The TRUTH About Studying VetMed at Foothill College

Foothill College (FC) Vet Med program was established in 1970 and has been training students for professions in veterinary medicine ever since. The Veterinary Medicine program at FC consists of three distinct programs (DVM, VMD, and NVU). These programs last four years and allow students to specialize in small animals, big animals, or horse medicine.

Veterinary team in operating room

VetMed at Foothill College

Veterinary medicine is a profession for those who wish to combine their passion for animals with helping others. However, there are a few concerns prospective vet school students ought to ask themselves before beginning their studies.

With Foothill College’s “Vet Med Prep” program, students may guarantee they receive a top-notch education by getting ready for college-level coursework and tests. Learn more about this program by reading on.

In the Foothill College Vet Med Program, students can take practical courses in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pathology, dermatology, dentistry, nutrition, pharmacology, surgery, radiology, and radiography. 

Students do field excursions to nearby veterinary clinics to expose them to actual hospital procedures. Students have the chance to engage in a clinical rotation and observe a veterinarian in their practice every year.

Study Requirements and Other Info


The main campus is at 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills, California, 94022.

Campus Accessible Routes

Download our campus accessibility map for directions to Foothill College. The map allows you to locate accessible parking, ramps, walks, and bus stops at Foothill College.

Elevator Locations and Access to Campus

Parking lot 8 provides elevator access to the top main campus (Smithwick Theatre) if you park in the lower lots.

Parking lot 5A provides accessible ramps to the center of campus, eliminating the need for an elevator.

Gender Neutral Restrooms

  • Administration Lobby, 1900 Building
  • Lower Level of Campus Center, Building 2200
  • PSEC Area, Building 4400 

Need a Ride on Campus?

To seek help, please phone our Student Resource Center at 650.949.7107 during the following hours:

  • Monday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Friday, 8 a.m. to Noon

How Many Students are Accepted per Year?

What is the Foothill College acceptance rate? Foothill College accepts applications and registration from students aged 18 and above, with or without a high school certificate. If you are under 18, have a GED, or have passed the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE), you may apply and enroll in Foothill College courses.

After submitting the necessary authorization paperwork, first-year high school students, sophomores, juniors, and seniors may apply and enroll in courses at Foothill College.

Admission Criteria for US Students

AB540 Undocumented Dreamer

Due to California’s AB 540 statute, all eligible students can pay in-state tuition at all of the state’s public schools and universities, including those without legal status.

To be qualified, you must have;

  • Attended a public or private high school in California for three or more years
  • Before the commencement of the term for which you are applying to Foothill College, you must have graduated from a California high school or obtained the equivalent (for example, passing the GED or California High School Proficiency exam).

If you qualify for AB 540 status, follow these procedures;

  1. Fill out an application for admission to Foothill.
  2. Fill out the California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Form (AB 540).
  3. Use the California Dream Act application to apply for financial help.
  4. Follow the Priority Registration enrollment processes.
  5. Consider becoming a member of one of our learning communities.
  6. Learn more about help on our Dreamers and Undocually page.
  7. Sign up for Classes.

Adult Learner

Is it been a long since you were in a classroom? Do you wish to work and attend lessons at the same time?

To get started, follow these instructions;

  1. Fill out an application for admission to Foothill.
  2. If you want to acquire a degree or certificate or transfer to a four-year university, enroll in Priority Registration.
  3. Skip Step 2 and how to register for classes if you are attending a class for personal enrichment.

Graduating High School Senior

We are delighted that you are a graduating high school senior! We hope you will pick Foothill College as your next educational and life destination.

Foothill has a lot to offer at a reasonable price, whether you want to transfer to a four-year institution or train for a job.

Take a look at Foothill College Promise. For their first year at Foothill College, first-year, full-time students (12 units or more) are eligible for full tuition and fees.

High School Dual Enrolled (9 to 12)

Foothill College offers free education to high school students in grades 9-12.

There are no enrollment or any fees if you enroll in dual courses at Foothill College and take no more than 11.5 units throughout the fall, winter, and spring quarters (six units in the summer).

No expenses, including parking, materials fees, or other course costs, are exempted.

Incoming Transfer Student

You must meet these prerequisites even if you only want to take a summer course at Foothill but have already completed some credit coursework at another university.

Application for Admission

  1. Meet the requirements for the assessment and the course prerequisites.
  2. After applying for admission and receiving your Foothill College student ID, meet with a Counselor. If you are just taking one class but have questions, our counselors provide numerous options for meeting with them to discuss your educational goals.
  3. Sign up for classes.
  4. Payment is necessary for classes.
  5. After enrolling, pay your costs as soon as feasible. We offer financial aid and payment plans if you need assistance paying for education. Remember that you can lose your place in the class if you don’t pay on time.

