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Mount San Antonio College

If you are looking for a college to enroll in the United States of America, worry no more because Mount San Antonio College is one of the largest and the best community colleges in Walnut, California.

The college offers more than 260 certificates and degree programs, 50 student clubs, 25 support programs, and athletic programs, including tutoring and counseling. Keep on reading to learn more about the college.

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An Inside Look Into MTSAC’s Offerings

In this section, you will get more information on the inside MTSAC, so keep scrolling.


Mt San Antonio is one of the best community colleges in California in the United States of America. The college sits on a 421- acre (170 hectares) campus 25 miles (40.2 kilometers) on the eastern edge of the great city of Los Angeles in the heart of San Gabriel valley in Walnut city.

According to Money Magazine, Walnut is one of the best small towns. Walnut, a multicultural suburb, is famous for its equestrian culture and national renown schools.

The city mixes the benefits of being 25 miles (40.2 kilometers) from Downtown Los Angeles and its outstanding cultural and recreational offerings with the pleasure of rural living.

Mount San Antonio College caters to every person, including working professionals, residents, and international students.

Furthermore, the local college district boundaries include the Baldwin park communities, Bassett, Charter Oak, Covina, Diamond Bar, the southern portion of Glendora, Hacienda Heights, City of Industry, Irwindale, La Puente, La Verne, Pomona, Rowland Heights, San Dimas, Valinda, Walnut, and West Covina.

The History of Mount San Antonio College

The Mount San Antonio College Walnut California establishment took place in December 1945 after the approval of voters from the four local high school districts to construct a district community college.

The institution’s original name was Eastern Los Angeles County Community College before changing to Mount San Antonio College in honor of the most prominent snow-capped mountain (or the popular Mt. Baldy) near the campus.

During world war II, the facility changed to an army hospital, then a navy hospital, and later. On top of that, 635 students got housing in a few Spanish buildings built of tiles and temporary navy barracks at the site of Mount SAC after its opening in the fall of 1946.

Mount SAC has become a leader in education in the San Gabriel Valley and the state. It is one of the biggest single-campus community colleges in California, with an enrollment of 65,000 students in credit.

The community’s support of more than $500 million in bonds for campus facilities allows the college to maintain affordable tuition while offering advanced academic training and state-of-the-art laboratories.

The college is committed to offering quality programs and services, keeping the institution affordable, and creating an environment for educational excellence throughout the 21st century. This obligation is from teams of faculty, staff, and administrators. The college’s domain name is

Vibrant Community

The diversity of Mt San Antonio College is what makes this campus vibrant. San Antonio colleges have different backgrounds and stages of life. Some are fresh from high school, while others have full-time jobs.

Mount San Antonio College serves more than 50,000 students from different backgrounds with pride. The student body consists of about 50 percent of certificates and degree seekers. In addition, the other half are taking advantage of non-credit courses, community activities, and classes on workforce development.

How Many Students Mount San Antonio Accepts per Year

Mount San Antonio is a mid-size public college with a student enrollment of around 9,878 undergraduates on a full-time basis and about 18,515 who attend part-time. The acceptance rate at Mt. San Antonio College is 100 percent.

Admission Criteria for U.S Students

For you to get more information about the criteria for U.S student admission, the admission and records office will help and guide you in applying, enrolling, and registering for the classes. Keep scrolling.

For admission to Mt. San Antonio College, applicants must be 18 years old, not currently enrolled at any high school, and have a high school diploma or an equivalent. 

Applicants must apply for admission and transcripts from any colleges they studied before to get consideration for access at Mount San Antonio College. Students must ask for official transcripts from their previous colleges and their most recent high school.

Examining the transcripts determines the eligibility for courses at Mount San Antonio College. To get more information after admission, students can search for more details at the Mount San Antonio College portal.

Colleagues working together

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students 

If you are an international student living out of the United States of America and want to join Mount San Antonio College, follow the following steps to apply for a chance in this particular college.

Step 1 

Finalize OpenCCC Application

All international students must have an OpenCCC account before applying to Mount San Antonio College. The OpenCCC single account allows you to access the online services of the California Community Colleges.

Moreover, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office offers OpenCCC as a service. Your account’s data is kept secure and confidential. After opening your account, you can apply for admission into the college.

Also, note that when choosing your citizenship in OpenCCCApply, select “Student Visa (F-1)” regarding your current status.

Step 2

Visit the Mount San Antonio Student Portal

After logging in to the student portal, ensure to print, How to finalize the F-1 foreign student Application instructions.

Get access to your student account.

