, it has various criteria for selecting students. For this reason, you have to meet the following requirements. But what about U.S. students? What are the exact criteria used to select students in this category? Find out below.

First of all, a U.S. student is one who was born or has U.S. citizenship. Therefore, you are an international student if you are not a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or refugee. Nonetheless, you are an international student if you are on a temporary visa or require a visa to study in the United States. 

If you are a U.S citizen living overseas or with dual citizenship and plan on entering the U.S. on your passport, you are not considered an international applicant. On top of that, you need to have a high school rank between 75 and 98 percent. For example, if you had a high school grade point average between 3.56 – 3.95 and between 1330 and 1480 on the S.A.T.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

Also, the school has admission criteria for international students. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Provide an application fee; a one-time $50 non-refundable application fee
  • Official College or University transcripts
  • High school records
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Financial certification statement


Students who meet the above requirements are free to attend interviews that entail things to do with veterinary. Furthermore, it is one hour long and is essential to see if you have the passion and zeal to be a qualified and professional vet.

Educational Opportunities

The University of Minnesota offers the following educational opportunities:

  • Business Management
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • English Language and Literature
  • Biological and Viomdova Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Public Health
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Computer
  • Psychology
  • Education

Apart from all these programs, this institution allows students to choose from these areas:

  • Equine
  • Small Animal
  • Mixed Animal
  • Food Animal
  • Interdisciplinary

The first two years focus on broad-based science backgrounds such as diseases, normal animals, prevention, elevation, and clinical disease therapy. In addition, students will be involved in clinical and professional practice for up to 12 weeks of externships during the last two years.

Other Educational Opportunities

Other than education, the University of Minnesota has women’s centers, daycare, placement services, health services, and health insurance. In addition, it has one of the largest teaching hospitals in the U.S.A. As it boasts education and experimental learning, students go for attachments and rotation to put their skills into action. It also offers internship and externships opportunities.

Student and Academic Life at the University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota has about 40 000 undergraduates who are 54 percent female and 46 percent male. About 14 percent live in school affiliate housing, while 86 percent live off-campus. Academically, it has 37 percent of its classes with less than 20 students. 

Also, 45 percent of full-time undergraduates receive financial aid. Not forgetting, safety and insecurity cases are not common. Speaking of security, the school offers security services like lighted sidewalks, emergency telephones, and student patrols. However, the school advises students to be on the lookout always while on campus and in nearby areas.

What Makes the University of Minnesota Unique?

Apart from the general characteristics of the University of Minnesota, some things make this school stand out. Among the unique aspects are:

Freedom of Expression

One of the unique things is freedom of expression. Typically many vet schools mn don’t allow students and staff to talk free on matters concerning education. But things are pretty different at the University of Minnesota Veterinary School. Here, students, staff, and faculty freely express their views concerning educational matters.

Students and staff have the sacred right to speak freely without discrimination, complaints, or censorship. This comes down to expressing themselves not only through words but through fashion, music, and arts.

Access to Different Opportunities

There are several opportunities, such as clubs and research opportunities. Fortunately, it has professors who genuinely want you to do well and understand what they teach you. The better part is that when you get past the primary classes, they might take an interest in you since these classes will help you achieve your future career.

Access to Different Majors and Classes

Another unique aspect is the availability of different majors and classes. Also, you will find many sports and cultural venues which help alleviate the stress of being a student. Additionally, you will find a diverse ethnic and cultural student body and faculty to enhance your overall learning experience. 

If you are a sports person, you won’t get enough of different sports teams and students groups. Apart from that, you can try to apply for the extensive study abroad program to help you go around the globe learning different things.


What Else is There to Do in Minnesota?

There are endless things to do in Minnesota. Both indoor and Outdoor adventures include: 

Arts and Culture

Topping the list of fun things to indulge in while in Minnesota are arts and culture. Minnesota is widely known for having the most vibrant arts scenes and diverse culture. It contains theaters, music centers, museums, and galleries.