Military Veteran

We are honored that you are considering joining the Foothill College community.

Our Veterans Resource Center’s supportive counselors and staff understand your requirements and will assist you in transitioning your military skills to civilian life.

Follow these procedures to enroll in classes at Foothill if you have served in the military and are qualified for VA Education Benefits.

  1. Fill out an application for admission to Foothill.
  2. Apply for your VA benefits.
  3. Follow the enrollment procedures for Priority Registration. Please remember that you can request adapted testing for your assessment exams if necessary.
  4. Sign up for classes.

Returning to Foothill — You Missed a Quarter

Assume you were a prior student at Foothill but did not enroll in any classes the previous quarter (this does not apply to Summer Session). In that case, you are considered a former student and must reapply for admission to register for classes.

If you have already finished the priority enrollment requirements, you must again enroll as a continuing student to rejoin the priority registration line.

Students With a Disability

Our Disability Resource Center (DRC) offers extensive support services if you are a student requiring special accommodations.

We’ll walk you through the admissions application process and provide you with everything you need to register for and succeed in your classes.

Follow these procedures to enroll in classes at Foothill if you are qualified for services in the DRC:

  1. Fill out an application for admission to Foothill.
  2. Enroll in the DRC’s services.
  3. It is necessary to follow the procedures for priority enrollment. Registration: Please remember that you can request adapted testing for your evaluation tests.
  4. Sign up for classes.

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students

Our Overseas Programs Office exclusively serves international students on F-1 visas, coaching and assisting over 700 students from over 70 countries.

Educational Opportunities 

Welcome to the Foothills! We provide engaging programs of study arranged into seven Career and Academic Pathways (CAPs) based on areas of interest, career aspirations, meta majors, and related courses.

Investigate the CAPs listed below based on what motivates you and inspires your objectives. Program maps for degrees and certificates are available for each. Then schedule an appointment with a counselor to determine the best path for you at Foothill.

Veterinary Technology

The Foothill College Veterinary Technology program is a two-year, AVMA-accredited academic program that prepares students for employment as Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT). The curriculum emphasizes fundamental developing skills via hands-on instruction and individual student attention. 

Graduates will be awarded an Associate in Science Degree in Veterinary Technology and eligible to take the Veterinary Technician National Examination to become licensed. The program is neither pre-veterinary medicine nor veterinary medicine.

In addition, the Veterinary Technology department provides an online veterinary assisting program. This program culminates in a certificate of achievement, which begins each fall.

Arts & Media

Do you enjoy expressing yourself artistically and want to improve your artistic, performing, digital, and communication abilities? We help you develop your communication, visual, acting, and media arts skills.


Do you enjoy leading teams, managing finances, or assisting people in making financial decisions? We provide theory and application in accounting, management, marketing, finance, and local and international business.


Do you like educating others? Do you want to know how to be more effective at it? We offer theoretical and practical education for children, teenagers, and adults.

Health Sciences & Wellness

Do you want to impact the community’s physical, psychological, and social well-being? We offer practical training for medical, dentistry, public health, athletics, and veterinary medicine jobs.

Industrial Technology & Building Trades

Do you wish to use both your thoughts and your hands? Do you appreciate craftsmanship? We give training in high-demand skills to assist in the construction and maintenance of commercial and residential structures from the ground up.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

Are you interested in the physical and biological sciences and seeking to change the world around you? We give theory, instruction, and practice in the methods and fixes afforded by science, technology, engineering, and math.

Society, Culture & Human Development

Do you want to learn how to construct, communicate, and defend your opinions and values? Are you involved in your community to enhance your quality of life? This section offers an intellectual analysis of language, literature, society, culture, politics, and economics.

Veterinary treatment

Other Educational Opportunities 

Foothill College student employment allows you to earn money while working on or near campus and with businesses that are aware of the needs of your studies.

District-Funded Student Jobs

Students enrolled in at least 12 units at Foothill College who fulfill the academic qualifying standards are eligible for district-funded student jobs.

Important note regarding the 12-unit requirement: You must complete the 12 units in classes starting by the time you begin working. For example, if you are enrolled in 12 units for Spring Quarter, with eight units beginning the first week of the quarter and four units starting May 15, you will not be able to begin work until May 15.

Among the exceptions to the 12-unit threshold are:

  • CalWorks students must enroll in 6 units.
  • Students having a certified accommodation of less than a 12-unit full-time load may request a reduction in the number of units required for employment.