  • Visit the “Student Account Claim” on the Mt.San Antonio College page.
  •  Choose “New Student” and type the user name you got before. To proceed, Click “Submit.”
  • Respond to all questions with an asterisk mark (*) based on your OpenCCC application. To proceed, click “Submit.”
  • Copy the Claim Code or make a note of it (case-sensitive).To proceed, click ‘Login”.
  • For the password, enter your User Name and Claim Code. To continue, click “Login.”
  • Make a new password and enter your user name. You will use the password you create for upcoming logins. To continue, click “Submit.”
  • The “password change status” verifies your new password. To continue, click and log in to your portal.

Step 3

Finalize the F-1 Foreign Student Application
  • Make sure to log in first to the portal. Click the “portal Login” link on the Mt.San Antonio College homepage’s red menu bar at to return to the login page (top, right corner).
  • Select the “Student” tab in your portal from the black navigation bar (top, left corner).
  • Click the “F-1 International Application” link and locate the “F-1 International Student Checklist.”
  • Enter your password and username for the portal. To go to the next step,” Login.”
  • Answer the questions and upload the documents from the directions. Don’t forget to submit after completing any changes and save them.

Educational Opportunities

The programs that Mt.San Antonio College offers to its students prepare them to work in different facilities. Keep reading this article to find more information on educational programs and opportunities.

This college provides a curriculum for you regardless of the career you want to pursue, the four-year university you want to transfer to, or the skill you want to gain. Some of the programs in this college include:

Degrees and Certificates

Suppose you are a student looking for certificates or degrees. In that case, you are on the right track because Mount San Antonio College offers Associates in Arts (A.A) and Associates in Science (A.S) degrees. The Associate in Science degree is typically a two-year degree that trains students in various technical and career disciplines.

On the other hand, associate degrees are two-year degrees in Liberal Arts and Sciences that allow for thorough research of a particular area of specialization, despite not designing them explicitly for transfer.

Students who get an Associate in Arts degree will frequently discover that they have a strong foundation for further post-secondary study should they desire to transfer later with the help of competent academic advice.

The Associate in Arts for transfer degrees gives the students a seamless transition from one discipline to another, with the junior standing somewhere in the CSU system. To top that, Mt.San Antonio College also offers 101 Associate and transfer degrees.

These programs at Mount San Antonio College cater to students with various interests while reflecting industry needs and professional trends. They provide students with the skills and information to achieve a degree, transfer to a four-year college or university, and prepare for the workforce.

The following are some of the examples of programs at Mount San Antonio College:

  1. Animal Science Fundamentals (Certificate N0871)
  2. Animal Science (AS Degree S0854)
  3. Anthropology (AA-T Degree A0668)
  4. Baking and Pastry (Certificate N0455)
  5. Child Development-Early Childhood Teacher (Certificate T0865)
  6. Domestic Violence Certification (Certificate O0366)
  7. Electronics Engineering Technology (AS Degree S0681)
  8. Forensics Competition Management (Certificate N0848)
  9. Geographic Information Systems GIS (certificate N0850)
  10. Hospitality and Restaurant Management ( AS Degree S1307)
The Animal Science Fundamentals (Certificate N0871)

The Animal Science Fundamental program is for helping the students have a foundation and understanding of animal science once they are through with it. The program assists the students in getting entry-level work in agricultural sales and services, as well as on farms and ranches.

The Animal Science Fundamental program is also the first step on the road to a career as an agricultural sciences instructor. Each course applies to degree requirements.

Animal Science (AS Degree S0854)

The Animal Science Degree program emphasizes animal behavior, farming, production, and services that are a vital component of animal agriculture and sectors that relate to it.

The Animal Science program uses a hands-on approach to learning to deliver a blend of technical knowledge and useful skills; it enables students to prepare for entry-level work options and transfer to a four-year college through the program.

Anthropology (AA-T Degree A0668)

The fundamental ideas, investigative techniques, and theoretical frameworks of the main anthropological subfields will be an introduction to the students.

A wide range of public and private sector occupations, including those in journalism, business, public health, social services, economic development, and museums, to mention a few, can benefit from an understanding of anthropological concepts and skills.

Additionally, the Associate in Arts in Anthropology in mount san Antonio program for transfer degree prepares the students for post-secondary education and for transferring to the California State University System (CSU).

Students who intend to transfer to the anthropology program at other universities should research those programs, find time with a counselor, and plan a course to study at Mount San Antonio College that goes beyond the course’s core requirements.

To acquire an associate degree for transfer, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0. 

CSU-transferable coursework. In all related courses, the students must pass with C or above.

Baking and Pastry (Certificate N0455)

The Baking and Pastry program prepares students for careers such as hotels, restaurants, catering, bakeries, and other food service establishments. The students get a chance to gain through hands-on training using commercial equipment.

In other words, if you pursue this program, you will acquire the skills that are useful to be successful in the profession of baking, such as production baking, candy making, specialty cakes, artisan bread, portion control, and food safety management certification.