Museums feature history, heritage collections, and art exhibits that provide educational and inspirational experiences. It also has music centers and theaters with stunning and masterful dance performances, concerts, and plays. Some of the museums include; the county museum, military museum, pioneer village, and railroad museum.

Not far from Brainerd and noteworthy are the Northern Minnesota Railroad Heritage museum in Crosslake, the Cuyuna Range Historical Society museum in Crosby, the Mille Lacs Indian Museum, and the Minnesota Military Museum at Camp Ripley near Little Falls.

You will also find galleries containing thought-provoking exhibitions to suit diverse interests. Minnesota is also home to a wide variety of musicians and music experiences. From acoustic jams to music festivals, the community has events for the whole family to enjoy.

Boating and Watersports

Different people have different hobbies. Some love swimming while others boating. If you are a student who loves such things, Minnesota got you covered. It has a boating and watersport station from hundreds of famous rivers and lakes. An example of a lake to visit is Brainerds Lake, where you’ll enjoy tubing, skiing, cruising, or wakeboarding.

If you are an outdoor person, you are not left out. Minnesota has lakes where you can travel from Brainerd to Nisswa, Minnesota. You can stop at one of the water restaurants and enjoy delicious foods such as seafood in the long run.

If you don’t love too much noise, visit smaller lakes like the Mississippi River. The better part is that you can stay in indoor water parks so that you’ll access the great lakes. Also, you can rent your boat and enjoy a private ride.

Family Fun

Are you searching for family vacation options? Look no further! Minnesota is an excellent place to relax and unwind from your busy studies with your loved ones. In Minnesota, you will find various areas such as amusement parks, game shops, go-kart tracks, mini-golf courses, public beaches, a wildlife park, a zipline tour, and three waterparks.


If you love fishing, opt for Minnesota because it contains the most fun and beautiful fishing sites For instance, the Brainard area has exciting fishing lakes such as the well-known Pelican and Gulf Lake. 

You will see different fish species such as the Trout, Panish, Alleys, and Pike. For a better fishing experience, guides will show you secrets and hassles from your fishing expeditions. And in winter you will get to enjoy ice fishing.


Experience and lose yourself with real golfing as a fun sport. Minnesota exhibits more than 100 disc golf courses, and the good thing is that most of them are free to play. For this reason, it is ranked by Golf Digest as the 41st most fun and desirable golf destination worldwide. 

You will get to stay at first-class hotels and throw discs at a series of holes and win with the lowest number of strokes. Golf causes are available from amateur, first time to technical professional.


Go wild after fishing and golfing by visiting the most anticipated hunting sites. Minnesota has miles of trails and acres of state land, providing better hunting opportunities for whitetail deer, grouse, and small game. However, you need to have a hunting license and check the exact dates.


Minnesota is a perfect place for students who are looking to shop. From antiques to one-of-a-kind shops. In Minnesota, you will shop in an indoor shopping mall and unique stores to get the best products.

As you pass through the busy streets of Minnesota, you will also find a variety of unique cities, such as Crosby, which offers a wide variety of unique boutiques and gift shops. These cities offer a unique personality, activities, and dining for you and your family to enjoy during your visit. In addition, it is an economic center; you will find national retail chains.


Another exciting thing about Minnesota is the availability of trails. You will get many trails during your adventure and enjoy breathtaking nature. These trails are multi-use, meaning you can walk, bike, hike ATV, and Snowbowl during winter. Minnesota has various tracks, such as the Paul Bunyan trail, with more than 120 miles of paved trails between Bemidji and Brainerd. 

Winter Activities

Winter is not all about staying indoors. Minnesota has beautiful places to visit during the cold season. All you need is your warm clothes and coffee to enjoy yourself. In addition, Minnesota has winter playgrounds such as the Baxter and Brainerd. 

You will enjoy winter activities such as skiing, tubing, snowmobiling, winter mountain biking, and other cultural activities. In addition, it has events like ice fishing, winter fest, and Cuyuna whiteout. You’ll have a great time in lazy rivers, body slides, splash pools, hot water tubs, snack bars, and arcades in the parks. All these beautiful sites will help melt down the cool weather.