There is no mention of any student employment funded by the district; all positions are on campus. You must apply to the departments in which you are interested directly.

International students should be aware that the only campus employment available are those supported by the district.

Federal Work-Study Student Jobs

FWS positions are available to students who submitted a FAFSA for financial aid and have a Pell Grant award. In addition, they should have a federal direct student loan offer or a “work-study employment option” remark in their financial aid award letter for the academic year in which they will work.

You must enroll in at least six courses at Foothill College to apply. (This includes the summer quarter)

Important clarification on the 6-unit requirement: All six units must have started by your employment start date. For example, if you enroll in six Spring Quarter units, four of which begin the first week of the quarter and two of which begin May 15, you will not be able to start work until May 15.

Furthermore, you must be in financial aid eligibility and fulfill the academic eligibility standards (shown below) that apply to all student workers.

Students hired under the Federal Work-Study program are only permitted to make the amount of their grant. This number is frequently modified upward as the year progresses, so don’t hesitate to request one if you want one.

Academic Eligibility Requirements

Foothill must be your major college to be qualified for student employment, and if you are not a first-time Foothill-De Anza Community College District student, you must have:

  • Foothill and De Anza Colleges jointly attempted fewer than 180 units (this includes units transferred in and units taken through Middle College).
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 (assuming your GPA is from Foothill/De Anza).
  • Foothill college grades must be a minimum quarterly GPA of 2.0 in your most recent quarter.
  • What if you want to apply for your first college job but don’t have a 2.0 from the previous quarter? Do you believe you could obtain a 2.0 (or above) if you worked on campus? If you answered yes, you can still apply. When you use, tell the hiring manager about your GPA, any unusual circumstances that may have prevented you from earning a 2.0 in previous quarters, and your ambition to get a 2.0 (or higher) in the future. We want to speak with you if you are a strong contender for the position to see if we can come to a unique agreement that would be advantageous to you and the department you would be working.

What Else Do They Offer Other Than Education/Departments/Centers/Institutes

Counseling Services

Talk Spaces offer a private and peaceful setting for your therapy session. Visit the counseling center and take advantage of the talk spaces there. There are several methods to get your counseling services:

  • Telephone appointment – Please be ready to participate in this phone consultation with a counselor. You will have your work postponed if you are driving. Having an internet connection on a device (computer, tablet, or phone) is beneficial so that the counselor may lead you to crucial information.
  • Online zoom appointment – Please be ready to participate in this online session as you would in a face-to-face meeting with a counselor. You will have your work postponed if you are driving. Accessing a device with an internet connection is advantageous so the counselor may show you vital information.
  • Resumption falls quarter in-person appointment.
  • Transfer center appointment – To obtain help with transferring to a four-year university, arrange a meeting with any counselor in general counseling or the transfer center. Both offices offer the same transfer assistance. 

Sports Medicine Program

Our Foothill Sports Medicine Team consists of licensed athletic trainers, sports medicine students, physicians, and other sports medicine specialists who assist our Foothill student-athletes through our Athletic Treatment Center and at-home away games. 

Academic instruction is also part of the program, which leads to an associate of science degree in Athletic Injury Care. These services provided include;

  • Pre-participation physical examinations.
  • Injury prevention, evaluation, and treatment
  • All Foothill College student-athletes get rehabilitation.

Foothill College Office Hours

For Foothill College office hours, the team offers remote office hours through Zoom, where you may meet with a member of our Online Learning team to obtain answers to your questions. 

Library Hours

Our reference services are accessible offline and online, including through chat and email. Speak with a librarian in person, over the phone, or via videoconference, or send them an email, text, or chat. The list below is Foothill College library hours;

  • Mon – Thur   8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (in-person & online)
  • Fri  8 a.m. to 1 p.m. (online only)
  • Sat & Sun:  Closed

The Library is closed during all college holidays and breaks.

Foothill College Bookstore

The Foothill-De Anza Community College District has partnered with Follett Higher Education Group to manage and administer the Foothill College Bookstore. Hence textbooks and instructional materials will be more accessible and affordable to students.

Foothill College Holidays

The following are Foothill College holidays;

  • Labor Day Holiday
  • Independence Day holiday.
  • Observance of Juneteenth Holiday
  • Memorial Day Holiday
  • Observance of Presidents Day Weekend
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
  • Thanksgiving 

Things to do in Los Altos

Apple Garage

It is a residence in Los Altos’s suburban neighborhood. The house is typical of the suburbs. In 1976, Steve Jobs and Wozniak founded Apple Computer here.