Child Development – Early Childhood Teacher (Certificate T0865)

The child development-early childhood teacher is a program that prepares the students with the knowledge, abilities, skills, and dispositions that are necessary for potential roles in childcare development programs.

The certificate in child development-early childhood entails one fieldwork and laboratory experience to help you learn and practice working with kids. It is important to note that this certificate meets Title 22 and licensing requirements and the ECE unit’s need for the California Child Development Teacher permit.

Domestic Violence Certification (Certificate O0366)

The Domestic Violence Certification program describes domestic abuse and its effects. It investigates the connection between substance misuse and domestic violence as the state of California Evidence Code 1037.1 and Penal Code Section 1203.037 satisfies the training criteria set out by the state for employment.

Electronic Engineering Technology (AS Degree S0681)

The Electronic Engineering Technology AS degree program combines the core courses in electronics technology with additional math and science support courses. The program is relevant to the students who seek the flexibility of earning skills based on a vocational degree to get employment immediately in the job market.

Furthermore, the program also applies to those students who want a transfer towards a 4-year degree in Electronic Engineering Technology or Electronic systems Engineering Technology at a 4-year university.

The goal of pursuing an Electronic Engineering degree program is to take as many courses as possible that satisfy the lower division criteria of the nearby colleges’ four-year programs.

The topics in core courses major in direct and alternating current, electronic devices, digital and industrial electronics, as well as electronic assembly and fabrication. Students who qualify to earn the electronic engineering degree will get skills to make them work in different jobs.

To sum up, the most common technician-level job titles include electronics technician, maintenance technician, customer service technician, electronic drafter, calibration technologist, field service technician, and field engineer.

Forensics Competition Management (Certificate N0848)

The students who complete a series of courses on public speaking and forensics will be able to receive a certificate of achievement in forensics competition management. A student who completes these courses will gain practical experience by helping the faculty run a forensics competition and performance abilities in forensics.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (Certificate N0850)

The use of Geospatial technologies is to collect, store, manage, analyze, and visualize geospatial data about locations on the surface of the earth, such as geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing (RS), and Global positioning System (GPS).

These technologies, which incorporate diverse geographic information in a digital setting, are widely important to government organizations, businesses, and practically every other sector of society.

Students will learn the theoretical foundations of geospatial technologies through the Geographical Information System certificate program and acquire the skills necessary to build excellent applications.

Hospitality and Restaurant Management (AS Degree S1307)

The Hospitality and Restaurant Management Associate degree program prepares the students who pursue it for a mid-level or manager-in-training position in the hospitality industry.

Students receive hands-on training in food production, dining room service management, supervision, cost control, financial accounting, lodging management, and hospitality law.

This hospitality program also teaches learners about food safety and sanitation. After passing exams, students who complete the prerequisites for this hospitality degree will also get an award of the Food Protection Manager Certification from the National Restaurant Association.

The Hospitality and Restaurant Management program was to articulate with the Collins College of Hospitality Management at Cal Poly Pomona and other universities.

Students who intend to transfer should make an effort to consult with the Hospitality Management Coordinator and Counseling to discuss the transfer alternatives.

The Hospitality and Restaurant management degree requires students to complete General education coursework.

Mount San Antonio also offers some courses dealing with animal health. If you are one of the students who want to learn more about animals, keep scrolling through the article for more details.

The Agriculture: Animal Health Technology (AGHE)

Procedures of Veterinary Office

The Veterinary Office procedures under the Animal Health Technology course focus on veterinary medical records, ethics, client relations, medical terminology, and filing governmental reports.

Animal Care and Medical Nursing

The Animal Care And Medical Nursing course examines the animal hospital’s health and illness conditions, including sanitation, medication delivery, emergency treatment, therapeutic methods, dental prophylaxis, and venipuncture.

The course also includes animal diseases, their causes, effects, and immunology of animals. The admission to the registration of the veterinary technology program must be formal.

The Physiology of Domestic Animals and Anatomy

The Physiology Of Domestic Animals And Anatomy course focuses on analyzing the body systems’ structure and comparing domestic animals commonly found in veterinary medicine.

The physiology section focuses on emphasizing on functions of internal organs and body systems.

Work Experience in Veterinary Technology

The Work Experience in the Veterinary Technology course aims to major in on-the-job experience at a workstation that has approval and relates to classroom instruction. For each unit of credit, there must be a minimum of 75 paid clock hours or 60 unpaid clock hours per semester.

It is important to note that the distribution of weekly hours should be even throughout the semester and requires approval from the instructor. 

Other Educational Opportunities

Students intending to transfer to a four-year school as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Major and interested in a career as a technician with high qualifications in the same field should apply for an internship or Undergraduate Research.

The Key Importance of Taking Part in Internship or Undergraduate Research Programs

A monetary Award of up to Around $4,200
  • The monetary award is a calculation based on around $525/week for 35 to 40 hours of work on the project per week.
  • The fellowships are also an extra around $500, which is available to compensate for transportation to or from UCI.

