Veterinary Universities in the USA – Part 2

If you are looking for a veterinary university in the United States of America to enroll, but you have no idea where to start, we’ve got your back! We composed a list of all veterinary universities in the USA you can study in and here is the second part of it.

North Carolina State University

This institution can be found in Raleigh, North Carolina and it provides offers master’s and doctorate-level degree programs. It is the third best veterinary college of all colleges in the nation.

Ohio State University

Established in 1870, this public research university is located in Columbus, Ohio. It consists of a number of schools and colleges, including the College of Veterinary Medicine. This university offers an extensive student life program, with over 1,000 student organizations.

Oklahoma State University

Founded in 1890, this university is located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. It has the highest research activity and it’s considered as one of the highest rated veterinarian colleges in the nation. It also has a Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, which offers three academic departments, including Veterinary Pathobiology, Physiological Sciences, and Veterinary Clinical Sciences.

Oregon State University

This public research university was established in 1868 and it’s located in Corvallis, Oregon. As one of the largest universities in the States, it offers more than 200 undergraduate degree programs, as well as, a variety of graduate and doctoral degrees. It consists of various colleges, including the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Purdue University

This is one of ten major academic divisions of Purdue University, which was founded in 1959. It’s the only veterinary school in Indiana and has three departments, including Basic Medical Sciences, Comparative Pathobiology, and Veterinary Clinical Sciences. Moreover, it also contains a Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Established in 1916, this college can be found in College Station, Texas. As one of the top 5 vet schools in the country, it offers an undergraduate program in Biomedical Sciences, a professional Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program, and several graduate programs in veterinary medicine and epidemiology.

Tufts University Cummings

The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine is part of the Tufts University and the only school of veterinary medicine in New England. It is located in Grafton, Massachusetts and it was established in 1978.  

Tuskegee University

Founded in 1881, this university is located in Tuskegee, Alabama. It consists of five colleges and five schools. The School of Veterinary Medicine was established in 1944.

University of California, Davis

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is the best and one of the largest veterinary schools in the USA. It consists of six different academic departments and a Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

University of Florida

Established in 1976, this veterinary school is located in Gainesville, Florida. It offers the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and it’s organized into six units.

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