Veterinary Universities in the USA – Part 3

If you are looking for a veterinary university in the United States of America to enroll, but you have no idea where to start, we’ve got your back! We composed a list of all veterinary universities in the USA you can study at and here is the third and last part of it.

University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine

This college is part of the University of Georgia and was established in 1946. It is located in Athens, Georgia and offers a wide range of departments and graduate degrees.

University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign 

This college is located in Illinois and it’s considered as a leader in veterinary and comparative biomedical education, scholarship, and public engagement.

University of Minnesota

Established in 1851, this public research university can be found in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. It consists of 19 colleges, schools, and other academic units, among which is the College of Veterinary Medicine.

University of Missouri

This public university is situated in Columbia, Missouri and it’s the largest university in the county. It offers 300-degree programs in 20 academic colleges, including the College of Veterinary Medicine.

University of Pennsylvania

Established in 1884, the university consists of two campuses, one in Philadelphia and the other in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. It is the only veterinary school in Pennsylvania and it’s home to numerous research facilities.

University of Tennessee

This public university was founded in 1794 and it’s situated in Knoxville, Tennessee. It’s one of the oldest universities in the USA and it consists of a number of colleges and schools, including the School of Veterinary Medicine.

University of Wisconsin at Madison

This public research university dates back from 1848 and it’s situated in Madison, Wisconsin. The university is organized in 20 schools and colleges, among which is the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Virginia–Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

Established in 1978, this college is of two states, Virginia and Maryland. Its main campus is located on Virginia Tech’s campus in Blacksburg.

Washington State University

This public research university was established in 1890 and it’s located in Pullman, Washington. The School of Veterinary Science was founded in 1899 and it was elevated to college status in 1916.

Western University of Health Sciences

This private medical school is 21 years old and it’s situated in Pomona, California. It offers the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and has about 400 students. It is the first veterinary medical school in the USA to appoint a female to the position of dean.

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