Is the University of Minnesota a Good Vt School?

Is the University of Minnesota a good vet school? Yes. This is one of the best vet schools worldwide. Here are the reasons you should opt to enroll in this institution.

Ranked Among the Top Schools

Opening the list of the top reasons you shouldn’t have doubts about the University of Minnesota Vet School is because it is among the top veterinary schools mn. But, typically, being ranked among the top is not easy. 

According to the Q.S, it performs well and outshines other educational institutions. For example, in the World University Ranking, the University of M.N. is the 13th best vet medicine program globally and the 5th-best vet medicine program in the United States. 

Has the Best Tutors

Another top reason you should consider this institution is access to the best professional tutors. They are ready to teach you with passion and determination to instill knowledge and skill. The best part is that they can go further and follow up to boost your potential and help you emerge among the best.

Top Class Facilities

University of M.N. Veterinary School has specialized facilities that provide hands-on experimental learning with a one-of-a-kind cluster of educational opportunities. As a result, students can conduct different experiments boldly and get insights from experienced tutors.

Availability of Specialized Knowledge

The good thing about the University of M.N. is access to top-notch knowledge. In addition, it comprises technical programs such as Zoo, Ecosystem, Oncology, Business, and Public Health, which offers the right skill to suit individual career interests. 

Ample Research Opportunities

Apart from the extensive knowledge and the best facilities, you will get ample research opportunities. For example, at the University of Minnesota, students work together with the faculty to research various things like diseases.

Community Engagement

Yes, studying at the University of M.N. will expose you to the community through service-learning. Here, the community health program equips learners with the adequate tools and knowledge to work in groups to keep families and pets together.

Access to Health Science Programs

Studying at this university will enable you to select various health science disciplines such as pharmacy, public health, human health, and nursing. This is essential since it will help solve health issues affecting people and animals.

Unique Student Life

Unlike other universities and colleges, the University of Minnesota Vet School offers a unique lifestyle. This is because students work with faculty in building community and leadership skills.

Beautiful Scenery

Apart from all that, this University is an ideal location in the Twin Cities. It is surrounded by various malls, parks, and not forgetting a teaching hospital.

Other Veterinary Schools in Minnesota

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Topping the list of the best veterinary school in Minnesota is the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. It is a well-known, large public institution offering several disciplines and a veterinary program. It is located in Minneapolis and is prominent for offering bachelor’s, certificates, master’s, and doctoral degrees in General Veterinary Sciences.

Argosy University Twin Cities

Ranking number two is the Argosy University Twin Cities. Compared to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, it is pretty small and offers many disciplines and the veterinary major. Located in Eagan, Minnesota, it provides associate’s degrees in Animal Health Technology and Veterinary Assistant.

Duluth Business University

Duluth Business University is a veterinary school offering several disciplines like the veterinary major. It is located in Duluth, Minnesota, and is currently offering associate’s degrees in Animal Health Technology and Veterinary Assistant.

Minnesota School of Business Plymouth 

Another well-known school is the Minnesota School of Business in Plymouth. It offers disciplines such as the veterinary program. Currently, it offers associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in Animal Health Technology and Veterinary Assistant.

Minnesota School of Business Waite Park

Minnesota School of Business Waite Park has several disciplines and a veterinary program. Located in Waite Park, Minnesota, it currently offers associate’s degrees in Animal Health Technology and Veterinary Assistant.

Ridgewater College

Ridgewater College is a small public vet college in Willmar, Minnesota. Nonetheless, it offers numerous disciplines and a veterinary major. The college was opened in 1996 and is currently offering associate’s degrees in Animal Health Technology and Veterinary Assistant.

Rochester Community and Technical College

Rochester Community and Technical College in Rochester, Minnesota. It is a public college offering numerous disciplines and a veterinary major. In addition, this college currently offers associate’s degrees in Animal Health Technology and Veterinary Assistant.