Note: Because the house is now occupied, keep your visit quick; snap a photo, and then go.

Area 151

Area 151 is a small video arcade in downtown Los Altos. There are activities for children of all ages, and mom and dad like skeeball! Your youngster may select trinkets for anywhere from 5 to 500 tokens. You may start saving for a greater prize by opening an account.

Arisa Thai Massage

Arisa provides Thai massage in a stylish location to help you rest and unwind.

Christ Episcopal Church

It is a huge church and school in Los Altos. The church has beautiful stained glass windows. France’s Gabriel Loire is the designer of the windows.

Customized Massage Therapy

The website is simple to use, and online scheduling is available. The worker provides an excellent deep tissue massage. They can alter the pressure he employs and locate the knots in my body.

Hidden Villa Farm

You may conduct a self-guided tour by following their notifications and utilizing their map. The creatures are wonderful. It is an ideal destination for families with small children and those who are young at heart.

June Massage

They have a chamber with bars in the ceiling where they may stand on your back and rub you with their feet. They are professional, everything is tidy, and the personnel is quite kind. You can’t go wrong if you enjoy being under pressure.

Kula Sweet

Kula Sweet Boutique takes the Hawaiian Islands’ aloha attitude to California and beyond by making every client feel welcome and valued and that they are a part of the ohana (family). Kula Sweet’s purpose is to make women feel beautiful, confident, and empowered to pursue their aspirations by offering high-quality, one-of-a-kind, and flexible products.

Linden Tree Books

A mainstay of the Los Altos downtown scene, Linden Tree is a really pleasant, spotless, and expertly maintained bookstore. It seems possible it will go out of business soon in this day and age, as Amazon has entirely taken over bookselling, which is bad. Enjoy this spot while you can, bring your kids, or simply sit on the chairs out front.

Los Altos Farmer’s Market.

Don’t come looking for a bargain, but it’s a delightful stroll with some lovely fruit and plenty of enticing treats.

Los Altos History Museum

It is a good place to stop for a quick visit (less than an hour) — entry is by contribution, and they have a fantastic gift store. It’s worth following them on social media since they offer very good workshops and events.

Los Altos Stage Company

The little theater puts on four or five plays a year using professional players from the bay region. Most spaces are really enjoyable. In most cases, the performance is excellent, as are the staging and direction. It is a reasonably affordable way to watch a good play and have a fun night out. Parking is free and abundant, and light refreshments are available at intermission.

Los Altos Tasting Room

It’s a lovely, peaceful spot to visit after a long day at work. The wine is fantastic, and the staff is quite polite and educated.


Maria’s is a European day excursion! Antiques and genuine items from France, England, and Italy. It is known for its enormous selection, distinct aesthetic, and constantly changing inventory. 

For almost four decades, it has been a destination for interior designers, stylists, and do-it-yourself home decorators, i.e., French Faience, French country textiles, hand-painted Italian majolicas, period antique furniture, and luxury French bed linens and tablecloths.

Mind of Beauty Day Spa

It is a lovely and clean atmosphere, and the therapists do an excellent job with their clients.

Redwood Grove Nature Preserve

If you want to appreciate the Redwood forest but don’t want to devote an entire day to it, here is the spot for you! Most of the routes are stroller accessible, making them ideal for families with children.

It takes less than 40 minutes, ample time for them to enjoy themselves while keeping their attention spans intact. A park with a playground is just down the street. Also, it’s near downtown Los Altos.

Saigon Spa

The massage was fantastic and greatly needed. The spa was spotless, and all necessary safety procedures were in place. Simply incredible.

San Andreas Fault Trail

It is part of the Los Trancos Open Space Preserve in Los Altos. Besides an old fence damaged along the fault line, there is little indication of devastation from the 1989 earthquake, which occurred over 30 years ago. The route is beautiful and short as long as you don’t expect to see much of the earthquake’s aftermath.

Shoup Park

Lo Altos has a lovely park. A playground is available for youngsters. It is next to a redwood grove, which is well worth seeing.

Windy Hill Open Space Preserve

This park has several entrances. All paths ascend from the Portola Road entrance, implying that the trails descend on the way back. The Sausal Pond, located near the Portola Road entrance, is a charming diversion. The Betsy Crowder Trail is one-way only owing to Covid-19. Despite the parking issue, this is a beautiful place for trekking.

University student with book

Final Verdict

If you want to be a veterinarian, Foothill College is the place to be. It is a college that veterans can afford.

Although institutions provide a wide range of alternatives, I believe studying at Foothill College would prepare you for the veterinary test and life.

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