Other Additional Profits

  1. Exploring the learning environment at a university
  2. Developing the talents that employers are targeting.
  3. It recognizes your academic strengths and areas you may like to improve.
  4. To engage in conversation with a group of students that are taking part in the program.
  5. To look at the employment options in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Financial Aid at Mount San Antonio College

Perhaps you want those students who wish to attend college but cannot afford it. There is no need to panic because Mount San Antonio College offers financial aid to students like you.

Mount San Antonio acknowledges that many families don’t have enough resources and cannot cover the cost of college education, even though the student and their family are responsible for protecting the college expenses.

The financial aid program is for helping students with legitimate financial needs. To allocate the resources fairly, the aid office must assess the family’s capacity to pay educational expenses.

Departments in Mount San Antonio College

There are so many departments with programs that they offer at Mount San Antonio College the following list contains some of them:

  • Agricultural Sciences Department: this department contains Animal Science, Horticulture, and Veterinary Technology Programs.
  • Commercial and Entertainments Arts: this department covers Graphic Design and Illustration, Animation and gaming, Film and Tv, Radio, and Journalism programs.
  • Accounting and Management Department: the department focuses on programs like accounting and management.
  • The business Administration Department offers Real estate, Paralegal, Economics, and Business Law Programs.
  • Consumer Science and Design Technologies Department: The department emphasizes nutrition and food, Interior Design, Culinary Arts, Fashion Design and Merchandising, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Hospitality and Restaurant Management programs.
  • World Languages Department: the department majors in Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, German and Italian programs.

Recreational Activities in and Around Walnut, CA

Axem Ax Throwing

Ax throwing is one of the fun things you can enjoy doing at Walnut, California. It has great coaches who can teach you how to handle axes in a professional and friendly way safely and throw them accurately. So if you love ax throwing, this is the best place to hang around with your friends.

Man throwing an ax

Boomers Los Angeles

The Boomers Los Angeles is the right place for students’ families and friends to hang around. The tickets include all-day unlimited access to a full menu bar, arcade games, an area for riding go-karts tracks, mini-golf, and drag racing. The staff is accommodating and friendly.

Cherry Blossom Festival-Schabarum

If you are the kind of person who enjoys celebrating Japanese American culture, this is the right place for you to be. The festival uses culture as a bridge to cultivate an alliance that continues to be between Japan and the United States of America.

Escape Duck Escape Room

The Escape Duck Escape Room is an amazing place to spend your precious time with friends and family. It can be a nice place for storytelling, games like Sherlock Holmes, and puzzles. It has easy parking, and the owners are very welcoming. The whole setup is well and neat, ensuring a great experience when you pay a visit.

Great Wolf Lodge

You can have a wonderful experience with your friends or family at the Great Wolf Lodge because the place has the easiest booking process, and the room rates include passes to the water park with lots of fun.

However, the Great Wolf Lodge can have a lot of people on the weekends, it has good management, and the workers are so friendly. It is a place for a family and people of all ages to visit and have the best experience.

Little Parrot Farm

The Little Parrot Farm can be the best place for students, and your friends, especially those who love to promote organic gardening and animals like guinea pigs, goats, turtles, rabbits, and roosters. It is an educational place for agriculture or veterinary students who want to learn and explore because the little parrot farm also offers classes and educational tours.

Lost Worlds Laser Tag

The Worlds Laser Tag is one of the fantastic places to be in Walnut, California because it has good customer service for you to have lots of fun prices are not expensive. They have a lot to do, like bumper cars and a cool place for you if you want to hold a birthday party. They have the best meals and drinks with friendly staff.

Reflexion Gaming

If you are one of the students who love gaming, Reflexion Gaming is the best place to work on your mental game using their gaming training with the best coaches. It’s also the best place for you and your friends to connect, learn and grow your skills.

The staff is super friendly to their clients, and the rates they can offer for using the gaming requirements are very affordable.

Round1 City of Industry

The Round1 City of Industry is the perfect place to have shopping with your family. They have machines to play with, and their plushies are admirable. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Rubel Castle

Are you looking for a good way to enjoy your weekend? If you don’t have a place in mind to spend time, then don’t worry because Rubel Castle is the best place for you to have lots of fun.

The Rubel Castle is a wonderful experience because it has a tour guide who will show you around and teach you about the life and accomplishments of Rubel, who he knew personally before his death.

The Courtyard showcases its wall of Riverrock. All you need to do is to make reservations and visit the place to learn more about Rubel Castle.


With all the details from this article, you can conclude that Mount San Antonio College empowers students to become better people in society by achieving their goals in different careers. If you want to be part of them, you can contact the institution, and they will be ready to assist you with more details.

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