Globe University Woodbury 

Globe University Woodbury is a college offering many disciplines and a veterinary program. Located in Woodbury, Minnesota, it provides associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in Animal Health Technology and Veterinary Assistant.

Minnesota School of Business Lakeville

Minnesota School of Business Lakeville has several disciplines along with the veterinary program. It is located in Lakeville, Minnesota, and offers associate’s degrees in Animal Health Technology and Veterinary Assistant.

Minnesota School of Business Rochester

Minnesota School of Business Rochester in Rochester, Minnesota, offers many disciplines along with the veterinary major.

Myths About University Of Minnesota Veterinary School

With all the academic information and fun activities to do at the University of Minnesota and other veterinarian schools in mn, you might be interested to find out the alleged myths about this institution. Check out these pre-conceived notions, rumors, and speculations about this great vet school.

It is Hard to Get Enrolled

Opening the list of myths about the University of Minnesota Veterinary School is having difficulties getting enrollment. This statement is not true because the school’s faculty checks on specific aggregate point to admit students. Also, there’s an interview to check on the students’ background.

Vet Program is Difficult

Typically, the myth of complex vet school studies has spread among students for a long time. But the truth is that it is not difficult. Instead, studying depends on your determination and the urge to succeed in your future career. 

You will get passionate teachers to help you instill knowledge and skills to achieve your goals and become an all-rounded person. Students don’t leave vet schools because it is difficult. What they do is put more effort into achieving their dreams.

You Need a Science-Based Major/Minor for Vet School

To qualify as a student at the University of Minnesota, you don’t necessarily need a science-based major or minor. All you need is to meet pre-requirements. A tip to note is selecting a minor or electives in skill-building, complementing, and diversifying. These courses help strengthen the zeal toward veterinary medicine.

There’s High Competition

Well, veterinary medicine schools don’t believe in competition among students. All you need to understand is that your classmates are your future colleagues. So, socialize and learn from each other to become one great family.

Vet Schools are Inferior

Considered a lame myth, how can vet school be inferior? Doing this is like comparing apples to oranges. These schools are known for being the best with all the facilities you can ever find in other disciplines. 

It is a technical course that requires total dedication. Apart from that, each veterinary school has unique aspects about its specialty areas and programs. Generally, all accredited vet schools have a standard quality of education.

All Students Must Pay Vet Education Through Loans

As much as there are different student loans to help cater to students’ education needs, not all vet schools require loans. Also, not every student will want to take the loan, as some can pay all the cash.

Becoming A Vet Puts Life Plans on Hold

Becoming a vet is the best thing to save an animal’s life. But, it does not limit you from your everyday life. Of course, life happens. Anything can come through before, during, and after school. You can have it all, but be flexible with your timeline and prioritize your life into your future goals.

Becoming a Vet Isn’t Worth Anymore

Veterinary medicine is a discipline that many people look down to. But isn’t it kind to take care of the precious four-legged friends? Well, this course is still on the market. You can employ yourself or get employed in a vet institution. But remember, it’s not always about the money. So, don’t fall for the evil talks about vet medicine.

If you Want to be a Vet, You Don’t Need to Know about X Species

One of the rules about veterinary is keeping an open mind. This simply means that you need to learn to be on all sides. The best part about being a vet is learning all the species. Therefore, have the knowledge and skill application in all paths since you might meet different cases in the future. In addition, as vet med trends change, vast knowledge will make you more versatile. Therefore have the skills and expertise to apply across all species.

 University of Minnesota

Final Thoughts

The University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine is among the well-known vet schools. This University has all the veterinary courses that you can ever imagine. It also contains professional tutors ready to instill knowledge and skills. 

On top of that, you will find the best and top-notch facilities to aid in general learning and practicals. You can visit shopping malls and parks to help you unwind from a busy week. As much as it contains alleged myths, why not try applying for a vet course at the University of Minnesota? In the end, you’ll emerge a great veterinarian with vast knowledge across all species.

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